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Visually Dreamer chapter 5 . 2/19
I'm starting to have a bad feeling as this continues on. Please don't make it too heart wrenching.

Anyway, this is awesome. I love protective Youkai over Natsume, though they are so few. Thank you, looking forward to your next update!
trying to be so oh original chapter 5 . 1/22
Amazing story perfectly written and can be believable hope u update soon
Just passing by chapter 5 . 1/8
Great. It seems like you're not going to update this again (but who knows maybe you will, fingers crossed) but it's really interesting.
Hope you come back sometime :)
Sonzai Taz chapter 5 . 12/17/2016
Ooooh why has this not been updated in years! You wrote so well and spun a story I could actually picture in my head and this is so delightful and wonderful! Please, please, please don't abandon this! Natsume Yuujincho is one of my favorite animes and this particular spin on has been a most enjoyable read.

I wonder though, why doesn't Madara take the form of a human? Would make caring for Natsume easier? I can't ever picture Natsume leaving his youkai family behind no matter how much he likes Natori but with Matoba in the mix...

I look forward to seeing how this story goes. Please update!
weaver yk chapter 5 . 10/30/2016
ples update this fic! its such a good story!
darkynstars chapter 5 . 10/25/2016
Nooo! It's abandoned isn't it!? Why!? This was so good! I love this fic! Natsume is as adorable as always! Madara, Misuzu, and Hinoe are as sweet as can be. Then there is Natori...He's so nice, but sly some of the time. I loved the scene where Natori and Natsume thought the other was a youkai!
Ah, I wish you could have continued. I'm curious of how you would have continued on with it. The journey would have been fun!
readwithcats chapter 5 . 10/23/2016
Ah! What's going to happen with Matoba?! And natsume's just so cute and naive, I love the way you changed him! And then Madara, that jealous cat xD Anyway, I really hope this story will be updated soon!
duchessliz chapter 5 . 10/12/2016
I found this today and love it! I hope you come back to it someday...
BlankAce chapter 5 . 8/3/2016
This story is absolutely amazing! It really captivates me and even the foreign words are merged so well with the story it doesn't feel slapped in there. I know you haven't updated in a long time but I still think this story deserves a review. If you ever end up updating it know that you have one more loyal follower.
KaiMiiru chapter 5 . 8/3/2016
Yes! This is the kinda fanfiction I was looking for! I feel like things are getting tenser and tenser. When will the exorcist world find out about Natsume? When will it all go wrong? How will Natsume change? I cannot wait!
kalinnnnn chapter 5 . 8/1/2016
It is often that I find old unfinished fanfics that are AWESOME and I read on without noticing that they haven't been updated for a long time. Noo! But I guess you pretty much gave up on this.
Just for the record though, the story so far is amazing, it has a lot of potential to be really interesting later on as well.
I loved how you brought up Touko-san in this chapter, and how you portray Natsume's inner world and his interaction with others. It really has the feel of the original show to it, even though the story's completely different. Your style of writing is really engaging!
Gatogirl1 chapter 5 . 7/31/2016
Mm, i don't suppose you'd be willing to share this butter soy sauce potato salad recipe? :)
kalinnnnn chapter 3 . 7/30/2016
Ok, this was definitely very well written. I enjoyed reading about Takashi's life with the yokai very much, especially because even though in this AU things turned out very different for Takashi you can still see him as the character from the anime. In other words, even though he's OOC, he's not OOC at all - this is how I can really see Takashi could've been if he was raised by yokai.
And even though he's not in his Nyanko-sensei's form, Madara is still really cute in his own way. Takashi's relationship with him and the other yokai is really endearing! I'm really happy I found this fic.
Silvermoon of Forestclan chapter 5 . 7/4/2016
I like this story~
amenokuma chapter 5 . 5/3/2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this alternate version of the series. Sweet happy Natsume is the most precious thing ever.
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