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Guest chapter 1 . 1/3/2015
Hi :D I just read this story and i think it is really really amazing! I love The Boondock Saints so so much and i thought that maybe with your permission i could post it on Wattpad. They have NO stories about Connor and Murphy being in love with each other.. The ones on Wattpad are almost just about them and a girl character. May i post this on Wattpad? I will give you full and comeplete credit. :)
SophiexJackson chapter 18 . 12/23/2014
I love this story so much! The ending was genius. Thanks for sharing!
dancingcandy chapter 18 . 1/8/2014
I love this story.
Thanks :)
Black Rose of Fire chapter 18 . 12/8/2013
please update soon! i really like your story!
soulwriter51 chapter 18 . 10/2/2013
Cant wait for new chapter im hooked
reedus fan chapter 17 . 8/15/2013
So sorry for the delay in the review (family in town). This is one of the stories I check on daily, hoping for an update, and I did read this the day it posted but could not review until now. But that's fine...because it gave me another chance to read this wonderful chapter again, not that I need an excuse as I tend to read your work a number of's just that impressive.

So loved the beginning of this chapter with Murphy thinking he's sleeping & Connor kissing his face so lovingly. That's one of the most heartwarming parts of this story, the tenderness & caring between them. Written beautifully. The kissing bits are always my most favorite parts, very sexy & sweet.

Da will only be gone for an hour & it's already been 20 minutes? They're young, they don't realize how fast 40 minutes will go. Great setup for what's to come...and I love that they lose themselves in each other.

You capture their banter so well, it's accurate & completely entertaining. Connor suspects that he's not the one with more control in their relationship. Hahah...yeah, he'll do anything for Murphy, love how he realizes this & then proceeds to take care of him with a massage. Really, really loved that.

The way Connor sees Murphy is one of the most beautifully written, most lovingly portrayed pieces on this site. Absolutely phenomenal the way you write this through his eyes.

Such a slow burn in this chapter, great anticipation between them and I enjoy the buildup. Masterful writing, truly. And the sexy bits? Pure heaven.

"All he can feel, think, taste, is Connor." Best line in this chapter. Very sexy.

Da finding them, and his reaction, was really incredibly well written & thought out. It was everything I hoped it would be...and more. His fury, his indignation, his disgust...his initial emotions were what I would have expected. Then his internal dialogue & finally his acceptance...just a really wonderful thing to read. I really like that he sends them away with love in his heart, wanting to protect them, rather than with anger. I'm so happy you wrote it that way.

Connor always takes care of Murphy first (I LOVE THIS), especially when their father finds them, and him pulling Murphy's pants up before his own spoke volumes. And him standing up for their love...Grand idea.

"Perhaps they have a higher purpose." Nice tie in to the movie & what we know will happen to the twins. BRILLIANT. The touching moment between Noah & Murphy was fantastic, my heart was both happy and sad at the same time. Another brilliant prelude to the movie.

You are a great writer, I adore this story. Choosing to end this chapter where you did was the right call, it felt like the absolute correct place to end the chapter (even though I always want more, no matter what).

While I cannot wait for another update, I will be sad to have this one end. Such a great idea executed flawlessly.
Lankybastard chapter 1 . 8/12/2013
ok so...I was bored right? and I wanted to read a little fanfic...
I think im going to stay up all night now reading this...thanks
BustersJezebel chapter 17 . 8/11/2013
I loved it. It put me in mind of another series of Connor/Murphy on here where Noah finds out as well. I love it too. The breath of Murphy and Connor's love for each other is like an amazing never-ending well. So deep it almost goes to the centre of the earth.

The tenderness they display, the concern, the sheer unadulterated love they have for each other and the fact that it is that love that convinces their father to allow them to be together is very well thought out and done.

Your A/N at the end is confusing me though, I didn't get the sense because of the content that it is a short chapter but I'm wondering if you're meaning that the story is now complete? It's not marked as complete on here though. Help?
irishartemis chapter 17 . 8/11/2013
I've so been in love with this story and it just keeps getting better. I really liked the way you ended this chapter, actually. It seemed quite fitting to have Noah find out what's going on and ultimately choosing to protect his boys, despite the fucked up relationship he's had with them.
reedus fan chapter 16 . 8/4/2013
I've been waiting for more Da/Murphy interaction...leave it to Connor to be so sly, great idea to have Connor basically set it up. And I like that Murphy just hasn't accepted Noah so readily, it seems more realistic and true to his hot-headed, emotional nature. "Da, or Noah, or whatever"...that cracked me up.

I am always impressed when a writer can take a moment from the movie and give it a prequel, basically. I'm talking about the rosaries and how you wrote that into your story. I was wondering how the twins would have gotten them with the background you wrote and it was beautifully incorporated and worked wonderfully.

Great gunfight...written well, easy to follow and exciting. Their inner turmoil before shooting needed to be expressed and you did this remarkably well.

Murphy getting shot in the arm and having to use an iron to burn it closed...I see what you did there...and I LOVED it. Another great tie in to the movie and a brilliant homage. I was squirming in my seat reading that part, it was written exceptionally well. I loved that Connor whispered in Murph's ear during and after it caring, so comforting and so loving.

Connor blaming himself was perfect, he's always feeling responsible for Murphy and Murphy setting him straight and alleviating his guilt was equally perfect. I love how they look out for each other.

Connor getting as close as he can to Murph without sitting on him and it's not close enough for Murph. That is pure desire captured in that sentence and it sets the mood for what's to come (no pun intended). Very sexy the way Connor undresses Murph and then runs his hand over his body before that sexy kiss. The kiss in the tub was even sexier.

Tub freaking hot and really beautiful. You really write all those wonderful smutty bits well and I just love it. Not only is it hot and sexy, but you capture the beauty of two souls uniting into one. You capture their love in a unique and remarkable way. My compliments, it really is touching to read.

I adore that Connor carried Murphy, that is sweet beyond compare. But the very best part of this chapter was how they slept, intertwined like when they were in the womb together. They so obviously belong together and that was a moment that pulled on my heart strings.

This was an outstanding chapter in every way, just so beautiful.
BustersJezebel chapter 16 . 8/3/2013
Okay where to start? Chapter 3 with that incredibly hot masturbation scene? Or chapter 5 when I thought you might make me spontaneously combust? You're on a winner here for sure. Because apart from the sheer sexy eroticism of your writing you have a fabulous story arc.

A story of growth, life, love pain, obsession & adoration. A story that is almost what one would call an epic. The sheer feeling you incorporate Murphy & Connor having toward each other is incredible. And pox on you for apologizing for the amount of smut a couple of chapters ago, there can never be too much smut.

All of the above said though I'm glad you mentioned an end in sight. Too many fanfic's get lost around this time as their original story is finished and they don't want to stop. So instead of starting a new story they keep going and lose every bit of magic they'd gained with their creation in the first place. I'm glad you see an end, I'm sure it will be worthy.

So *BRAVO* and *KUDOS* for the magic you've created in your Murphy and Connor.
reedus fan chapter 15 . 7/28/2013
Oh no, don't apologize for the smut...never ever do that. So you didn't intend for it to go that long...I loved it...sometimes a chapter takes on a life of its own & I honestly didn't think it was excessive. I'd much rather have something go into depth & detail than have it be rushed & feel like I'm missing something. But honestly, I did not think it went on too long & I did not think it was excessive, not in the least. On the contrary, I found it to be quite sexy, loving & just beautiful in every way. I would have been thrilled with even more, to be perfectly honest. And I think it was more realistic that you didn't rush it. Beautiful is the word I'd use to describe it.

I was hoping the boys would find a way to be together again before the shootout & the shooting range was quite a clever idea. I didn't expect the shooting range to be a field in the country, I thought it would be an actual shooting range, so this was a really cool idea & more accurate to their lifestyle. gave those boys time alone, which they both needed, without sneaking around. I really liked that they could do what they want with no fear of being caught. Probably for the very first time, really. No wonder that part went on for so long...that's why! Really...they're very intriguing & sweet together and I love how they love each other.

I really like how you contrast their differences. It really is quite subtle how you do it & I think that's quite the skill to be able to do that. The bit about them going through the woods & Connor being loud & snapping every twig he can while Murphy is quiet & graceful. And especially...Connor tastes earthy & Murphy tastes sweet. I really enjoy the contrasts you come up with. It adds depth to not only your story but to the characters themselves.

I'm going to quote your story again...I'll try to refrain & only mention a few of my most favorite lines...
"He's been dying to get his hands on Murphy, in Murphy, all over Murphy." Such a sexy need you capture with that line. Love the lust.
"He didn't know if he'd ever have the privilege of touching his beautiful boy again." I actually said awww out loud when I read that. Lust followed by sweetness. Well done.
"Tell me yer mine." I can almost hear his voice, his desperate need. God, I loved that.
"Murphy tastes sweet everywhere." That's just plain sexy.

There's something so spicy & hot about Connor pushing Murphy against a tree. And I completely loved & adored when Connor couldn't get Murphy's pants undone. Highly amusing. Locked up like Fort Knox...made me laugh.

And during this intense moment, they're all hot & bothered, and what do they do? They fight over who's older. OMG, that cracked me up, especially when Murphy pulled his pants back up...he's SO the little brother, loved the temper tantrum...very "Murphy" in every way.

Connor taking control & telling Murphy what to do, and Murphy doing it. That's basically their relationship...Connor almost has a need to be in control, although he does relinquish it from time to time, and I really love & respect that you write him the way you do. And eager Murphy is always fascinating.

Inexperienced Murphy is too sweet. He kneels by Connor & simply looks at him. He has no idea. You capture his inexperience perfectly, it's really quite sweet. And I love how Connor is gentle with him & doesn't tease him for that.

Connor giving Murphy 3 orgasms...each one sexier that the previous. Really well written, completely addictive in every sense. Just...WOW.

Then you broke my heart a bit. Afterward, Murphy wanting to stay in that *ahem* position with Connor still inside him...what can I say? I cannot compliment you enough on writing that, it really was intense in the best way possible & illustrated how happy Murphy was to be loving Connor. Connor's angry reaction at that exact moment was heartbreaking, I wouldn't have been surprised if Murphy cried his eyes out, I sure wanted to. I could understand Connor's anger, it made sense seeing as how he wouldn't be able to stand losing Murph, but it was still hurtful, especially given the position they were still in. Murphy curling up & feeling shame...ugh...and then the slight stutter just about broke me. Nice twist in the story & it gave Connor the opportunity to comfort Murphy. I really loved it, your detailed writing is really exceptional.

I loved that you used the word anathema. I actually had to look it's true. Perfect use of the word & I love that you chose a word I wasn't familiar with. I really love when a writer does that.

The confrontation with Andrew was very intense, written perfectly & I'm so glad Murphy got to put him in his place & stake his claim over Connor. I was afraid Andrew would say something to Noah when he found out but really, how could he, seeing as what he did with Connor. I especially like that Murphy doesn't want anyone else to call him Con except him, it's too personal & reserved only for him. Really cool idea.

Da is kind of scary & intimidating. Can't wait for more of him with the twins. The shootout is next? YAY...can't wait.

Exceptional chapter...super sexy & I loved all the wonderful smutty bits, each & every moment. Really astounding chapter, loved it with all my heart. Dying for more!
reedus fan chapter 14 . 7/23/2013
You're a new writer? Really? Never would have guessed, your story is so well thought out, so wonderfully detailed & beautifully written...I honestly thought you've been writing for quite awhile. You really write wonderfully.

"There's Murph." Loved those 2 words so much. There are dozens of things in each chapter that jump out at me in such a way that makes me nod my head in appreciation & awe. You have a unique way of coming up with these lines that amuse & entertain while at the same time so perfectly capture the characters mind-set & emotions, you capture their essence, which I think is a gift to be able to do that.

Connor is usually the protector, so when it's Murphy taking care of Connor & protecting him, it's actually quite interesting. And vulnerable Connor is equally a great thing to read, it's a nice change from time to time. You certainly do these characters justice, that much is certain. How you write them so completely intricate in their personalities adds depth to their characters & they become three dimensional figures, very real.

I love the twins quiet moments together, it's so intimate & I sometimes feel like I'm eavesdropping. Swear to God, I've felt like that when reading your story. I'd say that's a pretty amazing thing & a reflection on how well you write.

So sweet when Murphy kisses Connor's cheek...then his brow...then his eye that's not swollen shut. That really melted my heart, so incredibly touching. That kiss...oh, that kiss...LOVED IT, very sexy & sweet.

"Murph's sweetness invades Connor's senses." Another great line that I love.

Murphy the badass, totally cool trying to protect Connor from those men, it's Murph's turn to be the heroic one. Oh yeah, totally cool. And I really like that you thought to have the boys discover during this time that they can communicate without words, nice tie in to the movie. I love when a writer does that.

I have been dying for the Murphy/Noah meeting. You did not disappoint at all. I fully expected Murphy to be angry, that's his emotional nature, and it's true to how he would be in this AU. If you consider how he reacted to Noah in BDS, practically glaring at him with anger & resentment, Murphy's reaction in this story is true to his character in every sense. The discomfort, the angry words, the judgment of his father were all very well done and I honestly was very impressed by this, very well thought out.

As much as I love when you write "his Murphy," it's equally wonder to read "his Connor." Warms my heart all the way through to my soul.

It's so sad that Noah doesn't know Murphy at all...he doesn't even know what he likes to eat. I just find that sad...for both Noah & Murph. Major feels about that.

"Skin, I wanna feel yer skin," such a sexy line, really full of passion. Love pure evil Murph...quite the tease. Murphy cleansing Connor is such a caring, loving thing to do...not just sexual, but so much more...I love that raven-haired boy. You have the most beautiful ideas for these boys.

Very interesting to see the boys through Noah's eyes and how he discovers new things about Connor. I can't wait to read more of Noah & Murphy as well, that is beyond interesting.

You write protective Connor & emotional Murphy so well, you master them so completely & I love to see these innate characteristics come out. Always fascinating. Murphy slamming cabinets, I found this completely amusing, so childish but very "Murphy." Great demonstration of his emotions you wrote.

Love Ma on the phone, so funny & heart-warming at the same time, I love how she accepts Connor & how she makes him feel. I hope Murphy can feel that from Noah one day.

Love the stolen kiss dangerous but I adore that they just couldn't NOT kiss.

Really outstanding chapter. Only about 4 more left, huh? Sigh...I'll be sad on that day but I don't doubt that I'll be satisfied at the end, you have not disappointed me in the least. I cannot say enough about your writing & this story, you really should be proud. I'd also like to thank you for the wonderfully long chapters you write, I am so glad you don't edit yourself because I LOVE the longer chapters. And at the end of each chapter, I yearn for more...that's how great & addictive this story is.

I'll let you in on a secret. When I read a new chapter you write, I read it as slow as I can. I love it so much that I want it to last as long as possible. Then I go back to the beginning & reread it. Then I review it while reading it again. What can I say? To me, that's a great compliment. Rarely do I do that but this is one of those exceptional rare gems that I can't get enough of. Just thought you should know how great you are.
quinnharley1 chapter 14 . 7/22/2013
loving this story can't wait for next chapters! keep up the great work x
quinnharley1 chapter 13 . 7/19/2013
just wanted to let you know i'm loving this story. can't wait to read next chapters keep them coming! shelli :-)
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