Reviews for Adopted by Default
queenofthebrokenhearts chapter 9 . 8/16
Would love to see Nami play cards with the Whitebeards. Or a drinking contest
SV chapter 9 . 8/16
You know, I half expect Nami to inform Whitebeard that 80% of any treasure Luffy finds belongs to her- err, the strawhats
Ariana Deralte chapter 9 . 8/13
This was adorable. Such a lovely way to cover the time skip. And nothing bad ever happened to anyone lol. Cheers!
Dragon of Yin and Yang chapter 9 . 8/12
Fantastic story! Can't wait to see the next chapter.
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 9 . 8/12
This is the greatest thing in existence
Guest chapter 9 . 8/6
More, please? XD This is so cute~ I love the relationship Luffy has so quickly built between him and the Whitebeard Pirates. I love love LOVE Thatch and Marco, and This has really made me happy. :) thank you! Whether you continue or not, this fanfic is really enjoyable.
Chi-Suna chapter 9 . 8/3
Nami is the best XD
AnimexXxGoddess chapter 9 . 8/2
Your story is amazing! I want more! It's so good! I hope you update soon! I wonder if we're gonna see Boa Hancock... Thank you for this story
American Mayhem chapter 9 . 7/27
This is a great story! Keep updating, k?
Guest chapter 9 . 7/21
This fanfic is so flicking awesome, I just can't...! XD Almost wish Hancock would show and be her usual fan girl in self...but that would be hard, cause Luffy hasn't met her yet...
RasalynnLynx chapter 8 . 7/10
You have Blackbeard actively searching for Luffy and now he knows where he is at, if they hit any other islands I could see Blackbeard kidnapping Luffy and the Whitebeards being furious! There are so many ways this could go, but I love that you are putting bits and pieces of all the commanders in this!
RasalynnLynx chapter 9 . 7/10
You don't know how many times I've reread this story. Now that they've all met up I'm wondering what Luffys trainin fcn will be like, will Rayleigh still come to find him? He hasn't met the Amazons either which makes me sad, you mentioned Hancock coming around sometimes to the Whitebeards, how would Luffy impress her or meet his friends there? Are you going t have Luffy follow Ace looking for Blackbeard and have them both captured, or Luffy sneak away with some Whitebeards to Impel Down? I'm so interested in how this plays out since Luffy is getting stronget already.
Silveria Stella Salvatrix chapter 9 . 7/7
continueeee pllleeeeaaaasssssseeeeeeeeee ToT
myanimeobsession chapter 9 . 7/6
Omg! Hahahahahahaha! 'running no doubt to fetch the big guns, also known as Over Protective Brother # 1' - love that xD

Now everyone has been shown, what next? Would like more Ace & Luffy and Luffy & whitebeard pirates
emeraldeyed chapter 9 . 6/28
Please continue soon, really love your story!
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