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Rain of the Forest chapter 62 . 18h
Wait a minute! How could Gabriel bring Benny and Kevin if his Ang-... Oh... you have GOT to be kidding me...
Rain of the Forest chapter 25 . 11/24
speaking of which, what the hell happened to Adam?!
Aurora-dawn89 chapter 68 . 10/23
I love the Doctor Who reference in this chapter!
The Richmaster chapter 129 . 9/27
This has been a great story; I really liked how you showed the relationships between the Archangels as well as Sam and Dean.
zabani-chan chapter 115 . 8/23
I'm sorry. This story is really great, it's well written and the characters aren't OOC, but...I ended up giving up on it by this chapter. I lasted this long into it because I was trying to see if anything changed, but it's not. It just gets worse.
It's written like you hate Dean. You keep bashing on him, having practically everyone put him down, throw his mistake into his face, not listen to any of his input and make him seem like an idiot. That did not sit will with me.
Same has made the same mistakes that Dean has and yet he's getting sympathy and understanding, people are listening to him and considering his thoughts and feelings. It's annoying. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Sam and I prefer Dean, but even I wouldn't do this - knowing that both have made the same mistakes and yet one while one is treated with forgiveness and love the other is tossed aside and practically forgotten.
Dean is just as smart as Sam, just in a different way. His opinions should matter and be taken into consideration, as well.
Something else that bothered me is the lack of interaction between Dean and Cas. They're best friends and yet they have hardly even talked to each other in this story. No jokes, no eye contact, no personal space invasions, nothing. It's like they're just acquaintances, not friends. I know the story is mainly focused on the archangels and Abaddon, but it also seems to focus on Sam, as well. There is very little of Dean, Cas, Benny, Kevin, etc. And I get it, Boy King and all that.

Anyway, enough ranting. I've said my peace, read most of it, may skip through the rest just to see how it all ends, but it's not going to be something I read more than once.
DGtnsl chapter 59 . 7/2
Uh oh, God has grounded Michael and Gabriel, that's two archangels down before the big show down with Abbadon. And she has discovered the marvels of the modern world. How come no one thought to get Ansem's phone? Goodness.
DGtnsl chapter 43 . 7/1
Omg, I just had a thought reading that line about Joshua staying in the Garden. Was he cast out of Heaven too? I'm sure he wasn't happy if he was. I wonder why God called the hunters to the throne. Hmm... Will he make an appearance? The first one since forever ago?
DGtnsl chapter 41 . 7/1
Nice, battle plans! I'm somewhat surprised that Dean is heeding control of the situation to Michael, but he'd be an idiot to argue with someone who has so much war experience. So I'm glad he's put aside his differences and is letting the commander command.
I wonder if Lucifer is shocked/miffed that one of his Hell Knights wanted him dead. Well, it should be fun for him to appear in all his not-dead glory. After all, the morning star rises again!
Oh lol, loved how Gabriel relayed where his Horn was. Awesome.
DGtnsl chapter 34 . 7/1
Oh wow. God has spoken! I loved his line to Raphael. I'm sure everyone is shocked - by everyone I mean the humans, Metatron, and Raphael. Good thing this crisis happened - Lucifer and Michael are brotherly again. But of course religion on earth will take /forever/ (or never) to catch up with this major angelic change. Good thing the other angels recognized the word of God for what it was and no one but Gabriel touched it. Epicness!
DGtnsl chapter 32 . 7/1
Woah, nice twist there with Samuel Colt leaving his knowledge to Sam. Probably a good thing Dean sent Sam to get the gun.
Meanwhile, Metatron is having his fun leading the Archangels on a scavenger hunt without having to be near them. I suppose this is his way of apologizing to Castiel and the other Seraphs while also getting some fun revenge on the archangels.
DGtnsl chapter 26 . 7/1
Fun times! Dean and Sam are getting a sort of tour of the angel side of Heaven. It's a good thing Metatron was stripped of his powers, he has to rely on Verchiel to get him places and tell him what's going on. So, an energy fluctuation probably shouldn't be a problem. Not that I think Lucifer and Gabriel's pocket dimension will have errors, but it is always a possibility. Should be fun having the dead hunters in on this plot. It's a good thing Ash figured out how to eavesdrop on Angel Radio. Hopefully Bobby and Rufus won't be spotted by Metatron.
DGtnsl chapter 17 . 6/30
Awesome, Madison was saved! I'm glad. And Benny is topside again. I wonder how that will work out for him. Now that Sam thinks he's ok, he probably won't be off on his own, struggling the fit in like last time.
Well, it's good that Dean and Michael had that bonding time in purgatory. Nothing gets people to cooperate and put past grudges aside like a question into dangerous territory.
DGtnsl chapter 6 . 6/30
Well well, looks like the unprotected souls in heaven (at least some of them) have noticed somethings not quite right - well, more so than usual. I'm sure they'll be helpful when it comes to distracting Metatron and opening the Gates of Heaven.
Fun times with Castiel and Crowley snipping at each other.
Lol, loved Dean's line at the end. He's gonna freak. All four archangels, in the bunker, along with a bunch of angel refugees. Yeah... He and Sam aren't going to be the happiest of campers.
DGtnsl chapter 3 . 6/30
Ah, well, Dean, Kevin, and Castiel are about to find out that the Grace helped resurrect Gabriel. Once he gets the story about Metatron, I'm sure he'll share that tidbit at least. Now, whether he tells them about Raphael, Michael, and Lucifer I don't know. But I look forward to the confrontation and questioning. We know how Dean is. He'll push and question and cause Gabriel to be exasperated.
Guest chapter 129 . 2/9
I'm torn here.

First, I do like the story. I've been looking for something to read for my favorite characters (Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael) that wasn't... poorly written. However, there were many things that I didn't like by the end of it.

Sam became a Canon Sue, over powered much? Really, where are the consequences to his powers hm.. You can't have something that overpowered without weaknesses. Take a character I am creating for example. He is an... extremely strong witch (let's go with that), however he is similar to the character Elsa in fearing his powers and one day hurting his family. Also, whenever he uses his powers it eats at his potassium. His eyes get stuck with a certain peculiarity, and so and so on.

Sam, no.. no consequences. He just get handed the prize without flaw. No confliction, no weaknesses. Yeah.. you can see my problem with that. Great at capturing his personality, sucky with the powers and conception.

Gabriel and the Norse Myth, out of the blue you just bring that in. I'm a mytho nut. I just about don't like anything that slams the myths down. Gabriel going all gushy over four kids? Alright, I'm going to slam you for this, but bear with me. If you bothered to look up the Norse myths, you'd know that Loki is married to Sigyn, and he had two kids (Vali and Narfi) with her. So, why weren't they mentioned? Showing favoritism are we? I'd like to have seen concern for them, but NO... you just ignored them completely.

Also, Freya isn't Odin's wife, she's more Sigyn's adoptive sister. Frigga is Odin's wife.

I liked the starting, but once it got up to chapter 100 and some, bringing in pagan aid, I just... started to hate it. Good, but bad at the same time.

(You delete this and I'll know you hate criticism. )
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