Reviews for In Bad Faith
Guest chapter 6 . 16h
Please update soon!
Rae Kid chapter 6 . 6/30
All I can say is... DAMN. This... this is an intellectual masterpiece. Though regrettably I was incapable of following the more involved line of reasoning, you have crafted a RIDICULOUSLY intelligent, politically savvy, pure-blooded, LUCIUS- APPROVED character and somehow made her extremely likable. And somewhat plausible. By the last listed update timestamp I understand that you have discontinued this fic, and that is a real shame because she is such an engaging, amusing character. I can just imagine someone somewhere who knows Lucius really well turning to an ignorant bystander and telling them that the one person who truly scares him is his nine-year-old daughter. He found A LIST OF PROS AND CONS TO TAKING OVER THE WORLD in her bedroom and he was RELIEVED. He wasn't SURPRISED to find it, he was simply hysterically happy that she decided against a totalitarian dictatorship. I have to wonder how she would get along with Dumbledore, because at this point I think he might be the only one capable of keeping up with her intellect. If she found some magical way to cure cancer, I wouldn't even be surprised. It wouldn't even seem IMPLAUSIBLE to me.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/28
Very good
Russian Lady chapter 6 . 6/27
It's a really great story. Please, PLEASE, do not abandon it!
Guest chapter 6 . 6/25
Very good
MuggleCreator chapter 6 . 6/24
This story is really interesting.
A self-insert but not a Mary-Sue! :)
It's kinda odd to think the mind of Dezzy is actually originally a male, in that it's hard for me to read even the internal thoughts in anything other than a girl-voice.
Then again that could be just me.
Marcus chapter 6 . 6/22
I love her relationship with Regulus...Maybe after she finished Hogwart, she could marry him to protect the Black family (regulus and the kids) from Lucius, who would just love to leave them with nothing. The age differece wouldn't be bad, because Desdemona IS older in mind.
I hope you continue this story, because its unique and captivating.
Lyla Lee chapter 6 . 6/21
So its been more then a year, but I still check for a new update every week! Hope you'll return to this story, because its incredible.
wolfii chapter 6 . 6/21
Is this story on hitaus?
either way, I really like the story and I hope therebis an update soon 3
Jeremiah Bull chapter 5 . 6/16
Rowling actually constructed a basic system for wand-nature and wand-fitting. When I found out, I got pretty excited about it. However, in the books, aside from Harry's wand, the composition of the wand students have isn't given much importance. But it's very important. It determines what type of magic an wizard can naturally use well, and what an individual might struggle with. It reveals character. It deeply influences learning speed and the amount of power a wizard a wizard can put behind their spells. And yet no one gossips about people with wands that have very Dark leanings, or people with wands that are very weak in nature power-wise, etc, etc.

In rebellion of this plot-hole, I have put much thought into the nature of Desdemona's wand, categorized into the most important attributes of: flexibility, core, and wood.

—On a scale of one to seven, with one being "very flexible, easy to master but low on power" and seven being "completely inflexible, very hard to master but high on power", there are seven levels of flexibility for wands. Desdemona should probably be a five, or close to it, because she doesn't like inflexibility in magic, but has shown many signs of being magically powerful. It also seems appropriate that she would pick a wand that she would struggle mastering somewhat. If she got a two or a three, she would probably get extremely bored in her wand-based classes very quickly. Also, wand flexibility is supposed to reflect the rigidity of a person's character—their willingness to adapt. While Desdemona is flexible enough to "adapt or die" and mostly blend in with her family, she's stubborn enough to refuse to change her core values. So, ~ 5/7, or 'sturdy'.

—Regarding the wand core of the main three for Desdemona, I'd argue for phoenix feather. First, because she has literally been reborn in magic. Second, because it allows for the greatest range of magic, and I can't see Desdemona limiting herself in magical research unless there's something about the subject she really dislikes. Third, because phoenixes are known for their independence, and Desdemona has been desperately working for independence since being reborn. Fourth, unicorn hair seems too 'pure' for her and dragon heartstring seems too crude in application. But if not phoenix, I'd say unicorn. Unicorn just seems to be based too much on ideas of loyalty, and if nothing else Desdemona's loyalties are in contention with each other.

—As for wand woods, five likely candidates. Each wood has properties ascribed to it and its wielder that suit Desdemona pretty well.

Cedar: Strength of character, unusual loyalty, shrewd, perceptive, protective, often become potent Occlumens, sometimes appearances deceiving in regards to threat-level.

Vine: seeks a greater purpose, has visions beyond the ordinary and frequently astounds those who think they know them best. Strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths, sensitive to magic, "flexible without being yielding" much like Celtic knots, erratic and with insecurities, requires conviction to use effectively.
Reasons for not: Hermione Granger's wood, said herself 'I'm not Hermione'

Walnut: Highly intelligent- fits nine cases out of ten. Found in the hands of magical innovators and inventors, handsome wood possessed of unusual versatility and adaptability. Walnut will, once subjugated, perform any task its owner desires, provided that the user is of sufficient brilliance. This makes for a truly lethal weapon for sociopaths, wand and witch may feed from each other in a particularly unhealthy manner. Bellatrix's wand wood. No slant towards light or dark.

Hawthorne: Protective, Celtic, May (her month of birth), twisty/pointy, contradictory: heals/curses (death) equally well, complex and intriguing, conflicted nature, flowers of white, difficult to master: backfiring.
Reasons for not fitting: Draco's wand canonically also made of Hawthorne, would be kind of weird for both of them to have same wood. Desdemona not going through a time of turmoil, more living a life of constant low level turmoil.

Reed: Strong Ravenclaw tendencies, reed wands best suited to bold and eloquent speakers, and proved to be very protective friends. Coupled with a core of dragon heartstring, the owner's loyalty would be greatly admired by their friends. Delicate and difficult to work with…?

Finally, I'd put her wand length—corresponding to a person's physical size and the size of their personality/flashiness of magic— anywhere between 9 1/2 and 11 1/2 inches.

Please tell me if one of the woods I guessed was right. Pretty please?

P.S.: Canonically, Amycus and Alecto Carrow are brother and sister. Either you knew this and decided sibling incest was par for the course in pureblood society, or you didn't know, in which case you could just change Alecto's name to something like Alicia.
Also, in chapters 4-6, Desdemona is said to be both a five year old and a six year old in Diagon Alley.
Jeremiah Bull chapter 4 . 6/16
E. Ravenclaw. So far, it looks like Desdemona will end up in Ravenclaw. It should stay that way. She has all the intelligence, wisdom, wit, and creativity required. She also refuses to let others define her and is very studious and accepting. She's also odd/strange for a little girl. It's the perfect fit.

The other houses don't fit quite right. While definitely cunning, she's not ambitious enough for Slytherin, because 'ambition' seems to mean 'power-lust', whether it be monetary, political, or personal. She's also too willing to stick her neck out for her friends and acquaintances, and on an intellectual level is completely at odds with the tribalistic overtones that define Slytherin House. While indisputably hardworking and definitely loyal to her friends, she lacks the natural kindness, sense of fair play, and humility that often identify Hufflepuffs. She's got too much swagger, isn't afraid to cheat when necessary, and is not afraid to give brutal smack downs to bullies. As for Gryffindor, she's not that brave (almost shaking at the knees because of her own father), lacking in derring-do and outdoorsiness, and is completely lacking in chivalrous behavior.

Plus, the Carrow twins. It's pretty much a given that Desdemona and the Carrows will be in the same house, and most signs point towards the Carrows going Ravenclaw. They're diligently learning from Desdemona in a branch of magic many ignore, and observations indicate they can be creative and original. They want to go to Ravenclaw because that's where Desdemona plans to go.

F. Leadership/Defense/Dueling. There's every reason to believe that for several years at Hogwarts incompetents will take the position of Professor DADA. Likely in Desdemona's first year the teacher will be incompetent, even if it isn't Lockhart because of the AU. Desdemona will not be happy with this. First, because she's the type to get pissed about not getting proper instruction in a class she cares about. Second, because she'll want the people she values (friends, family) attending the school to be very good at defending themselves for when shit hits the fan.

So, unless she's stymied by the fact that she's not even a teenager, it seems like one of the first things Desdemona will do once she gets to Hogwarts is start/support a Defense club of some sort. It would allow her to get close to people in other houses she wants to get close to, namely Harry at this point. It would also go a long way to pleasing her parents if she takes a leadership position within the club. They might be put out when she gets sorted into Ravenclaw.

Also, Virgo will probably be going into Gryffindor, Tarry probably into Hufflepuff, and most of the other purebloods Desdemona knows into Slytherin. This should give Desdemona many of the connections needed to found/resuscitate a Defense club.

G. Languages: priorities. Currently, Desdemona has her hands full with German/Italian/French, but she'll probably be done learning them when she gets to Hogwarts. Most of the languages she's learned so far are western european. I believe she should branch out a bit more with her next selection of languages if she decides to continue learning new languages. While I don't know which languages are most common or useful in the magical world for an aspiring academic like Desdemona, I think she should try to learn something originating a bit farther from home. Even if it's harder to learn or find a teacher for.

Egyptian/Arabic would probably be the most useful to learn, with Latin or Greek coming in second. I'm basing that off of what she'll probably want to research and what texts will be available to her in the next decade while remaining largely in England with full access to Hogwarts and her family's personal library. However, if she really wants access to a greater store of information and novel magic in the future, then it would be a good idea to learn the most common language used by wizards in Asia, which is probably Hindi or some Chinese dialect. Since there are a healthy amount of Hogwarts students whose families come from Asia, it's possible she could bribe a bilingual student to teach her.

G.2: Languages: learning speed. In the book, Barty Crouch Sr. is purported to know 200 languages. Albus Dumbledore is purported to know over a thousand languages. For Dumbledore, who died at age 115, that's ten languages learned per year on top of everything else. For Crouch, who was probably sixty-five, that's 3 languages per year. However, Crouch probably didn't start investing serious time into learning languages until he became the Head of Magical Cooperation Department in 1980. Before that, he was head of DMLE and on the fast track to become minister. Assuming he learned 150 of the 200 languages over the course of the 15 years between 1980 and 1995, he also learnt 10 languages per year.

Considering both Crouch and Dumbledore had very busy lives (a job and warden to his son and three jobs of vast political importance), there must be some magical aid for learning languages. Desdemona needs to abuse this magical aid, because being able to learn a language in a month or two with it consuming only a portion of her time is totally worth it for her research.

My guesses for the magical aid are as follows: An Occlumency/Legilimency technique wherein, for instance, a Mandarin speaker allows an English speaker limited access to their mind. The English speaker rapidly comes to understand Mandarin because Mandarin is the language that that mind is organized in. This theory works off the supposition that there is a sort of "unified language of the human mind" which acts as a natural translator between two minds that are "well organized".

Second theory is that there is some sort of potion, perhaps the Wit Sharpening Potion or a cousin potion, that tremendously increases the ability for rote memorization of very simple concepts (e.g., 'amore' is 'love'). This would allow for the memorization of all the necessary words, but not for things like syntax and morphology. That would cut out a huge portion of the time necessary to learn a language. But why wouldn't everybody use the potion then? A million different possible reasons. Perhaps it's only truly effectual for people who are already intelligent and versed in many languages. Perhaps the potion is exorbitantly expensive. Perhaps learning things like morphology and syntax and proper pronunciation are still hard enough most people don't bother. Perhaps most people are only able to memorize a few hundred words before the potion wears off, and the potion can only be used several times a year without deleterious effects.

I. Euro-centric. In the book, interesting and notable things only happen in Western Europe. No mentions of extraordinarily powerful wizards aside from Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Riddle. They even say things like, "Dumbledore is the greatest wizard ever" or "Voldemort is the most powerful Dark wizard ever" and especially "The duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald was the greatest wizards duel /of all time/" It's ridiculous. As if the three most powerful wizards in the entire world this century/millennia just happened to be born contemporarily in neighboring countries in Europe.

It's the most blatant proof of J.K. Rowling willfully ignoring that there is an entire world outside of a two hour plane ride from wherever she lives in Britain to make her writing easier. However you, like many many writers out there, are better than Rowling. Much better. It would be great if eventually a couple of names were dropped of extraordinary wizards/witches currently living on any of the other continents (Africa, Asia, N.&S. America, Australia). Or interject notable global events happening elsewhere.

J. Exploiting the Weasley twins. It's fairly evident the reason the Weasley twins do so poorly academically is because they habitually ignore things like homework and the study curriculum. However, the quality and breadth of their prank items show they are very talented at potions, charms and probably transfiguration, hexes/jinxes and more. They spend a lot of time experimenting and researching obscure information in various magics. Desdemona also spends a lot of time researching obscure magics for a variety of reasons.

So, the twins have esoteric information Desdemona wants, so long as she can obtain it easily. Desdemona has spare change the twins want for experimental supplies, so long as her money/time ratio is high enough. They could give her a summary of all the interesting discoveries they've made every few months in return for galleons. The twins would thus become Desdemona's involuntary gophers, and Desdemona their investor. Desdemona can honestly assure the twins she has no intention to spread their trade secrets or compete against them—simply being an information coveting Ravenclaw. Everyone wins. Desdemona gives up pocket money for information she might not even know she wants about strange or rarefied magic and saves herself hours of time. The Weasley twins get desperately required funding just by occasionally writing up a report and answering clarifying questions.

She could even use them as actual gophers if she urgently needed to find something. The twins seem like they would be willing to put their own work on hold if the task was important enough/they received fair compensation.

Once on friendly terms with Fred and George, she can contact Bill Weasley. Between the twins, Percy, and Ron, the twins are the most suitable liaison, and Bill has books he already knows inside out he'd be willing to part with for some money (Glyphs, Guards and Wards). Desdemona wants those books.
Jeremiah Bull chapter 3 . 6/16
The problem about writing intelligent protagonists faced with complex issues and years to solve them is thus: if the protagonist is just as intelligent as the author, there are things the protagonist would have thought of over the course of years and years that the author would not have thought of over the dozens of hours spent writing those years. Simply put, cerebral protagonists put more thought into things than the author could ever hope to— because they have a hundred times more time in their imaginary timeline than the author does in real life to solve their imaginary issues.

So here are some hopefully novel ideas and thoughts to help you, Slayer Anderson, with that ever challenging practical dilemma!

A. Familiar. It seems common that students arrive at Hogwarts with familiars. I believe Desdemona getting a familiar would be good for her —mental health wise— and a fun addition to the narrative, so long as the familiar has a personality/role/usefulness and is not just ignored/background color. I further advocate she get a kneazle, because of their intelligence and because Desdemona seems like a cat person. That is, someone who likes to lavish attention on their pet from time to time, but otherwise appreciates the independence and resourcefulness their pet displays.

Furthermore, because kneazles are so perceptive, Desdemona invites the opportunity to make her kneazle the scapegoat for certain insights that are otherwise inexplicable. For instance:

Q: 'Desdemona, how did you know there was something extremely suspicious about that rat (Pettigrew)?' A: 'Mr. Cotton has never acted that way around another animal before. The only time I've seen him behave similarly was when a disreputable man grabbed my shoulder in Diagon Alley, so I knew that rat was dangerous'
Q: 'Desdemona, how did you know where Slytherin's monster was emerging from?' A: 'I asked Mr. Cotton to tell me where the monster who attacked his fellow cat came from, and he led me straight to the girl's bathroom'
Q: 'Desdemona, why did you investigate Alastor Moody's impostor' A: 'Why, because of Mr. Cotton. He hissed whenever I said that man's name. As you know, kneazles only behave as such around suspicious characters'
Q: 'Desdemona, what led you to suspect the individual who was possessed by that extremely Dark artifact?' A:'I just listened to Mr. Cotton. As I'm sure you know, he has a sixth sense for all things malicious.'
Q: 'Desdemona, why did you decide to become friends with me even though we're from different years/classes/societal backgrounds?' A: 'Well, when we first met I was holding Mr. Cotton, and I could tell he liked you right away'.

B. Parseltongue. Canonically, the two major ways the Horcrux in Harry's skull affects Harry are giving him Parseltongue ability and a mental connection to Voldemort once Voldemort gets himself a body of sorts. I always thought that was stupid. The soul fragment in Harry's head gives him Parseltongue, but otherwise has no other effects whatsoever on his magic, personality, or subconscious? That's just a cheap plot device for HP-CoS to work. I say, either Harry Potter is also descended from Slytherin (no reason why he can't be) and the soul fragment brings out the latent Parseltongue talent. Or the Horcrux in his head influences his magic/subconscious in other ways that are noticeable other than Parseltongue.

B.2: Desdemona, if she is interested in befriending Harry in an expedient manner, could use Parseltongue to her advantage. Canonically, the two animals easiest to conjure are birds and snakes. This explains Draco's ability to conjure an animal when only in second year, and Hermione's ability to conjure and control an entire flock of birds in her sixth year even when distressed. It wouldn't be uncommon for an academically ambitious first year, *cough* Desdemona *cough*, to practice conjuring snakes. It should be possible, if difficult, to manufacture a situation where Desdemona and Harry are relatively isolated and Desdemona decides to 'practice' conjuring a snake. When Harry inevitably reveals his Parseltongue ability, Desdemona could explain the implications to him, and promise to keep it a secret. By keeping the secret, Desdemona creates a firm connection between herself and Harry she can use to justify future interactions, e.g., 'I want to study your ability, I have an interest in languages', 'Can you really talk to any type of snake? What about ashwinders? Let's go see.'

C. Horcrux exorcism. I think it dumb that no one ever bothered to research potential ways to destroy a Horcrux without destroying the object it resides in. The Killing Curse is perfectly capable of ejecting a soul from the body without doing the body any harm, so there must be some way- in fact, I don't think the Killing Curse was ever used on a Horcrux. There's no reason for the Killing Curse not to work on a Horcrux. It's supposed to be unblockable, and its purpose is to kill.

I'm not saying Desdemona absolutely has to find a way to do this, but it makes sense that she would at least try. Ravenclaw's Diadem is supposed to increase a person's wisdom and has no negative side effects. It's so valuable that Ravenclaw's own daughter betrayed her for it. Desdemona would totally want to get her hands on it for her own personal use. Tom's diary is in fact a diary. If recovered intact it should contain years of the private writings of the future Dark Lord- potentially priceless information. And of course, there's the fact that if a viable Horcrux exorcism method isn't found, Harry will have to get himself killed by Voldemort. When that happened canonically, the reason he didn't die was a) he died willingly b) Narcissa Malfoy, with no prompting whatsoever, decided to risk hers and her family's lives by lying to Voldemort and c) he had already miraculously survived Voldemort's resurrection ritual, binding their lives together. This is not something Desdemona would want to rely on because a) a teenaged Harry willingly walking to his death indicates that Dumbledore's Machiavellian plot to give Harry serious issues and a martyr complex has succeeded b) there's no reason to believe Voldemort would not, say, decapitate Harry to make sure he dies before or after getting rid of the Horcrux in his head and c) there's no way Harry should be able to survive Voldemort's resurrection ritual unless a gargantuan amount of luck saves the day again.

Unless Desdemona is lucky enough to find a text or texts relating to Horcruxes, she's going to have to invent her own method. Horcruxes are unusual enough that there's /probably/ no method established for destroying them aside from physically destroying them.

First guess: To exorcise a Horcrux—which is a soul, even if it's a damaged soul—a Dark ritual for sacrificing somebody, giving somebody an agonizing death, or a necromantic ritual for turning a living person into an undead. The problem with these methods is that the rituals probably assume or require the body of the soul which is being manipulated. Also, just finding such rituals would be really hard, much less actually using them.

Next guess: Throw, from a safe distance, the Diadem/Diary at a Dementor. When the Dementor has left, return for what is left of the Horcrux.

Best guess: Phoenix tears. Phoenix tears are supposed to be able to 'heal' just about anything—even an injection of basilisk venom, which is more than enough by itself to destroy a horcrux. This means phoenix tears have more potent healing powers than basilisk venom has destructive powers, which are destructive enough to destroy a horcrux. Mathematically on a power scale: Phoenix tears Basilisk venom Horcrux, so Phoenix tears Horcrux.

Phoenix tears, then, should have enough healing powers to 'heal' a horcrux. Horcruxes are by definition a bleeding, mangled piece of a human's soul. And they /are/ capable of being healed—'through heartfelt/genuine remorse'. Phoenix tears are the result of heartfelt/genuine sadness. That's why they're not shed lightly, and probably only for those few individuals phoenixes—who as a species are generally far removed/unfeeling for the world at large—are capable of feeling such great emotion for.

A horcrux cannot function as a horcrux if it is not wounded. 'Healing' a horcrux compels it to return it to its original state. In this case the Horcrux can't do that because it would mean reuniting with Riddle's other soul pieces, which are not healed. Incapable of reuniting with the other soul shards, and incapable of resisting the extremely potent healing powers of phoenix tears, the horcrux should be forced into the afterlife. There would be no damage to the container of the horcrux, because phoenix tears only heal.

Thus, a plan is born. Get phoenix tears, possibly by abusing Fawkes's attachment and pity for Harry. Open up Harry's curse scar through some undetermined method. Inject phoenix tears into the scar, healing the soul fragment of Tom Riddle into the afterlife—possibly even removing the scar from Harry's head entirely. Win!

I'm surprised the phoenix tear method of exorcising a horcrux hasn't been used in any of the fanfiction I've ever read. If I'm the first person to come up with it, I'll be stoked!

D. Room of Requirement. Desdemona should abuse the hell out of the RoR.

In fifth year Harry and Friends didn't abuse the hell out of it because they were too busy teaching and using it for DA. In sixth year they didn't abuse the hell out of it because Draco was hogging it and they were busy otherwise. Seventh year, they weren't even there.

Barring extenuating circumstances such as those above, though, the only logical thing to do with knowledge of the RoR is to abuse the hell out of it. There is no better room for studying, practicing, relaxing, thinking, etc. because it can be any place you want, can't be broken into/spied on, and can give you any book in Hogwarts.

E. Ravenclaw. So far, it looks like Desdemona will end up in
Jeremiah Bull chapter 2 . 6/16
I recently reviewed "In Bad Faith" espousing its merits.

I hope you won't mind some suggestions/opinions. I personally like suggestions, so long as they're well thought out, and I hope you have a similar attitude. These three are pretty critical to the plot.

Suggestion #1: Revealing the sexuality/sexual identity of Desdemona (once puberty starts).

So far, the things Desdemona has expressed about her changed gender: At first she was upset, later she found it strange and the differences in things like the five senses somewhat intriguing, and currently she's still not a big fan of dresses. So her viewpoint on the matter is pretty vague.

My personal Opinion for S#1: Sexual orientation/preference is mostly decided at birth/on a genetic level. Thus, the body of Desdemona Malfoy has a greater than 95% chance of being heterosexual. I assume in her previous life she was a mid-twenties heterosexual male who had only ever had sex with or been interested in women.

The Question: How to reconcile over a decade of male heterosexuality and appreciation for women inside a biologically female, heterosexually oriented brain?

Answer: Bisexuality. Studies have shown even heterosexual women are more stimulated by images of naked females than naked males, even if this "stimulation" is linked to embarrassment and admiration and other such emotions rather than any sort of sexual interest.

Still, that leaves Desdemona with a brain hardwired to "notice" women as much as men. It seems unlikely she'll be able to simply discard her male heterosexual sexual identity considering that even now her past-self is at the core of 'who she is' and 'what her values/morality are' even if it's not represented in 'how she publicly behaves'. It's also unlikely she'll be able to ignore her female heterosexuality, unless she's capable of stopping the biochemical hormone productivity of puberty.

In my mind, this will probably leave her feeling fairly confused for a while but ultimately attracted to both men and women.

There are lots of gay protagonists and lots of straight protagonists, but rarely is the Main Character bisexual. Go for it!

Suggestion #2: More bags of holding, more being prepared, getting your friends prepared and getting those you know will face horrible danger prepared. Constant Vigilance!

Opinion for S#2: Bags of holding (BOH) are not common in the wizarding world because they're very expensive, because traveling home to get stuff only ever takes minutes at most unless you're at school, and because of fear of theft if you use the bag of holding to hold lots of valuables.

However, for someone who lives a very busy life or a life they expect will be in jeopardy and also has plenty of money, there is no reason NOT to have a bag of holding. In that situation; Money: It's worth it, Time: You won't/don't have it, Theft: If the bag is that important to you get an (expensive) anti-theft enchantment(s) on it. Desdemona illustrates their extreme utility for day to day use. Hermione Granger demonstrates BOH are entirely capable of saving your life in a multitude of dangerous situations in book seven.

Who should have a BOH at all times: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Desdemona Malfoy. Hermione and Desdemona live very busy lives. Both will, no matter what, at some point be near/involved with something that puts their lives at risk. Harry Potter is at constant risk basically everywhere, will need to keep objects secret and a place to put his father's extremely valuable invisibility cloak so he can use it at any time.

It should be easy for Desdemona to convince anyone (HP, HG) who she believes needs a BOH to get a BOH, because she uses it to great effect and their usefulness is self evident.

Things Desdemona/people generally should carry in BOH at all times:
: They clean, dry, and cover. In battle they distract, bind, and gag opponents, especially if animation charms are used on them. If towels are 'ridiculously enchanted' or include dragonhide can also be used as makeshift shields.
: Apparition, Floo and Portkeys can all be blocked by wards and jinxes. There is no quick/well used/known way to impede the enchantments on a broomstick without specifically targeting the broomstick and its rider. Broomsticks allow flight, and for that amazing capability alone should be kept on hands at all times. They facilitate the ability to flee, hide, rescue, and fight where it would otherwise be impossible. For people like Harry/Draco, for whom flying is second nature, it allows for fighting with an extreme maneuverability advantage (carpet bombing bitches!). For people like Desdemona/Hermione, it allows for running away or traveling without using, say, threstrals. There are few instances of danger in Harry Potter where some of the 'good guys' having access to broomsticks in three seconds wouldn't help the situation.
supplies: People get hurt. Prioritize medical supplies most necessary for injuries requiring immediate treatment. Also keep on hand those necessary for day to day basic treatment. Lots of Bezoars in case of poisoning. Maybe other antidotes, depending on how magical/normal poisons function/are typically used by assassins.
: Your enemies are out there, and you need /constant vigilance/ to know what they're doing. Specifically, omniculars/spying glass, magical or normal tape recorder, whatever spying devices the Weasley twins are selling and a portable sneakoscope.
5. Rapier/Knives: The last line of defense. Once the banishing charm is mastered, can be used as projectiles to great effect. Excuses— Rapier: for fencing practice. Knives: for cutting potions ingredients.
: translation books, books for studying, false book-covers for books you don't want people to know you're reading.
: spare clothes of wizard and muggle make, overcoat, hair wig, fake glasses, hat, whatever basic magic items can be used to change appearance.
: Quills, ink, invisible ink, writing surface, and parchment for a variety of things including runes.
9. On your own: Money of several currencies. Water, food, and foodstuffs for settling the stomach. Maybe a tent eventually.
10. Spare wand(s), either in the BOH or somewhere inconspicuous on your person.
Other: Miscellaneous useful pranking items. An actual shield if one can be obtained from the Room of Requirement. Boots. Disposable objects, such as rocks or rubber ducks, to test spells on/throw at people.

Suggestion #3: Clarifying branches of magic/magical races. You've done a good job clarifying how certain magics work in your universe. It would be good to continue doing so for the magical information that is extremely vague canonically.

Opinion for S#3: The nature of transfiguration, enchantment, alchemy, arithmancy, wards, divination, and the actual importance of astronomy have not been clarified. There are some important questions that need to be answered for each.
Transfiguration: the limits. Can talcum powder be transfigured into gunpowder and then exploded? Can a cup be transfigured into oxygen and then breathed? Are any transfigurations permanent? Which ones aren't? How are animagi created? (is it as dangerous as it is in The Methods of Rationality?)
Enchantment: How is it different from charms? How difficult?
Alchemy: Is there any reason other than selfishness and wariness that Nicholas Flamel has not made more philosopher stones so more people can be immortal? How is alchemy different from potions? What is alchemy even used for? My suggestion: All alchemy requires blood, which tends to make it more potent than potions, and explains why Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel found the twelve uses for dragon's blood.
Arithmancy: Can spells be created with the help of arithmancy? What are its stated uses?
Wards: Do they require wardstones? What are their basic limits? Do they require runes/symbols?
Astronomy: Actually important for anything? If so, what disciplines (potions, alchemy, etc.)?
Divination: Are there any divination skills that can be used by people who are not seers (scrying, person reading, etc.)? How common are seers?

The basic nature of the canonically marginalized sapient non-humans. Vampires, Veela, House Elves, Merpeople, and Hags. Where do they /come from/? What magic can they do? Basic temperaments.

Did #2 give some ideas?
SmexyBananas chapter 5 . 6/14
Love it
SmexyBananas chapter 6 . 6/14
Please update I LOVE this story
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