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Nivelreser chapter 16 . 6h
I want the backstory of Junior and his fighting days so bad! And how Sheldon helped him during those times and Junior falling down deeper into the world of fighting and how it changed him
novelreader chapter 6 . 9/30
You write a pretty compelling sheldon and the reasons why he has problems with intimacy and relationships more so than Penny even. Also I like how bits of his selfless nature that he hides behind a veneer of harshness and cruelty and how finally he cracks and just thinks about himself even though he should be thinking of Leonard and Amy. I feel like Penny and Sheldon deserve to be selfish for once. They're both expected to fulfill fantasies and be grateful to two people who idealize them and would do anything for them precisely because of that idealization. I think both just want to be themselves and for someone to accept the bad along with the good. To not always base their decisions on the happiness of another. Also the cracks to his exterior, that's referring to the shield he first puts up after witnessing Marky slam a baseball bat on that kid making him go through a concussion and get brain damage right?
novelreader chapter 4 . 9/24
Wow, that ending scene sounds like it could be in an 80s greaser film like the Outsiders or any of S.E. Hilton's works. It was so good. The college frat boys vs the uneducated working class boys...or the greaser, the gangster, whatever you call them, the ones who weren't able to go to college because they got to work and they have no money.

I have to say when I first read this I thought Junior was in on what Marky was doing. That he knew Marky was gonna kill Abel as punishment or a message to anyone who tries to skimp over paying them. Really does seem like Junior got himself into a gang or something.
novelreader chapter 3 . 9/24
As much as I love your version of George (hell I adore it) my recent watch of Young Sheldon and also I do kinda like Jerry O'Connell as older George plus the thing the creators put that George looks like a young version of Patrick Schwayze... So I'm picturing Jerry instead of Jake (even though Jerry O'Connell seems to be incapable of growing a beard and Jake is pretty handsome you're right with a beard. I mean not a lot of people can pull it off)
DoeBlueEyes11 chapter 19 . 4/9
Such a touching story, no matter how many times I've reread it.
DoeBlueEyes11 chapter 1 . 4/4
This AU is so realistic that you really do forget that the writers really messed up the cannon TBBT. So great job in making me forget that mess up!
Guest chapter 19 . 2/23
If anyone ask you what a rollercoaster of emotion is, make them read this. It's very realistic that Howard was pissed off at them, and I really appreciated that they confronted Leonard together. Maybe they shouldn't have waited this long, but their apology is really heartfelt - "I will spend as long as it takes to earn back any fragment of trust you could muster and show you that your friendship truly means a great deal to me, even though I may not deserve it".
Also loved the epilogue of Sheldon and Penny's love story, of course. "Even in the deepest realms of his REM cycle he knew she was there, and would always be".
Guest chapter 15 . 2/23
What a hot chapter! Insane (and sweet, too). It looks like they won't tell Leonard soon, by the way.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/23
I have mixed feelings towards this. They undoubtly did a horrible thing to Leonard - just a few weeks after she told him she loved him at the airport before he left - but they truly seem to be deeply in love with each other that I can almost justify them. "If it were possible to hold you here forever, I would hie a happy man"... and then the image of them cuddled together in the bed, naked, not tired of kissing each other even after intercourse. I think they should tell Leonard before he comes back, anyway.
NightHowler0 chapter 19 . 1/4
This was a beautiful story.
NightHowler0 chapter 17 . 1/4
Love this so much
Guest chapter 5 . 2/1/2020
Great story, but I’m really not getting the premise. I’m assuming the type of fighting Junior is doing is illegal, but hiw is he throwing the fight? Throwing a fight means purposely losing, but he is always winning. And examine how your competitors fight and what their weaknesses and figuring out how to overcome them are isn’t cheating; it’s what every professional boxer or player in any sport does.. So I see the danger because it’s presumably an illegal sport with unsavory characters, but I’m not really getting what The extra bad part of what Junior and Sheldon are doing is supposed to be.
Guest chapter 19 . 11/12/2019
I know this is way late but I just read your very well written story. At first, I thought you were really being fair to Leonard, but then I reread it and I was surprised I didn't like it as well. I mean it's like they didn't even think of Leonard until he came back. Then it was like they didn't really feel that bad, like it was just something they had to deal with. I didn't really see any real regret or remorse at how they had hurt him. Sheldon's speech really seems sanctimonious. If I had been Leonard, I would have told them what to do with their speeches. There is just no empathy there at all from either of them. Of course there is also the point if they cared all so much for him, why did they cheat on him? Then there was after they were done - it seemed like it was - well, that's over, we don't have to deal with that anymore; especially with Sheldon and George mocking his crying. It somehow ending up being shallow and insincere. it just seemed like they wanted him to be okay just because it would make them feel better, not really caring how Leonard felt.

Shenny always seems to contain the belief that because they fall for each other, it doesn't matter who they hurt. Life is about choices and considering the results of those choices.
CarissaWinchester chapter 19 . 9/30/2019
I was not here from the beginning but this story was amazing you are my favorite writer when it comes to big bang theory thank you so much I loved the gorge character you made much better than the one in season 12 thank you for this you are so talented
mi-shell87 chapter 19 . 9/20/2019
Absolutely loved this story! :-)
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