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my 2 guys chapter 10 . 11/23/2015
that was good keep the chapters coming
demonzone2571 chapter 1 . 10/14/2015
I'll adopt this story. Just send me the story via email:
Korog the Oversoul chapter 3 . 8/11/2015
Bravo, excellent, wonderful, your prose, ideas, and interpretation of the characters are phenomenal, however I think I begin to see the problem you have/had. Naruto is leaning towards the too strong side, as well as the point where some would expect him to crap marble and gold, too little flaws that make him human, but it could be offset by having some characters -cough Sakura cough- claim that Naruto's altruistic and humanitarian acts stem from selfishness, as well as Naruto having some kind of rage button, like Ed Elric's complex about his height, or Mei Terumi's penchant for having innocent words that leave Ao's mouth cause her to feel like he is calling her an old hag or something. But if you read this review you might be able to continue the story yourself, even though I would love to adopt this fic.
Korog the Oversoul chapter 2 . 8/11/2015
In the outlines for my fics Itachi took out some aggressors,( Self-Defense) while Danzo, Obito, and some ROOT members killed 98% Itachi kills Fugaku after Mikoto (That's the name of Sasuke's mom, right?) learns about the coup and Fugaku attempts to shut his "wife" up and get the Mangekyo, and Itachi kills Fugaku to avenge his mother. And Itachi plans for Sasuke to kill him, due to having a terminal illness,
theaceoffire chapter 1 . 3/7/2015
You may wish to fix this typo: "But no one remembered him having a soon"

_ I found it humorous, but you will likely wanna fix it.
Asumawhy chapter 10 . 1/11/2015
i am kinda sad that this story is not being written anymore but the reason for it is understandable
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 1 . 10/13/2014
well, a rather interesting start... looking forward to see how this progresses
Tsukoblue chapter 8 . 9/19/2014

Please don't turn this into a Naruto/Bleach crossover
Tsukoblue chapter 7 . 9/19/2014
Don't use Hanabi in the harem if you will have Hinata in it, Any children between Naruto/Hinata and Naruto/Hanabi would end up being siblings and cousins otherwise
uzuuchi007 chapter 10 . 8/13/2014
jhawk046 chapter 10 . 6/30/2014
Well we have another quitter here!
Dragon Blaze-X chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
not bad but a tad kulunky try adding more detail to flesh it out more. make a prologue on how the group too k nartou, his treatment before he left. also you can always give them ambu masks to keep things secret till later
uzumaki54 chapter 1 . 6/28/2014
Death to sakura
Angel of Darkness119 chapter 10 . 6/28/2014
That is a terrible fate to this Story, but at least you put an end to the hoping for a new chapter.
When this Story is adopted could you please post by who so that we can read further?
xxAristotlexxx chapter 2 . 6/28/2014
After reading the first chapter I have a number of (minor) peeves which I hope will be answered in the coming chapters.

1. Why was Itachi let so easily back into Konoha? Surely there'd be a kill on sight declaration under his name in the bingo book.

2. It feels rushed, albeit not as rushed as other stories I've read. Again, I'll read on to investigate.

Overall so far I think this is an okay story from what I've read but will proceed to read the rest.
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