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nevergone4ever chapter 3 . 3/15/2014
Since Glasshouse and SoS were amazing and Demons is following down that same path, I'm tackling this story. So far, it's just... beyond words. Honestly, you have a gift.

1) Ara and Whit stood out to me most just because they were both so drunk it was easy to question their sanity. Saying that a younger boy, older girl pair would be "funny"... Hm. Not many people would say that, if you know what I mean.

2) Joshua stood out to me most, just because screaming is an usual response to getting Reaped. I barely caught his name, then I reread it. Lyra also stood out, as her doll will be her token and I don't see such raw attachment much in SYOT's.

- Onward to chapter 4!
gio-district7 chapter 20 . 2/9/2014
I loved the last line of the epilogue, its such an Ellery thing to say. Wow at Spruce being Rotem's father, that's just harsh. This is probably my favorite epilogue so far, the relationships between Victors are so interesting to read about especially Zeke and Ellery. I can't wait to see her in future stories

Thoughts on the obituaries?- Rotem's was so sad, I loved Gloria's and omg Lancel was gonna be a dad :/

Did you enjoy Lost overall?- Yes, i really liked it though not as much as some of your other stories. Maybe because i read it so fast, well either way it was amazing. Especially the arena, the mirrors maze was such a great idea and so was Slenderman. Also loved Ellery as the winner, she was a favorite of mine from the beginning (even if she wasn't likable) and very realistic as a winner. I thought Rotem would win (which i would of also liked) since Cameron won Glasshouse and you might not want another D5 Female but i'm glad that wasn't the case

Your writing was amazing as always and though i didn't connect with some of the characters as much, i still loved a lot of them. At some point i was rooting for Ampry, then Gloria or Cres then when it came down to the final three i didn't mind any of them winning but favored Rotem or Ellery

Stand-out moments?- I loved the reapings and how you wrote it from the stylist's POV. Ellery and Caritta getting together and then their fight to the death, all the accidental deaths and Joshua going all cray cray
Guest chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
I would be head of mutations.
Burning Stars chapter 20 . 12/26/2013
It almost sounds like Ellery spent some time in hell at the beginning of the chapter. How... terrifying. It's kind of funny - I think she went through more development in this one chapter than in the entire rest of the story. She became more defiant in her actions, admitted to enjoying Zeke's presence (at least to a degree), and actually exhibited emotions *surprise surprise* over killing people. Granted, I'm pretty sure that these emotions were always present during her time in the arena and she simply suppressed them, but she now acknowledges her feelings, which she didn't before. She tried to play the stone-cold, unfeeling bitch, when in reality she still felt things because she's a human being. I'm glad that she didn't put up with Hermes' crap. She sure showed him.
also jericho's death
my feels

Thoughts on the obituaries?
So, Rotem was Spruce's illegitimate lovechild, huh? As we all know, even though victors can try to fool the Capitol, they always find out about their children. ALWAYS. Rotem's reaping is just another example of this fact.
Lancel posthumously had a kid. That's... different. I don't know whether that's sweet or depressing. Bittersweet, I suppose.
Who the heck is Evander Rocque?
Aw Austal. :( Did we ever get to see his disability come into play? Because I don't remember any scenes like that. Maybe I'm just not remembering well enough.
I'm glad that Bryony's suffering gave other suffering kids some solace.

Did you enjoy Lost overall?
Yes. Honestly, there were a few parts that were a little iffy - I didn't really connect to a lot of the tributes, or I couldn't relate to them after they went through certain tracks of character development. But other tributes experienced development that allowed me to relate to them better, so I always had at least one tribute in whom I had an emotional investment. Arietta, Jericho, Austal, Ellery, Cres, Joshua, and even Lakyn all possessed traits, thought processes, or backgrounds that I could relate to - Arietta when Jericho started going crazy, Austal and his placement in the Career Pack (and his death), and Ellery during the finale.
The arena itself was cleverly designed - mirrors have such potential to be used as something creepy, and you did just that. A maze where tributes literally lose themselves. Brilliant. Also, Slenderman was an appropriate addition.

Thoughts on the writing?
Overall, it's fun to read. The character interactions are complex, the words have a nice flow (bar a few awkward phrasings, misspellings, and occasional use of grammatically-incorrect slang), and the sentence structures/vocabulary are varied enough to keep me from losing interest.
As Cashmere already pointed out, though, a lot of the tributes' POVs ended with their cannon. It's ok if it happens once or twice per SYOT, but when it happens for every other tribute, it gets a little trite.
The plots I enjoyed the most were Joshua's descent into utter insanity, Cres and Shadow-Austal, Arietta's loss of hope and her dilemma when deciding whether or not to stay with Jericho, and Slenderman's presence.

Stand-out moments?
When Rafe stabbed Joshua. It was an emotionally-charged situation, and this is one of my favorite types of tribute deaths - an ally having to kill an ally. Poor Rafe. Poor Joshua. Sad people all around.
Austal's death was pretty great, too, as far as deaths go. It was an accidental betrayal. And Shadow-Austal was pretty much my favorite character (is that bad?) and the way that you used him against Cres made me very happy. It was one of the more interesting plots, for sure.
Also, the way the mirror cracked when Jericho killed Lakyn. To me, the bloody, cracked mirror basically illustrates the entire story, so it's both a morbidly beautiful image and a commendable use of symbolism.

Even though there were a few not-as-great portions, you handled the majority of the story quite well. I didn't expect Ellery to win, but now that she has, I can respect your decision. Not all victors are nice people, and even though she wasn't necessarily a bad person, she was selfish, brutal, and mean. Upon closer inspection, she's definitely victor material. The least-developed tribute won. The irony of it is beautiful.
And I think that's it. Good luck with FFYL and SOS!
Emerald112 chapter 20 . 12/26/2013
Okay time to review! :P Finally!

I'm liking all of these Victor interactions within District Five! Do I sense a budding friendship between Ellery and Zeke? I mean, she wasn't too nice to him but she's Ellery so yeah lol xD I really like Nebula. I used to hate her but in this chapter I decided that she is my favorite of all the D5 Victors in EsmeraldaVerse :D

Lay off the poor girl, Spruce!

Ellery is so badass. I never really liked her throughout the story but this prologue made me like her so so much! xD Particularly her remarks to Hermes and walking away from the interview :D

I loved her last lines. They were just so totally Ellery!
Ellery also had some great insights this chapter, especially regarding how others view her as an antagonist of sorts when all she wanted was to survive, just like everyone else, yet since she did survive, and had to kill and be not so nice in the process, she gets a lot of criticism for it. It's very true what she mentioned about Rotem having done the exact same thing, but since Ellery held on to life a little bit longer, she's viewed as cruel whereas Rotem is not.

Overall, just an amazingly perfectly lovely epilogue to a wonderful story (and sorry that it posed you problems)

Aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd now for the questions!

Thoughts on the obituaries? They were all truly amazing and perfect for each character. I loved all of the background reveals we got here! Not going to go into specifics because I'm lazy, but, yeah, Rotem's was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!

Did you enjoy Lost overall? Well I think you can answer that yourself if you just look at any one of my reviews.
But I'll just tell you anyway, just in case: YES!

The third question which is too long to type out: Your ability to bring characters to life is truly remarkable! I am so impressed by the way you piece together every single little detail regarding plots and alliances. And, by far, your arenas are the most perfect, amazing, creative, well thought out, and thorough, places of torture in history and I am always smiling to myself when I read the chapters where we find out more about things that tie into the arena theme, and I'm all like "wow this boy's brilliant."

The fourth question is also too long to type out but I'll answer it anyway: Slenderman, Joshua's and Jericho being all cray, Ellery dying . . . among others xD

Hi bye
writinginpen chapter 20 . 12/24/2013
Did I enjoy Lost? Yes, I enjoyed it immensely. There were so many plotlines; all of which were beautifully orchestrated. Plus, this story holds my favorite created tribute to date. Cres. Though, I still can't get over how well you wrote him. Then, there were the surprises. Cliff getting crushed by mirrors. Lakyn beheaded. Austral killed by a tenacious knife thrower. All, were surprises that befuddled me to say the least. And this story, with each chapter got better and better. I mean, even the end was brilliant. Ellery dying. Yet, you complained it was a struggle. Didn't seem that way to me. Seemed you had it all figured out my friend. An amazing story this was.

I think I answered the next question in the one above. Though, my favorite characters were Gloria ,Lancel, Cres, and Ellery. I was actually content with her winning.

Thing that stuck out? When Jericho went obsessive/possessive over Arietta. I never got that vibe from him. Therefore, from this day I'm still rather confused about that whole ordeal concerning his downfall. Oh, and the talk between Gloria and Cres was a standout to me. Before now, I hadn't seen that in any of your stories, simply because usually the careers aren't talkers. Action before words, you know?

Overall, excellent story Corey. I'll be royally sad to see you leave this site when you do. But in all, I understand why you must. I could say something cliche right now, but I'll save you the tears. Just remember you have a real talent here. So please continue to nourish it.
Pika And Olive's Adventures chapter 20 . 12/22/2013
The way Ellery talked to Hermes really earned her points with me, yo. Though maybeh it's not that important lol. Great job on the story though! I'm glad to have been a part of it, even if you do not think so I think it was honestly very good. Sorry for the lack of reviews at times.

Again, thanks! :)
dark clouds on a winter night chapter 20 . 12/18/2013
A wonderful ending to a wonderful story. I really enjoyed this one, even if you say it gave you some trouble, I really couldn't tell since you did such a good job on it.

Ellery, once you get to kind of understand where she's coming from and take the time to do so, really is an interesting character. I also like the way she kind of bonded with Zeke, he seems to be the one that really looked out for her the most. And when she was in the Capitol, having her interview with Hermes, I liked the fact that she feels guilty over what happened to Rotem. She is a bit of a cold person, but that really shows her humanity. Really, any tribute would have done what she did, since when you get down to it, it's every man for himself.

And Spruce is Rotem's dad? Wow, that's going to be tough on him :(

Thoughts on the obituaries?
I liked each and every one of them. They all added a last bit of depth to each character, as well as revealing some information about ones who died early on. Rafe, Jericho, Caritta, Asya, Micah, and Bryony's (probably my favorite one) were particularly sad. I never made the connection between Cres and Cadmus until I read his obituary, I'm glad that his little brother was able to come out alive, and that we'll get to see more of him! Thorn's obituary was also sad, but perfect.

Did I enjoy Lost overall?
Yep, no question about it!

Thoughts on the writing, plots, etc?
While I loved pretty much everything, and I did grow to like (or tolerate) most of the characters, they just weren't my favorite batch. It's nothing bad, it's just my personal preferences. Other than that, I really enjoyed pretty much everything. I'll also note that I like the fact that you took a cliched arena (a maze) and put a unique spin on it. It can be hard making a cliche into something original, but you managed to do it.

Anything that specifically catches my mind?
Well, like some other people have noticed, Ellery, while not a villainous character, was more antagonistic than most of the other tributes. Not many SYOT writers choose such tributes to win, so I'm glad that you decides to go with this route.
Sgarnett99 chapter 20 . 12/18/2013
Thankyouthankyouthanks for this chapter seriously thank you so much! I've said this like 30 times but it was so good I know you don't think so but Ellery was perfect the whole way through especially in this chapter and no one can say she didn't develop *les hearts

that Spruce was Rotem's dad was so sad D: there was a lot of emotion in that bit of the chapter even from Ellery because she actually seems to regret killing Rotem a bit and how Zeke stuck up for her was really good.
One of my favourite bits was when Hermes was baiting her and she was insulting him because that's the point of Lost, however much she developed(got a tiny bit more compassionate at least), she stayed who she was the whole way throughout.
I think she started to go a little bit crazy. Even if she stayed the most rooted, during the games playback and everything. She's a little mad c:.

[A small smile appears on his face ,and funnily enough, it makes me feel better.
Because I won.
And if people don't like it, they know where they can stick it.]

I think the last 3 sentences were awesomely done, they portrayed her development and character really well.

They were great! Really heartfelt. Like, you gave every character a backstory and revealed stuff about them that would have been random and awkward to add in the actual story. Bryony's was especially sad, I liked her a lot.

Enjoy it overall?
It's hard to say yes without sounding biased but yes! I loved all the characters (mostly...I think), or at least, I loved watching them and their stories develop. It's been great, you wrote each one of them amazingly, and the arena fjksdl i'm still not over its greatness.

stand out moment?
Ellery dying and slenderman.

Thanks for writing this! It's been lovely!
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 20 . 12/17/2013
Hooooooolllllleeeeeeeeeee wowzah! Sir Corey, you have outdid yourself this time around. Ellery wasn't everyone's cup of tea, I've said that before, but in the end, her victory made sense. This chapter made me absolutely lover her! Ellery is Ellery and nothing, not murdering others nor death, was going to stop Ellery from being herself and that makes me love her! I love how in your stories, the tributes I start out hating are the ones I find myself rooting for and the ones I love, I get sick of!

Overall, Lost has been my favorite story of yours, from start to finish. I love it even more than Glasshouse and we all know my love for that story is epic! From start (the Reapings) through the arena, to that ending, it was just amazingly written and kept you guessing. I'm sorry to see that you had a hard time with this story, it is truly your best one yet! I'm glad you like writing for Rafe, I loved reading about him.

Once again, though, I must share what my son had to say when I was reading him Asya and Rafe's obituaries. I really need to show him that you have a mentor with the same name as his.

Remy: Why were the people of her district telling fables about her?

Me: They thought she was bad luck and that bad things happened whenever she was around.

Remy: Awww, ok. Who killed her again?

Me: Joshua. He was in the alliance with Rafe and Asya.

Remy: He's a JERK!

He's ok with the fact that Ellery killed Rafe and was saddened by the fact that we thought she was dead. He FORGAVE Ellery for killing the tribute his mother made, but to hell with the boy that killed his precious Asya. His heart was really broken when she died, I thought he was going to cry! :(

Anyways, let's get onto our last ever QUESTION TIME WITH SIR COREY, KING OF THE LOST! for Lost.

Thoughts on the obituaries.
I LOVED THEM! Especially Rafe's, it fit him so much! I love that you added the part about Thalia being pregnant and his father actually digging his own son's grave. It broke my heart, but made me smile. I hope it touches everyone else too!
Each obituary fit the tribute, it was like not a single stone went unturned. Lancel never learning he would be a father killed me, as did the big reveal of Rotem's parentage. To be honest, I thought it was a Capitolite, like an escort. But the fact that it was Spruce himself?! Hot damn, that hit me out of left field! Does that mean Spruce cheated on Maple, or was this before that? Ugh... my feels can't take much more!

Did I enjoy Lost overall?
I think ENJOY is too small of a word. I LIVED IT! I've been waiting on baited breath for this update, mainly because I wanted to see how Ellery came back to life and Rafe's obituary. (does that make me morbid?) But, yes, I highly enjoyed this story.

Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?
Amazing writing, the plots hit me out of left field, every character (for the most part) rocked, the arena scared the balls off of me!, annnnnnd AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment (it can be anything!)?

Goodbye, Lost. I will be re-reading you again very soon! :D

LONG LIFE RAFE AND ASYA! They are together in tribute heaven! ;)
Dracones chapter 20 . 12/17/2013
Ellery... I still don't like her. I respect her nonchalance about the fact that I don't like her but I don't like her nonetheless. I get the whole "not a good guy" thing, the "it's not always fair," but she killed my two favourite tributes and I reserve the right to dislike her because of it.

The thing is with Ellery, she seems self-righteous. She's defending herself about what she's done but it seems like defending herself is all she's ever done in her eyes, that she's done no more or less than that, while quite frankly she still doesn't have a leg to stand on in my book. She can defend herself all she wants but it doesn't make her right.

-Did you enjoy Lost overall?

Yeah. It really sucks you in, characters or not; the suspense is exceptional and the writing sublime too.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?

Generally very good! This arena is a good one in particular; I loved the twists and turns in every way.

-Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment (it can be anything!)?

The killing of Slenderman. Speaks for itself, really.
WaywardWordsmith chapter 20 . 12/17/2013
Get ready for...Sam's Fanglrling time!

Just wow, Corey! I know you had troubles with Lost and for some people it wasn't as great as other stories, but for me it was just amazing! I eagerly waited for each chapter to upload and every time I read I was amazed at how gooood this was getting :D

Nehduejsud but now it's all over - seeing the complete status is both heart-breaking and heart-lifting. I'll miss seeing Lost on my alerts but at the same time I'm happy that this is over now because it's been a long ride and I'm excited for your other stories!

Now...onto the prologue!

Wow Ellery dem feels! I've never particularly liked her throughout the story but this chapter I really understood her character and she shone through for me! You added a lot of development here and it changed my opinion for the better..
She's very confrontational and still has the same old highlights of Ellery...but the thing I enjoyed most was her watching the recaps and the emotions she felt...and the fact she's one of the few Victord who can stand up for themselves! Storming away from the go girl!

I also loved that we had some more in-look to the relationships between the different victors. I can feel a growing relationship between Ellery and Zeke and it was nice hearing that theirs inter-district friendships!

The confrontation with Spruce was intense! Wow, so he was Ellery's father! I feel like he has a right to be mad, losing his child to someone like Ellery when everyone knows Rotem was a better person...but then I have to agree with Ellery, everyone had the right to live...and she fought for her chance like all the other victors.

I can sense that Ellery's not going to be liked by the rest of the victor community. Oh well, stay strong!

Thoughts on the obituaries!

They were amazing and so emotional, each and every one! The ones I enjoyed the most were Bryonry (what she went through was sad but it brought a smile to my face knowing she changed the lives of some people), Micah (because of his history..surprisingly I like him now), Cliff, Joshua and Rotem! I'm very pleased with Lancel's...the pregnancy was a nice addition on your part..I'm pleased you did it! It makes Lancel's sadder for me.

Did you enjoy Lost overal: yes it was amazing nuff said.

Favourite moment: EVERYThING
But if I had to narrow it down, I would say...Lancel's interview because that was one of my favourite POVs from him, he totally owned Hermes. Cliff's death scene was like so emotional :( so yeah that one. I loved every bit of Joshua's downward insanity spiral. The moments between Lancel and Rotem were nice, as well as his death scene! Rotem killing Cres! Slenderman's appearances! The finale! The epilogue! The prologue..
I've gone on a bit...

I really can't wait until you updated SOS and FFYL!

Goodbye Lost! Your be missed!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 20 . 12/17/2013
Nice to see Ellery alive, and I'm liking her already, in SOS and here, much better as a Victor than I did as a tribute. She's moodier, snappier, and the development has come through here at the end, so she's not quite the bitch she was at first. She's much more confrontational than your other victors, and I respect that a lot. Walking out of the interview... dangerous, girl, the Capitol might take that out on you later in life. They might even label her a rebel... but I applaud the decision- someone FINALLY could just not take it with Hermes. At LAST.

You started off with a wonderfully vivid dream sequence, that was fanTASTIC OK. Ellery and Zeke aren't, ya know, 'best friends' already which is good, but I can see they'll have a good victor relationship in upcoming stories!

I don't think Spruce will ever really think highly of Ellery... even might be biased against her tributes... this section was probably my favorite in the chapter, just getting to see more victor interactions, especially since they're not all from the same district. You don't expand much on those parts so it's really fun to see!

Question timeee 333

The obits? Well, highly emotional, so well done. A good send off for every tribute, I think, they fit well. Joshua's was perfect, thank you. Rafe's was highly emotional. Gloria's was great as well, I have a soft spot for the ones that change the lives of people they didn't really know. Cres's was great because of the connection to SOS- Cadmus was introduced during the reaping chapter XD And Harley... was pregnant? holy crap, cor, holy crap. Ampry's was nice as well, watching Pel start to rebel. I'm not quite sure what the crap happened with Caritta's dad, lol, wow. Cliff's was good. Micah's was highly emotional. Honestly, though, my favorite obit here was Bryony's. It was really powerful and deep, and the fact that she posthumously helped a lot of people was perfect.

I enjoyed Lost overall, it was creative and crazy, but it wasn't one of my favorites from you. The characters, and some of them it was just the character and some it might have been the development, were just more detached than normal. The writing was still good, though. The story was carried more by the arena and the plot than it normally is, usually you're good about having character-driven stories.

Stand out moments? Well, Ellery walking offstage at the interview, and Spruce XD I gave a bit of a list last time, as well. Slenderman's appearance was a big one.

you're welcome bro 333

Happy writing!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 19 . 12/8/2013
all RIGHT then I'm here at last lol hi

This time I want to talk about the events and their effects rather than the characters/plot like I normally do. Although the last realization Rafe had, with the Old Self and New Self, that was fantastic but it basically signed his death warrant oops. And the smoke in Rotem's bit, that was fantastic as well, eep! A nice last touch to the arena.

But your Victor, of course, is what I want to discuss. I never liked Ellery, never got attached to her, but I applaud your decision nonetheless. This was your story not ours, our opinions don't matter in the end. It was a fantastic choice to have a non-protagonist win- as much as I've loved your other victors it was time for a change. I'm proud of you for seeing that. Ellery, as little love as I had for her, was the best choice.

honestly let's just move to the questions because I have very little to say on the actual chapter ahaha

Who I thought would win? I thought Cliff had a shot at it when we were still in the Capitol. Rafe would have been a cliché victor but I was still considering him for a while. You gave us a red herring, writing towards Rotem XD At certain points during the story I though Cres and Gloria could also have had chances.

Favorite character? I had such an irrational attachment to Cliff.

Happy with Victor? Not by favoritism, but in terms of the story I AM SO HAPPY

Shocking death? Cliff. Asya. And Slendy lol.

Jaw-dropping moment? The first time we saw Slenderman. The first time the mirrors showed the death scene. Josh going crazy. Jericho's obsession being revealed to Arietta. and THE MOMENT WHEN ELLERY'S CANNON FIRED WHAT THE CRAP MAN

Favorite chapter? Ugh I don't remember chapters. idk, the one with the Arietta-Josh-Rafe fight, that was intense. Cres and Gloria teaming back up, that was a good one too.


Happy writing, Corydon, looking forward to the obits!
Burning Stars chapter 19 . 12/7/2013
Rafe: It's ironic that he died because he tried to protect Rotem from Ellery. Sucks, dude. Anyways, his realization was both sad and intriguing, that he is still the same person, just with different motivations. He always had the potential for cruelty and self-serving violence. The arena may have warped Rafe, but it only worsened traits that he already possessed. I really like that concept. Anywho, he wasn't my favorite. He was a good character, though.

Rotem: Hmm. I can see some of her development shining through, especially her new level of internal conflict, but her POV is still really sterile. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just me? Either way, she made the mistake if trusting Ellery, so I have no pity for her. Tendrils of most that physically attack the tributes? Very cool.

Ellery: As you may know, I have ambivalent feelings toward her as a character. I'd hate her if I met her in real life, but she had an attitude unlike any if the other tributes, so she at least she's unique. Not quite an antagonist, but also not, in her own words, "sugary sweet". She wanted to survive as much as everyone else, and was willing to do whatever it takes to get back home. It was clever of Ellery to use Rotem's discomfort around violence against her. And boy, I hope the Capitol medical technology is advanced enough to revive a dead girl, otherwise Ellery is screwed.

Overall, lot's of action, very frantic. A good finale, I think.

Who I thought would win Lost?
Mmmm. Well, for a while I thought it would be Ampry, then Rotem, but after the last chapter I figured it would be Ellery.

My favorite character?
Arietta. Her whole method of approaching situations and her artistic innocence really made her a standout character to me. I also really liked Austal, but that's mostly due to the way he died.

Am I okay with the victor?
You know what, at first I was annoyed, but now that I've had some time to think about it, I'm actually pleased with her victory. As others have pointed out, victors can't always be nice people. In fact, fairly selfish and unscrupulous people like Ellery are more likely to win. Plus, I really like the irony behind her victory, since she was least changed by a very psychological arena. That, and I think I understood her character better than Rotem's, anyways.

Most shocking death?
Austal, followed very closely by Joshua.

Most jaw-dropping moment?
Hah. That's a tough one. The appearance of Slenderman was pretty impressive. The fight between Rafe and Joshua was pretty intense, too.

Favorite chapter?
It's a tie between Remain Nameless and Fallen.
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