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NikaDex chapter 18 . 10/20/2014
Oh my god, sorry I am only reviewing now. This story is so amazingly written. At the end of this chapter I kinda "woke up", after literally watching this scene in my mind. Not many people can write this good that it makes me forget I am actually reading a story! Thank you so much, looking forward to reading the rest! x
sniperbob18 chapter 68 . 4/3/2014
This is so sweet, love that the baby is a girl and named Johanna. Great preview !
sniperbob18 chapter 67 . 4/3/2014
So Bianca is still going to retire - that could be interesting, at least Randy will still be around. Kate is going to have a baby! that is so cool.
I'm so sad that this story has ended, so going to miss the team moments but I can't wait for the alternate ending story! yay!
Thank you so much for writing this story, it was brilliant, you really are a talented writer.
sniperbob18 chapter 66 . 4/3/2014
haha, Ryan is clever might as well get the symphony from Gates' while he still can :)
Loved the Castle and Esposito movement. Another great chapter :)
sniperbob18 chapter 65 . 4/3/2014
Aww they are big again, it must be odd for Javier going from adult to child then child back to adult. Oh wow, that was an interesting way for Kate to get Kevin to drink the supplement. You had me worried there for a while with Kevin, I really thought - I love their reactions.
sniperbob18 chapter 64 . 4/3/2014
hahaha! oh man there is such an intense moment with Randy and Kevin being in the car but that was so funny when Castle was trying to exorcise Davis! But yay for Davis to come to the rescue.
And Bianca's gift came in handy - oooh a knife that had white magic. Nice.
Love it, another classic chapter!
sniperbob18 chapter 63 . 4/3/2014
That must have been really tough on Kate and castle to have to watch Javier go through such a tough time. I like how Kate tries to bribe Kevin to stay small with a puppy :)
Wow what an ending
sniperbob18 chapter 62 . 4/3/2014
haha, Javier asking if the brew was going to turn Kevin into a girl, classic! He should know not to joke I mean, they were turned into kids so changing gender does not seem that strange! I like how Castle also asks :)
Let's hope that it works and that Kevin will be okay. Another fantastic Chapter! thank you
sniperbob18 chapter 61 . 4/3/2014
I love the family moments between the characters. Poor Javier and Kevin - the council members really don't know about personal space and manners. At least Kate was there to rescue them, Bianca really did take her time to step in but I suppose she understands their interest in the boys, it's not every day you hear of grown men turning into children.

Great chapter!
sniperbob18 chapter 60 . 4/3/2014
Poor Kevin, being forced to go into the ladies room :) but I can see how Beckett won that one. haha, Gates offered Javier candy! that is awesome and more blackmail material for Beckett to use at a future date :)

Oh my word! it went from awesome funny moments to action within seconds - at least Randy was there to help. I would love to have that kind of magic to be able to unlock things and just to be able to start it without keys. Never have to worry about losing keys again!

Phew, they survived, another great chapter!
honeyandvodka chapter 2 . 3/17/2014
Very compelling! I was a little hesitant at the supernatural tag but so far I'm still intrigued!
Aideen Rathnait chapter 67 . 3/10/2014
Aaw, man! We don't get any Rysposito kisses or anything? Now I'm sad :(
However, that is not going to stop me from giving you a nice lengthy review seeing as how you kept me entertained for a few days.
First of all, your writing is absolutely amazing and I applaud you on how well you were able to not only write so much detail into the story, but keep it up for all 67 chapters. My god, you are amazing.
Also, Ryan and Esposito as children completely melted my heart and I spent the first half of this story in my bedroom squealing at how cute they were, Ryan especially. I loved how you made them act like children too, despite having the mind of 30 year olds. Ryan's temper tantrum, though I'm sure it pissed Castle off, was just so cute I could barely handle it.
The kidnapping terrified me so much. The first attempt was awful and I spent the rest of the chapters in between just waiting for another attempt to not only be made, but to be successful. It was interesting because I knew that, even if Kate had been at the house and Castle hadn't been knocked out, the boys still would have been taken because they all were just so helpless against magic. Kate could protect them as much as she could, but the magic would overpower her and that would be that.
The dick weasel who put them in that cage pissed me off. I was so excited when Javi was able to open the cage, but I felt it in the back of my mind that they weren't getting that far. Some part of me hoped they would make it, but Kevin was having problems and I just knew they were going to be re-captured. Once dick weasel (he's not good enough for a name) pulled out the belt, I had to step away from the story. Like, I had to go take a minute to breathe because I knew what he was going to do and I wanted to reach through and strangle his skinny little neck.
After that, I had the fear that Kevin was going to die. Like, I knew he wasn't going to, but I couldn't shake the feeling that you MIGHT actually kill him off and I was so worried about the poor little guy.
I also had a strangely hard time when Ryan was no longer four. Like, I'd gotten so used to how little he was and how everyone could easily carry him around that I got sad when he was suddenly nine. He was still super cute, of course, but I guess it was just hard to get used to.
As for the ending, OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD! Javi with that knife was just genius! I forgot completely about the knife, but when I read that he'd used it I was like, "OH MY GOD THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA!"
The only thing I wish at this point would be some kind of epilogue where Javi and Kevin are together, Beckett's carrying around a little two or three year old, and they're all on their way to Castle's boat for their annual fourth of July firework party.
But it was so good, man. This story was beautifully written and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. When things died down and everyone was happy, I was still worried because I knew it wasn't going to last. But now that things are over and the boys are safe and adults again, I can breathe easier.
My god. I wish I could erase my knowledge of this fic and read it all over again because it was so sweet and suspenseful and overall just a wonderful fic. I loved it!
Hannah chapter 39 . 3/9/2014
Hannah chapter 33 . 3/7/2014
The sweetness of this story is going to give me diabetes. I hope you're happy. I have spent the last two days doing nothing but reading this damn fic and I'm only halfway. Mini-Kevin is possibly the sweetest thing in the universe and I wish he were real so I could hold him and hiss at anyone who even looks at him wrong (though, I suppose Kate and Javi have that covered). So, it is now 12am and I'm sitting here debating whether or not I should continue reading or give in to exhaustion. I'm probably going to continue reading. Curse you. Curse you and this sweet, sweet fic.
mark chapter 68 . 3/4/2014
Interesting alternate ending. Did Castle sell all of the baby clothes and car seats from before? If so, he's going to be mad that he had to buy new ones again.
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