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orangeflavor chapter 1 . 7/25
Oh my god this is so horrible. I don't mean the story, I mean what they do to Hawke and Merrill! Gah! I can't even think about how horrible that was of Cerberus. Hawke's eyes? And Merrill's arm? Geez, harsh. You really know how to raise the stakes. This is such a dark story already, and I love dark.

I've always felt for Merrill when Marethari died. Whether you agree with her bloodmagic or not, whether you like her or not, you can't deny the pain she must be feeling from how things turn out with the Keeper. You explored that nicely here. Brought out the pain and guilt that Merrill would be feeling. And Hawke is so tender and determined in his love of her. They really are a lovely pair. Great setup.

This is an interesting concept of crossing the two worlds. And I'm excited to see how Shepard finds them and how they're going to interact. Getting over the language barrier seems to be one of the priorities here, because how can they connect and share information without that? And how are they going to learnt to trust others again? It's going to be a rough ride for sure.

There are some punctuation and spelling errors throughout that should probably be addressed for this to read smoother, but I also imagine that, this being the first chapter of many, you've probably gotten a better handle on those things. Just a suggestion if you wanted to edit in the future. Also, a small thing but often you write "...' He said." when it should be "...,' he said."

I'm rooting for Susan Logan here to help Hawke find Merrill. But with how horrific you've painted Cerberus, I don't know if the future's looking too good for her. :( I hope things get better for our heroes. Intriguing start here.
HunterMoore chapter 28 . 7/19
Awesome chapter from start to end. Looking forward to the next, whenever it comes. Great work.
Buggy300 chapter 28 . 7/15
Squueee. So excited to see this updated again, and knowing that it will updated again sometime in the future is nice. So sad about losing all your future work because of computer problems.

I am happy it is back because you capture Merrill's personality so well which again was well done this chapter.
5 Coloured Walker chapter 28 . 7/15
An update! Praise be!
IRL always comes first, it is good that things are getting on track though :)

That rat bastard... I'm not sure if I want to hand him over to a Salarian, Asari or Krogan torturer...
A great chapter, I look forward to more.

Death low and excruciating [Slow.]
Bloodwitch Raven chapter 28 . 7/15
Well at least you let Ken, Gabby & Chakwas stay :)
And don't worry about the next chappie. Just take your time with it :) some of us can wait for it.
Graymalkyn chapter 1 . 6/29
It's an interesting idea. Perhaps it needs a little polishing in terms of punctuation, but it looks like a rich story with potential. Good job.
MizDirected chapter 1 . 6/22
Interesting indeed. Being a big DA and ME fan, I was interested to see how Hawke and Merrill ended up in the ME world. Cerberus actually made me so horrified I walked away, stomach upset. So well done on making them unforgivingly beastly. :D
mattgerrard chapter 1 . 6/19
What a fun idea :). I had a wargamer friend who insisted on playing "what if" battles of magic versus guns because I played Dungeons & Dragons.

I like how fully you explored the characters on both sides, and the horror that is Cerberus. Well done.
Asahar4 chapter 12 . 5/17
Hawke did not see the ogre statue?
Worf359 chapter 27 . 4/8
Nice Firefly, or should I say, Serenity reference there. Was the preacher's name Book, perchance? Overall, nice read so far. Now I have 4 Mass Effect fanfics I'm waiting on updates for. Dang it, I love and hate this site. Love the great reads, hate waiting for updates. Great job. Thanks for the great reading.
Bloodwitch Raven chapter 27 . 3/25
Will the next chapter be about Joker? :D
Loyaltothelegion chapter 27 . 3/14
Wow. I really like this story. The somewhat dodgy spelling earlier on was fixed by you're beta, and after that, I honestly can't find a fault. The characters are developed, and not just copied and pasted from the game. Hawke and Merril have grown and adapted, and with the mysterious side plot involving the Salarians and Thedas is definitely intriguing. I've honestly enjoyed reading this. All I can really ask of you is to perhaps try Merrils POV in at least one fight scene, as we don't tend to see very much of her when they fight, mostly Hawke ( not that I'm complaining, he's badass as hell.). Also, the relationship between Merril, Hawke, Jack and Grunt is brilliant and kinda cute, despite the fact that they could collectively kill quite a lot of things. Can there just be a scene of them on shore leave together? Drinking, gambling, fighting, anything really, I just want to see more of them.
Guest chapter 27 . 3/4
While I enjoy fish out of water stories and love Merrill, you don't use da nearly enough and me too much. Looking forward to both the deleted sections of the archives and the lyrium in the blood experiments , but your not only not using them yet, you seem to use shepherd far more then hawk or Merrill and little of the da universe. My suggestion is that irl the rest of the crew would be eager to learn more of a mysterious unexplored world and would ask more questions about it. As a mass effect story this is top notch. The pacing is good and the personality of the crew is well done. As a crossover they are far too likely to just shrug and take it all in stride.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 9 . 2/27
If Isabela was a horny orlesian bloodmage she would have been like Morinth.
Buggy300 chapter 27 . 1/24
I just finished reading through your story up to this chapter and must say I am incredibly pleased with it. You were able to capture Merrill's personality perfectly which really made me love this story since she was my favorite character in DA2. I am also satisfied with all your world building and changing missions around and adding in extra interactions between the various crew members. Also as a side note I am loving your portrayal of Mordin and also super excited to see if he was successful in creating lyrium.
And your writing for Miranda is wonderful. Most people just write her off and say she is terrible but you have really helped to bring out what I feel is the true character who is someone who will do anything to protect her sister. But you are still able to capture her arrogance since she was basically raised to be superior to everyone and "perfect," but is ultimately imperfect and flawed despite her attempts to hide it.

Your story has been great so far and I eagerly await your continuation. No other story has really pulled my heartstrings so hard as the first few chapters with the experimentation done to Hawke and Merrill. And all of your portrayal of characters is amazing not just the ones I listed but those are the ones that struck me the most and warranted extra commenting from me.

To answer your AN I feel that splitting this story between ME2 and ME3 would be the best course of action.
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