Reviews for Teeth
Guest chapter 35 . 10/4
I am enjoying your writing. However, if Sif had been listed as a pairing, I never would have started reading it. I am not looking forward to having to grit my teeth through her. She is one of the most awful asgardians, mythology and movies. And she has no respect for magic. Her whole personality is bitch arrogance, and she was directly responsible for alot of Loki's more horrible punishments. A true bully, and I have complete nausea of pairing Sif with Harry, who detests bullies.
However, since she isn't to be his final pairing, according to AN, I have stuck with it. This is a compliment to your writing ability and the story.
Sorry I needed to register my complaint about the ill pairing.
L's Cappuccino chapter 52 . 10/1
I feel like Harry is too perfect a cinnamon roll to exist in this world.
A.M.C chapter 58 . 9/25
Asexual reproduction.
"How the fu-k did get the mental representation of your magic pregnant!?" lol
A.M.C chapter 45 . 9/25
Pairing female water Panther?

I can't seem to use language at the moment. :(
catspaw439 chapter 58 . 9/20
Really loving this story so far.
mckertis chapter 1 . 9/17
Harry Potter buggered in the ass by Hulk ? Scratch that, ANYONE buggered by Hulk ? No thanks !
Harriverse chapter 58 . 9/15
More story please? Did the boss of the chitari set a trap for Harry through Loki's mind?
Harriverse chapter 57 . 9/15
Oh, man! I was confused by thinking that Loki was Laufey's son and that when Nal took Laufey's place he took another bride and let Farbeauti and his old family fend for itself. But you're saying that she is his mother. How can Loki appear as human?
Llew444 chapter 58 . 9/15
I have just bulk read this story in 2 days. All 58 chapters. Let me first say it was worth it. This is an amazing story amd i cnt wait to see what things you have in store for us readers. A few things I wold lke to mybe see is:
Harry getting closer to Hel (In a sisterly like way)
and Ultron
I dont mind WHAT you do with my input but i would love to see more of your story.
WhyAreTheGoodNamesGone chapter 58 . 9/11
Loving this story. Only thing is it's been more than a few weeks. Are you ok? Are you still planning on continuing? Will my cat move from his warm sunny spot?
The answer to at least two of those will be hopefully in your reply.
Guest chapter 58 . 8/24
I'm starting to think the vines has something to do with accepting his title as King, since he had to accept it and use it to make it official right?

Still wondering what's up with Moo.
redsnivy chapter 5 . 8/16
...wait Teenagers want to mate because thier instincts are telling them? welll damm no wonder I am confused...I'm 17 now and I feel no need to mate nore did I ever did up to now. I always wondered why others wanted to mate all the time...well now I know.
AAirylis chapter 21 . 8/15
Right, so as smoking is one of my pet peeves well more of a thing that I hate really, in stories that is, and it makes me want to punch something. ( I don't know why it is like that, it just is)
I'm probably going to drop this story here seeing as I looked ahead at some of the other chapters and he is still smoking and you said you are not changing it. :'/
I still wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the story so far and if it was not for my hatred of characters who smoke I would finish reading this within a day because how much I love the setting and the character development in it.
Hope this review didn't upset you and have a nice day c:
The Lady Rogue chapter 52 . 8/14
Hi I think you misunderstand how rigid Britain is compared to Europe and still in Europe you would find any heterosexual man take note of a woman's breasts. Also Harry was raised in an incredibly prude environment and so that would be another point for him to have some sort of reaction. It is unusual anywhere in Europe to just see a woman's breast even if it is more liberal than America.
The Lady Rogue chapter 45 . 8/14
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