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Evo-Kun chapter 62 . 11/25
I have wanted 2 years for a update... have you abandoned this?
phoenixfire2390 chapter 62 . 11/19
Okay I really love this fic and read it straight through in two days and I just hope one day it will be continued
Nik3 chapter 35 . 11/9
Just popping in at a random chapter to say how much I love this fic. Usually when fics get over 200k I’ll get bored, but your writing is so engaging and it just keeps pulling me in. Kudos to you!
Also, I know it’s not in your plans, but this is making me REALLY ship Harry and Loki. Like dang. I might have to read some fic centered around them after this.
Lilias Peverell chapter 62 . 10/27
you know I'm all for a fic with any type of harry/Loki nevermind if it has a character or two added in I love this fic I hope you update
Guest chapter 62 . 9/18
Love it eagerly awaiting next chapter
supaherolena02 chapter 62 . 9/6
I've been binge reading this fic fo s. I have no idea what have happened around me this last week because I've been Obsessed.
Like, I know you haven't updated this fic since 2018 and I respect that maybe the fic/plot isn't your thing anymore but I'm so in love with it. I need to freak out a little here, excuse me.
When I was starting to read it I was fully prepared to lose interest because it's a very long fic but I just got more and more hooked in it, and I kept freaking out because like 20 chapters in and the only mention of New York was that property Harry has, I kept rechecking the summary cause I was sure that I missed something and the fic, like, wasn't an Avengers crossover
And there was so much happening too; runes, DA, slyntherins, friendships, Who's the Father?, Frode (btw I laughed so much at all the confessions Harry gave him, like, the first time Harry ever asked for his advice was because he was having friendship problems and the last was because he commited murder )
It was a chaotic but that's what I like about it, it still made sense and there was a point to it all and it was entertaining.
Then Harry went on his journey to find 'imself so he could end the war and-
And then Muhammad happened. And you must understand. That jerk appeared and I was sold. Now I MUST read this to the last chapter.
I think it was around the scene when the Alu shows that I started shipping Harry/Moo, I dunno it just hit me like "that could work."
not long after (or maybe it was? reading until 3a.m everyday because you nee destroys your sense of the passage of time :P) there was that vote on who'd be Harry's first love interest and I do admit I got super sad when it came out Sif as the number 1, like "my ship, nooo" and I started mentally preparing myself for it but then there started appearing all those hints that Moo likes Harry and I am s uf f e ri ng.
But I digress.
back to being unsure about it being a crossover.
I never thought I'd be so relieved to read about a naked unconcious man in the middle of a montain hike XD it really is a crossover, hoorey!
and when Bruce confused Harry for a mutant I went "oh, shit. this will go deep." because the movies tend to like, pretend that mutants aren't part of the Marvel universe for simplicity's sake and there you go making mutants a thing, I knew it was gonna be real good then. (((also his meeting with Logan was super interesting, and that Alpha thing confused me since before it was explained as a Alpha thing cause I was like "? wasn't he going to date Sif first?" )))
And then he got control of the chaos magic, went back, won the war. All in a days work.
and I thought that he hasn't become the Master of Death because he got the wand and nothing happened so I was like, oh so no death? ok
(but since then the plot twisted of course )
and then Harry went on his merry way all over the world and it was really cool, your description of the other magicals cultures made it look like JKR made a fic of Your story tbh
I remember, when that old chinese lady gave him that necklace, that I thought that he accepted gifts from random people too easly and someone could abuse that. When it was shown that it was a chastity charm that she secretely gave him (for apparently no reason) I went like "I knew that old chinese lady was suspicious " and Moo stabed me further in the heart being a sweetheart and giving Harry the Talk. My ship
and I skiped some of author notes because I was so interested in the story that I wanted to Continue Now like "I don't have time for parallel commentary, I'll check it later" and there wasn't a later until I finished the entire fic so like I don't know if you said somewhere that Sif wasn't the endgame pairing and, like, I don't know if it's just that I already had a ship but everytime she appeared and flirted with Harry I was reacting much like Muhammad, like "that's right, Moo! Fight for your man!"
btw the twins are so precious in this fic, them being werewolves somehow fits them so much. I somehow wish they had even more screen time even though they're already there almost all the time
I kept hoping for Dr. Strange to appear before I reached the last chapter because I think his meeting with Harry has a lot of potential, cause like "you guys already have a magic british man, what am I supposed to do?"
in other news i'm even more in love with Loki now because you wrote so well he became a real person like seriously aaaAAAAA. I don't know words to describe how great, how much personality you gave him is incredible.
Also when Bruce calmed Harry over his fear of trusting Loki too much by saying that he took strays and make them family was so cute. Harry's family is big and everyone is a criminal or at least frowned upon by society somehow and that's how he likes it and that's how I like it too
And Harry platonical touching people awakened something in me I'll have you know. I'll need to find more fics where that is a Thing.
there were many times (I don't know how to describe this well, so please bear with me here) I thought you'd make the scene, like, bad; like the scene where Harry asked Odin to get Loki's custody, I thought that you would make that into a dramatical plot point and tbh I was disapointed for a sec like "ugh, I don't want that kinda drama in this masterpiece" but then It Wasn't and Odin accepted and Loki didn't get upset with it and I smiled like Full Teeth literally because that kind of plot is usually unnecessary and tiresome. It's lazy and it wouldn't fit with all the other interesting things happening, I guess? anyway I just love your writing style
this last chapter was very soft and nice! Bruce having a crush is so cute! I wonder how Hulk feels about said crush I really don't know what plan about magical politics could involve Tony Stark?
I hope you still have plans of continuing it, but I understand if you don't
I started writing this comment in chapter 50, I think? bothe because I didn't want to spam you with a ton of comments on a fic you haven't updated in some time and because the closer to the last chapter updated I was, the more sad I got. Because the fic was ending, so I wanted to make a biiiig comment about how much I loved it to kinda get it out of my chest, because this the biggest fic I've ever read, I usually get bored long before I reach the middle of a fic this size. I'm writing a bunch more of it right before the last chapter because I don't want to start reading it because when I finish it, it'll be over and don't want to be over, so I'm kinda in denial of it all. I legit have tears in my eyes because I don't want a fic to end, I feel kinda stupid but it's a good feeling somehow? I don't know if I'm making sense, sorry ;u;
Thank you for writing this fic
Fick Chick chapter 62 . 7/16
I'm really enjoying this and hope you'll feel inspired to continue it some time soon.
Fick Chick chapter 48 . 7/15
Hawks was uncomfortable on Harry's shoulder because he wasn't wearing his armour but the Harry stripped down to his armour to go into the lake in the next scene. Was that an error or did he go away, change clothes the return to Hogwarts again?
Fick Chick chapter 47 . 7/15
Did you mean to change the wand from elder to yew when you made it a bracelet or was that an error, especially since you said it was yew before?
Fick Chick chapter 31 . 7/13
I'd think punching an adamantium jaw would just hurt HP's hand.
Fick Chick chapter 25 . 7/12
Didn't Dean think he was muggleborn in cannon? If so, shouldn't he have evacuated during the DESIGN attack to Russia with the rest? If not, where is he?
Guest chapter 18 . 7/11
I asked about the ring too soon.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/11
I'm guessing, since you haven't mentioned it, that AD didn't get his hand cursed finding the ring horcrux.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/10
In retrospect, I would have been interested in reading HP's interview on his career choices & seeing DU's reaction since his goal is so different from cannon.
Guest chapter 8 . 7/10
It just occurred to me to wonder how DUo's kitten plates would react to HP, especially if he sub-vocally growled.
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