Reviews for Teeth
Morning Songbird chapter 1 . 9/18
I must say, I'm very impressed. I dunno if you are a Muslim or not but you captured the concept of Ramadan quite well and your fic is great.
ripper34 chapter 62 . 9/2
Good story
alice.willow chapter 1 . 9/2
Hey I really love your story it’s really engaging and helps to fight off the boredom. But I was wondering if you were going to add Spider-Man to Harry’s family. I could see Harry being a older brother figure to Peter Parker
alice.willow chapter 62 . 9/2
Hay I really love your story it’s really engaging and helps to fight off the boredom. But a quick question will you add Spider-Man to Harrys Family I could really see Harry being an older brother figure to Peter.
Magicthunder1 chapter 40 . 8/31
It really is sad that Metis died she was one of my favorite characters. :(
writegood chapter 25 . 8/30
Lovely story. I love the travelling Harry and I loved the culture you tried to instill. Though, I really hope all this sex stuff stops. It's seriously overused and it's annoying when writers inject too much of their cultural bias into it all.

Who cares if a 16 year old or younger woman gets pregnant. They're no child if their bodies can get pregnant anyway. No need to take up the whole story preaching western concepts.

Rape is a serious thing, sure. But, an entire chapter of "what if"s, suspicions, and talk of war crimes is just, well, overdoing it. An overused trope authors use to try and show that they are trying to tackle the subject seriously.

I'm done ranting for this review of mine. I'm not quitting your story, regardless. I think it has promise and I really want to see where you take us.
PEDAwriter chapter 27 . 8/29
... threesome?
PEDAwriter chapter 27 . 8/29
Finally! Someone smart enough to use a villain's monologue to his advantage!
Sexxy Vampire 16 chapter 62 . 8/29
Can't wait to see what happens next!
mr ward chapter 62 . 8/27
This is very well written .bravo
ShadowedAuthor chapter 62 . 8/25
I do not know how I let this story sit idle so long in my bookmarks since you updated. I remember when it popped up, months ago, but I didn't have time to devote to it properly and... well, nearly five months after the fact I am kicking myself for waiting this long.

Another absolutely amazing chapter (several, in fact, that I caught up on). The right blend of meta building, comedy, and action. Plus Hulk petting a giant, magical cat!Harry. As before, I look forward to what comes next, and with the intention to read straight away next time.

Thank you for the good read.
Dragonmonsterkiller chapter 10 . 8/23
Is Harry just going to have a big collection of pets at the end of this

Ps never mind about my last comment I now know

Pps this is a great book
Dragonmonsterkiller chapter 9 . 8/23
Ok I think I may have missed it but where is the scar on Harry’s face
Lady of Moon Over Silver Seas chapter 62 . 8/14
I made the mistake of trying to work out the couple name... now I can't stop snickering... Hoki
Sjstaudt chapter 45 . 8/3
I think I’m running into a slow point in your story. The last bunch of chapters have felt like they’ve slowed down considerably and i’d imagine part of it is that Harry isn’t in some sort of conflict at the moment and the other part of it is that he doesn’t really have a purpose besides training and exploring his newfound’s like a return to his world tour with puberty added into the mix and those long interludes have come almost back to back it feels like. He’s basically supposed to just wait around until whatever he and Loki have to do can be done is my understanding. I’m not really sure if I’ve managed t out into words what is bothering me about this story at this point, but I’ll probably come back to it soon and try to see this arc through at least. You’ve done a very good job (possibly the best I’ve seen) at believably integrating MCU and HPU and you write very well.
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