Reviews for Teeth
Azteka chapter 62 . 4/23
Why not a Triad between Pepper, Tony and Bruce?

Until your next update!
- Azteka
NGBW chapter 62 . 4/18
Thank you for all of your hard work creating this story.
wolfzmasterz chapter 62 . 4/16
I don’t know weather to hate you or love you right now! This is by far one of the best crossovers I have had the pleasure of reading... but I didn’t want to stop reading lol. And I have been wondering when you would mention the infinity stones and how you would play them, so far I really like it. I really was sad to see Metis go but at the same time I really like what you have done with Tom. This not only puts more into place as far as the wizard in world is concerned but also puts more into what a soul is and that shredding one is bad regardless. I love what you have done with the other realms and the Norns and the tree. I can’t wait to see the “home world” and to see what power he gains from being king there. Though I am wondering what you will do with Loki while Harry goes to his kingdom. I mean he is supposed to be in his custody after all and I don’t see a living being spending any time in the world of death any good for them.
Guest chapter 62 . 4/16
Ya know, it's a slow burn, but I just can't look away! This is so thought out and detailed! Holy hera, I mean damn! I look forward to reading the rest!
I hope everything in RL is going ok too, looks like it's been a bit rough!
Bijuui9 chapter 14 . 4/15
The Goblins remind me of the Ferengi from Star Trek. Both species are greedy when it comes to any form of currency, sly, cunning and ruthless in negotiations. Though from what I gather, the Goblins do have a honor code of some sort and aren't a cowardly species, unlike the Ferengi who would rather flee and cower in fear than reach for a weapon and fight.
Anyway, I very much enjoy this story. This is my sixth time reading it.
Greatazuredragon chapter 27 . 4/14
Killing the villain while he is monologuing... I'm so proud! XD
AbsolutelyNot97 chapter 62 . 4/14
This was so fluffy and I really appreciated it! Making the distinction between Bruce and Hulk was so great, which I saw Thor doing in Ragnarok but to have the rest of the team acknowledge it more is so nice.
Greatazuredragon chapter 18 . 4/13
Very good story so far, I really like your character development.
Nice work.
Greatazuredragon chapter 3 . 4/13
Nice story so far, good work.
Jammya chapter 48 . 4/12
I have to say I'm not so happy about the harry/Sif... Just because we've seen them interact in mayb 3 scenes and it seems almost forced in a way. Like you are trying to please the people who voted for her when you have the characters themselves revolting... like the blaise scene or what ever the fuck just happened with Moo... Which i have to say made me very happy... But i ship harry with males almost exclusively just because the female characters always seem to fall flat in this universe. With the Harry/Sif thing its not just because shes female, but ive felt no connection between them in scenes. She isn't developed enough to be a partner i feel like, unless its a one and done. But I see where you are coming from in wanting Harry to have a lil variance in couples. It just seems like you are trying to force them together. I hope its super short honestly even if you have stated its wont be a main focus.
lurker chapter 6 . 4/10
This is quickly becoming a pet peeve. Breath and Breathe. The first is used like so " Sam took a breath, then another." The second is used like so" Harry couldn't breathe. All air had left his lungs." And just to be thorough "Breathing is an semi-automatic essential function of the human organism." They are very similar in spelling but in function and pronunciation they are distinct. Try not to get them mixed up again. Its jarring.
twilightserius chapter 62 . 4/10
Awww they are too cute together science Bros n all that. Will hp reconnect with matera? Oh what happened to teddy and the weaslys? Will loki visit Muhammad's uncle too ? Can loki join the family r is he just a friends an his daughter the fam for hp?
LordDarkShadows chapter 62 . 4/8
in a amazing wayOMG.

just wow. im honestly wondering how i missed this before, your works amazing! im jealous lol.

keep going, your doing a great job
uzo's biggest fan chapter 62 . 4/8
You're doing a wonderful job, I'm looking forward to reading more in the future, I was overjoyed to see this had been updateda
DeviousClass chapter 62 . 4/8
So much of Clint *-* ! I love the character :3 I love how he is so leniant( is that an english word ?) towards so many things, like 'Oh, it's like this then ? Well ok' with a shrug :'D

Hulk has other friends ! Yay !

He has a crush~ ! He has a crush~ ! But I know how you feel about Tony and Pepper X')
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