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loraleivivaldi chapter 46 . 1m
Perfection :D and welcome back , mister hate
Tetractys chapter 46 . 57m
Despite his reluctance in being part of the political machine, family definitely is a big motivator for Harry. I wonder what else Harry'll discover on his trip back on Earth.
Serpent91 chapter 46 . 1h
I really enjoyed the baby-sitting scene! Very entertaining, and cute. Well done indeed!
Zelda Ray chapter 46 . 1h
Love it you need to post the next chapter soon I'm living in suspense!
rabidah23 chapter 46 . 1h
Yay! You're back! I loved these chapters! I'm a babysitter and I couldn't agree more with the minions of hell scene! Hope RL treats you well and I look forward to the next instalment!
SarcasmSpeaksVolumes chapter 46 . 2h
Oh gods I've waited SO LONG for this!
Loved Harry ' s interaction with the Malfoy and how he's becoming closer with them as well as the fact that he and Blaise are still on pretty cool terms. A lot of authors would make them be wicked awkward towards each other so that was awesome.

I can't wait for the next update!
Melikalilly chapter 46 . 3h
I love this story
Myread88 chapter 46 . 4h
yup still loving this story :) i don't have any advice though so keep doing what your doing now and all will be good xD
Myread88 chapter 45 . 5h
ok gotta say i loved the chapter :) on to the next one xD
Tetractys chapter 45 . 8h
Yeah, I can definitely relate to Harry's insecurities with being indecisive. I'm glad Neville was able to help set things to rights. As for Blaise? Better luck next time-at least they parted on good terms!
kat1316 chapter 3 . 11h
uh skeeter doesnt work for the Quibbler she works for the Daily Prophet
KiraIqa chapter 46 . 11h
Thank you for the awesome new chapters! Harry sure has it tough deciding on what to do. It's a tough decision having so much power in your hands and not know what to do with it or if you should do anything with it at all. Can't wait for the next chapter already!
Critic 1 chapter 41 . 12h
Seems like every time I click next chapter in this story some new thing is controlling Harry's mind/actions... He doesn't have enough self control to reign in his anger thanks to this, that, AND the other, his celibacy is artificially enforced, random 'animalistic' connections pop up everywhere in place of actual relationship building, a revived Tom Riddle (miraculously a nice guy thanks to having died, even though he killed a girl when he was still in school and sane) being able to cut off his emotions, and even telling him what to say? And Harry listens to him? Harry sleeping cuddled up to people he isn't romantically involved with is EXTREMELY bizarre, especially for a 20 year old, but at least that is HIM, and not some outer force influencing him. Or is it even? Harry snuggling between Fred and George in bed was so unbelievable that I silently put this down for a while, but having just seen Age of Ultron, I was thirsty for some Avengers action, and decided to revisit and shelve my disbelief. However, no more action has happened, you had Harry kill one of his companions through ignorance (by way of traveling to Asgard, really?), he continues to have completely random interactions with characters he barely knows, but because he botched the animagus transformation in the beginning of the story (which barely seems to matter anymore) we're suppose to simply accept him keening and whining and being growled at reassuringly as non-crap? Wolverine isn't an animal, by the way! But whatever, if only to get to a good part, to see some kind of action, or romance, or a hint of the drama this story's earlier chapters contained, I stayed. But after the fifth, 'Oh whoops! My mind's being magically manipulated and I, despite regularly performing mental maintenance, am only now noticing this!' I was fed up. Whats the point in this chapter? Who's he fighting against, or at least, WHAT is he struggling against?
I guess, at the end of this long and probably unhelpful review, that this story just isn't for me. Your protagonist acts in ways I don't believe, the plot has become unfocused fluff, and repeated gimmicks have drained the last of the story's intrigue.
I'm sorry to leave this review, as I doubt it will inspire you to write, something I am remiss to do, but this needs to be addressed, and after reading through this a few times, I find myself still agreeing with it. Really, you just need to focus. Focus on how your characters act, and if it really makes sense. Focus on why you wrote what you just did, on what it shows and what it sets up. Focus your readers, I was super invested when Harry was training towards a defined goal, beating Tom, but then he just traveled around from place to place aimlessly, and he hasn't really stopped yet. I understand that you've alluded to an 'approaching evil' but there's just no urgency. This threat has made no real moves, taken nothing from Harry, and is basically just a bad guy because you say so. Just focus up. Another example; Hel just randomly discovering that Harry is somehow now the King of the underworld, just as he's landing on Asgard. Is it important that Harry is the king of the underworld, or did you just need a convenient way to bullshit him being accepted with open arms? I reads a lot like the latter. His snake's death is even worse, dying simply from the TRIP, but I'm sure you already know about that.
In any case, I'm sure I'll eventually swallow my complaints and return to your story; it is quite well written, and interesting when not shooting itself in the foot. Regardless of what I've written, which is a SINGLE reviewer's opinion, keep writing. Even if the next ten chapters are Harry discovering new ways he's being manipulated every time, just keep going, because its more important that you not lose your passion than bend your hobby to satisfy my fancy. I think a lot of my points are solidly valid, but maybe, in the bigger picture of things, they aren't. I do admire the volume you've managed to churn out, and the high quality of writing, and I absolutely adored the first act of Teeth, so regardless of how these criticisms make you feel, know that even I, someone who would take the time out to bluntly critique your hobby (not very cool, I know) still enjoyed your fic, and that your quality as an author isn't reflected in singular reviews.
I look forward to seeing what you put out from now on, and maybe even how you adapt.
Pichicha123 chapter 46 . 12h
Lol, hey hathan! Thank you for the updates!
Veinstrings chapter 31 . 13h
I really like that you let him meet Wolverine. I'm not sure if you know, but he does help the Avengers from time to time in the comics, so if not it is a pleasant coincidence. There are also sources currently that are saying he will be in a Avengers movie. I think you could definitely work that angle some time in the distant future.
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