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Pissed Off chapter 16 . 48m
What the ever living hell I just finish chapter 15 which was great and all but there's just ONE thing missing where the fuck are the Avengers because so far I haven't even got a HINT of them and as far as I know this is a Hp and A crossover sooo...WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NOT EVEN READ ABOUT THEM YET?!
Lavonya chapter 48 . 7/4
I read this all in a day!
I can't /WAIT/ for more!
HaruHarry chapter 6 . 7/3
So not expecting that but I guess that you did hint on it a tinny tiny bit. It was very good so far want to read more
C.J. Potterhead chapter 1 . 7/3
Wow, the description in this is fantastic! All I have to say is that the formatting's a little odd (indentation). Sorry for the short review, I'm just too impatient and I can't wait for the next chapter!
1st Son of The Sea God chapter 12 . 7/3
Hang on. How is Luna in the advanced classes? Did she take her OWLS an year early? I can even understand being in the ancient studies class as there were students from all 3 years in it last year. And i dont even understand how that works. And how is she in advanced ancient runes?
Fire Tempest chapter 48 . 6/26
Brilliant. Loved reading it so far and looking forward to more. Thank you!
Raining Sky Guy chapter 6 . 6/24

'Sirius'ly...what the hell.

This... I don't even know what to . Weird. Holyhellthis. I like it. Not so sure about the father thing. I like James. I like Sirius. And if everyone insists James and Lily loved each other... then... uh...
Gonna be awkward.

My coherency has dropped into unacceptable levels due to this chapter...
Draco is awesome.
Raining Sky Guy chapter 5 . 6/16
Wow, I don't really read HP fanfics, but I must say this story drew me in from the very summary. It's something I've never even thought about. I am used to Dark!Harry though, and I agree your Harry is not quite that. He has broadened his perspective on life in general, and his new animal instincts do show through with a new quirk here and there. No feline, magical or not would appreciate others meddling in his den (or bussiness for clarity's sake). No animal in general.

I'm sorry for not having reviewed before, but when I find an interesting story I tend to click [Next] without even thinking. I tend to review until the end but... I'd feel bad reviewing after 40 chapters -"

Not really fond of Ron, because he's too obnoxiously close-minded, so I have no problem with how their friendship is going down. I wouldn't mind if they completly broke off, but if they reconciliate I'd be happy too. I feel bad for Mione though. Girl just worries herself sick, ends up bothering the rest in her unease and just because she cares too much.

Really loved how you made my favorite twins into relevant people and close to Harry. Also liked the Slytherins. Luna too. I could go on and on so I'll just leave it at I love all the characters you've brought to the forefront.

Great job and thank you for writing!
Thanatos' Son 11 chapter 45 . 6/15
I think I am done reading this story its gotten to the point where I don't really enjoy it. I loved it at the start but you and I do not see eye to eye on a few things. See ya
alemery chapter 48 . 6/9
It's still awesome
GravityTonttu chapter 28 . 6/8
This story has been very entertaining for me, with an interesting plot and good writing, but I feel sad that I am no longer able to read this story on my own will. Because of Harry having a relationship with a male, even though I have nothing against homosexuals, I simply am not comfortable reading about it in detail. I will leave this story with it marked as a favourite for your gain. Have a good day.
Dreamer Rose chapter 5 . 6/7
I am really enjoying this story. In reference to your bit about how you were not bashing Ginny, kudos on your explanation, I think you were pretty accurate there. Most girls really do develop earlier than guys, and start to experiment. I say most because I'm not included in that statement. I'm asexual, and have no desire to have sex with people, no matter how hot they are.
b-nothing chapter 48 . 6/4
I'm torn. I love Moo, he is my fave and I personally paired him with Harry instantly after the bus scene as my own imagination began to play. But then Logan busted onto the scene with little warning and I was mesmerized by their chemistry straight away... yet Moo has these intense scenes and, although they are few and far between, I can't help but wonder why their relationship seems so intense and involved for reasons that seem curiously shallow. like there is some mysterious tension I'm either only clueing into now, or my mind is reading far too much into. Or perhaps you may have never intended.
Anyway, I love your work, it's involving and well thought out. I love the various ways you pose information as Harry is learning, it's informative but doesn't leave me feeling overwhelmed like struggling through a dry info-dump. I really enjoy how well developed each character is and I definitely enjoy that I can never predict what happens next. That's a pretty rare quality to have, especially in fanfiction.

So...uh, yeah, this story turned from something I figured I'd have a glance at after scrolling past once or twice, to something I can't bear to put down, and have been reading every spare moment I get. Thank you. Uhm, so yeah, tuned in, looking forward to your next update...
Diavo chapter 9 . 6/4
The actual reason that Sirius died, is because Rowling decided to kill him instead of Mr. Weasly. The reason behind that change of mind i know of i am not sure wheter it is fact or false, and as such i will not say that as it can give a wrong impression of her.
b-nothing chapter 44 . 6/4
I would love to read more about Muhammad's character. He quickly became my fave charater, soon after you introduced him. I'm not usually one for OCs so I'm pretty stoked to 'meet' one I like. He reminds me very much of a couple of my friends.
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