Reviews for Teeth
Prone to Shapeshifting chapter 12 . 1/20/2020
Was Harry calling Neville a mudblood? "Who seemed to havd dirt running through is very veins."
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 62 . 1/13/2020
Awwwh Bruce fancies Tony, cute. I wonder have you thought of a pairing with Tony/Pepper/Bruce? That'd be awesome. I haven't seen it done before and mentally it sounds like it would work out well. Can't wait for more, this is going into my follow and favorites.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 61 . 1/13/2020
Still not sure of Muhammad and Harry as a couple, but I totally support Harry and Loki. I think those two just click. And they help balance one another, it's how a relationship should work ideally.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 53 . 1/12/2020
I dont think Muhammad and Harry would be a good couple, brothers yes, couple no. I just dont see it working. Maybe it could be one sided from Muhammad and he's trying to get over it?
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 50 . 1/12/2020
Hmmm. I bet we go find Fenrir, and hopefully clear up the Jotunheim vs Asgard issue.
masked.crowe chapter 62 . 1/12/2020
I've read an insane amount of stories on fanfiction and this story is honestly one of my favorites. I like your characterization and how the story deviates from both original plotlines but seems soo much more solid combined together. I know this hasn't been updated for a while, so I'm not sure if it will continue to be, but I wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable adventure.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 24 . 1/11/2020
Uh is Metis like Jörmungandr daughter or descendant or something?
MaidOfLife-abandoned chapter 62 . 1/11/2020
I just finished rereading this fic (took me 2 weeks of near constant reading) and I just wanted to leave a review to say this fic means a lot to me and I’ve had a fantastic time reading and rereading it several times over the years! This fic really stands out in my mind as one of the most sprawling and expansive stories I’ve ever read, there’s just something so fun and engaging about the way you tell stories

I’m not sure if you’ve lost interest in this project or if something came up in your life, but thank you so much for putting this story out into the world! If you ever do consider getting back into writing this fic I’d be beyond excited, but either way, thank you for all the joy and entertainment you’ve given me!
Bear Of Wars chapter 62 . 1/6/2020
just re read the whole thing. 2 days well spent.
Property.of.a.DeadGirl4-25 chapter 62 . 1/2/2020
I hope you come back to this someday
MaidOfLife-abandoned chapter 51 . 12/27/2019
I love that Muhammad decided to learn healing! After Blaise and Seamus, it feels like being around Harry just has a way of making people decide to learn how to heal lol
cally.lloyd.14 chapter 61 . 12/18/2019
loved it cant wait for moreXD
libraryrockerr chapter 62 . 12/14/2019
I look forward to this plan.

libraryrockerr chapter 53 . 12/14/2019
I'm so glad Sif didn't reject Harry because of his looks.

SilverDragon chapter 62 . 12/5/2019
I am loving this story! I don’t know how I haven’t come across it before. Do you know if you’ll be continuing this story?
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