Reviews for Cardinal Points
AdrenalizeMe chapter 51 . 6/15
I waited too long to check up on this. This was an amazing roller coaster ride! The last two chapters just bring it all together so well. But yes! You should totally do a spin off for Donnie! The poor guy. Also the wolf dog was an excellent addition. They are amazing! Fantastic story!
NyxLied chapter 51 . 4/10
*claps strongly* that must be one of the best and attention-grabbing fanfics I have ever read! I completely love your story, it had all elements and your OCs were fabulous! Thank you for not making them Mary Sues, I usually am apprehensive with OCs because of that. I loved Cat and El, they were great! Cat was so clever, intense and strong, and El is passionate, good-hearted and full of sass ab spunk. I love how she teased and flirted with Leonardo. I wish you wrote more about them or write a short story focusing in their relationship and all the juicy details! *wiggles eyebrows*, they're hot together!
I'm happy for Mikey too and hope the best for Donnie, he deserves a sweet girl who can keep up with him.
Anyways, congratulations for being super-talented and smart, if you ever become a writer for real I have no doubts you would succeed, you're a natural!
Thank you for the wonderful story
NyxLied chapter 40 . 4/5
I teared up with this chapter, I think so far I have teared up with two other of your chspters so far. You're an excellent writer and your story is so beautiful!
heymahn chapter 51 . 4/4
I'm been meaning to review this since you updated, so. .. Yeah, sorry for the delay Lol. To be honest, I wasn't a HUGE fan of this chapter, but only because I didn't want the story to end. You've done a great job with the story-beginning to end, loved it. Thanks for putting your writing out here so that so many (seriously-so so many) people can enjoy it :-)
NyxLied chapter 17 . 3/31
Leo's face was a beautiful canvas :D I wonder What they painted lol. Poor Leo, no wonder why Raph figured out nothing happened and was so nice to him omg
NyxLied chapter 16 . 3/30
Holy shit Raph! I felt like I was choking due to all the emotions coming from Raph. This was an intense chapter...
FirebehindPain chapter 51 . 3/10
Amazing as always.
DamnBlackHeart chapter 1 . 3/7
This is such an excellent story! I love the plot, but what I love the most is the characters development. They feel very believable! From the OCs to the canon characters. They truly feel human, even with their differences. I like that. I've seen too many stories that lack effort, but you're definitely not one of them. The relationships go at a realistic pace and the characters grow. It's absolutely refreshing to see such a lovely written story. It has interesting original characters and the canon characters have depth. It's a nice change. Too many stories don't go too deep into each character's characterization. Raph isn't always the angry rebel one. He's more than that. So is Mikey, Leo and Don. So thanks for writing this story, and most important spending the time and effort to complete it. Thank you.
Battleangel202 chapter 51 . 3/6
Whoohoo! Nicely done. Love it from beginning to end. Awesome job. .
hferg chapter 51 . 2/25
Loved reading the story! I actually found another of your works and I'm in the process of making my way through that one as well! I'd personally love to see more from this universe.
Guest chapter 51 . 2/25
REDpanda- I have been following this amazing fanfic from the beginning. I absolutely would love to see where you could go with the spin off for Donnie aswell as touching more one Michelangelo's relationship. Please don't leave it at this I beg of you. By the way beautiful ending!
Danielle.Higgins.84 chapter 51 . 2/25
This was a great story. very well done. wish I could wright like this.
AnimeDreama chapter 51 . 2/25
Ah, life is always bittersweet, I just wish it supplied free tissues for me. Excuse me whilst I savour this moment and blubber into my pillow. But I all seriousness: I Love This Story. I'll most likely read it over and over again too. So thank you for this beautiful addition to the fanfiction world.
I Love Kittens too chapter 51 . 2/24
Great ending! I hope you do a sequel of this story with the weddings of Cat and Raph; Liz and Leo and Sabrina and Mikey, and Donnie getting a girlfriend.

Thank you for sharing this story.
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 51 . 2/24
Wahhh it's over but damn was it awesome! Of course leave it to Cat to propose! Aww this was such a sweet chapter I am sad to see it go but If you said you wanted to do a Mikey and Sabrina and possibly a Donny spin off then heck yeah I am down!

Wonderful story thanks for such a gift! Now I am off to see about these other stories you have! And hope to see more new ones soon!
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