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Viper chapter 1 . 4/13/2004
You- yes you, Robyn. That's right, I'm so furious I remembered your name and wrote this just for you, person who will never look at this review of her review. This story is terrible. If someone cannot be bothered to paragraph, use the word "you" instead of the two less key strokes of "u", and doesn't understand the concept of punctuation then guess what? They shouldn't be posting stories. freak-girl-b-scared, if you are younger than 15, I can understand this woeful lack of the principals of even average writing, but surely you cannot be offended by this. This review isn't a flame, it's just a valid point- if you can't use even the most basic conventions of writing, you shouldn't be writing in a public forum. You wouldn't pay 7.99 for a novel without punctuation, sense, complete words, sanity- what makes people think that it's okay to fob us off with this? I pay for my frigging internet connection, don't I? I'm paying to write this crap right now. Good Christ, what have I become?
Robyn chapter 1 . 8/30/2002
Very good story. One thing though. The paragraph towards the end was all bunched together and there were barely any punctuations marks. Good job though!