Reviews for Our Souls, Conjured
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 1 . 6/22/2013
I like the comparison between home and this place. That was really neat to establish the place and her feelings about it. I was a bit confused as to who was talking with the excuse me. I thought it was Sophia, but as I read more it didn’t seem like it was her. The speech tags in Sophia’s thoughts made if unclear for me as to who was talking. I’m a bit confused as to what the girl noticed as well. I like how Sophia sees this as a calm before the storm. I like the fox coming out and talking to them. That was a surprise. So Sophia can’t speak, she can only sign or communicate through her mind? And Olivia can understand her. I think I read that right. In the sentence “Olivia replied, small, if fake smile blossoming on her face” it seems like you’re missing a word. Sophia’s dreams are interesting. I’m interested to see what the digimon are infected with and what’s going on there.
Edhla chapter 1 . 6/22/2013
"I don't dislike it at all." Well, good! That's always good, isn't it :D Honestly, it makes a lovely change from A/Ns apologising because the author thinks their fic sucks.

"Books and vanilla candles." How do you do this? I can smell this! This entire paragraph is absolute magic.

"These moments..." I'd eliminate/substitute one instance of the expression, as it's a little repetitive.

"Small shame." I have a prejudice against the adjective "small" :p

"She didn't spit". I'm a little confused about why she would, but it's 3am here.

"Watery smile." Love it.

YMMV, but "eep" is slightly comical to me, which is a bit of a mood whiplash. I do, however, love the rapport between the girls.

"We're in the Digital World..." well, crap. That's not something you particularly want to hear.

"Green eyes blinked." Or rather, her eyelids did :D This was a little awkward, I'd consider rephrasing.

"Endow me... gift me..." That's as creepy as all get out, and so is "dancing leaves." You do such an excellent line in subtle horror.

Minor SPAG for such an excellent last line: "You are such a fool, Fayte."

Brilliant like always, damn you x