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Naresh Vm Simna chapter 50 . 4/27
So, are you gonna add Kamen riders Build and zi-o in the sequel?
Blue Marvel 0 chapter 50 . 4/13
Having seen several crossoververses myself and also trying to work on one myself, I wish you the best of luck and hope to see how the Heroes Unite verse develops.

RonaldM40196867 chapter 50 . 4/13
That’s interesting news.

Happy April!
TienMaD chapter 49 . 3/22
I watch Kamen Rider OOO 10th anniversary and I won’t spoil it to anyone that haven’t watch it yet, but I was wondering, is that going to affect the [Sequel]? I hope not, cause it really hurts me of the ending!
CT7567Rules chapter 49 . 3/16
You haven't seen Transformers Armada? Buddy you need to watch that, the Gundam series, Area 88, Gate, SAO and so many others I can't name off the top of my head.

Took a long time to finish this story, but it was an awesome story to read. I do hope next time you use the Unicron Trilogy of Transformers.
CT7567Rules chapter 48 . 3/16
Erasing the memories of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Rex and their allies, well that was a good move but it saddens me. But better than changing galactic history, even it does lead to some awful events.

So it seems that those who didn't have their memories erased are forming an alliance to face an even greater challenge that lies ahead. Better than Shepard making the ultimate sacrifice but what this challenge is I can only imagine.
blaiseingfire chapter 49 . 3/10
This whole thing was one epic ride from start to finish. Thank you for making this
Re Lovely Lover chapter 16 . 3/4
1) No X Men?

2) No it's not weird for Bruce to not have AI. His paranoia theres no damn way. Avoid Terminator like the plague. Speaking of, if the reapers get to the Terminator world and get time travel it would be game over.

3) Been wondering why the bad guys can just portal in wherever and the Doc with all his tech can and only uses his Tardis to make one on occasion.

Maybe even make a sensor that can pick up the usage of portals? No ones even thought to being up either.
Re Lovely Lover chapter 15 . 3/4
1) Why does not a single one of them make the argument to the enemy that the reapers are programmed to kill all sentiments. Every man, woman, and child. Which means once they're done with those who are resisting that they will find themselves surrounded by billions of reapers and trillions or more husks from the dead that will finish their job by killing them too.

That they're fighting to commit suicide.

For all they know the recruited villains could be clueless to their suicidal actions but no one will ever make the damned argument.

The reapers have no reason to wipe out everyone but they are. It is complete retardation that anyone of them, especially the more intelligent ones to assume they would be spared. For the sale of argument e en if they were it's not much of a life if they are all that's left in the multiverse. Nothing but mass murdering evil people no less. That's not a win condition anyone wants. Evil or bad does not equate to insane.

2) And of course they capture many and dont kill a single one. As long as one is alive they have bait. They can even kill all and the other probably wouldnt know it. Guarding cages with corpses.

It fits dc and such but this shouldnt be a thing what continues throughout every encounter, repeatedly and not offing anyone.

Still going in under manned and undefeated in general. Getting overwhelmed with the regular husks even without any Cerberus, villains, or reapers. Its past old and makes no damned sense for the military leaders to continue to do the same stupid mistake of not even gearing up to survive the fodder.

And why is Luke STILL staying at base?

Speaking of, where the hell is the supposedly brainwashed Darth Vader? What's he doing during all this time? They leaving their powerhouse just because despite all they're doing?
Re Lovely Lover chapter 14 . 3/4
1) Skipped the previous chapters. People screaming and yelling out Marvelous due to that one guys name... just ruins things so much.

2) Because not only do the bad guys somehow find all the corpses of the bad guys no matter what they are or where they were. But even know how to revive digimon of all things and so quickly too.

3) Cant hit people, can hit tiny little child palm sized digivices.

4) Superman has the issue that the more he holds back the less durable he is. Imagine an armor that as is the defense is meh. Then put energy to it and it not only forms up but puts a shield around itself.

Basically that's superman. He holds back he can get knocked the **** out without too much effort. When he is seriously trying and going full tilt outputting his strength he can bash through asteroids and do all the other bs superman is known to do.

Though there are universes where superman is more bs than usual. Like lifting some book that is supposed to weigh the same as the universe itself.

Re Lovely Lover chapter 11 . 3/3
1) Rangers are ridiculous. Shepherd forcing the issue of Chiefs past over just that bit was bullshit and uncalled for. All that hes done, just that made him doubt and force the issue? No way and dick move. Forced drama and again, dick move.

2) Skipped from the golden balls point. Undermanned again. Under gunned again. Then ridiculous, miraculous save none of them understand for dramatic moment no matter how heavy handed.

And yes I know they're supposed to be outnumbered and all but that doesnt excuse refusing to even carry weapons that are designed to take down enemies they are encountering "regularly" in even small numbers.

Again with trained military leadership in charge.
Re Lovely Lover chapter 10 . 3/3
Why couldn't a single person recommend using the Tardis? Whether a portal here and there for groups to go through. Or just them running in a line being fairly disciplined as they are into the ship could have many saved in minutes. Have it transport a few times and you got a good chunk saved.

Why not even a thought?

The Merry taking off. The doctor sends the ship over at a gathering point like the forest or a hideout and scoops them up while reinforcing.

The sheer fact they keep running into bigger and bigger forces and should expect to. Whether it's a more deadly world and they send more or just time has passed so they have more to send. I dont get why the hell Luke is still twiddling his thumbs back at the other planet.

They wanted to keep the numbers low but bring Po and Tigress while leaving the powerhouse, mind bending jedi at base.
Re Lovely Lover chapter 9 . 3/3
1) Want info from Cerberus, still don't bring Luke to do so with a hand wave. Shouldve been mentioned in front of him by now and him offering his services.

2) Still bummed the doctor didnt bring up how the reapers are now programmed to end all life and in no way will spare their helpers. That its blatantly retarded for anyone thinking a race of machines out to kill quadrillion's and end races would spare them. But with all he said during that save when he brought the cavalry he left out that obvious bit. Blah.

3) Military backgrounds. Keep running into multiple mechs, usually 3 lately. Don't bring enough firepower for them. Meh.

4) Left the box unguarded and out in the open in an enemy infested city...? None of them bringing up such extreme stupidity? Not only their means of travel but the key component in making the weapon even affect the other universes when its time? How?
Re Lovely Lover chapter 7 . 3/3
1) This is a good and well done story. The wait before action is too much though and the Doctors choices are head scratchers.

2) Dont get how the Reapers are always there so long ahead of time. They have to rebuild or build their numbers to reach all these universes. They supposedly recently started but it seems they've been at it weeks before the MCs group started. The Doctor starting really freaking late for some reason. Same as Minerva.

Weapon captured, earth under seige, attacking other universes for weeks already. Millions or billions already dead before even starting. Epic tier failing.

3) Well it's good they're saving people. I assume though that they're also equipping those unable to damage the Reapers back at home and not just those who came with them?

If the doctor really picked these people because they're in the most danger then it's not very effective if they leave those at home defenseless it defeats that purpose in his choosing.

4) Any particular reason the powerful jedi who can also use mind tricks to make a Cerberus agent give them major Intel and even walk a bomb right back to one of their bases isnt participating at all?

5) Am I the only one hoping Chief will ask the doctor if theres a way he can restore Cortana?

6) Walls of text resurgence...

7) Wondering if there will be any worlds they get help from before any attacks arrive. Sucks no warning was given out ahead of time either someway.
Re Lovely Lover chapter 6 . 3/3
1) How is he reviving people of unknown races and abilities without issue?

2) Street Fighter and those like that would be so much better. Kung Fu Panda. Major throw off.
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