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A Kekfugee chapter 21 . 5/19
are you a Kekistani?
Shadowknight1121 chapter 21 . 5/17
Cool chapter and i look forward to the next one. I agree with your rant, mostly, i liked the idea of going to another galaxy, but pat of me wishes it was still in the milky way after the reaper war. The characters were a bit buggy too the faces just looked weird as hell. I wish it was more like ME2 as well, mission wise anyways. A lot of these missions were filler and none of them were even that entertaining and some were just a waste of time that had you going back and forth. I didn't hate the game, but i really didn't enjoy it either. Bottom line, it was tedious.
Toothless is best chapter 21 . 5/17
general-joseph-dickson chapter 21 . 5/17
Nice chapter, it does a good job setting up the next phase.
Tergen chapter 21 . 5/16
Well im sorry you dont like MEA. A heck of a lot of people were expecting Shepard 2.0 and instead got Ryder 1.01. Me, not sure what sort of story you were expecting. To be honest, I felt they were leaving a lot out for the next game. But apparently because of elitist who cry like babies, they wont even go further into the Quarian Arc. Kinda sad to be left a trailing ... Its a shame people can't take each game as its own game. A majority were expecting something as epic as ME123 and didnt get that. Honestly I am not sure they can make anything more epic. I didnt find the game at all disappointing. I enjoyed it for itself. The mechanics were great. But i come from the game design side of things, not the i-dont-know-shit-about-making-games side. So again, I am kinda sorry you are all 20 ways and shades upset over the game. Still watching streams and vids of the game is not playing the game so you got a shade of what its about and till you play it... well your opinion is missing a lot that you can't get from watching something. Still I do enjoy your stories at least. Just cant take your opinion seriously.
V-rcingetorix chapter 21 . 5/16
Gratz on getting the degree!

A note on the gene mods. Perhaps I'm mis-remembering, but didn't the sales pitch on Noveria talk about a 6 month waiting period? I'm going to ahve to watch that again ...

Interrogation, what a fun place to hang out. Three major intelligence agencies referenced, and none of them particularly known for magnanimity. I have to wonder though, how separate the Alliance Intelligence is from Cerberus, given the black-ops nature of Cerberus.

For Andromeda; I found it entertaining. Rather repetitive in storyline, unimaginative in plot, but entertaining. Ryder made me think of a Shepard that hadn't actually ... well ... made it, for lack of a better phrase. The sense of adventure and exploring new places was all there, but the combat frankly degraded. It was clunky, shifting from one mode to another (Biotic - Infiltrator?), and while the number of choices for leveling increased nicely, they didn't really do much to further the game at all. Seriously, ME1 had more links to gameplay and skill leveling.

Keep up the good work!
The Ultimate Azzhole chapter 21 . 5/16
La-dee-da-dee-da, it's the motherfuckin' Dee-ell-vee! Great to see a new chapter, not as long, but still progressing nicely.

Archbishop Azzie of the Ass Church
OBSERVER01 chapter 21 . 5/16
decent enough. spooks are watching you. make some contingencies.
SCI-FIWIZARDMAN chapter 21 . 5/16
Aaaayyy, guess who's back. Back again.
I'm back to do reviews. Missed a few, I feel like. Or it could have just been the gap between updates. Meh.

I don't really have much of a negative opinion on Andromeda. Not because I think the game is good, mind. It sucks, at least in all of the areas that you expect a Bioware game to be good in (isn't Bioware known for the RPG elements of their games? I get that they wanted to fix the awful exploration and mediocre combat of the previous ME titles, and they succeeded to an extent, but now all the RPG parts of the game suck as a result, the reason most people play ME). Nah, I just don't have much to say about it that others haven't already said... barring what I just observed regarding game aspects.

Onto the chapter. We all know that corporate intrigue and suspicious people being suspicious of the protagonist isn't exactly exciting, but it has to be done. Shepard makes it all look so easy to deal with. Perks of being a Spectre I guess. Don't have to put up with the bullshit. It's an element that too many other stories gloss over under the excuse "it was never an issue in the games", unaware that there was a REASON it was never an issue in the games. So the fact that you're going to the lengths to incorporate such detail means props go to you, as always.

And Hackett shows up! And is being helpful! Honestly surprised Alex recognizes him so easily, seeing as by the time this story began Hackett had only made one visual appearance in the series, at the end of Arrival... I think. Hopefully my head isn't up my ass on that one.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for the "gruff superior officer that supports the cast" trope, but Hackett really is awesome. Just great all around. But a lot of people just have him and Anderson unconditionally believe that Shepard is completely right and under no possibility crazy, and while it's amusing, it's not entirely realistic. Him not 100% believing the Reapers are real due to lack of hard evidence, but at the same time acknowledging the possibility and not willing to just ignore it, is the best way to do his character, I feel like. So kudos, that's yet another side supporting character you did very well.
And now onto waiting to see how much this gene mod thing improves Alex's performance, and whether the Chairman actually has a plan for this shit. Looking forward to it.
josef772 chapter 1 . 5/16
You're aliveeeeeeeee!
bulledar chapter 20 . 5/12
i think it wold be cool if he chose a color for his group and maybe a logo as well as some costume loki mechs with facciale recognition and and actual building for his people but other than those suggestions i thought it is a really cool story
griezz chapter 1 . 4/5
Story is, how you say, "horosha", da? Very good story and, for someone to whom English is a secondary language, very well-written. I like Alex as an SI character. He grows stronghe does have advantages, but he's not so over-powered that the story becomes ridiculous. The team he has assembled is pretty good, comparable to Normandy"s crew if not stronger; their flaws lie in that they lack the camaraderie, but that comes with timeeffort. I look forward to learning more about them all, especially the Krogan mystery.
Lord Mortem chapter 20 . 3/8
Nice chapter, glad you're alive!
Ranger Station Charlie chapter 20 . 3/7
Honest be open with communication don't bullshit with them. Truthful spilling your guts about everything and anything even without provocation. For communication like this don't be the initiator allow them to ask the questions, and use careful statements to help move these questions in a way that is more favorable.

Good chapter always happy to see the story updated, how is your situation going I remember you were having a bit of trouble due the situation when you visited your family and had to deal with some SERIOUS bullshit.
wars apprentice chapter 20 . 3/7
I like the humorless chuckle.
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