Reviews for Lord Of Beasts, Part 6 of Coins
guest chapter 79 . 9/3
such a good story! Please keep updating!
Matthew1972 chapter 79 . 5/1
Hehe. Love the Morgana and Bran banter! Cutting of Bran's head? Really? LOL

Cool to have Aithusa bit for a bit, even when it was in a dream and she spoke in almost as much of a cryptic riddle as Kilgharrah does. ;)
Nance chapter 79 . 4/30
Wow. Aithusa was amazing.
mersan123 chapter 79 . 4/30
Hey Moon Fox. I can almost se a glimmer of hope for a return of Merlin, Arthur and the others here. Just loved the vision of Aithusa - and her story of the three of them visiting what I can only assume was China in the future - which hopefully has given Morgana a little comfort.
Just as well Morgana and Bran have found the others. I fear for Brans safety if he keeps teasing Morgana *snicker*.
Many, many thanks once more. Like Morgana, I am just holding out for them all to be reunited.
Linorien chapter 78 . 4/12
Another wonderful chapter.
I appreciate how you showed the struggle of Meelin and Arthur not wanting to change the future, but also unable to not at least try to help things.
Matthew1972 chapter 78 . 4/12
Gah, I needs more! *g* Also Gwaine throwing something at bird!Vivienne? Shame on you! lol.

I love how everything is coming together, slowly and still with as much mystery as ever. Great stuff. :)
mersan123 chapter 78 . 4/12
Hi Moon Fox. Another chapter in a very complex fiction - or maybe it is just me.
How you come up with all this and piece it all together is way beyond my comprehension. But still thrilled that you do.
Interesting meetings going on from both sides. Lets just hope Arthur does not let too much out of the bag. He can ramble more than Merlin at times!
Anyway, thank you once more. Great chapter.
Linorien chapter 77 . 3/27
Fun little twist, having Merlin know more than Kilgarrah here. I like how he is connected some pieces together.
mersan123 chapter 77 . 3/26
Hey Moon Fox. Happy Easter to you too. Just waiting for the kids to arrive to have our easter egg hunt. Hubby and I have already 'sampled' a few. Nothing like choccy for breakie!
More questions raised in the chapter. Just how is Merlin going to get the gang back? The question of the week I think.
Loved the meeting with Kilgharrah. I must say I had not even thought of the dragon in this time period. Silly me. Looks like he was still the same annoying beast back then.
Would answer a few questions in the future though regarding their first meeting.
I am hoping Vivienne will still be able to fight against Sigans will. She did not deserve this fate.
Great chapter all round. Many thanks. Off to the hunt!
Matthew1972 chapter 77 . 3/26
Hehe. Sigan is one devilish sorcerer, trapping Vivienne in bird form like that! Grr. He is so evil and self absorbed, and that makes him a fun character to read about. And yet, Vivienne still manages to help out her friends in spite of the spell he cast upon her. Will she lead Enmyria to her friends? Looking foward to finding that out.

Nice one to bring Kilgharrah back into the story like this. I LOVE how for once Merlin knows more about some things and he has the dragon confused for a bit. Clever how his wedding ring will be a key to the journey back. *wants to know more*

Oh, and happy easter to you too :D
Matthew1972 chapter 76 . 3/18
*g* Nope, we sure can't have a moping Gwaine about. :) Aw man, those two and their twins together paint such a cute family to me. I can really see Percival being a dad.

Hmm, wonder what trouble Percival and Cai will be riding in to? Or will they actually manage to help the others get home? Can't wait to find out.
mersan123 chapter 76 . 3/17
Poor Cai. Now they are trying to marry him off. If only they knew *snigger*.
Thanks Moon Fox. As always, love the updates.
mersan123 chapter 75 . 3/6
Just what has Tristan done? I just hope this all turns out as it should. Sigan is a real problem - and now he is lying in wait for our gang. Not good.
I guess in a way that Tristan passing is a blessing, for him. Nicely done too.
Thanks Moon Fox. Thoroughly enjoyed (especially the Valley of the 'Fallen' Kings - good one).
Matthew1972 chapter 75 . 3/6
Do not actually have the word left to leave you a proper review, because I have done too much writing in one day. *g* That said though, LOVED how bad and powerful Sigan is here. So much evil when he kills Tristan. Aww, in a way it is poetic the smuggler is now with Isolde.

Hehe. Nice one about the name for the valley. Fallen Kings... *snorts*
Linorien chapter 74 . 3/1
I really like the talk between Tristan and Merlin in this chapter. Excellent characterization.
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