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HaloHunter89 chapter 62 . 5/23
Ha! Finally got caught up and holy fuck! I need more of that. added meather and bondage. I need a moment after all thT. It was amazing and this should be like a chapter for for everyday of the weekend, lmfao. The small details are freat and i love the sentiment bere as well
BustersJezebel chapter 62 . 5/6
Holy freaking shit! I bow down to you. Woman you have outdone yourself with this chapter OUT. DONE. YOUR. SELF.

Review? Okay, yes. I can do that now I've had my week long cold shower...

I loved the line 'it's like your skin is having an orgasm', that line just resonated with me. I adored it. I adored the whole chapter. It's like your Conphy got their Conphy mojo back after the emotional turbulence of the last several chapters with Jonathon, Annabelle, the priest, graduation etc.

This was smooth, sexy, silky, sensual - sinfully so. The light kink (you KNOW I LOVE my kink), the blending and melding of sexual fantasies was immensely intimate and so very well written. It was seamless my friend, it flowed so pure and strong.

I would say I don't know how you'll top it, but I know that you will, every time I think that, you do it so effortlessly. And again, Murphy and Connor's intimacy just grows by leaps and bounds.

To be honest, it actually felt like an ending though I know it wasn't. But it truly felt like it. Nevertheless, I look forward as always to your next chapter.

P.S. Sorry to take so long reviewing possum.
dancingcandy chapter 62 . 5/2
I was so happy to see an update.

Little, little Murphy - you are going to be the death of me. Your insecurities are driving me crazy ! You're up and down like a yo-yo! But then, I have to remember, it's the same day Connor was with the girls. It's just the story has a long break between updates. Because I thought come on Murphy that was a long time ago. So I need to be patient with him!

I think the only way he feels secure with Connor is when they are having some type of affection, as in sex. Then he knows Connor really loves him. In time he'll feel better about himself. I guess it's hard after wanting Connor for so long, it must be hard trusting him, and afraid he will loose him again. Like I said before, it must be very traumatic to have seen him talking with a girl and her flirting, and I'm sure him "sort" of enjoying it. His wounds for his brother are to raw yet to know Connor is 100% in this for the long haul. (At least I hope and he doesn't stumble, he might get tired of Murphys insecurities, and to tell him to man up already) wow that was harsh on my part! Lol

Cool, the motor cycle ! I'm in ! I'll ride with Connor any day, aww, but I don't think that would make Murphy happy.

It would drive me crazy to Murphy if I didn't know where I was going. So Sweet Murphy cant keep his hands off his brother, lol. Connor didn't push him away, he just took one hand off the bike to hold Murphy's hand and move it. Connor is sooo sweet to his lover.

I couldn't believe Connor told Murph he could touch him anytime if he wants - and Murph said he wants. Aww. I just love the two boys, my heart rejoices with them.

THE tender words said to Murphy are so romantic all the time. (I'm jealous) I'm so going to capture Connor for my own.

Wow, wow, wow - little shy Murphy, going right into his fantasies. When it comes to s*x there is no stopping him ! LEATHER ! gotta say, I bet Connor was a bit surprised.

Oh no the chocolate. I'm so glad Murph had the sense to tell his lover no. It would have been the downfall for them. And Connor picks right up on it and threw in it the garbage can, he'd rather have the strawberry.

Now we won't get personal with them, they need their privacy. That was one hot making love session!

Murphy isn't holing back, no holds bared. He didn't even feel his wrists getting raw. He's really loving this. His mind must have always been in over drive. I would like to get in his head. You think he's this sweet little creature, and boom, he's this wide and crazy man ! I wonder more of his fantisties, or maybe I dont. Now it will be Connors dreams coming true. I can't wait. I really want to see Murph taking his Connor.

Once again Connor is so worried he hurt his man. SWEET

This chapter you wrote has so much emotion between the two of the brothers. They have such affection and love for each other. you make us fall in love with them, and want to be them and have that same kind of relationship. The feeling you share for them makes us so involved in the story, we are looking at them behind a wall, peaking, but like we shouldn't be watching or listening. But we can't turn away. Perverts ! Hahaha

And they can have the open relationship they always wanted, especially Murphy. He's getting his wishes in so many ways this weekend.

but, there is always a but. What's going to happen? I'm sure some one is going to see them. Nooooo - not Jonathan or Ma. But some one will.

thanks for a fantastic update. Faster with a new one please !
HaloHunter89 chapter 61 . 4/30
Took me forever to get a minute to read this. It was great. Connor was right that Murphy needs to let it go before it destroys them. This chapter was really adorable.
deelove1 chapter 62 . 4/29
I'm so happy they have each other and I'm very happy to have this new chapter to read:)
IamHeather chapter 62 . 4/29
Are you psychic? I was thinking about these boys today and *boom* there was the update notification in my inbox. Day. Made. I have enough angst in my life so I really, really enjoy the times when they are able to just enjoy each other for a while. And? I'm a dirty old woman and I love the smut (and you write it wonderfully). :)
BanannaFlvdSnow chapter 62 . 4/29
WooHoo! :D
dancingcandy chapter 61 . 3/20
This was such a sweet chapter.

Murph was so cute. I smiled so much. He's a little stinker! He does know how to pout! Somehow Connor kept it all together, no idea how.

Finally it's graduation time, this will be a whole new adventure for the boys.

I kept thinking about the money, this might just be there escape. But I'm sure they need so much more.

But poor sweet little Murphy had to see Connor with all the girls around him, and having a good ole' time, laughing and goofing around. (thinking hat Connor). Maybe I'm wrong, but he really should have thought about that. Murphy is still in such a fragile state. And not stopping and ending it right away when Murphy was there. Remember Connor you're the stronger and the one with a more stable attitude.

I could just feel for Murphy looking all over for his Connor, feeling like he's missing his other half, not meaning as twins either.

Just disappointed in Connor he didn't settle the situation with the girl sooner. Now all Murphy's insecurities will resurface again I'm sure of.
BustersJezebel chapter 61 . 3/13
Well, I think you played the graduation scene very well. No, the actual ceremony wasn't needed, the Anvil was very well done. And Connor calling Murphy his 'little shit' brought a smile to my face as I remember the writer referring to Murphy as that more than once over these months, LOL.

I am glad Murphy asked if he was going to be enough for Connor, I found myself remembering Katie throughout this chapter, probably because of the graduation. I was half expecting her to pop up somewhere, though I'm glad she didn't. And I'm very glad Murphy remembered his promise not to run anymore.

Now I'm looking forward to the 'something else' Murphy's Connor has in mind...
IamHeather chapter 61 . 3/10
I most definitely would not have made graduation on time. Just sayin'.

"I'm just not sure I'll be enough for you." Oh, poor Murphy. I think we've ALL felt that way when we love someone with all our hearts even if we aren't already insecure, so I can imagine it's a million times worse for Murphy. *sigh*

I LOVE when Connor has something else in mind! :D
deelove1 chapter 61 . 3/10
I'm glad that Murphy did not run off like he would have in the past:)
BanannaFlvdSnow chapter 61 . 3/10
dancingcandy chapter 60 . 2/11
WOW What the Heck !

An amazing chapter for Murphy MacManus ! Unbelievable.

Who's da big boy !

Not once did he back down or stumble on his decisions. He did think before he spoke, but said his honest convictions.

I couldn't even imagine the emotions going through Murphy's head. Shock, hurt, pain, relief, all at once and totally jumbling his mind up.

But there was his Connor for him. And warning Ma to just let it be. And she did until Murph got himself calming down. I'm proud of that.

I also thought, this is only the beginning of Murphy's healing. It will probably take years, and wound will never completely close. But with Connor by his side helping him, it will help to release some pain.

Connor was so cute with the pinky swear, and he tried his best to keep to it, I don't know how he ever lasted that long with his patience and his Murph with Ma. And in the end Murph would have been surprised if he didn't show up.

I like that you let the boys have their private time together and let Murphy mourn. Well Ma was there, but didn't bud in.

I couldnt even imagine the pain, crying and suffering, then just grabbing tighter and tighter, and closer to Connor. And crying holder him just as tight rubbing his back and crying and suffering with his Murph.

It must have been a reallll shock to hear Ma's different voice tone with them.

Once again he was upset with Connor about not telling him Ma knew, but looking into his eyes, he saw the love and distress in Connors eyes. Another big hurl for Murphy.

Wow - Connors last secret - he thinks Ma kill the priest. That took some nerve with her around. And she will try with the boys !

This chapter of all of them - I think really showed and bonding and real love Connor and Murphy has for each other.

And Murphy sweetheart, you "WILL" be getting your private celebration with your sweet and loving, most precious Connor.

I think you are tying the story together so well. Like I said this was the glue. I know more problems to come, but they are stronger together as 2 and not just 1

Thanks for the update.

Sorry I didn't read sooner, was sick and some other problems going on. So this was a refreshing break. :)
BustersJezebel chapter 60 . 2/11
'Just you and me' that is the perfect epitome of your Murphy and Connor. I'm glad we got Murphy and Annabelle via Connor's perspective. For some reason it felt right though I'm sure many wanted it from Murphy's vindicated perspective.

And Connor's thoughts and feelings just flowed in this chapter, I also appreciate that he took Murphy's warning of 'no more secrets' to heart and told him about Annabelle. Not to mention the fact that he's already very aware that Murphy's abuse will always be with him, despite Murphy wanting it otherwise. It is such a true thing, it comes and goes and you get flashbacks that send you into a tailspin. If you let it, it shapes you into another person, and sometimes the worst of things can actually make you stronger for it.

I'm also glad the twins didn't return home, their home is each other now and they both recognise returning to their childhood home would be a step backward.

Now, I look forward to graduation and them getting their passports...
0rchidd chapter 60 . 2/10
Dammit ya be proud of her Connor! The cats out of the bag!

Ill be right back...teary eyes make it difficult to read...I was swelling with so much pride when I read "This is the last time that man will control me. The last fucking time ever"

I actually forgot that Murphy didn't know she knew. And Yay Annabel for untwisting the panties and inviting your boys back home! Even though Murph mentioned staying in separate rooms I wont hold that against her. No parent would easily let their children be when it comes to sex. So at least this is a universal parental problem and they have moved on from the taboo hangups.

Oooh a celebration ;)
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