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Hinikuna chapter 36 . 11/19
I cant believe how much I absolutely loved your story. I started reading it like 3 days ago and literally used all my free time until I finished it today, and now i'm sad because i finished it too quickly. I really didn't expect to love it as much as I did, everything about it: the characters, the complexity of the universe you described and every action was both surprising and plausible. I just really really really enjoyed it so much, specially the way you described Loki and his character development.

I admire the way you created this huge story with so many details from other marvel movies, and could still make twists of your own. It's been a really long time since I got so hooked on a story in fanfiction, and I think you are an amazing writer. I will keep reading more of your stories, best of luck in everything!
jessica-semnadaprafaze123 chapter 36 . 11/11
You're a wonderful author! Seriously! This story is incredible, I couldn't stop reading it and I'm very sad that I finished so fast.
Aigoo You Go chapter 36 . 11/9
This is the story of a girl who watched Ragnarok and had her love for Loki reignited. She then pondered his character and motivations because she found his failures perplexing. The girl searched long and hard for the right story and along the way, discovered that Loki/Darcy is a thing and that she doesn't mind it.

Thank you for your beautiful piece of work. Even though I am supposed to be studying for a very important test, I had to put everything aside to consume the whole thing in just two days.

You turned Darcy into a bonafide character and along the way fleshed out Loki's personality for me. I haven't read the comics or wikis so I don't know which are your own ideas. I sincerely hope the Thanos abusing Loki thing is true for the fact it would explain a lot. There is something terribly wrong with Loki, much as I love him. I don't mean regarding his morals. I rather enjoy characters like this. No, I'm talking about his failures and his, frankly, Uchiha Sasuke-esque refusal to reconcile with his family (although we have higher hopes now for Thor, I guess?).

Smoke & Mirrors was also very well-written. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it.

The only negative I have is that all the tension deflated out of the story once Loki confessed his feelings to Darcy before they went to Mistress Death's realm. It felt too sudden being most of the story was from Darcy's POV and there just wasn't enough in there to suggest that kind of deep feeling on his part. But this is a serialized story and took years to complete and it's wonderful and free and great job! I will be coming back for more of your fics.
midnight shadow of darkness chapter 36 . 11/8
Simply beautiful from start to finish!
Lilisni chapter 2 . 11/8
Hello latessitrice! What a happy little reader I am to stumble upon your wonderful piece of work! With these artful sentences " His hair was longer than it had been in the photos from his last jaunt to Earth, now falling around his shoulders. It was choppy, looking more like crow's feathers than real hair at the ends." you had me absolutely and irreversible entranced! I've got to admit that oftentimes I start to read a fanfiction with a nice little Loki - romance, but I just feel the need to stop reading, as soon as the author starts to cut his hair - I lament every inch that is amiss! When I try to ignore this damnable gaffe, I simply cannot find it in myself to do so, especially when it comes to the more limey scenes - okay even long before that - I just stop. Which is somehow sad ... therefore I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you, dear author and will bury my nose now into your wonderful piece of work and spend some enjoyable hours ! Thank you for this, your choice of words is almost impeccable and I thoroughly enjoyed reading almost every tiny bit so far!
Lots of love Lili
P.S Sorry for my rambling ! * blushes
xbecbebex chapter 36 . 10/28
Awesome ending!
Jess chapter 36 . 10/28
I’m definitely experiencing that bitter sweet moment when a good story ends, especially a fan fic story.

As a stranger who stumbled upon this story I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this story. The talent for writing is more than there, and I’m hopeful that we will be seeing more of your writing.

Thank you for the story. It was beautiful.
Samy.F chapter 36 . 10/27
This was such a great story and I loved every moment of it and I'm both sad and happy that you finally finished it. Hope to see more Loki/Darcy stories soon.
Mrs Isabel Cullen chapter 36 . 10/26
Wish I were a talented writer like you so I could describe in many words how I feel but right now just one word comes to mind: BEAUTIFUL!
ScribbleBin chapter 36 . 10/26
This was beautiful! The wait for every chapter was worth it. I am so happy you took your time to write it the best you could. Thank you for writing this story.

And all before Ragnorrock is sure to kick in my sure need for more Loki Fics! ;)
Earthsong1 chapter 36 . 10/26
I love this story. It would be cool to see Loki and Darcy's kids grow up. I believe that when Loki's son becomes of age could be the heir to be the king. I would love to see future stories where this one left off. Awesome story.
JPElles chapter 36 . 10/26
Great story.
JPElles chapter 35 . 10/25
Great story.
thetamedrose chapter 35 . 10/24
OOOOOOH I GOT BACK INTO THIS STORY AT THE RIGHT TIME. It's always an unexpected happiness when the author updates soon after a review (even if the two are not correlated). I like the decision to keep Loki exiled and not have him go scot free - he has done things that have warranted a punishment and he has tried to redeem himself. Thank you for writing all that you have and sharing your imagination and story with all of us.
Guest chapter 35 . 10/24
This story has been awesome from the start. This chapter was awesome and I am sad that it has ended. Will there be a sequel to this story? I think it would be great.
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