Reviews for Smoke & Mirrors
L'Archange chapter 1 . 3/14
Please update this! The suspense is killing me.
meilimingzi chapter 24 . 2/22
I really like this story! Update ASAP! I was wondering if you plan to continue to write What Happens in Vegas? I adored that story! What will Loki turn out to be doing? If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, I would be more than happy! Loved both stories!
willowlux chapter 24 . 2/18
Great story
L'Archange chapter 24 . 2/14
I enjoyed reading and re-reading this story :) Hope it's updated soon...I truly want to know how things unfold...and what exactly will be happening between Darcy and Loki in the way we all some occurrence, Loki is not evil Loki or...anyway, I'm babbling. :D Thanks for this lovely entertainment. Can't wait to read more.
JEM chapter 24 . 2/9
Oh goodness, I am dying here... ;-)
jenn chapter 24 . 2/6
Thank you so much for updating!
magwitch chapter 11 . 1/31
I came across your lovely story and swallowed up the first ten chapters quicker than you can say tasertricks :) A very exciting premise and a cute and strong Darcy. Also loving how she's part of the Avengers clique and how they have come to accept her as one of their own. Thank you for adding Pepper in the mix, she doesn't get enough credit. Great job so far!
Guest chapter 24 . 1/30
i waited for a year...please update soon... and i really bad for darcy,,,, i can feel it
Revieweryourself chapter 24 . 1/29
Fantasmarific Amalia chapter 24 . 1/27
I nearly fell out of my chair when I read you posted a new chapter. With the blizzard happening, I'm so excited I have all this time to read again. Please please don't spend forever between posts! I live for this story.
xXDFXx chapter 24 . 1/27
I'm so glad your back! Oh I've missed this story. All the tasertricks shippers are being roused from slumber with the approach of Ragnarok. Anyway, poor Darcy, I freaking hate the double standard they have put on her. I bet you James Bond never had to put up with that kind of $hit after sleeping with the enemy. I'm glad Darcy isn't going to pull a fake pregnancy on Loki. But man Thor is such a dick again. He needs a lesson in good behavior again. But I suppose in your AU your not pulling the whole Hydra thing, so we can't blame them.
Please update again soon. We (the community) are excited for more!
Sam chapter 24 . 1/25
Yes you updated! Poor Darcy. I hope Thor gets back to his old self again.
Felix02 chapter 24 . 1/25
Damn. Just damn. I can't believe you left us there. I'm so freaking mad at everyone...not so much as Jane and Natasha, because I think Jane realized what happened and didn't mean for it to go that far and Natasha because she had no choice. But for Thor. Break my heart! I hope he comes to his senses, because my blood is so heated right now. What a gut punch!
caitreylove chapter 24 . 1/25
OMG. I'm so glad you updated this story! I've loved it from the beginning. I really hope you will keep going with it :)
Poodle warriors chapter 24 . 1/25
Seeing this new chapter really made my day- I love this story; it is one of my absolute favorites. :)
I loved being able to jump right back into the drama that Darcy has been thrown into! (Seriously Thor and Fury really need to take a look at their actions- basically kicking Darcy into a cell is very uncool.)
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