Reviews for Ben 10: Unlimited
Problemchild667 chapter 1 . 9/2
Are you sure it’s diamondhead you want to say?
kashriramji chapter 12 . 8/12
I've only ever read one of those and it was a justice league crossover where Ben somehow lost everyone he knew and loved to Vilgax or something and then ends up in the DC world during the thanagarian invasion where he rescues the league before being offered to join, but turns it down. They offer to help him through therapy because he is suicidal after going through what he did and some other stuff I don't remember since I stopped reading it since everyone was OOC: Batman not being paranoid and questioning Ben about the omnitrix, Green Lantern John Stewart accepting Ben in the league even though he's a kid, Hawkgirl becoming close to Ben to comfort each other even though they only knew each other for less than a day, etc. For one, Ben has clockwork, why wouldn't he just rewind time? Or two, there's no way he would lose to Vilgax on his own, he's kicked his a** countless times. For the first point, can't remember exactly which omnitrix was used but if it was OV then clockwork should have definitely been able to have been used to rewind time. If one of the previous ones then Ben going to the DC world should have made it so the omnitrix wouldn't work anymore due to no longer having a link to Primus and the codon stream.
kashriramji chapter 8 . 8/11
Chapter 1 to me was incredibly fun but I got bored early on.
kashriramji chapter 2 . 8/11
It's pretty good. I read it, like twice. Ultimate Fairy is good too
kashriramji chapter 39 . 8/11
Yo so I clicked the first one and it immediately kicked off with "everybody's dead" which is an odd choice considering Ben is the most boring character in his universe
Omniverse Fanboy chapter 2 . 8/5
Took me some time but I finally read chapter 2 and it is even better than the first one. I should probably apologize to that guy who told me about it because he doesn't deserve what I said I would do to him. Ben is much deeper here than in Omniverse and I sure hope this fan of yours is as deep of a guy without losing his family. I can't wait to read more of it. If there is anything better than the hero's journey it is the the rise of the fallen hero.
Highcat chapter 7 . 7/20
I'd imagine this sort of thing can be categorized as mind control,and the Omnitrix has probably more than one safeguard for this type of thing
plot convenience is good and all but unless you specifically say this is an AU cannon rules and facts still apply
Highcat chapter 3 . 7/20
Ben wondered why there were pencils and papers in a room?
those are generally things you can find in a room
most people don't usually use their rooms for just beds
Highcat chapter 1 . 7/20
"he never liked the mistreatment of women"...
you don't see how cliche this is?
the typical "gentlemanly behaviour",you haven't even tried to make it slightly better,just slapped on an "I respect the other gender and find mistreatment of them specifically offending"
The Darkseid Of The Force chapter 2 . 7/11
Jeyray is probably the fastest alien Ben has. He can travel across multiple galaxies in very seconds.
Omniverse fanboy chapter 1 . 5/24
So this is Ben 10 limitless that that idiot amit barbie from Kuro's Discord always talked about. Id don't know what your fanboy's problem is with Omniverse but if he knows what is good for him he should watch his back because im gonna lose my mind if he says one more time how great your stories are. the first chapter looks good but you better tell that loser not mess with my favorite show or i kill his family.
Ohma chapter 2 . 5/20
replace tags with hurt and comfort/angst

I cringe everytime they get emotional.

opening up to strangers this easily is just dumb.
Ohma chapter 1 . 5/20
seriously that just feels dumb...
Ohma chapter 1 . 5/20
he's only known them for a few hours...

hold off with the emotional internal monologues, it's way too early for just feels shallow and cringe
B.E.A.T.N chapter 31 . 4/17
1. Thank you for keeping J'onn in the team! I was so ticked off that he and Supergirl left! And him and Verdonna could make for a very interesting couple.
2. Let's hope Prince John was reunited with the woman he loved.
3. Happy to see the team working together so well to stop the Legion of Doom.
4. Have a great day/night and stay safe.
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