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ShivaVixen chapter 42 . 3/17
My reactions to this horrible news:
1st attempt to review- NNNOOOOO! Come Back!
my common sense- that's not gonna work think of something better and more polite.
2nd attempt- I will hunt down all anonymous reviewers and give her their hearts!
common sense- that's not what I meant, and it's not like you haven't left an unsigned review before, you're just as guilty SV
3rd attempt- Please come back, you can set it so you don't get anonymous reviews!
common sense- close, but this decision was obviously a long time coming, so...
4th attempt- whimpering and wailing
common sense- way to be an adult, you know better
5th attempt- I'll just get an AO3 account- uh, how do I get one? is it difficult?

That said, I am sorry to hear you're leaving, but you do have much cooler stuff on AO3, and I hope to seemore from you in the future, and I apologize if I (usually signed as SV under anonymous reviews, but sometimes I've neglected that) ended up contributing to your decision to leave. I don't think I've forgotten to be polite, but I've been known to be rude without due consideration of other's feelings ...
It's been a blessing having you on this site, and I will eventually get to AO#, a lot of my favorite author's have been heading over there, so this is just another reason for me to consider moving to AO3 myself. Love you!
ShadowPhoenix121 chapter 42 . 2/16
Noooo. It was a good story. You should never have gotten harassment from it nor should you have given up. However I did get confused with who was dead and who was not but other than that BRILLIANT STORY. And I love the fact about Gimli and Legolas. This should have been a Romance story as well. But it was very good and I love the dead Dwarfs and stuff. Please tell me what AO3 is? And will Thorin get Bilbo or not? I'm still a bit confused about that. I LOVE THIS STORY. IT IS VERY WELL DONE AND I LOVED READING IT. THANK YOU.
0ak3nsh13ldl0v3r chapter 19 . 2/11
in this chapter, you referred to narvi as he. later on in the story, narvi is revealed to be female.
little miss BANANNA HEAD chapter 1 . 1/27
I found this fic randomly and as soon as I saw the promp I was like "OMG YASSS MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!" And oh my gosh this fic is amazing. I love it! :D
Elafi Milo chapter 41 . 1/25
This. This. Holy cow. This is a coup, a coup of a high order. Over and over this story has blown me completely away, with its class A characterization, description, plot, concepts-all of it. I am stunned and grateful to have been able to experience this. Thank you so very much for creating it.
Visitor chapter 42 . 1/15
I am sorry to hear about the harassment. But I will find the fanfic on archive and support from there. Best wishes.
YMR chapter 42 . 1/16
I am sorry you've had harassers here.
I found you first on AO3 and will continue to love your story over there.
Please stay encouraged. You are incredibly gifted, this is a beautiful work.
Take care. I'll see you at AO3!
Guest 2 chapter 42 . 1/12
UWAA! I have a lot to catch up to then! No problem! And thank you for updating! :D
Guest chapter 42 . 1/12
Thank you for letting us know, look forward to reading the rest on ao3!
The Cajun Phoenix chapter 42 . 1/12
Those harassers always ruin everything. I'm sorry this awesome story won't be finished here on FFN. The mithril lining is I am also on AO3 and I will definitely continue to read this awesome story on AO3.
FavFan chapter 42 . 1/12
It's terrible that you were forced to do this because people were harrasing you. I do love this story and will continue to read it on ao3.
RazNeirohDiLacrihm chapter 42 . 1/12
Don't worry Author-san! I love your fanfics! I'll follow you anywhere! Ehehehe... That sounds weird...
authorwannabe101 chapter 42 . 1/12
I'm sorry to hear about your harassment, and I'm honestly at a loss as to why anyone would do that to this story. It's one of my favorite Hobbit fics ever (and considering how many I've read, that's really saying a lot). I look forward to reading it on AO3, and wish you better luck with comments there.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/9
Someone said you're up to chapter 45 on this fiction, but that you're never posting on Fanfic dot net ever again, could you put a note on your profile or mark this story complete if that's the case?
Tabbynundo chapter 41 . 1/4
This was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read.
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