Reviews for 75 Years, 75 Arenas
Guest chapter 1 . 9/11
Pretty good writing. Names and a little more detail would make it much better. Like how about an alliance it formed when a boy from 7 helps a girl out of a mud hole bc he thinks she's cute
sxyninjet chapter 1 . 9/11
Idk where my review went I just posted, i can't find it. So here we go again. The writing is good but I think a little more detail would make it even better. Like an alliance is formed when a boy saves a girl from a mud hole from a different district. Or two best friends are there together but one is already dying bc of something so they help a friend up in a tree to escape the lava getting caught in it themselves.
Rebelle13 chapter 15 . 4/6
Your ideas are so creative! Would you mind if I used one of your ideas for a fic I'm writing? I'll totally give credit to you! It's fine if you don't want me to though haha anyway you are so good at this omg keep on writing!
A.S chapter 1 . 2/18
This is a good format and a great inspiration for fiction writers :D
GryffindorOnFire chapter 6 . 2/1
The other reviewers are wrong. I guess they didn't comprehend nor remember the books very well :/

District Twelve did have a Victor way before Haymitch because it was mentioned very subtlety. And that Victor was much less memorable and won in an unpopular way, therefore they weren't discussed by Hunger Games fanatics much in the canon world.

Keep doing what you're doing, love this idea. And for another arena, I was thinking an island with a reef, mountain ridges and a large tropical forest like an island off the coast of French Polynesia. Or a dry canyon, but launched in the middle of a waterfall basin like Havasu Falls. :D
Katie Collins chapter 6 . 10/30/2016
District 12 did not win their first game until the 2nd quarter quell. Because haymitch was the first victor of district 12...
Guest chapter 6 . 8/2/2016
This wasn't very accurate..Haymitch was the first victor ever to win from District 12.. and that was in the 2nd Quarter Quell (50th Hunger Games). Katniss was the first girl from District 12 to ever win..and that would be the 74th Hunger Games
thenonamedgirl chapter 15 . 7/30/2016
The arena should be a haunted mansion, with ghost mutts.

There are several areas of the house.

The bottom floor contains a kitchen filled with knives, poison food, drinking water, and rat mutts. These don't bother you for the first few days, but then, after three quarters of the tributes are gone, they attack.

It also contains a bathroom containing poison chemicals and poison water.

It has a hallway, where the Cornucopia is, and a few paintings that line the hall and seem to watch you.

The second floor contains a bedroom, with an organ (the instrument), a bed with Ricky Dust on it (a dust I made up that kills you if you breathe it in) and a drawer filled with knives, clothing, food, and water. The drawer is under the carpet and hard to find.

It also contains amother bedroom where there is a bed, safe to sleep in, and a night
Mystery Girl chapter 15 . 7/30/2016
(I accidentally posted my story when it wasn't finished, here's the end)

The girl from 2 goes hunting for the girl from 10. The girl from 10 and the girl from 2 have a bloody battle and the girl from 2 ends up thinking she can outlast the girl from 10 when a zombie mutt ends her life.

The girl from 10 is the Victor of the 16th Hunger Games.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/30/2016
Arena 16.

The arena this year is an abandoned city, prowling with Zombie Mutts (zombie apocalypse). The Cornucopia contains only guns and food, no water.

A total of seven tributes die at the Bloodbath. The Careers kill five tributes, the girl from 10 kills two with her gun.

The boy from 12 sprints into one of the houses, finding canned food that turns out to slowly kill you by making you bleed internally. Two tributes die from the canned food, the rest eat other things.

The zombie mutts prowl around, and they rip out tribute's throats with their teeth, but they can't open doors. An alliance of the girl from 11 and the boy from 11 quickly ends when they forget to close the door and are both killed by the zombies.

Through the days, nobody is dying so we amplify the zombie's power. They can now open doors and smell blood and fear.

The girl from 9 turns out to be crafty, but dies when a poisonous gas leaks through the floor of the house she was in. Now all the bottom floors of the houses are infected with poisonous gas.

The Careers prowl around, looking for victims, and take out the boy from 7 and the girl from 3.

Two more tributes die from dehydration, so we invite them to a feast. This feast included only water and everyone but the girl from 10 show up.

The girl from 6 manages to kill two of the Careers, before dying a slow, long death. The remaining Careers sit down and make camp at the Cornucopia but all but one are killed by the Zombie mutts.

The last Career, the girl from 2, Goes
Guest chapter 15 . 4/11/2016
Wow, these are so great! Please update this soon if you haven't abandoned it...
Jax chapter 11 . 3/21/2016
Actually 16 year old mags won the 11th hunger games
Wavestone chapter 15 . 2/20/2016
It took a moment or two for the tributes to register where they were but by the time some had realized it the gong had already year the arena was shaped as a medium sized house but the tributes were the size of flys compared to it ,they were on top of the coffee table nine people died both from 8 the boy from 7 and the girl from 6 were killed by the careers who got to the cornucopia just after the girl from 7 who took out the girl from 10 and the boy from 9 with a hatchet dodging around the girl from district 1 she was the first to jump from the low table to the overly puffy carpet and started fighting her way through it toward the kitchen. Meanwhile four more people were killed by an alliance with districts 3 and 11, the girl from 9 the boy from 12 the girl from 4 and the boy from 6. The careers camped at the cornucopia then they were off, eventually they found a giant stone cave rimed with metal a huge wooden block stood inside. The girl from district 1 bravely stepped over the metal threshold and walked over to the wooden block the second she touched the block glass doors shot out from nowhere the boy from district 1 reached out for her to slow and the doors chopped him in half just then the wood block burst in to flames killing the girl from district 1. The remaining careers hiked away from the fire place and made it to the bathroom and camped behind the toilet but what they didn't know was the other alliance was there. The boy from district 4 who was up guarding was the first to go,but taking the boy from district 3 with him. As revenge the girl from district 3 gutted him, the Capitol loved it so much she received a silver parachute containing a platinum bladed knife. They killed the rest and moved on, out of no were a scream cut through the air and was silenced by a canon then the anthem started to play showing that it was the girl from 12 who had died then a giant shadow appeared over them and the boy from district 11 was grabbed in mighty pincers the girls spun around just in time to see the mutts witch took the form of giant carpenter ants eat him the girls started to run but the girl from district 11 collapsed buried deep in her head was a hatchet,the girl from district 3 looked up just in time to see another one hurtling toward she dodged it but by doing so the mutts had time to catch up eating her in one swift movement. Leaving three tributes both from district 5 and the girl from 7. The mutts started to climb the sink were the girl from district 7 had been lurking she ran to the drain witch is were the secret passageway she had come from was but before she could leave two canons sounded and the mutts retreated
The girl from district 7 was the victor.
Hungergamesmaster chapter 7 . 1/5/2016
and in the underground arena they should be so hot people burn do death,and the mutts should be giant bat that are 5 feet long.

hope you pick this! the rest is up to you
Hungergamesmaster chapter 1 . 1/5/2016
Make one that is in a under ground cave system!
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