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Lillend.Saver chapter 66 . 4/18
Dear Guest of mine from of all, I mostly communicate via old thread within mangafox forum where all this writing of mine begun (now due to administrators, it's kicked to SPAM section) 'preparations for fanfic' (I know, veeery original ;p).

Some of answers for the questions you asked you might find there (as usually it's there that I allow myself to clear up some of my ideas and also to give some spoilers).

I always thought it's more friendly as allows also to add pictures and so on, but leaving that aside...

For the record, from the very beginning, I was always torn between what original series indicated in last scenes and what were my impressions. It took me maaany chapters to lessen the advantage Lucien had as potential spouse, to give ANY other guy an equal chance to be with Ley.

My main issue always was that since I wanted to be faithful to the original, to create rather continuation which would clear all missed unsolved issues the author left behind (all the while allowing my imagination to run wild, mind you), on one hand I was pressured to pick Lucien, while on other I always got impression Lena reacted more violently/emotionally after Michael did something (like when she didn't even blink an eye when she saw Lucien next to Eleanor during gladiator fight,while on the other hand she was so livid that Michael seemed to abandon them, that she vowed to kill him).

You could say, I'm still on the fence with this issue, though I suppose, given the recent fanfic revelations, you can fairly guess where my heart is leaning.

Apart from the hesitation between what original author indicated in last panels, it took me long time to get Michael out of complete 'martyr zone', so he would finally start thinking of his own happiness, not constant sacrifices.

Some ask how long I intend to write - the answer is: as long as it is needed, without creating overly long and dragged story. To put it simply, to wrap everything up (naturally given that I won't lose motivation to do so).

Some changes takes time and to make them believable given the built of characters and their view of the world, they cannot be rushed (or at least I was always pissed when authors first created some attractive personality only to change it within few chapters to fit in their plans later on, completely disregarding if such change was realistic or not).

As for Hyun-min's presence, it was never intended to be true love interest (similarly to Shine, or Sigfrid, Northlander etc.), more like motivating factor for other guys to finally get to work and seriously fight for Ley's affection with all they got. Not to mention that even though Lena in original story told her goodbye to our Korean, this thread still left me with taste of unfinished business. I wanted her to have full closure (and for Hyun-min to also have one), all the while reminding her that she still lived for two decades in XXI century and while now she is living in medieval Saver world, she cannot toss away her own past to completely immerse herself in fantasy realm.

For the record, I do read Skip Beat! so you can expect that sometime I might visit your fic.

To sum it up, what really gives me motivation is feedback via comments and so on. A proof other than statistics of numbers of views of each chapter within chart, but rather a live feedback with other person. So to all who read this story, feel free to write, advise or criticize, so I could avoid destroying enjoyable story! ;)
Guest chapter 66 . 4/18
If Lena doesn't end up with Michael I'll be eternally pissed. I would be extremely disappointed if you just hook her up with some soldier guy or royalty. And could you please kick out hyunmin in the story. If you want to emphasize the difference of Lena with her mommsie Zara, you should not make her indecisive of stupid with love. Make Lena realize she loves Michael and end her relationship with Hyunmin. BTW, your writing style is very awesome. One little thing though you should try not to prolong each characters thoughts. Despite being well written and funny. It kinda just bores out the suspense feel. THANKS FOR READING MY COMMENT. And of ever your having writers block just pm in wattpad its Picachu0517. Do you read skip beat? If so please read my fanfic I swear its not poorly written like "I love you *kiss face while crying *walks away*" not that sort of thing. So far I have 700 view and counting and still updating new chapters. The title is Its yours. :) hope you finish the story. Good Luck!
Guest chapter 66 . 4/18
Quick question how long are you planning making this story?
ILoveKuramaTooMuch chapter 66 . 4/14
I am so excited to see another update to this awesome story! Thank you so much! I am thoroughly enjoying myself with Lena's past and real background revealing itself slowly - the imperila tale is quite intriguing, I believe. Excellent job! Also Jin's finale gives the whole episode a really stunning effect of real consequences of Lena's danger - and the current Emperor's madness. I love Erik's reminiscence and memories of Zara so much. But the best part is Lena showing her two unwanted suitors the door. I have been waiting for this and was not disappointed. She did it in as clever way as only she is capable of. I am loving it... And pray tell, who is going to become her husband? Or will anyone? Hehe, Erik needs his grandchildren soon... but I can wait for it. YOu keep us all perfectly entertained with the current progress. If I may admit to something, I am waiting for the storm- or more exactly, for the Emperor's radical step. The man still doesn't suspect that his danger may be lingering closer than he could ever believe...
I want to get Cid into some action with Brenna, ahaha... and I would really love to see Jin lose to Lena's natural charm and bravery... Please keep the good job up!
RebelKing chapter 64 . 3/29
This is meant for after c65 since it won't allow to ask another question.

Will Ley go back to being normal about her emotions after this and be collected again?
RebelKing chapter 65 . 3/29
Hi Lillend,

You might see this twice as my first try at this review one was supposedly posted but I couldn't see it. First, I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful way of writing and a genius way of connecting the Saver story all around. I couldn't think of a better sequel and don't think there would be a better one if there was one at all. I just wanted to make a suggestion that you can completely ignore since your writing has been kicking ass anyway. I was thinking that since Ley is becoming more emotional than usual, would it be a good idea if she was forcibly brought back to the 21st century, let some time pass and then she is brought back again in the most unexpected fashion (Like a war brought in from the Emperor or something) but she's stone cold once again? This would possibly change the mental state and relationship of the men interested in her and how they 'emotionally suffered' during her disappearance. This would also cause the Emperor's schizophrenia to worsen because of his assassins inability to capture her and Taranis to be disappointed at the losing of his 'newest exotic toy's' disappearance. Like I said, this is merely a suggestion that can be ignored completely. I look forward to your next update. Good luck.
Guest chapter 65 . 3/29
Hi Lillend,

First I wanted to say that you have a beautiful way of writing and a genius for connecting the Saver story that is above my own level of fan fiction writing. I can't think of a better sequel than yours and how it should go if there was one at all. I just wanted to possibly make a slight suggestion that you can ignore completely. I wouldn't mind at all as it is your story and your ideas would leave mine in the dust in flames. I just wanted to ask that since Lena is becoming more emotional than usual, would it be a good idea for her to be forcibly sent back to the 21st century, let some time past and then she's brought back but stone cold again. It would be interesting how the men interested in her would react once she would disappear and then to the behavior after she returned. It would also affect the Emperor sanity even more than and Taranis lost opportunity to play with his 'exotic toy'…To be honest just ignore me as this suggestion would probably cause this story to burn a painful death \(-_-)/. Either way, I look forward to your next update.

DreamMine chapter 57 . 1/29
Thank you, Lillilend! So much! The story is amazing! Elaborate, touching, and soooooo captivating! I'm taking it as official sequel of Saver and I pray and pray that you will have time and motivation to continue writing it!
《Whispers: is it Michael? Tell me, please, please, pretty please tell me it's Michael who's gonna be daddy *Eric 's Best imploring eyes unleashed* .~ im so not good with suspense that I'm actually dying here T.T 》
Lillend.Saver chapter 65 . 1/3
Rest assured, ILoveKuramaTooMuch, there is no way I'd make Michael of bigger martyr than he already is.
Enough is enough. .!
I always try to avoid one-dimensional characters (as I practically loath them in other works), hence why there is often second ‘bottom’/hidden agenda lurking in the shadows. I can only hope to fight any signs of laziness in the future, so I’d keep up with this tacit rule of mine.
Calm before the storm? Heh you could say that…
As for Ley, she will not lower herself to ‘their’ level, though you can relax, she is merely more controlled than in the past, soon enough she’ll kick them out.
As for the Northlander, well…. He might’ve a tad miscalculated when it comes to being ‘observed’ by others, Jeggers (thus Lena) included.
ILoveKuramaTooMuch chapter 65 . 1/2
If I had to describe this chapter with one word, it would be "refreshing." It is crisp and well written, and Lena is surprisingly lot herself, and even cracking jokes with Cid (that one got me like none other, by the way). It is also deceptively calm, which I cannot help but consider a sign of upcoming storm. Michael had dealt with the two burdens last time so well and now I get to hear about all the other delicious new twists you decided to put in the story. Fun to read, and I was so very very happy that you made my end of the year with your update. Thank you so much! It is impressive, now that I can see Jin's and Joon's stories unravel. I am just wondering where Jin might end... Oh and btw, is Jin handsome? Like, really really handsome? Would I be wrong to assume that he could actually take interest in our hesitant Queen? Hahaha! I cannot wait to read more, I am guessing the storm is nearby... but I must warn you that I am not prepared to watch Michael die or sacrifice himself to save Lena. I could not deal with that, the man is lovely and very hot. And I am also curious why Lena would not say anything to the "burdens" on her own...? Or is she truly happy to have them around? I do not think so anymore... They always try to control her... so I keep wondering when she is going to snap and actually send them somewhere less than decent xD Oh, and nice byplay with Nicole and the Northlands, that was deliciously wicked.
Please update soon, and Happy New Year!
Lillend.Saver chapter 64 . 10/21/2016
Dear ILoveKuramaTooMuch :)

When I was wondering how to write this part when our present gentlemen face their feelings and has their own perspective on 'love' topic, I have to admit that a naughty kid in me was heavily pondering what could be the most infuriating factor for certain someones (afterall, without a pain there is no growth!).

Conclusion? Complete serenity and calmness of their opponent.

Only when your adversary is completely ignoring angry rants directed at him, when you feel that all your arguments are as if hitting impregnable wall, going over his head, then we come to realization, that some things has to change if we want to still 'win'.

Now that Michael gained some self-confidence and stopped being passive, things will finally get more interesting. Afterall, it would be too boring if anyone 'won' out of 'default' (though, the one and only winner will be Lena, so the guys has to suck it up and bear with it. Period.)
ILoveKuramaTooMuch chapter 64 . 10/20/2016
I am deeply impressed with this progress (smirk). Actually, I was having the time of my life reading the two guys interacting with a very serene Michael - and I had to applaud the Sevian loudly! He was excellent - so understanding, and so damn calm about it. Yes, of course, his 'steps' in the previous chapter did a lot to harden his resolve here - but still he handled this so well. And between the king and the Leone, I would no longer bet on either of them to win any of Ley's feelings. THey are so stubborn about her going with their ideas, and she is so free, she cannot even fathom what they mean. This world has the habit of cutting in on Ley's rawest feelings - and it does not help matters, that her mother was completely responsible for raising her as a boy - thus stealing away any chance she might learn to comprehend how to handle love emotion and all that stuff. I am loving this, and I wish you more luck with money and health. THank you for going on with this beautiful thing! Kudos for giving us two!
musicoflife08 chapter 64 . 10/14/2016
I've waited a long time for this update. I reread the manga and the entire fanfic to catch up with everything. Thank you for not abandoning this! I would have died on the inside. You've done a fantastic job!

I have fought for Michael all this time. I will never not support him and Lena. I hope Michael becomes even more confident and sure of himself. As for Lucian...he has severely pissed me off. Fuck him. I thought I could at least like him, but his possessiveness is too much. Shine? He's also an idiot. Neither of them understand/respects what Michael does...Lena's autonomy. She's not a prize, she's not there to satisfy your desires. They don't think of what she wants. Fuck them. Michael all the way. /rant
ILoveKuramaTooMuch chapter 63 . 10/6/2016
Wow! I have no words. I have to say, that this waiting for your next update is really paying off. I mean, seriously, the chapter is packed woth good stuff, like Michale, Michael, Michael... you get the drift xD
It is beautifully emotional where it comes to Lena, I am so curious how she goes about this heart problem of hers... and I would like to know what happens to Hyun-Min, because let's face it, Lena's feelings about him are coming pretty close to 'brother' now... plus Michael is getting his chances high. I understand that there is more to this, especially with Lucien involved, who for some reason is looking really stupid suddenly, because he cannot sort out his own stuff, not to mention said feelings for certain Queen. Yes, this is really what I was waiting for, and I can sense it, that Lena should meet with Jin soon. I am so curious what is to become of this particular meeting, as the young soldier has some really cool information for her, and where Eric is once again involved, chance is that this 'investigation' of Aran will lead to interesting outcome.
Can't wait for next chapter, and thanks so much for feeding my needs here. I love this one, thumbs up. Please update soon, and don't let life mess with your creative plans!
Lillend.Saver chapter 63 . 10/2/2016
Khm..! so we are back with Lena's vicissitudes, sorry for MIA.'

Either way we are slowly nearing to the moment when Lena will finally start to ponder over her romantic relationships... Hurray! It took me over 1800 pages to lead her to this point and I can finally feel slightly relieved.

If you have any questions, ask them here or go to Mangafox 'Preparations for fanfic' thread from which everything started when it comes to me writing this story.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it clearly, but there is also colourful version of this fanfic (download links were on Mangafox within the mentioned thread - and still should be, unless the links crashed once again, while online versions are on 'Saver the New Journey by Lillend' on Blogger), together with illustrations, mostly made by me - to see some of them go to deviantart and Lillend1.
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