Reviews for Embracing Evil: Series 5 - The Final Series
shadowfurie chapter 4 . 8/22
i'm speechless, such a nice read.
xKronikPrimexDragonx chapter 4 . 8/20
the entire series was very wonderful to read, and for that I thank you.
WereBunny87 chapter 4 . 8/17
Waaaah! I loved this so much! I loved all of them! Well done!
Katepatterson chapter 4 . 8/10
I think I love you, this story rocked and voldiemort calling Harry "my chaos" literally killed me, I gave a fangirl shriek and had a cuteness induced seizure
LovesDragons chapter 4 . 7/29
This is a wonderful series. I love the name 'Chaos', he certainly lives up to it! And their children are adorable, I feel the number of calming daughts taken by teachers will increase this year. (and there's no way the twins would ever end up in Griffendor, but Tom's face would be priceless)
Phe Phe Nix chapter 4 . 7/16
I love how you portray the characters like Harry and Tom, in all of your fics. I also love how creative you are when showing the order who the Dark Lord's right hand is (Harry), in this series, Beautifully Broken, and Dark Repercussions. They are all AWESOME and FANTASTIC (: You are a bloody good author...
SlytherinKilljoy15 chapter 4 . 7/9
Oh my gosh! I have just recently discovered you as a writer and have read all posted updates of 'Of Lies and Deciet and Hidden Personas' and I personally thought it was fantastic. So, I found that you had written others and started reading this one. You are an amazing author and I loved this story soooo much! It was beautifully written and the plot twists were masterfully added at the most inconvenient times for the characters, which made it all the more fun to read! I'm kinda devastated it's over but I can't wait to read others!
Tinshaw chapter 4 . 6/21
Awesome series.
Kichou chapter 4 . 5/21
Nice story. I enjoyed reading it.
TheCauldron chapter 4 . 4/26
Brilliant series. Well plotted, engaging, relatable, and entertaining. Well done.
Acixs chapter 4 . 3/8
Oh my god I just finished the series! Loved it!
Loveless150050 chapter 2 . 2/20
I wish that this would continue, but this seems to be the last series. Tell me will u do a remake or something like that?
Abbey Whitlock chapter 4 . 2/18
this was really good, I loved all five parts.
Rainbow-FanGirl-Ing chapter 4 . 2/16
The entire series was great! I may have started it at about 1:00 am and finished it at 6:07 am. Meh what can you do, good stories always keep me up, Thant God I don't have school today.
yaoi-lover-ninja chapter 4 . 1/29
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