Reviews for A Different Journey
Guest chapter 45 . 14h
Thank you for not changing the story and I look forward to reading the continuation of this story. On e again thank you and have a good day.
PuddyKatz chapter 45 . 8/25
Nnnooooo plz update I love this so much your such a good writer plz update sooooon
cat chapter 45 . 8/21
are you still re-Writing chapters
Freerunner4427 chapter 45 . 8/20
I am seriously hoping that you chose Zoro as her mate. I wouldn't really make sense for Law to be her mate, as he wouldn't be around most of the time. Plus, Zoro just has this intimidating aura that screams, "Screw with me, and I'll put you in your grave." I would make sense that the mate of the Pirate Queen, would be the World's Greatest Swordsman. Lucy should have nothing short of the best, and strongest.
Sieben Nightwing chapter 45 . 8/19
An awesome story. I really would have liked this one to continue, but I respect your choice, and will enjoy what exists to read. I will also be looking into the other story you are writing.
Aladdinina Magi chapter 45 . 8/16
YAY! to be honest i love this fic and rewriting it would be a sad thing wish you luck on "A Slightly Different Adventure"
Guest chapter 45 . 8/15
Hey, OpenSeaFreedom! Please don't change Lucy's magic in this story. I love the story you already have and was upset when there were no more chapters. So please continue this story the way it is. If you do I would be very happy. Thanks.
MewMusic chapter 45 . 8/13
I think you should go with it, with the re-writing thing. It sounds interesting and strange at the same time, I mean you did write a lot of chapters. Although, it's your decision on whether you want to re-write or keep it at that. If you do decided to re-write, keep ace alive
HannokiKaen chapter 45 . 8/12
I really like this idea! I think it gives the story more depth and has a lot more potential, as dragon slayer lucy felt a little cliche and gave up some of lucys lucyness.
Cokecolapandas chapter 45 . 8/12
That sounds cool (I myself have not gotten that close to the end of fairy tail)
Rio-Vena chapter 45 . 8/12
I like your idea and would gladly read whatever you write but I hope you would keep this around and do the rewrite as a new story.
I enjoy Lucy's recent power up too and she is a lot more confident.
cat chapter 45 . 8/12
is Layla the one that removed her memories
Cat chapter 9 . 8/12
Like the re-writing chapters
Will Law still be the future mate
who of her Brothers will she meet first
YomuHime chapter 45 . 8/11
Its sound interesting, you can change it. I dont mind waiting ) thx for your hard work v
Animefreak1237 chapter 45 . 8/11
I love this story and I would reread it again if you rewrite it. I know it will take you a lot of time to rewrite but I will wait.
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