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thereadingaymy chapter 9 . 3/5
awww... i actually cried during the separation period.
AVG18 chapter 9 . 2/24
this family is uber cute, more than puppies! I think this is one of my favorite Everlark family fics I love to read over and over again!
S chapter 9 . 2/9
That was a great story! I think I cried at the beginning with their separation. :) It was amazing and I am so glad that they like British TV shows as well. Is that from you- because I think that Doctor Who and Sherlock are amazing!
Maroonmonkies chapter 9 . 2/1
That last authors note is one of the funniest i have ever seen
Sunrise13Sunset chapter 9 . 1/31
Amazing story! You wrote about a very difficult subject very respectfully, emotionally, and realistically. Plus, Alba is freaking adorable. But I have to say, my favorite part (besides Everlark having a happy ongoing ;)) was the line about watching Sherlock - the other fandom that has stolen my heart ;)
salanderjade chapter 9 . 1/28
Lovely as always. Alba is a darling and so is Aidan. These are such beautiful family moments. You give out just the right touch of sentimentality. It's sweet in all the best ways. You have a deft touch for emotions and how to convey them without getting bogged down in sap and syrup, if that makes sense. In short, I love it!
mansts chapter 9 . 1/27
Love this! It must feel terrible to be stranded far away from home...
Famousfremus chapter 9 . 1/27
I, for one, have no problem at all with you staying in this universe forever. I'm pretty sure I will never tire of these characters and the day to day goings on in their lives. Alba and Aidan are my head-canon for the toastbabies, by the way.
Browniangel chapter 9 . 1/26
Love this extra addition to this story. Peeta having to go to Europe had to be so hard especially ending up there long then expected. It was nice of Peeta Uncle to leave Peeta a nice amount of money for him and his family.

Peeta really missed Katniss, Alba and Aiden just as much as they missing him. Katniss is having issues with Alba fighting with her little brother like normal children but its alot to deal with. Especially when you add that they miss their daddy too.

Peeta was so happy to be home, to his wife and children. He missed Katniss so much and she sure missed him. She even surprised him when he got home.

Peeta is home with the family he loves and misses so much. Thank you so much for these awesome addition to Katniss and Peeta growing family and journey in their lives.
gt-gizinha chapter 9 . 1/26
Adorável como sempre... eu simplesmente não posso conter a minha felicidade ao ver que você a atualizou novamente :}
sponsormusings chapter 9 . 1/26
OMG, Eyjafjallawhatthefuck! HAHAHAHAHAHA! ;)

Damned volcano.

This is such a lovely and sweet little insight into the GoB universe. Alba continues to be adorable, and that little girl is going to have her daddy wrapped around her finger for a long time to come ;)

Airports and delays and cancellations are such an every day thing people have to endure, and you sometimes forget how it affects the people at home. At least our Everlark were reunited at the end :)

Lovely work dear!
pumpkinking5 chapter 9 . 1/26

I remember that time when the airplanes were grounded because of the ashes in the air.

I really enjoyed reading this follow up chapter. It was such a sweet chapter.

Peeta was stuck at the airport and couldn't get back home, yet the inheritance will help his family moved into a bigger house.

Katniss made sure to let Peeta know that she loves him and be careful coming back to them.
Don't make any unnecessary risks! A typical wife worrying for her husband.

He made it home with Teddy Gabey.

Great job!
mathgirl24 chapter 9 . 1/26
Another wonderful chapter! How sweet of little Alba to let Dah-dee take Teddy Gabey with him to Loolope.
Browniangel chapter 8 . 1/26
Oh my goodness Katniss and Peeta have a new addition to their family. Peeta is so happy to have an baby in the family. At least they were not as worried about this pregnancy because they had Alba to keep them occupied.

I was a little upset that Alba felt a little abdomen by her mommie and daddie. I know it was a little hard on Katniss and Peeta when Alba reacted the way she did.

It had to have broke Peeta and Katniss heart a little not understand why Alba is behaving the way she is. She hasn't been herself since Aiden been born and she not willing to tell her parents why.

Able is too cute how she explain why she was disappointed with baby Aiden. Once Peeta explain it to her, she back to her loving self. You cam see that Katniss is still have g a harder time when Alba talks about Angel Gabriel.

It seems like Katniss is starting to find a little peace knowing that Angel Gabriel is happy and that is more important to Katniss. I am so lucky that there is another chapter to this awesome story. Thank you for giving us another addition to this great story.
SoThere chapter 9 . 1/26
I was so excited to be reunited with Alba & family! I'm glad you keep coming back to this universe, and I loved this drabble. Thanks!
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