Reviews for One Step Left
juliles chapter 131 . 7/25
I thought this story was finished! Im heartbroken! I know i've complained a lot i past reviews but you are truly brilliant, I mean how many plots has this story have so far? All of them complicated, fascinating and somehow related...this one is may favorite so far and i cant wait
juliles chapter 112 . 7/24
Really? How many people need to give Hermione advise before she stops being a brat?
juliles chapter 101 . 7/24
Can't they be fucking happy?! Honestly im starting to think Hermione does not deserver Cissy. And it frustrates me that Cissy keep on forgiving her. She needs to walk away, hurt Hermione a bit with coldness so she finally realizes what she has done.
juliles chapter 89 . 7/23
I been thinking this for the past 89 chapter: HOW CAN HERMIONE BE SO FRUSTRATING!
Silvara rivana chapter 131 . 7/13
Nooooooooo. poor mione having to see draco die. hopefully she can fix this insanity and end trixymort. at least we know what her totem is. now figuring out how to destroy it... and not be an undead herself... that's going to be the trixy part.
Azentra chapter 131 . 7/10
Damn... You just keep managing to impress me with your seemingly endless flow of twists and curve balls...
Guest chapter 131 . 7/9
Gosh this is exciting!
Great story!
Frenchie84 chapter 131 . 7/8
Jesus. H. Christ.

Missed you on here!
BiGDeal chapter 131 . 7/8
My initial reaction was this is like the "Time Tunnel" stories - with a vengeance. You jump through the time tunnel to get out of a situation and wind up in another, probably worse. This is worst...

The only real constants are Hermione and Narcissa, both fighting for themselves.

Do keep the great effort up, and the next chapter coming.
Animalover205 chapter 131 . 7/8
Wow! Things just went from bad to worse. Keep the story going, and keep up the good work.
IvySilverwood13 chapter 1 . 6/25
This is still on of my favorite stories. I have to force myself to wait two or three weeks before i come back to see if there is an update. Please don't leave a poor junkie like me without a fix for to long.
Silvara rivana chapter 130 . 6/14
Dun Dun DUNNNNNN! weee can't wait to see what happens next. worried about the muggles showing up at the end there but hopefully it will make a lovely distraction so they can get the prophecy and save the day!
djsmith10186 chapter 130 . 6/12
Okay what the flying hell. Is the muggles starting a war? And with the cliffhangers, me don't likey. Keep up the great work.
Guest chapter 130 . 6/11
Thanks for another riviting chapter. The chemistry between these two crackles even when reflected through a mirror darkly. I liked the elladora connection you snuck in.
DCFPotterFan chapter 130 . 6/11
Oh wow, very nice ... I loved this chapter and the cliff hanger was absolutely genius ... Thank you for that :)
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