Reviews for One Step Left
mateo84mm chapter 1 . 20h
Digging it so far can't wait until it's finished
Azentra chapter 135 . 2/7
Oh my oh my oh my... this story keeps on setting itself up flr death, death, and lots more death... not that I'm complaining about that in the least of course, it's been that way for ages, but shit is really, REALLY hitting the fan hard now.
Please keep up the great work while I anxiously wait for the next chapter to come out :)

geekwoafandom chapter 135 . 2/2
It's so wonderful to see you writing again! Yes, you still have loyal readers; we are alive and well :) You have no idea how much these updates brighten my day or even week. I hope all is well, best wishes 3
MsCrazybird chapter 135 . 2/2
This story is amazing
DCFPotterFan chapter 135 . 2/2
So glad to see you back and updating ... As always you know just how to leave us hanging ... I am quite interested to see what unfolds now with Hermione being a fugitive of both the Ministry and the Order ... Great chapter, I can't wait for more. :)
DarkQueen1726 chapter 135 . 2/2
I adore your story and I'm trying not to be that person but it makes me sad that u update so infrequent
BiGDeal chapter 135 . 2/2
A short but very brutal chapter. Just as I described the old TIme Tunnel series. Things have gone from bad to worst.
Guest chapter 134 . 1/28
Guest chapter 134 . 1/17
Ok so I've been reading your story for the past couple of days and I've got to say I haven't been able to put it down it's an amazing story and I can wait till you update
Azentra chapter 134 . 1/16
Well first off I'd like to welcome you back and, if you still remember me, appologize for being gone myself. I've been kinda down lately but this story, dreadful as it is, always manages to get me back on track, so I want to thank you for that at least.
I love what you did to Lucius in the previous chapter, that's even better than what I had in mind, just a plain and simple end to it all.
Now as to this most recent chapter, you left me hanging in my seat with that cliffhanger haha

reginao chapter 133 . 1/15
Lovely to see you returning to the story. In his honor?
Frenchie84 chapter 134 . 1/13
Oh snap!
dannaenae12 chapter 133 . 1/11
please be writing more!
twitmonkey chapter 133 . 1/8
FIRSTLY, and in the name of all that is Holy and Good - THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS.

I've absolutely obsessed over this for the last 3 days, and I can't believe how in depth this feels. You've completely captured me into the story and suddenly here I am at the end of published chapters. I eagerly look forward to future chapters as they roll out of that genius head of yours.

Secondly, HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN. I haven't read a story that made me forget the world and the stresses and all the bad things because I have a good story to involve myself in. You should be proud of yourself

ps. I'm still giggling at "Slytherin's Mudblood Whore" though. Am I a bad person?
Silvara rivana chapter 133 . 1/2
yayayaya a new chapter! and YES YES YES Malfoy dies again! Now if we can just go see what happens next.
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