Reviews for Chuck Versus the Steampunk Chronicles
servermunich chapter 52 . 8/9
The story is just getting more exciting with each chapter. I hope it will continue soon.
For me it would be a real pity if you don't finish this extraordinary story.
Deathzbreath chapter 52 . 7/28
An amazing chapter of an amazing story. Thank you for writing!
richjacobson001 chapter 52 . 7/27
This is really great adventure. Looking forward to see where you go. I always enjoy the stories you gave written. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing.
WadeDT chapter 50 . 7/25
Love, love this AU. It's my favorite AU. Your imagination is amazing. Love, love your writing style, great balance of narrative and dialogue. Love, love the characters. Hate, hate the plot in chapter 50.
Love, love that you can rip my heart out and make me feel this much for the characters. Great job!
2old2write chapter 40 . 7/23
Exciting! Of course they couldn’t just fly into Mexico all peaceful like. Hah! Great job with the crash landing and all. Could see it all very clearly. Bravo.

Caught! Dang it. Whoa! Great action sequence. But now Casey has seen Chuck in action. This is going to be a problem, me thinks.

Trust. Yeah, that might be hard to come by. He knows they have both been lying to him all this time. Good job, Sarah, of starting off by telling him his General has been the one lying. Who hasn’t lied to poor Casey?

Well, good luck getting him to buy into this story. Bet he still has a gun or two stashed on his person. Casey loves guns; he would’t leave himself completely unarmed. Would he?

Great chapter. Still loving this story, even if I have been bad and not reviewed every chapter. And I know I am way, way behind. But I am definitely still here and still all in. Love how Sarah is acknowledging, in her own way, that there is something special about Chuck, and she is experiencing feelings she did not think possible. Hope Chuck will not give up on her. (Like that’s possible….) Thanks so much. Reading on….
Lonny J chapter 52 . 7/20
Going pretty deep in this fic SC. I like it. Neat working of current themes into a period story. I saw on F/B you said no one likes this but you. So, So not true.
Capt LiL chapter 52 . 7/19
The struggle that both Sarah and Chuck have of not being good enough for the other...hopefully they can get over themselves sooner than later.
SarahWBfan chapter 52 . 7/19
Yahoo! The con-verse continues! Thanks for updating. Please don’t leave us here long. We’re all dying…DYING!
SWchuckFan chapter 52 . 7/19
So good! One of the best worlds you’ve built. Love these guys! Ellie with a weapon.. they don’t stand a chance! Thx for sharing!
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 52 . 7/18
It's been awhile since I've written one of these, but despite that, I've definitely been keeping up with your stories.

Anyway, what caught my attention in this chapter was the argument Sarah and Chuck got into over him carrying a gun. I don't know if this is something you're planning to deal with later on, or just me making connections, but there's a moment in this chapter where Sarah lightly admonishes Chuck to not put she and Casey on a pedestal. Later, when the riders are approaching, Sarah is pretty adamant that she doesn't want Chuck and his family to get blood on their hands...which is fair enough. That's a very Sarah position to take. After that though, she gives Devon a rifle without much hesitation, and even comes to a compromise with Ellie to the point of giving her what i assume to be a bowie knife or something similar. Chuck she flat out refuses though.

Now, I'm not necessarily arguing that she should have given him a weapon, but I found it interesting that she's willing to accept the possibility that Devon or even Ellie might have to take a life, but she won't accept that for Chuck. So what I'm wondering is how much of this is about protecting Chuck and how much of this is about protecting the idealized version of Chuck she's built up in her head? I know she's very aware that she shouldn't do that, but that doesn't mean she didn't inadvertently do it anyway.

So I guess I'm just wondering if that's something we're going to see her have to deal with down the line. That it's fine to want to try and preserve who he is, but that also has to be balanced by the needs created by the reality of their situation. Because Chuck is right...whatever Bryce dragged him into, they're all dead in it's crosshairs.

...anyway, glad to see this one update again, since it's always been one of my favorites.

tiggerhk chapter 52 . 7/17
Feel a ray of hope reading this chapter and your AN. Sometimes life is a struggle but good to see the determination of our heros and heroines to fight the good fight. Very cathartic. Thank you.
Shimon21 chapter 52 . 7/17
This A/N is the BEST! It has summed up why I keep coming back to stories based on Chuck.

The SC world you have created just FITS for me too.

One candle can dispel the darkness.

Thanks for continuing this story. But, please, please, let them continue as a team. I want to travel this road knowing they are all “together against the world”.
chucksboxers chapter 52 . 7/17
I can see why you’re drawn to this particular story of yours again! Current events are pretty obviously aligned with themes in your story. That makes it all the more compelling.
I hope you can build some catharsis into your world and story. It doesn’t have to be Tarantino level revenge but NGL I wouldn’t mind it! LOL
At least Chuck and Sarah seem to be on the same page again. I love to see that again as things are about to go off the rails. :-)

Maybe the Intersect has something special tucked away for this situation?

Terrific story SC - thanks for coming back to it and sharing!
David Carner chapter 52 . 7/16
Every time I see this fic published, it reminds me of hope. I don't know how you can take that world and make it hope like you do. It's a gift. You're a gift. Thank you.
Frank Suppa chapter 52 . 7/15
Steampunk Chuckster I was going to save this a read it in the morning but I couldn't everything in this chapter was great oh my God with every word I read I got angry a Sarah with what she was saying to Chuck when it came to him asking for a gun I my mind I Don't think he needs one as smart as Chuck is I don't know if Sarah know how really smart he is if he can build a human robot I think Chuck is smart enough to help I always saw Chuck like a MacGyver ability I hope I see it here
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