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Guest chapter 22 . 12/12/2015
So essentially Sarah is a hypocrite and Chuck is an idiot. Why does he trust her? It makes no sense at all. Zero.

You are trying to make us sympathize with Sarah and it is just falling flat for me. She doesn't deserve Chuck's help, his patience, his forgiveness.

Sarah doesn't deserve his trust, bottom line. There's nothing about this conversation that makes her previous actions acceptable, and yet you make Chuck just roll over like a little dog and accept whatever she gives. It's pretty pathetic as far as Chuck is concerned.
CWT chapter 29 . 12/12/2015
I just managed to catch up with this story, I felt like I had to go back and re-read this from the start just to get my head in the universe again. I really do love the universe/setting you've created, the atmosphere to the story is really unique and wonderful. The whole overarching storyline is fantastic too, it's very engaging.

If I had to say a negative and it's surprising to me to say this. It's the actual Chuck and Sarah 'relationship'. I'm not a huge fan of what's happened in the past really. I haven't liked how Sarah has treated Chuck since the beginning, the lying/manipulation and her general attitude, hasn't been appealing to me.

I felt like their earlier conversation where Sarah was telling the 'truth' (after he found out she was the ice queen) wasn't really enough either, she didn't really seem apologetic enough.

The other moment was the Ellie/Chuck conversation, I don't really see how Ellie could pick up on Sarah's feelings, when if you (the reader) look at the story as a whole, there's very little indication that Sarah even feels that way for Chuck. Yes her inner thoughts help paint a clearer picture, but nothing is shown in terms of actual actions. She's very closed off. I don't see why Chuck would have any indication that she feels anything for him outside of what their situation currently entails. The situation being that they are forced to spend a lot of time together.

I'm kind of at the point where I don't actually care if they end up together or not. I just want Chuck to grow a spine as far as his feelings/relationship goes and not be such a passenger to it all. Sarah isn't pursuing him, and I'm not entirely sure I would Chuck to pursue her either given their past. So it's difficult for me, Sarah needs to show way more loyalty to him, and I'm talking about actual actions here, not just inner thoughts/dialogue that shows her hesitation/confusion. There needs to be substantial movement from her, and Chuck needs to grow a set and man up more.

Overall, the direction of the story is fantastic. Ihe plot has moved at a great pace (maybe not your updates though p) I just haven't gotten so invested into their relationship like I did in 'Con Game'. I think Sarah was much more likeable as a person in Con Games then she has ever been in this. I'm not a huge fan of hers in this one, I was hoping her explanations and conversation with Chuck earlier about the truth/ice queen business would change my mind, but it hasn't unfortunately.

Great job by the way, cannot wait to read more
adamtello90 chapter 17 . 12/12/2015
I made it to chapter 17 but I don't like this version of Sarah I'm sorry :(

She's rude, impatient with him, constantly lying. I actually don't want to see Chuck and Sarah get together which just feels wrong to me because I always ship the two of them together.

The whole Sarah/Bryce angle is just boringly predictable and all throughout your con game series to begin with, so this is starting to feel like another rehash. The difference about Sarah in Con Game and Steampunk is that Sarah is genuinely adorable/dorky in Con Game, you can tell that she in sincere and a good person, regardless of her actual career and upbringing. I don't feel none of that from this version of Sarah you have in this story so far.

She's way too confronting with him, the exchanges haven't been rewarding so far. Chuck just comes across as someone stuck in an ocean, barely keeping his head above water, and yet for all of Sarah's duty of care/bodyguard status, it doesn't feel like she respects him at all, or is in the water with him.

I dunno, I'm sure it will get better in the next 12 chapters, I do plan to continue reading...I just don't like her in this story which is so strange, because she's been my favorite character in any TV show for years now.

It would have been nice to see Chuck not open up so much after learning her lie, her proper intentions, but it appears that he's just going to keep putting himself out there and trust her when he really shouldn't. It doesn't feel like Sarah even thinks differently about it being just a job either, like you can see her feeling some sort of guilt, but it isn't enough in comparison to her actual actions and behavior towards him.

I hope this turns out to be more than just a jealous Chuck who eventually finds out about Sarah/Bryce and everything being at her pace throughout this entire journey. I know it's the predictable path, but it would be good to see Chuck being better than that.
Garnetflint chapter 29 . 10/22/2015
That should have been Charah not characters (darn auto-correct)..sorry about that Chief!
Garnetflint chapter 29 . 10/20/2015
Great to see an update and I like the direction you are taking with Casey. There seems to be more to him than meets the eye! I note that there are signs of. Characters developing, but would it be too much to hope for some further developments in the near future? This is a great universe you have created and I think you are doing a superb job of the story you have gifted to us.
fake a smile chapter 29 . 10/16/2015
Well, I've finally got around to rereading and catching up on the latest updates following the year-long hiatus. You provided excellent entertainment while traveling to and from a conference, by the way, so thanks for that. I have to say, I enjoyed the story every bit as much this go around as I did when I originally read it.

Your Chuck and Sarah are just so wonderfully charming. You capture the absolute best of their characters from the show, without all the stupid tv drama that they always seem to unnecessarily insert to throw a wrench in things (Lou, Jill, Hannah, Shaw, etc.). While Zachary's Chuck tends to take center stage on the show with his emotions being yanked around, I always thought Yvonne's job as Sarah was so very well done, understated and subtle, but at the same time obvious to anyone really looking. And it truly feels like I get a peak into her character's head the way you write her. The denial, both in her own mind and in her actions, and the gradual realization and admittance, if only to herself, of her growing feelings for Chuck. It's beautifully done and a joy to read.

I've found the new direction of the last few chapters interesting. I wasn't quite sure how you planned to maintain the charade for Casey, but the wild goose chase method is working well for the time being and is offering a prime chance to get in some classic Team Bartowski saving-the-world-shenanigans. But I'll be even more interested to see where this leads after this mission. How long can they keep Casey fooled? And how much will it take before Casey's loyalty is earned to the point where they need not fear him turning Chuck in? As much as I cannot imagine Casey ignoring a direct order to bring Chuck in, I think it would be much easier to convince him to withhold information about Chuck to his superiors so that the order is never given in the first place. But I think there's still a ways to go yet before Chuck manages to engender that sort of loyalty from him.

I only really noticed this time around how little the steampunk setting actually affects the story, apart from the more Victorian ideals that go along with it. I wonder if you plan to include more elements of it into the central narrative. Maybe more automatons? Or other gadgetry? Could the Inquisitor be an automaton? Or have an army of them? It'd be fun to see Chuck's tinkering being integral for the success of a mission or two. I always thought that was one area the show was deficient in, save for a couple random episodes. It started with his Nerd Herding being integral to the success of the mission, then there's the one where Chuck is suddenly revealed to have at one time been an infamous hacker, and then there's nary a mention again to my recollection. I feel like there was a lot of potential for him to bring his own skills into missions that was rarely ever realized. I feel like there should be a good opportunity for your Chuck to shine outside of his Intersect abilities. You've certainly set him up as intelligent and adaptable enough.

Anyway, I fear I've rambled on for quite a bit. Needless to say, I love the story. Now that I'm back up to speed on everything I dare say I'll be anxiously awaiting the next update. Happy (and speedy) writing!
uplink2 chapter 29 . 10/14/2015
As usual Karen, the pacing of this story is just great. Can't wait to see where this all leads.
Rob M chapter 29 . 10/11/2015
Aww..poor Chuck. Its not like anyone ever taught him how to run around on the roof of a five story building or how to spy on someone without being obvious. I think hes doing pretty damn good for a beginner. I like that somehow, no matter how nervous he is, Chuck manages to rise to the situation

Very interested in learning more about how this intersect works. Youve already shown that it has some skills included as well as knowledge and now it appears he's able to pull up specific information from a past flash

...and just to finish off, I very much enjoy your stories here, so as long as you keep writing them, Ill keep reading them.
knightrid3r chapter 29 . 10/13/2015
So happy when I see one of your stories has been updated. Keep up the great work.
Deathzbreath chapter 29 . 10/13/2015
I just about had an embolism when I saw you updated! Awesome! Made my day!
fezzywhigg chapter 29 . 10/12/2015
(raises hand ;) )I'm enjoying the story but dang you got to get Sarah and Chuck together! Sarah knows that Chuck cares for her but I guess Chuck is still questioning (?). I also can't wait to see how the mystery is resolved.
sevenrez chapter 29 . 10/12/2015
I love reading the progression of sarah and chuck's attraction to each other. Thanks for the new chapter!

I definitely raise my hand to the whiskey! !
resaw chapter 29 . 10/11/2015
"Yes. Absolutely. What did you say?" You do an excellent job of showing how flummoxed a guy can get. My younger self identifies with Chuck thoroughly in this scene. And then all the close contact while on the roof! This is great fun to read.

I think you are a brilliant storyteller. For example, while up on the roof, Chuck tells Sarah about his dream of climbing the tallest mountain. Maybe it's just a "throwaway line" (although I wonder whether you'll make use of it later), but it adds to the verisimilitude of your story so well.

Just curious: breast of lamb, stewed celery, poached egg: would that have been a typical dinner of the day (even though Steampunk is an alternate version of a period in history)?

A great sequence with Grand and then with the two of them in the hotel room. Again, you have a way of writing that fills my mind with visions of the scenes you describe. Well done! Thank you (and I'm so glad you are able to find time to "plug along").
Lissy94 chapter 29 . 10/11/2015
You are so awesome! This story is amazing! i can't wait for more
phnxgrl chapter 29 . 10/11/2015
I loved the way Chuck met Ishmael Grand in the dining room of the hotel. Please continue.
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