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RC1701 chapter 49 . 6/6
Updates for this story are the rarest treats, and they never disappoint. Thanks for sharing, SC, and I look forward to next time.


Guest chapter 49 . 5/26
This story is just a gift that keeps on giving. Great work
David Carner chapter 49 . 5/26
If I'm not the somebody, then tell the somebody I agree with them. You do know that I know SO many people when things are bad, they go read your work for cheer, for light. It's why this fic is so popular. The world is dark, but there are two lights, one a little brighter than the other, but the second one is slowly getting its smudges cleaned off. In a real world where things are dark and grey, and constantly have me questioning everything, your writing is where I go to comfort myself. It's where many go. Sure some of it is heart wrenching, but at the end of the day, there's light, like you. You and Charah, a light in this dark, dark world. Thank you SC. Thank you.
PurpleAffair chapter 49 . 5/23
This chapter doesn’t miss a beat. Not in the tone, the characters...anything. Chuck making jokes in attempts to levy the situation continuing on from last chapter, getting Sarah to twist her lips to stifle a smile. That slight stale air between Sarah and Ellie, more unsure where they stand than anything unkind. The urgency to get what needs to be done and be safe.

Ellie is a strong formidable woman. She had taken everything in stride. She’s not afraid to be left alone during the riots, she insists, to get her bearings. But also watching her only brother whom she raised, willingly go back into the chaos. Especially when she knows Chuck’s character and desire to aid and how that could get him hurt if not killed.

Side note: Boy does Eleanor know her brother. First he almost dies at the hands of patrolmen in effort to aid Mr. McLeod. Then his stubborn affection for Sarah had him risking himself out of their makeshift cover to look for anything to help her.

It’s become clear that Ellie and Sarah have come to care for each other more than just someone who Chuck cares about. They’ve formed their own bond. The revelations are still fresh for Ellie but concern for Sarah’s welfare in the beginning of the chapter is there in the way she reached for Sarah’s bandaged hand and the hint of smile in her face. For Sarah, she includes Ellie and Devon in her instance that Los Angeles be left. Sarah wouldn’t have even fathomed that as an option when the women first met.

The raw ugly feeling the riots and abuses of the patrolmen bring up a ball of anger, dare I say it hate in my chest. It invokes real emotions, making this story powerful. I’m invested not only due to my love for the characters but this steampunk world you’ve created.

There seems to be a turning point with the intersect. Something has clicked into place for Chuck. He has more control and is conscious while fighting rather than blacking out in previous instances. This chapter displays the full spectrum of the intersect’s abilities with fighting skills, weapons knowledge (in the case of proper bullets), and classified type information (the weapons were stolen). All of this has finally cumulated and what does it mean for the gang going forward? Instead of a protectee will Chuck become more of a partner with a more physically active role?

I CANNOT OVERSTATE HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE Steampunk!Sarah Walker, whose life was filled with struggle and strife and ruthlessness that made her choose again and again and /again/ her life or taking someone else’s; she had the strength to chose her own preservation even if it meant stealing and killing. But it’s not black and white she stole (things like the guns) because it was easier and simply she wanted them. Despite the jadedness and hardening of her heart with fortifications in order to survive this world she is still a good, compassionate woman at her core. This chapter beautifully displays that inner struggle of being kind in an unkind world and accepting the ugly realities (sometimes succumbing to it aka Sarah’s thievery).

Maybe being around the Bartowski/Woodcombs specifically Chuck has made it easier to bring forth parts of Sarah's self that she often safeguarded. SHE was the one gently easing Mr. McLeod onto the flood and pleading for him to stay, that they’d get him away and help. She gave him the respect of closing his eyes once he passed. There is her kindness and compassion yet she’s pragmatic that there isn’t time for a proper burial or anything of the like. She and Chuck had to leave in order to save themselves.

I must commend your writing for keeping up with the details. With all the heightened danger and emotions I forgot about the carriage and horses. They’re addressed so realistically well with Chuck insisting he lead the horses to the stable to draw less attention. And it’s written beautifully in character for Chuck who is an intelligent man and unconventionally tactic. To follow that moment up with him knowing about barricading procedures from reading serials on the Wild West, brilliant. Another detail of note, Sarah lamenting that the patrolmen didn’t question Mr. McLeod or their brethren’s fate. These things didn’t occur to me until I read them but once I did it became obvious how important it was to include them to make this story feel real.

Every version of Chuck keeping Sarah on her toes. Asking for a gun when he abhors them. Keeping silent about Sarah’s past despite his often seemingly rigid moral compass. I don’t know how to express my love and appreciation for these moments.

Yes, Chuck knows Sarah cares for him, she not an unfeeling android like Morgan. There’s something about knowing she cares for him and hearing her verbally say that she cares for him romantically, I feel. To Sarah it obvious how much she’s let slip through the cracks. All the moments she let her guard down around him since they met. I can feel Sarah’s affection for Chuck acutely with her nuzzling his shoulder. The steady way she said “Surely you have to know by now…” is going to haunt me until they have a proper conversation about it.

Now that they’ve had their moment, the kiss, there’s a soft intimacy between them. It’s manifesting physically. Sarah getting into Chuck’s space and placing her hand on his chest to whisper to him. Obviously the nuzzling but it’s not only Sarah initiating, Chuck lays her down his lap and covers her with his coat. There's something about Chuck careful tending to Sarah’s wounds.

Some of Sarah’s last thoughts made me ache for her, “She was an even bigger fool than he was. Infinitely more foolish than he'd ever be” there’s nothing foolish about wanting stable life secured with people around who care for you.

halfachance chapter 49 . 5/23
and that is why i ADORE this story ugh. we DO know, we all know! that's the wonder of it all, their pining and love and all the setting restraints of the drama and the era meaning they're utterly in love but Cannot, but Will, in time. it's toooo good ugh my heart. and as intense as all this chapter is it's uuuuugh so good. chuck and ellie, and ellie knowing him so well, having to tell him not to help anyone, which ofc he. very much does later. and how he gets sarah to smile with his little driver joke, that touch! sorting his collar! ah yes sarah definitely to sell the cover and not just to touch him. damn just every touch in this fic being so huge. and oh chuck there you go helping. i love that he doesn't even flash for that first punch, just bam, and then he has his whole intersect beat down and he's totally aware of it and in control. poor mr mcleod though oof. that scene with the realization that the dogs have been let loose, that gross laughter from them outside as this innocent dies reminiscing about trees, it's so powerful. and yet we don't even get to linger on it, which makes it feels even more devastating, they just have to rush back and defend themselves, sarah is still injured, chuck is so smart with the carriage thing. and that again, chuck's reference for this situation is a serial about lawmen a'knockin', sob, softest boy dropped into this reality of all this darkness. and it's funny because when sarah mentioned paying for the guns i was like huh really, but nope, stole them, and i love how steady she is admitting it, and while chuck doesn't like it, he doesn't give in to the goading, or actively say anything. and tbh at this point thank god she did steal them bc it's all they have to defend themselves lmao. her speech about him is so good, and so right, bc god nobody wants to help everyone and fix everything as much as chuck doesand that moment where she's maybe second guessing it. i like to think that she's thinking if any one person COULD change the world, it's chuck. this guy shes come to know who's already changed so much in her, or brought it out, at least, so unexpectedly. but then GAH "Surely you have to know by now..." that TEASE omg cutting her off there i love it. and tbh he MUST know by now, right? charles she ADORES you. she's not still there for any reason other than him now, and even if he doesn't know it *she* does, which i love. and uuuuugh when it's her saying she's not gonna let some corrupt fake lawmen be the thing to take her out, that makes him wanna kiss her. big Cougars Knife moment vibes lmao, he's just very into that and her badassness and general wonder, bless. and then he just goes and brings up their kiss! i'm! and he's so cuuute omg "feel free to do it again any time you see fit" sksks god i adore them. and this period way he's going about it somehow makes it even more endearing, "to say i enjoyed it would be a magnificent understatement" omG. and her hand on his and her faaaace. WE KNOW. the little nuzzle i'm sobbing. her reassurance after, that she's there and not going anywhere, it feels so pointed after that moment. she's gonna be there with him, and yes, they'll fight to get to another kiss. i'm. a wreck. AND WE'RE ONLY PART WAY THROUGH it's too much to cope with! ! ! the softness as we imagine her falling asleep and chuck pulling his coat over her, setting her head in his lap, the tenderness in those choices. he loves her so muuuuuuch. "are you looking to be inebriated?" made me laugh so much though lmao, and chuck's just like sure just not now. because he is OF COURSE still being all tender and looking out for her, i weep. and the bandages thing was so funny lmao bless awkward babies, but he just goes, and god the minutes of her stuck there basically powerless, waiting for him to never return or to hear him get hurt, i'm surprised she didn't just slap him and/or kiss him when he got back omg. and when he's suddenly hit by how little of their old lives is remaining and that they'll all have to go, and she doesn't run her hand through his hair because *she* won't be able to feel it because of her bandages... sarah. you're so in love. she even let herself think about a normal life (a real life) with him, she let herself get lost in that happiness just like he did, even with everything she knows about this world she'd let herself think like they'd finally get that time. but they WILL ugh i know it. just. after they stop the world exploding. i know they'll get it. that's what they do, they're some against all odds kinda stuff. and i LOVE them and god i adore this fic! you know it but i'll repeat it anyway! this always! truly it's just, the best and crazy imaginative and a whole dang universe you sculpted here and YES, within all of that incredible worldbuilding, just these two talking behind that couch is suuuuch goodness and i will actively fight anyone who disagrees. i will sarah walker their asses, i promise. best.
Chuck up North chapter 49 . 5/22
Hey, I love your writing. You don't have as much as DC has on the go at the same time, no one does, but I'm enjoying all your stories. And I think this is one of your personal favourites.
Please don't stop!

Chuck up north
keith reber chapter 49 . 5/20
I love this story so far,i can only wonder what you will come up with next.
SWchuckFan chapter 49 . 5/21
Jeez! So much going on. When i read the title i was like "?" But it was freaking perfect! Your details is just amazing, I felt like I was right there with them under attack. The suspense was giving me anxiety. Chuck and Sarah never get any time for themselves so many threats! Least they got each others backs.

Story is so good feel free to write plenty more! Ha! Thx for sharing!
Deathzbreath chapter 49 . 5/21
By far this is your best work, and that is really saying something since all your work is stupendous. Love it and so happy to see an update, thank you so much!
tiggerhk chapter 49 . 5/21
What an immense chapter. In the midst of danger and pandemonium, there is tenderness. Chuck and Sarah will have to trust and support each other to survive. It will be a struggle and challenge but the reward will be huge.
chucksboxers chapter 49 . 5/20
The previous chapter had some ultra slow burn Charah tension in it as well! Face it SC - you’re just damn good at this and I’m just glad you continue to write for us! :-)

Many echoes of current events as well! I just hope our heroes get to have a happy ending and some adventures along the way!

Great stuff SC - Thanks!
sportychuck chapter 49 . 5/20
Wow, I have good timing. I had just caught up with this story the other day only for it be updated. Someone important in the universe is on my side. This is was a great chapter and I have greatly enjoyed my journey with it thus far. Excited to hear that you have plans for the story and that you are continuing it. I imagine this was a very difficult story to even thing about given the dark nature of the world for the past 16 months. Can't wait for whatever you have planned next.
SWchuckFan chapter 48 . 5/20
I never posted a review for this story huh. Freaking loved it! Was just thinking about it and you updated it. I had to reread the last chapter but hell i might reread the whole thing b4 i read the newest one! This is one of my favs!
Guest chapter 49 . 5/20
Always great when I get to revisit this world that you created. This was a great chapter with a lot of sweet moments. Can't wait to see what you have planned next. Curious if you will have them to go to more central states such as Colorado which aren't as developed.
Feynman1968 chapter 49 . 5/20
I have to admit, that early on I had a hard time reading this story. Not exactly sure when it was but I got to a point where it all clicked and it just all made sense and I just loved it. This was a great Chuck & Sarah chapter. They are so comfortable with each other and so, so close. Close to each other and close to something. Love it.
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