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sevenrez chapter 41 . 9h
Nooooo! Fine we will have to wait! I wish Sarah would have pounced on Chuck at the cave! Thank you.
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 41 . 1/20
Gah, I knew that guy at the bar was up to no good! Honestly thought Sarah was about to catch it as well when she saw the kid run out the door, and get them the hell out of there. Now I'm wondering if what happened in the bar was because they were American or if it has to do with Chuck's group specifically?

I know I've mentioned this in the past, but I really do like that you present Chuck as someone whose, not so much naive about the horrors in the world, but as someone who does his best to not let them affect how he views the world.

...which leads to my next point. I think Sarah misunderstands what Chuck is trying to do when he marks the location of their cave on the map. He's not ignoring or being naive to the probability that they'll never come back to the spot. By living his life as though their eventual return is a forgone conclusion, Chuck is making a conscious decision to spit in the eye of everything that's stacked against them. He's trying to live his life in the way that he wants.

I'll never get tired of the way Sarah places such value on the way Chuck looks at the world.

I'm very curious about the things Chuck held back when talking about his younger years. What exactly did Ellie do that got them out of the orphanage and set her on her path to being a Doctor? Where did those scars on Chucks back come from? What did he do to earn the money for his first tools, and why is he so reluctant to talk about Morgan?

... update soon, I hope!
halfachance chapter 41 . 1/19
Gah! I loved this chapter so much omg. My adventuring trio, following maps and mountains, becoming (sorta) friends, having Moments, and then a big ole' cliffhanger, and you slowly killing me with perfect lines. It's like all my favourite parts of this whole fic all rolled into one.
So, first, that scene with Sarah and Casey was just perfect. The honesty, and at times the not-so-honesty on Sarah's part, was all so well balanced. "If anythin' were to, erm, ever happen to 'im, it'd be sorta like blowin' out the last candle in the room... leave everythin' in darkness, ya know? World might be a little... I dunno, colder." Like, a- Casey you eloquent bounty hunter you. But b- that line was just? I love that so much? Casey's admitting it but also the imagery, and it's so accurate. I always feel Chuck is light, especially in this story when the world is often literally and metaphorically dark, and then you just go and put it into words. I honestly had to take a moment and be like, damn okay. Chuck is warmth and light and without him we really would be lacking in it. But that whole conversation felt so right, and so kinda timely at this point in the fic, and I love how Casey seemed part awed and part discomfited and a lot grumpy he only just found out, it was so very him, lol. And all those not so little hints from Sarah's point of view about her feelings for Chuck, her worry for him, they were perfect, not too much, just enough.
I loved Chuck's struggling to reconcile the Bryce he thought he knew with the Bryce it turns out actually existed- their dynamics fascinate me in the show canon and I love it transferring here so perfectly. And I love the adventuring! Just trekking and journeying and, inevitably, coming across something unexpected on their way. "Oh. That's definitely a mountain. That's a mountain. Is there supposed to be a mountain there?"- SO Chuck omg, what an idiot, I love him. Also his saying he's ticklish was perfect lmao
And then
Oh, then. Just- that whole thang. I was ruined, RUINED, i say. Like, I thought Sarah spying on him was enough. I thought her being distracted- "Well, she was careful not to look more than once."- was enough, bc she definitely enjoyed looking at him. I thought Chuck being so gleeful and free, freer than she'd ever seen him, leaping about like the ridiculous full-of-light man he is was enough. I thought their close proximity in the cave was enough.
And then you just had to write "I'm not wearing a shirt, Sarah Walker, and it'd be entirely inappropriate, so-so I won't, but I need you to know that I'd like nothing more than to wrap my arms around you and hold you tighter than I've ever held anyone or anything in my life." and my brain legit just stopped working. Like, holy crap, that was a genuine clutching-my-heart moment. I honestly clutched my chest, irl. How did Sarah even have enough resistance to hold back? How did she not just pounce like she wanted to? I was halfway to jumping through my damn screen at it. That was just- I mean, so simple, "so matter-of-fact and without even a smidgeon of shyness" What the heck was in that water? Or, is it just being there with Sarah, tucked away from the world, that makes him so bold? I had to like, sit back and re-examine my life for a couple minutes at that line, for reals. And then bless, he just wants to remember that spot, mark that moment. Even though they both know they'll likely never get there again (the waterfall, that is, hopefully they'll get to moments like that again, in time). But you just wrote that whole section so well, I could feel the stillness and the peace, the interlude between the travelling and what was to come. I could feel those things that Chuck felt, wanting to go back, that Sarah felt too. It was perfect.
And then, of course, you knock 'em all out. I should be used to it by now. I mean I could tell with the sweaty guy that something was Up but sudden tranqing or something like it? I was still caught up in the waterfall cave I was not prepared! But I guess when they find peace and stillness, reality's gotta come crashing in, as in life, ugh. At least there's some relief in the fact that you say it hurts you to hurt them, but I have my doubts, hmmmm. These guys get hurt a lot. You must be in terrible pain due to it.

Anyway, yes, in summary, I had a lot of emotions. It was wonderful, your writing was awesome as ever, I'm concerned for the spilt beer at the end here. And the trio, obvs, concerned for them too. Don't hurt them too much, I love them so!
Thank you, bless you, I can't wait for more.

-Kiera :)
baldcoder chapter 41 . 1/19
Great chapter! I wonder who's coming to collect them? I bet they'll have a headache when they wake up!
Deathzbreath chapter 41 . 1/18
Excellent update, leaves us begging for more! I really did enjoy the waterfall part, a bit of peace for them in a vile world! Can't wait for more!
phnxgrl chapter 41 . 1/18
I loved the conversation of Sarah with Chuck in the cave behind the waterfall. Please continue.
david.carner chapter 41 . 1/18
Casey with all these, well, almost, feelings. Sarah and that cave. Chuck still guarding himself. You make me have ALL the lady feelings when I read this, and I'm here for it. (You may have to send those two back to the waterfall before they combust!)
MustangSallie chapter 41 . 1/18
So, you're offically my ff hero - I admire your persistency - I mean its nearly 5 years that you are writing on this story and its getting constantly better and better. thx for still being there and pls keep on writing.
bahall1964 chapter 41 . 1/17
It took a while to really get into this story but you have me totally hooked. I look forward to your updates on this story and your other two stories. I am really enjoying the relationship between Chuck and Sarah and how they are building their trust in each other. I loved Chuck being Chuck in the fight. I truly appreciated the way you brought Casey in on their secret. Keep up the great writing and I can't wait for the next chapters on all your stories.
bahall1964 chapter 41 . 1/17
It took a while to really get into this story but you have me totally hooked. I look forward to your updates on this story and your other two stories. I am really enjoying the relationship between Chuck and Sarah and how they are building their trust in each other. I loved Chuck being Chuck in the fight. I truly appreciated the way you brought Casey in on their secret. Keep up the great writing and I can't wait for the next chapters on all your stories.
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 40 . 1/1
More and more I'm starting to wonder if the Intersect isn't so much giving Chuck abilities as it is repressing his inhibitions about things. In this case, his reluctance to be violent. It would also explain why he could snap those ropes the way he did, if the Intersect was suppressing his minds subconscious limitations for what a body can do.

This chapter also hit on one of the things I enjoy about Chuck and Sarah's relationship. The fact that, even though he see's Sarah as a lady, as well as someone he has feelings for, he never lets it distract from seeing her as a professional. When he becomes her partner on the show, Chuck has no problem stepping back and following Sarah's lead. He knows she's got years of experience being a spy, and when someone like that is willing to teach you, you shut up and learn.

...anyway, sorry about the late review. Hope you had a great holiday!
resaw chapter 40 . 12/24/2017
Oh! I really didn't think it was going to come to this. Well, who knows what twist will come next, I suppose, but it certainly looks like Casey is going to join the inner circle. What a great chapter and a great way to set up a situation where Casey is now going to become aware of who Chuck and Sarah are. I really wonder how it goes from here. Thank you, and as I'm reading this on Christmas Eve, a Merry Christmas to you!
halfachance chapter 40 . 12/21/2017
Oh dang! Stuff is happening!

There was so so much I loved in this chapter omg. Chuck full on freaking out as they're being shot at, Sarah cradling! him in her arms when he's unconscious, like, such a trope but I adore it, the Sister Brunhilde line which had me cackling aloud when I read it I'm, the "I feel... blessed? I suppose?" at being knocked out but thus missing even scarier stuff, so Chuck, and then the potato? It was all so scary but so funny at the same time it was the perfect action/comedy balance I love so much from the show, just put into this fic, I loved it. And the little nerdy snipes about physics? My heart was so full at that whole scene, what a trio, what darlings.
And then things really did get scary with the capture and all, but I loved the little moment of Chuck figuring out Sarah had been underestimated (as ever), and the mention of Sarah being worried when Chuck flashes on Constantos... Plus, "there was a deeper fear than even that inside of her. It has nothing to do with her safety, and everything to do with the toymaker." Oof, right in the heart with that one.
But then! The fight! I've been waiting for Chuck to have, like, a skill flash since the hotel and damn you did not disappoint. First, "Sarah, duck!" and "Help!" were such just like Chuck lines I heard them perfectly in my head, so I loved that. Plus him legit saving Sarah by warning her, of course I loved that too. But then the actual fight omg, Chuck breaking his ropes in one go? Fighting so well Sarah legit just gets distracted and stares at him? All the kicks and punches but then saving Casey? I knew then that it would likely lead to Casey demanding an explanation and then probably finding stuff out but omg, having it be Chuck saving him? So good. And then, again, Chuck fainting, Sarah reaching for him, moving his hair off his forehead, holding his face, be still my heart for I am a sucker for these kindsa things.
And then, the final scene, moving things along! I hadn't really thought about whether I wanted Casey to know or not but now I'm super psyched, what with his relief over Chuck being okay in this chapter, his doing what Sarah asked even as he was still yelling, all the things the past few chapters with Casey sorta looking out for Chuck re: Sarah 'playing him', I'm looking forward to what you do with this coming up. And then even within that last scene it was still so, like, them? "Morgan's an android, a machine." "There's no need to be rude!" It's such a silly thing to argue over, and to argue over in such a Chuck and Casey way, not like, don't say that, just don't be rude, I was laughing again it was ridiculous.
But yes! I'm excited, I loved this one. Thank you for always writing these so awesomely, and thank you for constantly reminding me why I adore these ridiculous characters who make nerdy remarks about physics and get knocked out by potatoes and protest rudeness against androids. Tuned I will stay.

-Kiera :)
baldcoder chapter 40 . 12/20/2017
Wonder how Casey will react to the truth? Should be interesting. Thanks for the update SC!
Zettel chapter 40 . 12/19/2017
Nice chapter!
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