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Juneblitz chapter 9 . 7/9/2018
Please continue its so good.
Hatred For Canon chapter 9 . 11/26/2017
"Do you really still want that brat, Elsa's company?” Wiping the tears of rage, anger and fury from her angry, glaring, narrowing eyes and cheeks, but also glaring at all the thoughts of not only anybody who openly does and shows nothing but favoritism towards Elsa over Anna but also Elsa herself too, Anna aggressively answered with a tone of voice filled with nothing but anger, fury, rage, hatred and disgust. "No." “Then it's all up to you if you really feel free to be better off becoming that brat, Elsa's vengeful opponent. Why don't you come live and move in with me instead? Trust me, Anna, some families are nothing but scams at all anyway, including yours, especially that brat, Elsa. You're better off living your whole entire life without the likes of your brat of a sister holding you back anyway from now on, aren't you? Isn't it time you stepped out of the brat, Elsa's shadow? After all, that brat, Elsa never ever even deserved to be your sister at all anyway, did she? In fact, she's not even worthy enough being your sister herself at all anyway, is she?! Don't worry, you won't be stuck with the likes of that brat, Elsa at all no more.” Anna was looking hesitant at first but since this will give her much far, further, farther distance from Elsa.
Revenge on Elsa chapter 9 . 9/22/2017
It was after dinner, and everyone went their ways to their rooms to settle in before bed. However, Anna felt a bit restless. She slipped out of her room, tiptoed down the staircase, then she strolled down the hallway towards the door to the palace gardens for fresh air. 'The sky's awake, so I'm awake,' the bizarre logic whispered in her mind. Anna paused when she heard hushed conversation behind a closed door. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean it is rather drastic," said a calm male voice. Kristoff? She pressed an ear to the door, straining to hear more. "Oh, come on!" Another, more agitated voice retorted. "You SAW what she did! That could have been a disaster!" Eugene? "Oh, no! What did she do this time?" came yet another voice, this one feminine and filled with worry. Elsa!? Who are they talking about? Surely it's not... But the next words that came removed all doubt. "Anna nearly started a forest fire!" Eugene shouted. "And it was only in the nick of time that she got it under control!" "What?!" Elsa cried. "Why didn't she tell me about this? If my sister can't be trusted to come to tell me about a problem like this, then I'm making my final decision. Starting in the morning, Anna won't be allowed to be a part of our training sessions for the time being. I believe she needs a break." "Now, Elsa, I don't think that'd be necessary..." Kristoff begun, but seemed to trail off. Anna couldn't bear to listen to any more of this. She shoved herself off the door and scampered away, trying her best not to trip nor make noise in her haste. When Anna finally reached the door leading outside, she flung it open and stalked through. She felt as if time itself stopped. They no longer trusted her. They thought she was dangerous. 'It was an accident! They can't do this!' Anna mentally fumed. 'I won't go back to a life where I'm restricted and locked away! Why can't they understand? Especially Elsa! This must be how Elsa felt all her life...' Anna trailed off at that realization. She felt utterly betrayed. If anyone should've understood, it should've been her own sister. "I never lost faith in Elsa! After all the time and danger I put myself in to save her, this is how I get treated?" Anna whispered aloud. Tears came to her eyes, and she almost didn't notice the smoke and sparks that shot from her hands. Then it hit her. 'The mountains! I won't have to worry about hurting anyone else there. Maybe I SHOULD take a page from Elsa's book for once.' Anna turned, slipped back into the palace, and snuck into the kitchen. She searched until she found some leftovers and stuffed them into a basket. Using the blanket she pulled from the basket before putting the food in, she tied a knot which secured the basket to her back. The red-haired girl then scurried back outside and looked towards the mountains, where high upon a slope, stood a majestic ice castle that shimmered in the moonlight. "I'll show them. I'll show them all! Fire is beautiful; it's life; it's light! It's humanity's saving grace!" The strawberry-blonde exclaimed. With that, Anna raced off through the woods towards the one area she believed would be safe... unaware of the pair of stormy brown eyes gazing at her underneath blond fringes from a castle window a few floors up.
Canon Stinks chapter 9 . 8/31/2017
"Wait a minute, you want Elsa dead?" Hans was confused. He thought that Anna was a sweet, gullible, sister, not a murderous power monger. "Of course," Anna stated like it should be obvious. "I've always been second fiddle to Elsa, and I'm sick and tired of it. She always got special treatment because of her powers and never talked to me. She's got to die." "You're crazy, and I love it," Hans replied adoringly. "I was going to trick you into marrying me so I could get power after killing Elsa. There's no way I'd get through twelve brothers." "Well, we can still marry. We have so much in common," Anna said taking on a more seductive tone. Hans seemed to appreciate this as he moved his face closer to hers. "Let's seal this deal with a kiss," he said barely above a whisper. As their lips pressed together passionately they both imagined their reign once Elsa was dead. All they needed to do was kill her. And they would stop at nothing to do so.
Canon Sucks chapter 9 . 8/31/2017
"Trust me, Anna, family's nothing but a scam at all anyway, especially that brat, Elsa. You're better off living your whole entire life without the likes of your brat of a sister holding you back anyway, aren't you? Isn't time you stepped out of Elsa's shadow? After all, that brat, Elsa was never ever even worthy enough to be your sister anyway, was she? In fact, she's not even worthy being your family at all anyway, is she?!"
Don't like Anna chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
Shocked everybody else most of all, including Elsa. With one quick step forwards, she pulled her arm back and –SLAP/SMACK! Anna fell back with surprise. One of Elsa's favoritism showing female friends had just hit Anna around the face with all the force she could muster. Anna's cheeks burned bright red, and she stared, stunned, as One of threw a furious diatribe at Anna. "How dare you!" she yelled, "You have absolutely no right to make Elsa cry that way, you bitch! No right at all!" "But, I-" Anna tried to scream something but Elsa's favoritism showing friend cut her off by another hard slap. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, ANNA! If you think you can get away with making Elsa cry, then you're're just…worse than ever! And, and…and Elsa's better than you are! Elsa will always be a hundred, thousand, million times better than you!" She spat out the last word, as though speaking of him made her ill as glared at Anna with, supporting Elsa, who seemed to thank anybody who vehemently stands up to/against Anna without any hesitation at all. She was staring at anybody who says and does everything, looking stunned. Elsa had never knew anybody who openly show real hatred for Anna until now ever since they openly found Anna rather obnoxiously insufferable.
Canon Stinks chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
Anna stormed upstairs in a huff so she snatched the doorknob to flung it open, stormed into the room and slammed the door behind her with a very loud bang/shut. Anna stomped over to the bed and fling herself on it. She covered her head with her pillow and tried to block out the sound of banging on the door. She heard someone banging on the door so she heard the a stern, harsh voice from the outside of the room. Then she realized that voice was from the other woman. "Young lady, we're not done discussing this yet, let me in this instant right now or else so help me, Anna, you're grounded!" Anna stubbornly shook her head no in refusal. "No I'm done talking about it," Anna screamed and yelled as she was abandoning the pillow technique. "Anna, when you're living in my house, you obey my rules!" Anna tightly clenched her fists. "No one's stopping you from coming in, the door's open!" Seconds later, the door was burst, slammed and flung open so it was the same other woman who threw Anna a death glare and Anna glared back at her. "Would you care to explain your behavior towards your poor sister, Elsa today, young lady? Would you care to explain your behavior towards the servants too? Well?" Anna knew it wasn't really a question, so she knew it was a demand, but that didn't stop Anna from acting like a spoiled, bratty pain in the ass. "Nope." Anna glared up. "Explain yourself right now!" "Why should I? What's there to explain?" Anna demanded. "Why did you make your poor sister, Elsa cry like that? Huh?" Anna grinned. "It's not funny, Anna! Wipe that smile off of your face, you're in huge trouble!" Anna glared, frowned, crossed her arms over her chest over, rolled her eyes in annoyance, scoffed and glared at the window because she still couldn't believe Elsa was always defended. "Humph!" "You know what, Anna? You're becoming worse and worse every day, aren't you?!" Anna glared as she scoffed. "Humph! Good!" "That's not something to be proud of at all!" Anger surged throughout Anna's whole entire body. She still didn't like anybody taking Elsa's side over Anna's against her at all. "Just get out!" Anna narrowed her eyes as she screamed in rage but the other woman didn't flinch at all though. "You know what? That's fine, but don't think this means you're out of trouble because you're grounded and that's final!" Anna was much angrier than usual as she heard that correctly but she still glared at the slammed door before she turned around and flopped back on the bed, buried her angry face into the pillow and screamed in rage like crazy. It was so unfair. Why does everybody always take Elsa's side over Anna's against Anna? Why does everybody especially always take Elsa's side over Anna's against Anna every time two sisters get into arguments and fights over anything else? At least nobody found Elsa to be impossible nor obnoxious nor insufferable at all but in Anna's mind, it was never ever even fair at all and it never ever even will be at all. She glared up at the ceiling much more than only just for a few minutes as she bitterly thought of Elsa. She wished neither her nor Elsa were sisters at all in the first place.
Can't stand Anna chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
Anna's, my hatred for you's abstract is because you're nothing but obnoxious, insufferable and a pain in the ass! You always talk too loud all the time, it's giving me a bad headache, making me deaf and busting my eardrums.
I hate you, Anna and I'm proud to say I rather prefer your shy sister,
Elsa much over the likes of that obnoxious, insufferable
pain in the butt like you, I don't understand how poor Elsa
could actually suffer from dealing and putting up with the likes of you, the brat who's nothing but an obnoxious, insufferable pain in the butt like you at all. Maybe you're just dumb, or perhaps I'm overly proud
of showing favoritism towards your shy, lovely, pretty,
beautiful, hot sister, Elsa over the likes of some obnoxious,
insufferable pain in the butt like you because, seriously, girl,
you just can't keep your big fat loud mouth shut at all, can you?
You're ugly, and that's that, and I wouldn't be shocked
if you're less hot and uncool. Your voice's high-pitched
and that pisses me off, EVERYTHING you do is to annoy people with your high-pitched voice, even your attitude. I hope you were taken away.
You don't deserve to be born nor exist at all anyway, do you?
You're stupid and so un-sublime. Having you as a sister's a whole lot, way too much of a living nightmare hell for anybody, especially for Elsa
as it already is, so step aside, you bitchy un-lady-like animal.
In fact, why don't you butt out of Elsa's life for good and drop dead?
And then Elsa would've been better off without you.
Go live in the wilderness with the animals to be raised by them;
I'm sick of your loudness, arguing, screaming, yelling, and shouting.
You always make the film, Frozen worse, don't you get it?
Go away you bitch, I can't stand your existence at all. You're better off dead.
Having you as a sister's nothing but a living nightmare hell for anybody, isn't it? I don't like you at all but at least Elsa's less insufferable unlike you.
Having you as a sister's especially nothing but a living hell for poor Elsa, isn't it? Elsa's at least less obnoxious unlike you. You're nothing but spoiled.
I rather be friends with Elsa and be your worst enemy.
Let Her Go chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
The snow glows bright in Arendelle tonight
Not a leader to be seen
You've abandoned your baby sister
But your kingdom needs its queen
The wind is howling through all the dark streets outside
You wouldn't let me in, and you never tried
You shut me out, you lied to me
Then you told me I couldn't get married
And now you're gone, I should be glad
Well, I'm not sad
Let her go, let her go, won't long for her anymore
Let her go, let her go, turn away and slam the door
I don't care that she's gone away
Let her storm rage on, I'd rather be an only child any day.
It's funny how some distance doesn't make me calm down
And the anger that consumes me turns my smile into a frown
Well, let's all see what she will do
I hope they catch her and throw her in jail too
Then I will be Arendelle's queen, I'm not a freak
Let her go, let her go, let her mess up her own life
Let her go, let her go, I won't be part of her strife
Here I stand, while she's far away
Let her storm rage on…
It's getting colder and there's frost on the windows
I can see my breath in the air, I'll put on warmer clothes
And one thought is revealed just like an open door
I never want you back, can't stand you anymore
Let her go, let her go, let her freeze to death out there
Let her go, let her go, just see how much I care
Here I stand, and just hear me say
Let her storm rage on, I'd rather be an only child any day.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
Having Anna as a sister's a living hell for Elsa, isn't it?
ExpectoPatronum chapter 1 . 6/5/2017
Hi its been a while since you last updated.

I just want to say that I have enjoyed your story a lot.

I was wondering if you are going to update or restart?

I love your writing and stories. Don give up.
Life chapter 9 . 2/4/2017
Keep Writing!
ROTBTDreader chapter 1 . 7/14/2015
Heaps mad story :) I hope you continue it one day when your ready
Princess Outcast chapter 9 . 12/29/2014
OMIGOB PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEEEZE UPDATE SOON! I FLUCKING love this story, and now you have me jumping in my seat and biting my lips! Please, for the children!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/15/2014
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