Reviews for Making Memories
builtmylifearoundyou chapter 12 . 1/23/2015
This story is amazing, they're so cute!
it'sme chapter 12 . 1/8/2015
I just found this and I have absolutely no idea why it's doesn't have more reviews. It's quite charming and well-written with minimal typos. Thanks :)
imaferrari chapter 12 . 1/5/2015
Re-read the whole story up to here. This is terrific. I'm happy to see their progression. Look forward to seeing what happens next.

Thanks for the update!
sdiaz chapter 12 . 1/3/2015
damm you Is freaking 1 am this is gonna messed up my sleeping pattern oh well please give me moreeeee am hooked
gllover22 chapter 12 . 1/2/2015
Ahhhh. Definitely progress. "making their own memories", yes, loving it. Can't wait for more.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/2/2015
OMG, I hope this is not the end?! You are seriously killing us!

I love this story. Both Quinn and Rachel seem very in character and the pacing is great too. Not unrealistically fast, which is nice.

Can't wait to see if there is more.
wkgreen chapter 12 . 1/2/2015
Mmmm.. yes they are making new memories. :)

Waiting for more :)
fireman12468 chapter 12 . 1/2/2015
Yay! Can't wait till next update!
Guest chapter 12 . 1/1/2015
Florence - The Machine chapter 12 . 1/1/2015
amazing! more please
haelthy chapter 12 . 1/1/2015
wow, at last, progress! pms!
goddragonking chapter 12 . 1/1/2015
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more updates soon and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
Guest chapter 11 . 4/24/2014
Please continue pleasee it would be funny if Rachel only remembers everything only Quinn..
imaferrari chapter 11 . 2/16/2014
Enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next chapter.
FaberryOTP chapter 11 . 2/11/2014
Loved it! "I'm wondering how you would react to me, too" mmm oh Rachel, is it means what I think it means?
I love the teasing, the flirting and Quinn's toughts but I'm so curious about Rachel's too, have you considered a Rachel's POV?
Can't wait for more.
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