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Thanatos1320 chapter 54 . 4/5/2015
I enjoyed this chapter a lot, once again good job with Terry and Canis. The remark about being good with kids makes me wonder how much of his past will actually be revealed in story. And don't worry, a little thing like time won't stop me from reading this story. Though it might cause me to reread past chapters.
San child of the wolves chapter 54 . 4/4/2015
Lovely chapter. That was fun to read. Good luck on the next one.

I'll be sure to check out those youtube videos.
Kamen Rider Necrom chapter 54 . 4/4/2015
Long time. But great chapter
Destineylegend chapter 54 . 4/4/2015
I enjoyed the chapter, been missing this story, hope to see more soon as well as the new characters, hopefully some of my others will show up soon, thanks again for the chapter :)

kuuhaku chapter 1 . 1/18/2015
-profile for Bookreader and Demon-

name of Demon: Leonis Marious

age: 11

appearance: is slightly small for his age, around 4'11", he has short forest green hair that he spikes slightly in front, as well as light blue eyes. He tends to wear a black long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve, denim button up which he leaves open as well as jean pants.

parents: Alicia Marious (adoptive mother)

siblings: doesn't know

sexuality: hetero

coupling (of course this will be decided later): none really

personality: he tends to act very childish at times, liking to mess with people when he can. He acts serious when it is called for like when he fights and other situation like that. He hates when others are put down for no reason, this is why he acts like a clown. He never tells a lie, but will limit information or tell half-truths. By growing up in an orphanage he learned that everyone matters in someway. He will never fight someone, even a proven enemy, unless he absolutely needs to, relying more on self-defense strategies.

book reader: Isaiah Lucius

book color: mint green


Miaruk: This spell is quite unique; it acts as both offense and defense. Leonis places both of his hands out in front of him when the spell is cast, creating a medium-sized circle of energy. If he keeps his hands out in front of him the shield will act as a mirror for attacks, but if he chooses to attack, it concentrates into a clear, reflective, sphere of energy for him to launch.

Miasou: a purely offensive, weaker version of Miaruk, he creates a small sphere of energy in his hand and throws it.

soushield: a shield that takes the form of two circles. one shield absorbs attacks while the other redirects it.

Gigao miagoru: The strongest spell, Brings forth something similiar to Janus, roman god of beginnings and ends. Brings forth alternate, more destructive, versions of the opponents attacks to completely destroy the opponent. (due to the purely destructive nature of this technique, Leonis would only use this if he needs to.)

miaboruk: a more powerful version of miaruk, instead of reflecting the attack, it absorbs, reshapes, then fires back the energy the shield takes in the form of multiple lasers (appearance similiar to diamond storm, the technique used by renamon from digimon tamers). after learning this technique, it becomes their new primary method of attack.

Midarous: Leonis creates 3 copies of himself and his book reader, all of them copy each other, but the real one is the only one that deals damage.

Maubarga: puts the opponent and their bookreader into an illusion where they feel they are winning, only for it to shatter right as the book is ignited. senses of sight and touch fall completely under their control, the rest are free to take in true information.

miabosou: a more powerful version of miasou. Leonis rapidly creates spheres of energy and fires them like a machine gun.

past: after being left at an orphanage for most of his life, He is content with the fact that he might never meet his biological family. He took the last name of the Ophanage owner, so that no one asked if he had a last name. He became a goofy big brother figure in the orphanage, which consisted of young children. when he came to the human world, specifically north america, He decided to wait and see if his reader would find him rather then the normal began wandering the united states until he met Isaiah.

Name of bookreader: Isaiah Lucius

age: 14

appearence: he is a lean, average person with slightly long brown hair that went to the tip of his noes, but with how it curled rested in the middle of his forehead. As well he has brown eyes, with blue framed glasses. he tends to where a black beanie, with a grey zip up jacket and a blue shirt that has the yin yang sign over his heart. He wears jeans with black nike shoes.

Maria Lucius (mother, deceased)
Jason Lucius (father)

siblings: Christopher Lucius (brother) age: 19

sexuality: hetero

coupling (of course to be determined later): what ever you think it should be.

personality: he is ... confusing. He can be serious one minute and the next he can be goofy and joking with everyone. he contradicts his way of thinking by acting insane at the drop of a dime. His mind tends to wander and he constantly thinks of strange ideas, even though when he explains it, it makes sense. When he fights he becomes a great strategist, waiting for his opponent to show some of their cards before making a move, this helps with the fact that his partner doesn't like to make the first move.

demon partner: Leonis Marious

past: Belonging to the Lucius family, which owns major companies in the northern hemisphere, he was taught to be a proper gentleman, But that doesn't stop the real him. When away from his instructors or his parents he becomes the exact opposite of what they made him. He decides to run away from the life soon after his mother died and his father became closed off with is work. He grabbed a large (for a rich person that is probably more then a few people make in a decade) and ran away from his home in Pennsylvania.

Lives in: pennsylvania (formerly)
somehow moved to japan

school they attend: home schooled (formerly)
none currently.

bond between Bookreader and Demon: Due to the similarities in their personalities, they get along well. They act like brothers and like any pair of siblings, they fight every now and then. They tend to pull pranks on people together, but when they are not on the same page, their plans backfire.

How they met one another: while wandering around Pennsylvania, they bump into each other in Hershey city, causing their things to get mixed up and the book to fall on the ground, opening to the page with the first spell on it. When Isaiah read the spell out loud, Leonis realized he had found his partner and they hit it off from their.

good or evil: neutral, then good.

Book Burned How (only if you decide, otherwise i will make the choice for you): I am not entirely sure how i want my character's book to burn, but i do know that i want my character to be last, to not just be one of those characters that lasts for an arc or 2.

are they together when introduced: yes

anything else important need to be said: Leonis has a slight case of kleptomania and is one heck of a pick-pocket. Isaiah has nyctophobia or fear of the dark.

Enjoy, please use my characters.
DeathHero61 chapter 53 . 12/4/2014
Hmmm pretty interesting.
russiaXamerica chapter 53 . 11/29/2014
Yay I love it soo far I can't wait to see all of the new demons and there bookreaders also though I don't expect to see mine seeing that they are more ice then anything and not very lawful good but hey I I see them I am happy If I don't I am still happy because your still writing this epic story!
San child of the wolves chapter 53 . 11/29/2014
Great chapter! I really like this one. And I like that the second arc is entirely Kimiko' and Tsuni's fault. Makes it even greater. Oh I like the new alliance guy, mainly I like his demon! Good luck on the next chapter and don't worry real life should come first anyway.
DeathHero61 chapter 52 . 10/8/2014
Pretty good chapter. We got to see some development. Keep up the good work.
russiaXamerica chapter 52 . 9/29/2014
cool a new chapter :) I hope too see some "new blood" in here :D i cant wait
San child of the wolves chapter 52 . 9/29/2014
That's great that you got the chapter done. And that whole being a voice actor thing, wow that sounds cool! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that when you post it up. I hope school and band goes well for you.

This chapter was really great and I like what you did with it! It's really great. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
frigidpyrebyrd chapter 51 . 8/19/2014
I believe I'm still waiting for my characters to show up.
Thanatos1320 chapter 51 . 8/18/2014
Great chapter! I was a little behind and I decided to reread the whole story to remember some things, so I just got around to reading it. But I would still like for Terry and Canis to appear and I can't wait for it. Just PM me if you need any extra info or and opinion on how they might react. Keep up the good work.
DeathHero61 chapter 51 . 8/16/2014
Pretty interesting chapter.
San child of the wolves chapter 51 . 8/10/2014
It's good that you're back, Kiha. I understand that life comes first before fanfiction. I'm glad that you were able to update again. This chapter was great! Even if it was a little mediocre. The chapter was still greatly done. I wish you luck on the next chapter.
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