Reviews for The Troubles of a Misplaced Hero
Guest chapter 25 . 10/27
The mutant form is stolen by 01nej the negative ben of Jen that is not evil but not good either she separates it form the original to add to her harm of girls she has taken
Creaturemaster chapter 25 . 10/14
Ooh, suspense! Is the Demon Breaker alive? Or is he good and dead? Either one works for me! You've been doing an excellent job with this story so far and I can't wait to see where this goes later on!
dragon rider chapter 25 . 10/6
hmm, nice, very nice. but wow, really? it does kinda make some sense since that bluennet's (is this spelled right?) supposed to watch over those guys so that would lead to some development there, that and i really find her cute myself. anyway you really do have your work cut out for you with that many girls, good luck with that by the way. and it'd just be strange if there wasn't some turmoil with that many girls, unless the author, just anyone in general i don't mean to offend anyone, decides to fuck it and ignore all that. what do you think?

well that's all that i can think of, oh yeah i can't wait to see the results of issei and cerates alliance, so hope you update soon and see you later.
Julbot1 chapter 25 . 10/5
Great chapter, the Rath-Off was my absolute favorite part, too bad we didn't get to see more of it. I am curious though, when Ani mentioned warding off "a certian dimension hopper", I can't help but wonder who she was talking about. Will that be expanded on or will it just never be brought up again?
Cybertronian Kaijuruto chapter 1 . 8/17
Will any "alien force" aliens appear?
Asura -Berserk chapter 25 . 8/13
-Pulls out his Ultima World destroyer weapon-

Stop. Playing. With. Us. And. Our. Hopes. With. These. PSA. Notices.
Dealbreaker27 chapter 25 . 8/13
Please update your Evolation Online Story. I really enjoy it and it would be nice to read since your still worming on the reboot of The Troubles of a Misplaced Hero.
masterart chapter 25 . 8/13
i hope what you doing
dragon rider chapter 18 . 8/1
shouldn't you use pepper spray instead? pretty sure it's more effective than a spray bottle.
dragon rider chapter 13 . 7/31
what's a slash fic? :
dragon rider chapter 25 . 7/9
hm ok thank you for telling us this, though you mind explaining this reboot in a little more detail?
Master of Dragons God chapter 1 . 6/24
Thatguy chapter 2 . 6/21
I like how he said no harem in the first chapter but its put on harem barrage. Lol
Rexfan1333 chapter 25 . 6/13
Okay, looking forward to seeing the next chapter.
Chocho chapter 24 . 5/13
Are we going to see an enraged Juggernaut Drive Issei fight in the next chapter?
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