Reviews for Under My Nose
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 10h
The whispered 'ditto' from them both was wonderful. Kaye telling Bella to not make him wait, was beautiful. I loved how Bella warned him she needed meat and that it would be ugly grazing when it commenced. That was so very funny. Nothing will turn a chef on more, than someone loving his food. The way she was going to town on it, he was absolutely mesmerized by it. Then lunging for her and devouring each other, right there in the middle of the restaurant . . . spectacular! Our cracked me up by them being woken up by these affording in to open up. Too damn funny. Of course you had to have Emmett there. So much laughter.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 10h
Holy moly, I thought I had tears in the last chapter . . . wowie, you really got me in this one. This was beautifully written. So very romantic. The love they have for each other. My hubs and I have been together for twenty-five years this past March. It isn't enough time at all. The setting at the restaurant was beautiful. More importantly, the service and the love all around that room. The fun the Gishes had with Bella and Edward . . . sometimes at their expense, was wonderful. The French speaking part comes to mind. Then the end of the chapter, with them on the carriage ride and the cathedral . . . that eternity band. GAH!
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 10h
Goodness Emmett can be such a teen at times. It was funny though, that he got the boob groping right. Must be something he does in his own sleep with women. Jasper being upset that Edward didn't tell him about him having sex with Bella. The dude is so emotional. I'm glad that Bella went to him and hugged the guy. He needed that. Oh, and I loved that she told Alice to chill the hell out. Having sex fourteen times a day, highly stressed out, won't make the babies come any faster. 'Quality not quantity', very well said. I like that she knew a friend that suffered this and knows what they can try. Then you just killed me with that phone call from Mr. Gish. What an amazing thing he's doing for his wife. Saying goodbye to her in this fashion. My heart. Oh the tears.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 11h
He was freaking out. His little chant going through his head over and over again. Loved that he made the room romantic by getting out all those candles. Her reminding him that he was okay. That they will be okay. It was wonderful that he stumbled through his first time doing this with feelings involved. You wrote this absolutely beautifully. It was just wonderful. You even added in the humor of the elbow to his forehead and finger poke to the eye. Followed up by his teary eyed confession of not knowing it could be this way. Just so very well done. Them being hungry after and going to rustle up the grub. Yummy foreplay, indeed. Sexy stuff.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 11h
Holy crap, she fainted! That was funny! Her coming to, to Carlisle, after telling Edward that she's so pretty . . . his wanting more cookies, was too funny. Then schooching Edward out of the way to discuss more cookies . . . he had me giggle so hard. Esme was absolutely delighted with her. Jean was so sweet too. The plans all set for dinner at the units house, providing she brings more cookies . . . too cute. The news that he has a booking for a carriage ride, was wonderful! Also, renting out the entire restaurant . . . that's got to be pricey. I love how they sat (laid?) there planning out the details to make it more romantic. Really liked their idea to talk each night too. My hubs and I can talk all night, yet when we get to bed . . . it's like we hadn't been talking all night and we start yapping all over again. It's a little funny sometimes. Then you surprised me with their I love you's. I knew they were both, more than liking each other but, that was a wonderful little surprise. And, you stopped right when they were warming up. I actually liked that. Of course, I'm not reading the WIP . . . hehehe . . . I've got the luxury to click next!
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 12h
This was an incredibly sweet chapter. I loved how he watched her sleeping and saw her hugging her pillow. Then his wanting to give her something. The part with Emmett was really good. Didn't know he was ex-military. Had you mentioned that in his early chapter description? His story, of what sounded like Rosalie, was interesting to read. I loved that he knew which piece was the first piece and the meaning, that their grandfather gave their grandmother. It was really cute that he gave his key back too . . . saying he'd call first next time. The morning when he woke up to cold sheets, made me think she may have gone to the third bedroom. Glad I was wrong. She just made them breakfast. She really liked the necklace. I figured she had money . . . I just thought it was from her parents. Well, I guess technically it was, as Sally set her up and that was wonderful of her to take care of her that way. Turning down Edward's money. Jean was fun, I liked her! Edward coming out of his office to find his parents speaking to Bella already. Eek!
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 12h
Bella is twenty-seven years old now. . . what could Renee possibly do at this point? She could march down there and stomp her feet but, she can't drag her back to New York. She's a grown ass woman, for crying out loud. It's not like Bella is living off her parents. She has her own income and a place to live. She has her AuntMom there for her as backup. Not to mention Edward. I really liked that she begged Sally to keep what she learned from her parents right now. Bella deserves that request to be upheld. Even though it's not fair to Sally to have to hole yet another secret in. The women love each other deeply and that has not changed. The other art of the family will work out. Well, her dad will . . . Renee, I have no idea. I love that Edward got Garrett to swing by with Julia for the romantic spin. I really like Garrett. If he is ready, he needs to find a second chance at happiness.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 13h
Are these all your recipes? Have you tried them all out? Just curious. Wow, I didn't see that coming when you said adoption. Aunt Sally was inseminated with Charlie and they made Bella. Oddly, I didn't view this as bad news, I view it as good instead. Her dad stays her dad and she gets the better woman . . . the one she's related to intellectually through the years . . . as her mom now. Bella really had a great point. Why not tell her eventually as she got older? Renee has never been the loving mother she should've been. That's where the sadness lies. If it weren't for the miscarriages, it almost makes you wonder if Renee just never wanted children. Meaning, she was never pregnant and they never really lost any children. Does that makes sense? I feel really sorry for Sally in this. Well, Bella too. Was that box Sally's and it accidentally went with Bella's things? That would make sense. I can't imagine Charlie or Sally wanting her to find out this way. Onward to find out what happened.
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 13h
Wow, they've known each other less than a month . . . been together for a little over a day . . . and now she's moving in . . . yikes! I know they are good for each other, and it'll work out but, talk about sudden fast forward . . . lol. It was interesting that her father just went ahead and sent her stuff down. Not even contacting her about it. I like it, don't get me wrong. Just found it strange. I loved that Edward asked her to move in too. Aunt Sally advising her to not fight it, just flow with it. Really good advice. Sometimes the heart just knows. We knew in less than one week, my hubs and I . . . seriously. It's like something just clicked and we were whole. Every cliché you can think of, about your one true love, that's us. I digress. How long did it take her to pack up her clothes, if Edward had her all settled and a cheese plate ready and waiting? He works fast! I loved that nobody thought this was weird. Not Sally, Richard, Emmett, Alice or Jasper. They all just pitched right in and got her moved. So, she's wasn't suddenly conceived ten years after her parents wed after all. Wow, that means she was really wanted. Reading on to find out more.
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 15h
Darn work calls . . . kept me from reading for a bit there. Geez! Now, I'm off for the night, so nothing but reading . . . woo~hoo!. I was right and Jimmy he did paint her after all. At least he didn't mean for them to be there on the street. It was in error. Still, it was wrong of him and he shouldn't have done it. I'm glad that Bella walked away from the situation. Well, after she got through begging Edward to stop. Goo thing the police came by, to stop it all. It was awfully nice of Jimmie to tell the officers it was a misunderstanding. Edward could've gone to jail on that one. I think he was surprised to learn that BxE were a couple. I'm glad he respected that. I also liked that he told Edward not to fuck it up, or he will be the one to offer the shoulder to cry on. Well played, Jimmie. Wow, I didn't know that about the cathedral there in New Orleans. That it was the first in the USA. Really? I would've figured one in the Northeastern states. Hmmm. I really loved the two of them flirting with food. You made me crave coned beef now. Not a sandwich, just the dinner itself. Yummy! At least my dinner tonight is a favorite, chicken dump-it. Your po-boy part had me thinking this was still part of their conversation . . . LOL. Nope, just you explaining the sandwich. hehehe
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 16h
This line: "I will not be served up, to be thrown up, because we ate too fast." Wonderful! Then this one: ". . . you fucking own me already." GAH! Then right after waking up, their conversation whilst he was kissing all over her, was super cute. The last name, hobbies, colors, marriage and kids . . . all in one paragraph each . . . soooooo funny and really adorable. The staff meeting and Carrie Anne, was interesting. Bella's internal thoughts and nicknames had me giggling the whole time. I loved that she apologized to Edward and then confronted the bitch. I love a tough Bella, one that doesn't take any crap. The bitch slapped her first, so I was rather proud that Bella showed her the door so spectacularly. I worry that her daddy will try to say bad things about Edward's restaurant. That would be completely unfair. If he does, can Edward sue for slander? It really wouldn't matter, as the damage would be done already. I hope it is a non-issue as Alice seemed to say it would be. It was rather wonderful when the rest of the staff cheered Bella for it. It was also wonderful that they welcomed her with hugs before the throw down happened. Looks like it will be a great fit. I'm thinking Jimmy was painting Bella nude, when she gave him no authority to do so. He was just using his imagination . . . yet still . . . that is a little creepy. Onwards to find out if I am right . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 17h
Her word vomit was spectacular. She just could not stop and I loved every minute of it. He came completely clean with her and she with him. Fresh clean slate. Emmett explaining himself in this chapter helped me to start liking the guy a little. That's a start! Why do I have a feeling that the transporter for Bella's bike will be none other than Rose? I can understand that not every person in a story, needs to have their other half. I just suddenly thought of Rose coming there, all badass only to turn Emmett to mush and turn him down flat. For once in his life he will have do the chasing. Bella mentioned in the beginning of the story and again in this chapter, that she isn't skinny. Yet, Emmett, who owns a gym, found her highly attractive . . . so clearly, she is simply curvy, not overweight, correct? It really doesn't matter to me, just trying to get a visual on how you pictured your Bella. I am rather 'fluffy', so it just makes me wonder. I am blonde too! And my husband is 6'2" to my 5'3". So you see my curiosity. I love that they got all cozy on the couch to talk more. I liked her idea of him tying the restaurant with the carriage rides. Also, liked that they started kissing all over again. I just knew he'd want her as his pastry chef. He has a wicked sweet tooth that he needs fulfilled daily. Again, same as my husband.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 18h
If it weren't for Sally and Richard, Bella would've stayed resilient and away from Edward. Thank goodness the two of them spoke to her and actually got through to her. Letting née, telling her to go to him right now. I really liked that she did too. Her not finding him, or Garrett, for that matter was sad. For a minute, I got excited and thought her idea worked. Then, I realized that wasn't the case when they didn't come back. I was very happy that you didn't draw out the drama, as I am a GIANT wimp. She sat there sadly and he actually found her. His and her apologies were very well said. The kissing, I freaking loved the kissing! Him letting her know he was going to and the way he did . . . GAH! I really liked that he took her to his restaurant and showed her the real him. Jasper's hug when he saw she was there, made me happy. He played the piano for her, sigh. Inviting her up to his place so soon, was puzzling. I'm thinking he just really wanted to show her everything about him. Including that kick ass shower of his! Her blurting out that she is a pastry chef had me giggling. I am super glad that they both aired their true selves, before taking any further steps. I think I typed out a whole thing about that in a review and then erased it.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 19h
I am so confused right now, that I actually have no words. You've rendered my wordy self, silent.
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 20h
Bella's assessment of the two brothers, 'the chill and the heat', was fascinating. I liked that. Jasper cracking up and advising that nobody has ever 'taken down the Cullen boys'. He would know that, that is for sure. He made me giggle with his laughter and comment. Alice's 'I'll date her.', was cute. They definitely hit it off quite well. Alice's whispered, 'don't give up on him', was rather delightful too. I really, really like the idea that sprang into Bella's head and completely agree. Him becoming Jean Lafitte, is perfect. The only question I have is, with all this wool won't he be roasting in the other three seasons? I'm a native San Francisco person. Born, raised and never left yet, at forty-eight. I understand the heat there, in your NOLA, is sweltering. Hence the reason I have never been. I faint in heat. Always have. Now, wrapping him up in his finery sounds perfect. That finery being wool, makes me sweat just thinking about it. Evie was a great! Her pinching Edward's butt was funny as hell. Then her asking Bella if she was, 'tapping that', was too much! I was laughing, still am, just writing this out. I really enjoyed this chapter.
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