Reviews for How Dean, kickass Guardian Angel, and Sam, his charge, saved the world
MattKennedy chapter 13 . 10/8
Very cool story! And Dean really is the most kickass Guardian Angel! :D
MattKennedy chapter 12 . 10/8
I LOVE that Cas "smote" that pie! :D
MattKennedy chapter 8 . 10/8
Dean is the most adorable! :D Especially when he's huffy!
MattKennedy chapter 3 . 10/8
Love Dean's bastardized prayers. :)
Darkaina chapter 13 . 10/1
More please! what is going to happen to Sammy? Lucifer is his one true guardian? i think Dean will have something to say about it.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/26
This is soooooooooooo good! Please, please, please keep posting this story.
AngelSM chapter 13 . 9/8
I am in love with your story. Please consider working on it again. I'd love to read more
BlindViolinist chapter 13 . 7/10
First off, I adore this story to bits. Little Sammy's squadron of feathered dads are actually the best thing ever. Gabe the sassy older brother, Cas the healthy food crazed, by-the-book nerd mom, Dean the overprotective mom ready to stab a foo who tries to mess with his baby; Bobby practically adopting them all is wonderful.
I don't know how Sam is possibly going to get any female interaction when he's older, Dean is going to stake out every possible date within 300 miles.
If Lucifer so much as breathes the wrong way towards Sammy, he's going to have three completely pissed angel-dads ready to fight for his honor.
It's all just been the most squee ridden ride in a long while. Thank you, dear author, for making me smile and rock back in forth in pure delight.

justa-freaking-fangirl chapter 13 . 6/23
TobisAGoodBoyx chapter 1 . 6/18
I love this story. keep up the good work
RandomSuperwholockian chapter 13 . 5/19
Just leaving it at that? Really? It's a good story and I would love for you to continue it!
Ever-Lethargic chapter 13 . 5/19
This story is so freaking adorable! Dean as a guardian angel is just precious and his friendship with Castiel is so cute! I agree with Gabriel that the two if them are like Sam's parents. Absolutely love Bobby and despise John. Hope you update because I would love to read more!
Sadashi chapter 13 . 2/19
Hey, I started reading this story back in October on Ao3 and I just wanted to say that it is absolutely brilliant! I usually don't read unfinished stories, but sometimes I'll find one that's just too good to pass up. I come back every once in a while to see if you updated, even though I'm hoping in vain, but I still keep reading it over and over again! I really wish you would update though!
QueenBea93 chapter 13 . 1/28
I am loving this story! I hope you decide to continue it some time :)
Guest chapter 13 . 1/2
JUST when we reach the plot you abandon the story, I want to cry cause this is SO GOOD
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