Reviews for Catch Me
bbscotch08 chapter 69 . 12/9/2020
Gosh I've spent the whole day reading this masterpiece. I absolutely adored this and this couple. Fantastic story and so glad Regina got the love and family she deserves. Thanks so much for sharing
bbscotch08 chapter 51 . 12/9/2020
This chapter is so tender and loving my goodness. Love
Sassyass7515 chapter 69 . 12/26/2019
This story is amazing! Thank you for writing it. I would have loved to see the evil queen wardrobe come out to play with David. It would have been sexy.
evilregaloncer23 chapter 37 . 11/30/2019
I love this story! Well done! ️
Mari Wollsch chapter 68 . 10/22/2019
super story! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mwood25 chapter 37 . 8/4/2019
Omg this chapter had me literally crying with laughter! Love it!
SongForRegina chapter 15 . 7/4/2019
Oh God! I didn't remember this last part! It's so good... What I always wanted! I don't remember how this goes on but I really hope they end up in good terms! Thank you so much for this story!
Guest chapter 37 . 1/14/2019
This chapter had me crying laughing, so funny
itsmoah chapter 63 . 10/3/2018
IamAwriterYAY chapter 22 . 8/4/2018
I'm mad at myself for shipping Regina and David... I feel like I'M cheating on Snow. Lol
ernbelle chapter 68 . 7/26/2018
My review on the last chapter got cut off, so I'll post it here. I really like how you flesh out each one of the characters. You put so much thought into each character and it shows. Love it!
ernbelle chapter 69 . 7/26/2018
I've read this story twice now. I love the way you
Jessicajoanne1 chapter 69 . 5/21/2018
I absolutely loved this story! It was brilliant!
Skull Lad chapter 69 . 1/12/2018
Haaaa I finally finished it... good grief I lost my place like 3 times and started from scratch. So totally worth it though.

I LOVE this story to pieces.

Cora’s redemption, Regina acting all coy and flirty with David, Neal and Henry being all “Woahhhh ok cool but not just yet” with each other, drugging Tamara and tossing her overboard was genius. Even the touches of pure awesomeness at the start with Regina was great and fun to read.

I will admit I shed a few tears while reading this and some were happy some were sad but I’m still glad I took the time to read and enjoy this tale you crafted.

I’m sorely missing new EvilCharming fic and these long pieces of yours are a fabulous way to fill that gap.

Good luck in your future writings and thank you for writing a love as complicated as David and Regina.
Peace-J chapter 69 . 9/4/2017
I really enjoy this story!
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