Reviews for Clash of the Conjurers
ayeshalestradi chapter 65 . 11/10
Oh my!

Don't leave us faithful readers hanging!

Please please update soon

ArcticCarrot chapter 1 . 11/5
This is one of the best fic I've ever read, and believe me, I've read quite a lot ! Woaw ! I love everything, from synopsis to the way it is written... And it is the first Harry Potter fanfics I read in which Snape is in character, and not suddenly transfigured into a lovesick fool.

Actually I'm still reading it (currently I'm reading chapter 58 and I don't know what I'm going to do to wait for another chapter when I'm finished with the 65th... I think I'll just start reading an other story of yours !).
I'm sorry, I'm not very good in english (that's why I started to read fanfics in the beginning, to improve my english (well, that's what I keep telling myself, but maybe I'm just obsessed with my favorites books and shows...) but it's easier to read and understand the meaning of words than writing them (so sorry if I don't make any sense ! :P).

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for these hours of laughing, of crying (or just being sad), of wondering about the Love vs Hate situation... I believe when an author has the power to make his/her readers asking questions to themselves, he/she must be very good !
And some scenes are just so sexy ! :P

So please, keep writing ! :)
irononmaiden chapter 26 . 10/26
Finally, a break from the angst! Loved it.
irononmaiden chapter 21 . 10/26
Still reading and enjoying. I'm glad she's getting some reassurance now, even if he isn't going out of his way to give it.
irononmaiden chapter 8 . 10/25
Still loving it. I appreciate having both of their POVs.
irononmaiden chapter 6 . 10/25
Oh my, shit's getting real! Great setup for how Hermione might react to whatever is coming up.
irononmaiden chapter 5 . 10/25
Loved it.
irononmaiden chapter 4 . 10/25
It is kinda nuts how much of the overall plot hinges on Pettigrew. Love the mythological tie-ins. But a big "ewwww" to pedo-Sirius.
irononmaiden chapter 3 . 10/25
Still loving it. The good girl testing the waters ... Snape's very expressive anger ... the explanation of Occlumency ... and of course, the account of how Snape Legilimizes each of them. Very enjoyable!
irononmaiden chapter 2 . 10/25
Ha, this was a nice change-up to the typical UST-filled, towel-only run-in.
irononmaiden chapter 1 . 10/25
The alert for your most update to this fic has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and I finally got around to starting it. Love the setup with chaos theory and the butterfly effect! Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
ayeshalestradi chapter 15 . 10/23
When Hermione describe the moment after the altar scene as kaleidoscope, chills ran through my back!

You're such an awesome writer, I had no problem picturing that scene, the horror and terrible air of it. High ceiling and mirrors and maybe some copper-ish floor.
ayeshalestradi chapter 13 . 10/23
I like the deity and alchemical and everything you've thrown my way. New information is always fun for me.
ayeshalestradi chapter 11 . 10/23
I really want Sirius to snog Hermione just to see Snape's reaction! Ooo
ayeshalestradi chapter 5 . 10/23
Ooooh. I could feel the tension getting thicker between HG and SS! Yum!
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