Reviews for Clash of the Conjurers
Mel chapter 64 . 5/19
I liked that Severus opened up a little about his past decisions. I wonder if the topic of Lily will come up again, since Hermione was pondering it...? Looking forward to more :)
Ladyofasgard chapter 64 . 5/18
Hello! I just found this story yesterday, and I couldn't stop reading! I love it! It is the perfect blend of light and dark. I can't wait for more.
Keep writing!
Ladyofasgard (Anna)
OzmaofOz chapter 64 . 5/15
Thank you for writing! This story has marvelous drama, emotional depth, and lots of suspense. I can't WAIT to see how you're going to weave it onward!
Guest chapter 19 . 5/13
I'm at chapter 19 and I still don't understand how Severus could have formed such a strong attraction to Hermione. He absolutely hated her the first couple chapters and all of a sudden he gets some boob action on his chest when she tripped and he can't get enough of her. The feelings they have for one another just seem forced and rushed is all and I belive there we plenty of time to slowly develop feelings rather than just slapping them in there early on. Despite this I'm still enjoying this story and I'm curious as to what shall happen next.
CrazyWithABook chapter 64 . 5/12
Thanks for the update! Hope to see more soon!
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 64 . 5/11
I just found this story and I love it! And your other stuff :) I normally only read completed fics (just bc I'm impatient and don't want to wait for updates) but this fic is definitely worth the wait! I am so intrigued! I love it :D Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Happy writing!
xx Sage
recey2010 chapter 64 . 5/11
Short but good update
incoherentlove chapter 64 . 5/10
This is the one story (out of over 300) on my alerts list that I am always checking to see if it's been updated. I love it.
Amar 2 chapter 64 . 5/10
Severus and Hermione will be happy together, I wish they were. It is hard for Severus to get over Lily, gut I hope he will. Dead woman cant be more important that alive woman in his own bed.
lycaria chapter 64 . 5/9
I found your story a few weeks ago and finally reached this latest chapter. I love it!
Although I have something I struggle with: in the beginning keeping the curse - and relationship - secret was crucial to not endanger Severus' or Hermione's lives. First Hermione and then Severus too started to more and more tell people or about now almost everybody but Voldemort seems to know about it, which I find hard to believe - after all, circumstances regarding Voldemort have not changed...) Also, Severus is not summoned any more and Voldemort seems not to be interested any more in Hermione's "spying" of Harry - why?

Ok, apart from that - a great story! And I do love your writing! Can't wait to read more!
Onyx Obsidian chapter 64 . 5/8
Can't wait for the next update! Love this story!
vampirela69 chapter 64 . 5/8
The ghost of Lily is still between them, and they need to deal with that soon, othervise is going to fester and maybe even ruin their relathionship. Hermione is still insecure in herself and Severus' love for her, and is going to think that she is only substitute for the original
jensteed chapter 64 . 5/8
Poor Hermione, getting so twisted up inside over Lily :( I hope Severus realises soon how insecure she is about it, she needs to know what his feelings for her now are compared to what he shares with Hermione. Haha, and Draco is getting all snuggled up with the epitome of Gryffindorism and hating it *snicker* I'm sure he'll get over it, lol. Great chapter!
Hannoie chapter 64 . 5/8
This really is the build-up to the Grand Finale, isn't it? That is the feeling I get, at least . . . Wonderful chapter as always! You're amazingly talented, and I definitely look forwards to the next chapter.
BlueTea21 chapter 28 . 5/8
Loving this story so far. Very well written and original. And I say this as a die hard fan of HGSS who has read many of the best yarns this ship has to offer. Keep it up!
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