Reviews for Clash of the Conjurers chapter 65 . 8/11
I've loved this story! Hoping you'll update again soon!
vickety chapter 65 . 8/3
This story is so good! Please work on it again. You have worked so hard to have Severus he truly changed. Please order your muse to obey and get back to work. PLEASE.
vickety chapter 54 . 8/2
Wow. Powerful chapter! You really did a great job with the mother-daughter relationship.
vickety chapter 39 . 8/2
I admire the maturity of your Hermione. This is an excellent story.
Fangirl5678 chapter 65 . 7/31
I love your story! It's very well done and unique! Severus x Hermione is one of my favorite ships and you've written them beautifully. I'll be anxiously awaiting to see if Severus gets out of the whole Curse completely unscathed. Please update when you can!
HGDMSS chapter 65 . 7/11
So I know its been a while since you updated but I was wondering if you ever would again. Because you CANNOT just leave us here.
val chapter 65 . 6/26
his fixation on lily potter needs to be addressed. either that or he needs closure. she's been dead for a long time (bless her soul) and it wouldn't do for hermione to doubt her place in severus' life. lily is a memory while hermione is a breathing, living person who happens to love him.. like actually love him. if he couldn't see that then he really does deserve to live a lonely, miserable existence.
houstonclay chapter 65 . 6/13
This has to be one of the best HG/SS stories out there! Definitely in the Top Twenty, and that's saying something! But now this cliff-hanger. What is Narcissa up to? Your avid readers want - no, need! - to know!
spaceygirl67 chapter 65 . 6/6
plz continue I love this story very Much
rosewal chapter 45 . 6/4
Ha ha is that a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" reference i'm finding. I love it!
pgoodrichboggs chapter 65 . 5/30
This story is amazing! So in depth are the characters and this story. Haha! Loved Hermione's power play. I'm guessing the key charm will turn out to be very important. I love Hermione and Snape together. Here's to hoping that the true master is Voldemort so Severus doesn't have to die. At first, I thought you were going to have Hermione create the Sorcerors stone again to save Harry and or Severus, but I love the love key:) so enraptured with this story I read it all start to finish. I can't wait to read what happens next.
justaislinn chapter 18 . 4/29
As someone with natural divination abilities I wanted to just say how much I appreciate the all the info on planets and whatnot Hermione is researching. I have a bit of a pet peeve with stories that bash the subject because she didn't like it, or didn't like Trelawney, rather.
I haven't actively sought out information like this, though I have learned bits and pieces over the years. I think it's a kinda funny coincidence that I just decided to go to school for acupuncture and I'm realizing how much my empath abilities and crystal healing and what is seen as 'magic' ties into the art. It's really amazing!
So thanks for adding all this stuff in and doing so much research for your story, I love fanfics that have actual magical theory and whatnot incorporated into their plot.
Write on:)
note-a-flat chapter 65 . 4/22
I adore this story, it's incredibly captivating. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next update, whenever you find the time!
Guest chapter 65 . 4/10
Please continue this fanfic 3
Karen Bristow chapter 65 . 3/23
I know it has been more than a year since your last update but it seemed as if you really were going to finish it. While I appreciate all the character develpment and the lovey dovey stuff, I am dying to know where you go with the charm and the mirror and the effect of love on Voldemort.
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