Reviews for Clash of the Conjurers
GoldenGryphon chapter 63 . 3/6
Wow! Angst, fear, self-doubt, near-suicidal determination to do the "right thing" - and that's just one of the several characters mentioned in this chapter.

Great writing. I really enjoyed reading this continuation of a very interesting and complicated story.
Thank you so much for writing this chapter. So many things happened, it's hard to pick one to talk about. You do good work.

Best thoughts.
Continuethemagic chapter 63 . 3/1
Great story. Great characters, very true to the canon personalities. Very well written. Love the mythology and the idea of the mirrors as a tunnel. Such a pleasure to read a well-researched story! Thank you!

I typically don't read stories unless they are complete because I hate getting caught up in a story and then being left hanging...but I got hooked on this one early on and couldn't stop reading. So I hope you will update soon! - I'm also really enjoying the Draco/Luna subplot...will that morph into its own story?
Calissa Snape chapter 63 . 2/21
I love this story. It's kept me enamoured for days.
I though Severus's git behaviour was over when he spent the holidays with Hermione but I guess I was wrong.
Brilliantly written with all the twist and emotional turns, I can't wait to read more! :)

I hope that Severus survives. I want to see him and Hermione together, happy.
YashaSascha chapter 63 . 2/10
Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee update soon! This has got to be my favourite fic! I love you!
CharmedArtist chapter 63 . 2/8
*sighs* I can't express how bereft I feel to have reached the last chapter you updated... What an amazing story! Beautifully written, the characters are so well done, and the plot... Oh, the plot. And the angst. The love. The feels! I can't wait to read another chapter.
CharmedArtist chapter 56 . 2/8
This story has such deep and interesting references that I am seriously tempted to read up on them at length myself! However, I feel that I am learning a lot from simply reading this highly enjoyable fanfic, so I thank you very, very much for sharing this with us. I love fanfics that add extra nuances and details, and you do it masterfully! Such a good read :)))
CharmedArtist chapter 52 . 2/8
*is giggling uncontrollably* Brilliant! Simply brilliant! *cackles*

Oh, and I loved Hermione's phrase at the beginning of the chapter - the one along the lines of "my emotions aren't dictated by how well they look on me". What a great line. I'll have to remember it!
CharmedArtist chapter 47 . 2/8
I LOVE the way you write Luna! She's so wonderful
CharmedArtist chapter 42 . 2/8
Had to laugh at your Author's Note at the end: "Feed the hungry writer! It'll give her energy to write the next chapter! I love you!" Too cute :D This really is such a wondeful story, though - I'm not leaving many reviews because I keep having to click the "Next" button right away to find out what's next!
CharmedArtist chapter 26 . 2/8
The dream... was perfect. I have no other words for it. The imagery was simply beautiful :')
CharmedArtist chapter 15 . 2/8
Wow. I don't think this chapter was at all controversial - I knew it was coming, and it fact was looking forward to reading it, and you carried it off so well, almost better than I had hoped. You have such a great writing style, and this was beautifully done! I'm really, truly enjoying this story, and this chapter was unique among other, somewhat similar stories. (I'm also very much looking forward to where you're going with the Greek mythology and other interesting information!)
Amar 2 chapter 54 . 2/3
The key is such a wonderful gift. Excellent idea of yours.
Bookwormkat1 chapter 63 . 2/1
You have a mind that rivals JKR's. My god, the complexities are insane. Your writing is a work of art.
I didn't review before, because I don't tend to until I reach the end of a story so far, but I was so so happy when I finally read 'I want you to LIVE for me'. I was waiting for that for so long.
I can't wait to read more.
Am I right saying you have been influenced slightly by some of Loten's work, and also the story of the enchanted bed sheets? (I can't remember the title or author).
Amar 2 chapter 32 . 1/31
So sweet, I love this!
Amar 2 chapter 30 . 1/31
I knew he would rape her one day. Bastard!
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