Reviews for Life in Glass Houses
NeelyBoo chapter 10 . 21h
Wow, I JUST figured out that Knock Out has a duplicate. This is so fragging awesome! I LOVE IT!
D chapter 30 . 9/19
You can't possibly know how much seeing this fix be updated brightened my otherwise horrible week.
Thanks for that.

Also, knock out, what are you doing. Making me feel emotions.
. looking at you too soundwave and shockwave

Really can't wait to see how all this goes.
xxx chapter 30 . 9/18
First I died laughing with "cheap romantic novels"
but then ... Knockout you're the devil.
I loved the chapter, it's still like this. I also want more of the Auto-con!
Mama May-Eye chapter 30 . 9/18
I'm guessing KO's gonna blackmail Trauma with this. No relationship with patients, or something like that maybe?
Konan-791 chapter 30 . 9/18
Illustriousgiraffe chapter 29 . 8/21
Just reread the whole thing with the new chapters! I barely have words to describe how amazing this fic is! You use such vivid details that it makes me feel like I'm watching a film or standing in the room with these bots. I love the relationships you've set up between all the bots as well, KO and Bee are written perfectly and their interactions are so well balanced, not too trusting but not too antagonistic. This fix is a true work of art! Thank you for writing it!
Guest chapter 29 . 8/10
This is a really good story. Question, is there any ships in this story? And seeing how SG Smokescreen seems so interested in bumblebee, it be so cool if he captures bumblebee and knockout comes saves the day. Anyways love the story. Can't wait for the next update. Keep up with the amazing work. Until next time, Peace out.
Eolian1 chapter 29 . 8/7
Oh boy, what's Knockout want with the phase shifter in the middle of the night right after that creepy dream...
Queen of the Red Skittle chapter 29 . 8/6
Yesssssss. Lovely update! Great dream sequence with Knock Out, and wonderful exchange between Starscream and Trauma. As always, loving your style!

Mama May-Eye chapter 29 . 8/4
Ohhhh my gosh, is Knock Out about to go for a drive or is he about to do something to Trauma? Knock Out, don't do something rash, buddy! Thanks for updating! Not as much Knock Out or Bumblebee in this chapter, they're my favorites, I absolutely LOVE their continued interactions. Can't wait to read more! I wonder if the truth about Knock Out and Bumblebee will ever come out? :D
anaarkei chapter 29 . 8/4
Perhaps I missed something but when did Skyquake die? I thought Dreadwing was the one that died in this universe.
Konan-791 chapter 29 . 8/3
Great chapter, as always! Keep up the good work
XinterestingX chapter 29 . 8/2
Very interesting! Both Shockwave and Knockout has given us some new information, but what is Knockout going to do with the face-shifter?
Benthino chapter 29 . 8/2
Oh great, now I ship Starscream and Shockwave... I hope you are happy.
XinterestingX chapter 28 . 7/24
Another great chapter!
I was a bit worried you wouldn't update this anymore, but I'm so glad you did :)
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