Reviews for A Third Path to the Future
bobthebuilding chapter 29 . 5/23
Why would it be lucky Harry had a few copies of magical booms to trade with Doom when earlier he surprised Doctor Strange by knowing book copying magic? Unless they're somehow special magically in a way that makes them un-copyable?

Other than that, great fight scenes and an exciting battle.
Ghost500098 chapter 20 . 5/23
so what? now harry is weaker then he was before draining the gem? feels kinda like bullshit to me
spokojnyj chapter 46 . 5/23
Harry's football comment is quite ironic, when just before it he drank cider "because he wouldn't drink while Jean's pregnant". The only place where cider is non-alcoholic is the US. He should have called it apple juice.

Other than that, like always, it's the size of your chapters that gets you a pass for the unreadable passages, mistakes and missing sentences that crop up regularly. There still are whole stretches without mistakes between them.

Maybe it's also because those gaps don't matter all that much in the long run. Your chapters and stories are epic, but also epically wordy, and a missing sentence here or there doesn't change much. I often ask myself after reading a chapter: what actually happened? Most of the time the frustrating answer is: not much. But still I keep reading them for some reason.
diagonalpumpkin chapter 48 . 5/19
I really was not expecting Nikolai to be one of the ones we lost. He'd been around for so long, it hadn't occurred to me that he would die, least of all in Ragnarok. Thank you for the great (and hectic) chapter. I hope you are doing well.
TheKidWhoGrewUpToFast chapter 27 . 5/14
Why would the Kree use AU that is an entirely earth solar system based measurement? Not trying to flame I find it funny
Dammry chapter 43 . 5/14
All ur fanfiction has been a wonderful read for me. But what is the hold up on the next chapter of fiffy teacher and a third path to the future, please update them soon, and if you are not feeling okay i wish you a sound healing
loulloko chapter 1 . 5/12
erozoth, I very much agree. Characters just barely not enough for the villains, leading to a powerup is textbook definition of shounen, funny how we come to FF to avoid tired tropes and some of the highest rated works in here are filled of them.
erozoth chapter 18 . 5/11
This is the third time I am trying to read this novel, I reached this place twice.
Harry sends his familiar to deliver letters to someone that has shown ill intent against him and her.
You paint Harry as not strong enough, as Doom being strong, resourceful, lacks virtue and yet Harry does not deal with him, you paint it like Doom is to much of a threat and Harry need to play nice, so nice that doesn't even have the option to ignore Doom because he will act and thats bad and THAT is the issue.
The novel started with Harry fighting and dropping a MOON on a CELESTIAL, you don't go much higher than that. Even if said celestial was limited, at least it was his body.
Since then Harry powered up a few times but it seems like the MOON part was just for effect, click bait of sorts: look how cool the MC is. Since you have gone to great length to ensure the MC is weaker than anyone else, Magneto, Doom, others. Fighting with all he got and struggling yet I keep reminded that he somewhat won against a CELESTIAL by dropping a freaking MOON on it.
You started high, dropped low then trying to build his power like a weak to strong.
It doesn't help there are other similar novels with out this massive plot hole\tool so reading is a struggle.
It is a small but important detail, if he survived in the negative zone fighting normal level enemies that would be fine and a normal progression novel but you were going with stupid, meaningless and pointless hype: Moon\Celestial, Sword of Light (we are doomed!), gaining a name in the negative zone,since then he grew in strength which is again pointless because each enemy he fights is just about his level so can have a close shave, power boost and sometime you throw in a meaningless power show, blowing up a base.
Did I mention he dropped a moon on a celestial? But then he struggles against Magneto, a tier A- villain, now Doom and his progression of power is pointless since his enemies match him each time.
Anyway, I am going to keep trying, one chapter every few days to see if it actually improves or just an endless cycle of powerup to face someone with higher power (that they should not have) like some stupid cultivation cliche story.
Either go with weak to strong properly without the shock and awe click bait or go with the OP, you seem to try and go for both, make the MC appear OP or at least very powerful most of the time until a fight happens, like Bleach: power up, one hit then the villain power up again.
bobthebuilding chapter 25 . 5/11
Whenever there are characters talking in what is supposed to be the Queen's English (or I guess the King's English in Marvel-verse), all they say over and over is "old boy", "as it were", or "boyo" and a few other supposed to be British phrases, and once you notice them repeat without variety becomes jarring every time they pop up. The author needs to utilize some more depth for their British vernacular lol.

And if the blue-skinned ones are refusing to give straight information about their military, why in the world is Harry and co. just accepting that instead of giving them Veritaserum? Didn't they already use some after first taking the ship? Why not use more, especially considering it's the survival of literally the entire Earth at stake here...

As for Mars, couldn't Guardian just say "the big purple alien did it to fight me, but I prevailed none the less"? Why admit he was the one to go full scorched earth tactics, or in this case, scorched Mars? Seems like going out of the way to stir trouble. Sure, the way he showed everyone a video of the fight against Thanos and ended it on "how strong was he that I HAD to destroy Mars" (though showing a full fight like that publicly is just dumb, considering enemies like Doom and others can take that to plan against him- though having planet-busting powers could be a deterrant).

But Harry's point of "how strong was the enemy if I had do destroy Mars" would be pointless if he blamed it on Thanos, as then everyone would KNOW that an alien capable of destroying a planet had attacked earth stating he wanted to sacrifice all life on it (and it's not like there'd be direct recordings of a fight on Mars to determine who started the fire), so blaming it on Thanos would go MUCH MUCH further to make people terrified of aliens and hopefully more motivated to work together and defend the earth against threats.

Though why did Hedwig have to be teleported to the X-mansion before flying to Montreal? She can fly to High Note, right? And her teleportation is supposed to be the best around? Why would an ocean matter?

And Harry says he has no idea why a SHIELD Agent is there to be taken to witness Banner's interrogation, despite publicly saying earlier in the chapter that SHEILD was invited to that.

Plus, it was supposed to be a five day vacation for the team but turned into a four day one lol. Guess the five days weren't off completely like he said lol.

Though all that aside, I am in the main loving this story as I do all others the author writes.
Meeeooooww chapter 27 . 5/11
Harry's goal of equality is so naive and to be honest just impossible. Instead of pursuing equality why not just create a safe haven for mutants. Equality between men and women is so hard to achieve and even racisim can never be extinguished, much more the conflict between human and mutants. It is just a cycle of hatred, human will always hate mutant for their diffences and power, in turn mutants will hate human for their action.
bobthebuilding chapter 23 . 5/10
They took Armor up to High Note right after meeting her?
Spartan of Rome chapter 48 . 5/10
Oh fuck that was a great chapter and I can’t wait to see what Thor, or really now he’s truly Þórr, does now. I’m so excited that I’m not sure if I want to see Magic of the Force or ATP updated first
bobthebuilding chapter 21 . 5/10
Since when was the Hogwarts lake seawater? Wasn't it a landlocked freshwater lake? Or is it different in Marvel-world?
bobthebuilding chapter 18 . 5/8
Lol Harry wanting to do activities involving the lake with the kids but thinking he's stopped by it not staying warm for long here in Scotland, despite the fact that he had a very warm date on the top of Mt. Everest with the aid of magic.
bobthebuilding chapter 4 . 5/6
To those saying it's weird Jean would focus more on her fellow cheerleader's thoughts than the pervy crowd, the pervy crowd is, while gross, something people grow up with and expect, even if it's not good or disgusting. She's always *known* there were perverts, or creeps, and that people might look at you with a leer.

But a fellow cheerleader, a supposed teammate, one that grew up with and knows what it's like? Well, Jean would expect or at least hope they'd have respect for her if not like her.

One more perv perving on her or others is not going to get to her, even if she doesn't like it, but a supposed ally and teammate secretly insulting/disrespecting/hating on her? Well that's a more personal betrayal, that would cut far far more deeply.
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