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reptoholic chapter 17 . 46m ago
Love the new chapter. Good job on the girls telling him to take the company more seriously. Keep up the good work. Hope he gets banner
AnthonyR89 chapter 20 . 6h ago
again, still a good story. one thing though: Nova Roma is a ROMAN colony. so why did the natives speak a dialect of Greek, rather than Latin?

the part about their people being from Greece originally is debatable, since the Roman empire was huge (and there was also the eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine), but the empire was founded in Italy.
amberpup chapter 22 . 3/3
Spandex Dilemma... very funny, no cookie for you!

Opening Scene - Harry and Ororo, then Jean: Fair enough, even if I might had rephrased a few things. Kinda made me wonder if Jean isn't getting a techo-fetish with all the new toys Harry keeps getting her.

As to the programming or more to the point the coming programmer, it does make me wonder if that isn't the Judas the author may need in coming chapters.

Amora, i.e. The Enchantress was fun to read and would had made a great GF for Harry if it wasn't for Hela. It was fun to see Thor not buying the dream, but then I doubt even a dream would dare go against the God of Thunder's wishes. Yet it was cute, Earth Fashion slays another Monster with inflicting the sin of desire for whatever the 'Dress' was white & gold or blue & black. Lets hope Amora stays away from Pop40 radio! She might start collecting boy bands...

Melody, charming like always and the later scene with Illyana asking about her made one both happy and sad, even proud about daddy Harry.

Danielle had her debut in this chapter, and I was stuck how a scene or story with her as leader with Paige and Amara would be so cool. A girl action team, so to speak with Harry being Charlie and all be his little angels... Wait, forget that!

Cordelia is better in this chapter, growing -up a bit while Emma is walking around with the good old "I'm in Lov..Lust" above her head. Be cool if the little girl had her own mutant power, besides the one all teenage girls have.

As for Emma, I'm kinda missing her 'ice woman' act as she relaxes in both worlds. Having Harry around, gives her some room to maneuver with in both her personal and profession life. Knowing you have a BF that can blow-up planets makes the 2% sales drop not matter as much. So more cat-like, less kitty.

Emma Sandman, you so need to do that. Great team-up, and she needs to do it alone.
Emma Firestar: Hey, you do realize that the kid is underage? For everything she could help Emma with , it would be a PR nightmare if it came out. Sure, the X-man are kids too... Wait, are child-soldiers the hot thing in that world?

Boy's Night in - a fun read even if it was pretty dull for drunk mutant teenage boys.
Girl's Night in - No fair with Emma being the most experienced in sex. Damn girl can read minds, so its a bit unfair when Ororo had to go out and actually get a BF and sleep with him.

Illyana and Belasco, sitting-up in a tree... K, I, SS, ing. First come kidnapping, next come Harry blowing up your entire dimension and sucking out your life-force. But again, it was a cute little scene with her asking about her BFF, meeting the Heart Stone and learning she can be a witch.

Occlumency - that was funny, I had the same theory about Snape learning it too early so never able to get rid of (or at least lessen) his hatred for James Potter. Same with a certain Headmaster, learning the talent way too early.

Dilly was funny, so a tip of the hat. Coming-up with stuff like that isn't easy, at least for most people.

Ororo and the Embassy: fair, a bit more magic then I hoped but it is the new shiny in her life. Add the foreshadowing, and how the two boys picked-up remain in the shadows should be interesting for later.

Odin & Frigg - More Frigg, less Odin! Old Girl can rock a room, and with just a touch send the Asgardian People on a different course.

Again, Hela... ass in gear! Yes we know, immortal but by the time she gets around to it Harry with have like a thousand grand-kids.

And Hmmm, as Dr. Pym's legal representative I would ask for a licencing fee for using Dr. Pym's medical program in such a way. While Harry may look good with a eye-patch and parrot, I would think Jean would smart enough to see what she is doing is stealing. Unless I miss the part were Dr. Pym said he was ok with it. Really same with Tony and the Arc-Reactors, best just not throw them out there without Tony getting a bit of the action. Cus Stark could just selling his better model at a lost just for revenge (and a happier world).

As for Tony Stark, fast and to a point. Healed and Happy with no mess, no fuss. But then, on the scale that Harry is working with, healing a guy with a hole in his chest is pretty small potatoes. Not even close to taking out a Kree ship, even if its a frigate.

Jarvis and Magic... so how will Harry be sure not to do the same with his new I.A.?

Nice to see Mystique and Irene, thought our author lost them in all the excitement. Because Harry sure could use both in the coming battles.

Betsy, nice to see she recovered and lets hope she doesn't drop-off the Earth.

Kree Battles;

Robot - more Ororo heavy then I liked, but the Thing was really shining and I liked that. And while his condition may be problematic, its so helpful when you don't got time to explain.

Ship: Not sure if burning a hole through the ship you might want to use later is the smartest move but Harry has always been more a here and now type of guy. It does seem interesting the last two major fights Harry has been in is with Susan & Reed at his side. Next thing you know, they be inviting each other over for dinner and doing all the rest of stuff that married couples do with fellow married couples. Well, at least we can thank god its not the 1970's and I doubt Harry would drop his car keys into a bowl with the expensive car he drives.

But no, no Reed for replacement Ron or Neville. Bad Author, Bad!
Yet as I think about it, you could say Melody is replacement Luna,
It burns, it burns... Make it Stop!
AnthonyR89 chapter 13 . 3/2
still an entertaining story overall. Selene makes a pretty decent enemy. when is Sinister going to have a larger role in the story? honestly, he's my favorite villain. in that it's easy to hate him. there is no redemption for him like there might be for some others, like Magneto, for example, depending on how he's written. are you going to include Apocalypse in this story?

one other thing though, in your notes on the bottom you got two characters confused. Silver Sable is a world renown bounty hunter and CEO of her own company. Silvermane is the mobster.
Vollar Chetowa chapter 22 . 3/2
I am so happy you included the kree, it would be interesting to see if harry can gain even a few of their respect at least, maybe ronan is too much to hope. Please don't make harry a mercenary for odin, with his power you should keep harry and odin as equals even if from a distance. It would be pointless giving him so much power that even death is somewhat fond of him ( I think) if he lets powerful characters even consider him inferior to them. I have to say though I loved this chapter like the rest, looking forward to next month's chapter.
shugokage chapter 22 . 3/1
Cool chapter and I must say I was impressed by the capture of the kree ship!
saint21 chapter 19 . 3/1
You should do a Harry Potter/DC story it would be interesting to see what Harry could do there
reptoholic chapter 12 . 2/28
I hope he gets banner. Besides his mates, Harry needs to start building a team
AnthonyR89 chapter 10 . 2/28
still a good story so far. though the medical machines you have in the x-mansion honestly make me think of the autodocs in Fallout, lol. was the hit squad that took out the shield agents and took Candra's bodies the Reavers? or someone else?

as for the thing about Ben Grimm's relationship, i lean slightly towards him staying with Alicia. as to the question about the lifespan of Asgardians, if i recall correctly, they aren't actually immortal, just extremely long lived.

noticed a couple of minor errors in this chapter as well. Tony Stark's father was Howard Stark, not Tony Stark senior. and the fantastic four (along with the Silver Surfer and a host of other characters) are cosmically powered. i'm pretty sure Gamma radiation is pretty much limited solely to the Hulk and related characters (She-Hulk, Samson, Red Hulk, Abomination, and the Leader immediately coming to mind.)
AnthonyR89 chapter 9 . 2/28
didn't recognize candra character (not sure if she's an OC or not), but still a good story overall. wondering what side gambit is going to be on when he ultimately shows up.

noticed another slight error. Havok lives in Hawaii, not Florida. completely separate coasts, lol.
The Dark Dragen chapter 7 . 2/28
If you're want Marvel/X-Men/Harry Potter stories, look at mine: Harrison Slytherin and the Dark Desires. Only got one chapter at the moment, that's only because of real life, and the mood wasn't there. Working on it now, since I'm in the mood to write again.
AnthonyR89 chapter 6 . 2/28
still a good story, though i was honestly unfamiliar with any of the villains you had Harry and Emma fight other than Taskmaster and Unus(whose honestly kind of lame). one thing though, there is no "Swiss" language. the official languages of Switzerland are German, Italian, French, and Romansh.
LordXeenTheGreat chapter 22 . 2/28
Love this chapter
Kairan1979 chapter 22 . 2/28
Glad to see the new chapter.
I liked the debriefing of the Mojoworld mission, and the steps taken to correct the mistakes.
Frigg convinced Odin to contact Midgard; I hope Enchantress isn't going to bungle it.
I'm glad Harry is pointing out to his team that they are not invincible, despite the armor and magical healing.
Nice to see Firestar's problems with her powers were detected early on. Though I won't be surprised to see the problems with her parents.
Pleased to see Harry performing surgery on Tony. One less thing for S.H.I.E.L.D. to hold against him.
I think the appearance of the Kree ship is the clear sign of Earth not prepared for the higher form of warfare. Without FF or Harry's team, who could stop Kree?
Gon Freaks chapter 22 . 2/27
Yup, still loving this story! I did see the few errors you had, but the story is too good to nitpick at each one. Thanks for awesome story and length! I will endeavor to wait another month for the update, and two if I really have too!

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