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DaughterofDeath chapter 31 . 11h
Please update soon
newboy chapter 31 . 6/18
One question, in an erlier chapter hela had said she could not go to earth because of Odin's decree's except in certain circumstances, is that no longer in effect now that Niflheim is cut off from Ygdrasill?
Is that why Hela was able to go to earth?
newboy chapter 31 . 6/18
I am glad that AIM has been weakened, however unlike the other groups of villains that have fallen to harry so far, I do not think these ones are completely gone because first, they never caught the supreme scientist who is the actual leader of the organization, and second because they still have a few bases in Africa and are apparently experimenting with the Magog.

I know what the Magog is, so I am guessing that AIM will come back one last time at some point with a final plan before it is shut down for good.
Thelordthatobserves chapter 1 . 6/19
Love the story and you tying every aspect of the marvel universe. Getting all the stories and blending into a work of art. I have a character I wanna run by you if you have the chance. Emails
CurtFirefly chapter 31 . 6/19
U ruin fanfiction for me I read a story then hold it up to urs, it's like holding a candle up to a bonfire, goddamn it man!
PappyOldGuy chapter 31 . 6/19
WOW! What an amazing story! I absolutely love it! I have not run across anything quite like this in my trip through FanFiction so far. I love the pace, the action and the characters. Please just keep doing what you are doing and I for one will most certainly keep reading.

Thank you so much for sharing.
RAD092515 chapter 31 . 6/18
Please tell me that Sinister is going to meet a very nasty end at Harry's hands.
Riniko22 chapter 31 . 6/18
Thank you for the chapter, this now catches me up on this story. The Earth's governments will now have to acknowledge the alien threat and that they have ignored it to attack themselves. I will expect that Dani would be able to contact the spirit within her to find out how to reconnect she to her body.
newboy chapter 31 . 6/16
I finally have time to review this chapter, excellent as always.

A couple of questions, did reed Richards manage to complete that telepathic space probe that was supposed to be part of the trap, is that how Pinoptes found the kree ships, or was it his own sensors?

Second, what is harry going to do about the weakness in the illusion he has of earth? It would be a pity if after all that time and effort spent on creating the earth decoy it only works once.

I wonder what Odin will think when he realizes that with Hela physically absent from her realm, Odin no longer has any influence there. Odin's reach only extends through ygdrasill I think, so that fact that an entire realm is out of his reach will probably make him uncomfortable, it is debatable whether he has any authority over even Hela anymore, now that her blood has been drained of the shadows influence she probably is not even subject to the Ragnorok cycle anymore.

I think Odin will be very surpised at how far out of everyones reach Hela has gotten, including his own.
TheFoolishDreamer chapter 10 . 6/16
The last few chapters were really good. Harry managing to defeat Magneto and meeting Doom as well. Scott getting a scolding her deserves, the talks between Strange and Harry regarding Wanda was also well thought out. My favourite as always though will be the Lemons and Limes between Harry and Ororo. They finally did it! And now that you got all 3 of his girls together it'll be much crazier. Plus with Ororo willing to share now, Oh man! Can't wait for you to plan out amazing Lemon scenes for four of them. But good job! Its fresh to see writers that can write an amazing plot while giving good sex scenes every two-three chapters.
juliantheshadowman chapter 11 . 6/16
I assume Arishem the Judge created the Dementors, but who did Harry battle in the Negative Zone? Eson the Searcher?
Rebell 01 chapter 31 . 6/16
Great Chapter!
TheFoolishDreamer chapter 4 . 6/15
Yikes, It seems that in every Xmen Evo, Duncan is a straight out ahole. I don't mind the potrayal of him but that's a smart way of him to say that Harry's homosexual. But on to our main characterJust get him and Ororo to bang already! XD I coukd just see the amount of sexual tension between these two! But for Susan and Jean, it'll probably take awhile, seeing that both are currently in a relationship XD
TheFoolishDreamer chapter 3 . 6/15
True, your Harry is a war vet. He knows that in and outs of fighting in a war, which makes his character in this story all the more appealing. A young man training a group of teenagers how to survive is a good premise for the first act. Most Harry X Marvel stories don't really have him train the students so yours is different. But other than that, Harey hitting on Ororo and Jean is the best! Its also a plus that you made him a sweet talker, not afraid to say about beautiful women around him. Something he might've gained after the war
TheFoolishDreamer chapter 1 . 6/15
intrestung start. I haven't been as instrested in a Harry X M in a long while. Most i've read just took place in the MCU. Yours looks like it'll be across all platforms which I couldnt wait. I also love it that you placed this as M rather, no use beatinh around the bush yeah? Hopefully you'll get Harry to pair with Susan along the way. Reed isnt the best husband if I remember and so as Namor, she cheated on him with that fish guy which I sure as hell dont understand why.
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