Reviews for A Third Path to the Future
god of all chapter 24 . 7/27
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon..
LunaDragAngel chapter 13 . 7/26
I have loved this fic & am shocked that it took me so long to come acrossed it! I have enjoyed the growing romances & appreciate that they are developing relationships & not instantaneous. I also really like the action & combat scenes & appreciate the details put into these & Harry's Danger Room sessions with the X-men exciting & entrancing. I have enjoyed the humor, wit, pranks, etc. I am amazed at the dedication you have put into your story. Belated Congratulations on this stories 2 Year Anniversary & 1 Million Word Count Milestone! I also wanted to leave a comment after reading this chapter because I was very impressed with Harry/Weatherby's insight into to lack of thought & empathy behind the way Stark went about stopping his Corporations weapons manufacturing. I know it didn't go into details in the movies but I think the questions & arguments raised during "Weatherby's" meeting with Stark were very accurate.
Alucard-Masters chapter 6 . 7/26
the fight was jumpy at times i gotta ask, did you or did you not kill taskmaster? for what he is he isn't a minor villain yet from what i've gathered here you killed two(three?) of four (five? you went from swan to black swan so im not entirely sure) and i wasn't entirly sure which of them it was.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/24
very good, loved.
Michaelkoc1 chapter 24 . 7/22
Ok.. Wow. What a fight that was.. Holy crap!
That was AWESOME! What a chapter that was! Absolutely fantastic! Not just the end fight but the Pierce stuff as well.
As for Banner, you made sure to point out that everyone knew Banner/Hulk wasn't himself so surely Harry shouldn't be that hard on him.. Then again he did kill so many heroes and civilians..
But even still i dont think Harry should be super duper hard on him. Maybe solitary confinement in some magically reinforced place? Like the forest on High Note was i mean, not a prison..
You also mentioned about character deaths, i think this only adds to your story. Quite a few villain deaths which is understandable given how good the hero teams are but maybe a main hero death or something would balance that out..
That also makes me super excited for the avengers story.. If the regular teams are this good how good will the avengers be and how strong will their opposition be! Awesome stuff..
I just cannot wait to read more of this amazing story. But damn, late August? I didn't realise it took so long for new chapters of this story having found it only recently but its understandable given the size of the chapters..
Once again, awesome story chapter all round. Cant wait for more
drvash chapter 24 . 7/22
In one of the Hulk cartoon series, the gamma bomb that created the Hulk also mutated some of the desert wildlife, which Rick Jones nicknamed ‘the Outcasts’.

If Harry ever raids a facility where they’re experimenting on mutants or trying to create super-soldiers, he might find dozens of altered lab animals (like that rat-lizard from the first “Amazing Spider-Man” film) which he could rescue and release into the Forbidden Forest or build special enclosures if they’re too dangerous to roam free. The ambient magic of the Forbidden Forest could stabilize the animals’ altered bodies, and cause them to slowly evolve into true magical creatures in two or three generations. Most animals reach breeding maturity in a few years, so ‘two or three generations’ might only take a single decade.

Also, if an altered animal is pregnant and given medicinal potions, in-utero potions exposure could contribute to their transformation into true magical creatures. Potions meant for humans and mundane animals might have odd side effects on creatures who’ve had their genetics/metabolisms changed.
Michaelkoc1 chapter 23 . 7/22
Ok.. Wheww! Just got up to date with the story and i have to say its awesome! A completely gargantuan undertaking that yoy have managed superbly up to this point!
But i think you are right in focusing more on the characters and plots we have instead of introducing even more.. You mix everything so well!
The only thing i personally dislike is Harrys relationship with the girls.. I think they have him far too whipped and polygamy in a story isnt really my thing anyway.. But whatever. Tbh i mostly ignore the relationship aspects except for Emma. I really like her so far, im not too fussed on on Jean and Storms personalties. The rest of the story is awesome!
I just hope you dont nerf Harry too much when you depower him.. I like his having to work hard for certain victories but i also like him being strong and i would hate to see him have to rely on the girls even more than he does now.
I also like that you are moving away from the x-men now, im glad you will be focusing more on the big hitters.
I cant wait til we get more into the avengers stuff. Its the shield and avengers and other big moments like that that i really like about your story.
The fight in London and against mephisto was awesome!

Overall a great job, you really should be proud of the story you have woven so far. Mixing the business stuff with Emma (which is interesting) and the hero stuff with the rest of the gang and i cant wait for more!
Guest chapter 24 . 7/21
Nice chaper. Keep up the good work.
amberpup chapter 24 . 7/21
I don't read the Marvel Universe, and know that JKR has no idea I just wrote a review about this chapter.

Jean and Harry's post love scene was fun to read, shame later in the same chapter he turns it into glass. No one year anniversary for you at the same place now.

Emma/Ororo little scene was also fun to read, while they wait for the lovebirds to return.

Sinister and Morgan Le-Fay scene was great and worrisome for our Hero.

The Bank Job Battle was good, a joy to see girls just want to have fun. Sabretooth's death was deserved, but I would hate to had it seen on the news. It would had taken little effort to stroke anti-mutant hatred with it being aired.

Paris/Emma - both enjoyable to read, hope to keep seeing Paris interacting with Team Harry.
Amora - need to see more of her later, maybe to check-up on Thor/Balder when Harry is around.
Press/Harry - fine enough, but would had liked a little more drama like you see everyday on TV. This was Harry's first step on the world stage and his big push to fight the bad guys in space. And one time wouldn't be enough, so more PR work for Harry for sure. Gives the Author the chance to make up his own host of the varies late night shows and daytime talk shows. Harry and Opra would be too cool, great place to introduce Storm as his GF.

Shawl vs Pierce - a solid read for a battle, not as good for the Shawl's brats are before but good enough. Screw Pierce, he got what he deserved even if Emma did saved freaking Shawl's life twice.

Note - Emma needs to remind Shawl if it wasn't for her warning his ass would had been hanging out there for Pierce to just roll up that night.

Emma Manor - fast, a good solid battle with the Sandman showing-off his skills.

More Harper, he's kinda cool for a British chap.

Lemon - fine, good, just the right mix.

Thor - dreams/visions, lots of foreshadowing there.

The Battle with Thanos (and Hulk/Abomination) - since I don't know alot about Thanos, you could had thrown him down the nearest well and I would had been fine with it. I don't think this battle once on Mars was as good as the one with Selene on the writing. I expect Harry to break out more of his WORLD CLASS DOOM SPELL then he did. We had a ton of foreshadowing how nasty Harry can be from his little time in the Zone. I really didn't get the feel from this battle, that Harry broken out his superman cape to fight Thanos.

But then, they were fighting over a woman. So not right in the head is understandable...

Yet the Hulk and Abomination battle was great, I had no problem with that. And my vote, Harry banish Bruce Banner to the underground bunker/lab on the now dead Mars as both punishment and a safe place to find that cure. I doubt anything else would get your ass into gear then looking out onto a dead world you help caused.

Which leaves us with a major problem, cus Harry just killed Mars. Not a thing folks will just handwave away, worst for the opening day of their new group. I can't think of a worst PR disaster, and they give their name (Cura Mudi) and certainly Fury/Shield can add two plus two knowing about Harry's team (well, harry and storm friends with the Thing). Its one thing to kill hundreds if not thousands in a city but flash-fry a planet and folks get really scared (as they should).

I mean, hell, Harry would need a miracle for this to play out in his favor. Like say a Kree fleet showing-up chasing his sweetheart with her haul of used ships. But if you think about, this ain't nothing new to what Harry had back in his Hogwarts days. The hated hero...
Darkarma chapter 24 . 7/20
Well I've been reading this fic, one chapter after another all the way to 24. Great concept, executed cleanly, but I have a few critiques which would make this remarkably easier to read.

Big ones
You seem to have a lot of exposition set aside during your fights about how a character has x skills, y durability and z items/weapons/armor in how they handle combat. Its very formulaic of you.

As a result you are just telling us the result rather than really showing us. Point of fact in the early portions of the fic you had Rogue's Juggernaut strength and durability. You later did this more often with Harry's Crisis suit, Paige/Piotr's skin armors and the like. Its rather redundant. Maybe give us a more visceral feel of the story, emotions, smell or something? This feeds into another point that you seem to Tell rather than Show when given the option.

It'll give it the sound of being less RPG GM mastery and more a novel.

Second, you seem to like reusing certain phrases right next to each other in separate sentences. This is especially noticeable with adjectives and verbs on the main characters.

Something along the lines, "Harry *crushed* his foe with the spell," "Upon *crushing* the hulk Harry found himself thrown sideways" Note these are an example of an actual line I came upon but seen in a number of chapters in general.

Third, all your characters seem think and talk using the same words/phrases. Majordomo, irons in the fire, and their ilk. There are a few others but I can't remember them all. Try and expand and differentiate each of the character's vocabulary. The one exception is that you seem to have Ben Grim's voice and monologue down perfect.

Finally I find myself not as invested in your character since it seems like they get away with a lot. It feels like they all have some level of plot armor where they can get through most battles with any injuries that have no long term repercussions for the most part. Though to be fair it seems like you are ramping up to something even bigger.

Even if you don't injure them maybe put some more pressure in other ways? Something to allow us to connect with them emotionally?
Vukk chapter 16 . 7/19
I was thinking it might be funny to have mountaineers find Harry and Jean atop the mountain last chapter. Makes me laugh a little that you did have that happen.
Vukk chapter 15 . 7/19
I thought it was common knowledge that the concierge and taxi drivers are often paid by restaurants and tourist traps to funnel tourists there way. At least they were and often are where the Internet isn't as popular. If someone is staying somewhere they haven't been to, the person hasn't a clue if one place is better than the next. Both would be paid by the places and the hotels/taxi companies would like it, as with a good choice their business would profit as well.

Now, if people don't like the recommendations, that means less money for the businesses as the person recommending brings down their view of the person and therefore the business. The Internet helps cut through that, except people forget anyone and everyone can post what they want when they want online.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/17
awesome work keep it up
aesir21 chapter 24 . 7/18
amazing chapter. awesome action scenes everywhere. this was one hell of butt whooping and ass kicking chapter. I am glad that in the end of the day he still has time for Melody. I hope they will be able to cure Hulk or at least get him manageable.
Mandalore Requiem chapter 24 . 7/17
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