Reviews for A Third Path to the Future
jakepwright chapter 44 . 4/29
I really enjoy your stories, but you gotta get someone to proofread. The fact that 2 other people read through this and still left all the mistakes I found is crazy. Do you know how many times the name Lilith somehow made it into your story ? Wrong words, wrong pronouns, wrong tense...and at the end you switched to first person (not during thoughts). I've seen your stories with no proofreading at all, so trust me I know how much work those 2 betas must have put in, but you gotta have a third person come in at the end to catch everything else. Honestly it's not that bad, if someone had posted something of this quality and said they didn't have anyone to help, it would be incredible. The fact 2 of them still left it like this is hard to take. Thanks for writing and all the hard work you put into your stories.
George1892 chapter 43 . 4/29
Also, now the space stuff is nominally over could we get a bit more development of the Asgardian side with TWSAIS?
George1892 chapter 44 . 4/29
That was a great chapter. Plenty going on and the nice resolution of a bunch of storylines.
FinalKingdomHearts chapter 44 . 4/29
I look forward to the next chapter.
nater0730 chapter 44 . 4/29
Bluesnowman chapter 44 . 4/29
Nice work.
drucifer000 chapter 44 . 4/29
GREAT chapter! It is kind of hard to justify reverting a multi billion citizen empire back to the stone age. I honestly was kind of hoping that they might have found a more diplomatic course of action with Lilandra after Dken was removed from power either by death or forced abdication of the throne, but I understand why Harry decided this was the route he would take to insure his worlds protection. This story is absolutely the best HP/marvel crossover I've read, thanks so much for sharing it with us! I'm crossing my fingers that your inspiration stays strong and we can enjoy another update soon! Great job!
DanielHimura chapter 44 . 4/29
I do hope they at least got the schematic of the orbital stations to protect Earth?
David Daniel B chapter 44 . 4/29
That was a good chapter
agnar chapter 44 . 4/29
great to see more of this one, my favorite. Also great to see the conclusion of the Shi'Ar/Galactus crusade and them getting back to Earth soon.

Only saw one error really, happened multiple times. You used Lilith instead of Lilandra more than once in the chapter. Otherwise, excellent work.
brachiosaurus chapter 44 . 4/28
a majestic piece as expected of you! many kudos!
Re Lovely Lover chapter 44 . 4/28
Not much of a comment for such work but it's all I have to say:

stars90 chapter 44 . 4/28
Excellent work, as always. So ends the Shi'ar empire. I'm really curios to see what if any repercussions there are for that. And Harry and the others are Not gonna be happy that someone managed to hurt Emma...
TehStorm chapter 44 . 4/28
Great chapter, i loved that they were able to permanently crush the shi'ar. Though i wonder what will come next...probably harry becoming a titan and dealing with Thanos and Those Who Sit Above in Shadow.
GeorgeTobor chapter 44 . 4/28
I think trying to explain the details of the Massive Memory Magic might backfire.

Sometimes a writer can give too much detail and leave themselves open to nit picking.

Now our heroes just have to figure out how to fight Thanos AND a stupidly big Kree fleet.

I suggest the Kree manage to destroy a few countries. Maybe the middle east? Let terrorists experience true TERROR.

An enemy like the Kree should help unify humanity.

Sadly you might think the Covid virus might have done the same for us, no such luck.

Homo Sapiens we are not, rather homo stupidus...

Thanks for the new chapter.
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