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kimminnee chapter 35 . 10/3
Honestly, Elena tried so hard to make things right. and Grayson trying so hard to take every Salvatore down and keeping Elena away from Damon. He almost deserves Elena taking off with Damon. I'm not saying it's right.
Damon did come into Elena's life like a cannonball. And she did the same to his. True love always wins out.

On to Gravity.
kimminnee chapter 34 . 10/3
Dammit Damon! So naive. Zach set you up once, and you didn't think he'd do it again? Did he not notice Zach's gloved hands? Zach killed Vaughn. And he did it out of desperation, and spite. Had Damon stayed, he could have had his hands arms, and chest checked for GSR, (Gun Shot Residue). He could have told the police it was a masked man...but, he trusted Zach after just being burned by him. Family does not always equal loyalty. I bet Zach never expected Elena to run with Damon. I hate Zach!
Sarah, take a shot for every time I have said I hate Zach throughout my reviews!
kimminnee chapter 33 . 10/3
Sheesh, just as things are starting to look up. Vaughn is one bad character. I think I know how Vaughn wound up being questioned. Liz saw Elena with a very broken Damon, and told Grayson. Grayson, being a cop investigated, ran plates or whatever and got a name. OR and more likely, someone with a grudge against Damon (Zach) both tipped Vaughn off where Damon was the night he was so savagely beaten. And tipped Grayson off as to who threw Damon a beating. I think I was Zach trying to make Damon feel like Elena was more trouble than she was worth, to break them up.
They went public, blew everything apart. Everything was getting better. Bridges beginning to be mended. They had plans, the concert, the summer vacation plans. Now, it's all about to implode. They were lulled into a false sense of security.

I love all your use of cannon. Next two chapters:"Hold on, it's going to be one hell of a ride."
kimminnee chapter 32 . 10/3
This chapter started off so fluffy so full of Delena sweetness. Except she was so nervous about Vaughn's threat. If only Damon had took it more seriously.
Elena's act of defiance really bit her in the ass. Yes, she got to see Damon, but, itcame at a high price. Damn. Threatened, having Vaughn paw at her, a gun shoved in her face. Then having to be there and listen as Damon is beaten. Klaus thankfully holding her back, and turning her into his chest. I hate what her reaction will be when it's over.
kimminnee chapter 31 . 10/3
Good grief, as if the disapproving family, friends, and entire school aren't enough...ConnorJordan has to raise Hell about Damon sleeping with Andie Star over 6-8 months ago? Really? As if it's Damon's fault Vaughn's girlfriend is a whore that Vaughn can't control. "You've been marked kid"? Seriously? And Zach won't help because of Damon's choice of girlfriend.
I love how supportive Damon was at school. I couldn't imagine something like that happening in High School. Kids are so cruel! Delena got more time at school than I thought they would. Elena's parents need to chill and unground her. It's not like she's on drugs!
Oh Caroline, and Bonnie. Elena called you over, told you EVERYTHING. She's your friend, quit focusing on the what of the lying, and get to the why! And understand she loves him. They are going to be together. Be her friend dammit!
kimminnee chapter 30 . 10/2
Damon should have considered that Zach doesn't nessesarily speak for the family, especially his father. Damon really should have talked to his Dad about Zach's outlandish demands, the jobs he's had Damon doing. Maybe things would have been different. Zach does what he does for revenge!
Elena's family flipped out. They are all being unreasonable.
Worse yet, they have to go to school tomorrow and face the social pariahs. Ugh
kimminnee chapter 29 . 10/2
Thank God Will is alive. Elena is right to ask Damon to stay away from Zach. IDR, Is Zach on cocaine? He is getting into much bigger crimes. And he seems a bit too careless. He's using Damon, who is only an eighteen year old high school senior
Elena is probably in allot of trouble. But, she stayed with him calmed and comforting him all thru the night. "We'll make it, we always do." Howis she going to explain this one? And how is Damon going to stay away from Zach.
I hate Zach! Heartless bastard!
kimminnee chapter 28 . 10/1
I remember I made the connection between Will's huge debt to Vaughn, Uncle Zach collecting for him and recruiting Damon at times...and thought, oh no. It really sucks that Zach is pulling him into this heavy of a crime. Giuseppe wouldn't be happy. Damon was just at a Founder's Party in an Armani suit.
Stefan is suspicious about what Katherine had on Damon. He knows his brother didn't betray him, and he's still acting like a brat. Damon and Elena's short exchange at the Founder's Party was cute until Carol ruined it. Zach was an ass about and to Elena.
Jenna visiting Damon. That was interesting. She kinda semi-threatened him. She found out from talking to him that he really loves Elena. And her second talk with Elena reassured her that they are indeed in love. Damon has Klaus, and Elena has Jenna to talk to.
Giuseppe got off. The Salvatores, and Elena wee happy he was cleared of those charges.
Grayson telling Elena how irritated he was about it, being sorry for having so little time for her, and how gteatful he so to have such a wonderful daughter. It must have made Elena feel very guilty.
The party at Will's was getting big and crazy. Not to mention dangerous, anyone could have came and found Delena together. That and Will wanting away from one of Vaughn's men and Andie sent them to Damon's, a more intimate setting.
You did an amazing job of building all of this up. Really.

I hate Zach for pulling Damon out of that party! And for not caring more about his Nephew than to involve him in such a huge felony. And against Damon's friend! No Zach. It's not just business. And there is such thing as friendship! Zach is a snake. Damon should have been talking to his Father about the activities his Uncle has him doing.

Sorry I wrote an essay/rant Sara! I hope you don't mind an in depth review. I will try to shorten my reviews.
Kim aka on Twitter kimminnee DELoveNeverDies
kimminnee chapter 27 . 10/1
I think it was brilliant to stop there. Making everyone sweat about wether the baby was Damon's or not, cranked up the angst. I'm so glad it was Mason's daughter. Poor Mason has a daughter out there and doesn't know.
Celebration of putting Katherine's blackmailing being over was perfect! Drinks with Klaus, he deserved to know what Damon found. And Elena damn sure did.
I love how bold and sure of herself she has become with Damon. She's becoming a minx. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!
kimminnee chapter 26 . 10/1
Dun dun dun. Katherine had a baby. Her family sent her shameful whoring self off to have the baby and give it away. Damon, she wasn't just screwing you. There was Mason too!
Damon thinks they had a daughter.

This is the dirt that stops all of her games!
kimminnee chapter 25 . 10/1
If this information on Katherine had come any later, I'd hate to think of how bad things would have gotten. Damon is in one hell of a mess. Stefan shouldn't have believed Katherine. He's an idiot.
I'm glad this bitch will be neutralized!

I want my babies to be happy again! Allthipain and discord, it isn't fair.
kimminnee chapter 24 . 10/1
They are MISERABLE without each other. Katherine has managed to weasel her way into everything. Messing up both their lives,still threatening to her expose them. Even after manipulating them into breaking up. And using both of them for her own personal gain. Now she's going to call attention to this. Bitch.
The only positives, Elena got to talk to Aunt Jenna about almost everything with Damon.
And Zach is really checking into the Pierce family. He thinks it's about Stefan, but, that's okay.
Now, can Elena forgive Damon for Jeremy? And she needs to yell at him for beating her brother up, right now, to defuse Katherine.
kimminnee chapter 23 . 10/1
The use of cannon in this break up made it 1000% more painful. Damon is even crying. And Elena, shattering on the spot. Katherine is such a bitch!
Rebekah was surprising in this chapter. She might like to tease, but, she didn't want them to genuinely get caught, or have someone like Katherine blackmail or hurt them.
The making love to her like it might be the very last time.
"Please, don't do this to me Damon, I love you."
kimminnee chapter 22 . 9/20
Of course it was Katherine. I guessed it right the first time I read this. And her setting up with Stefan was just icing on the cake. I remember how Damon stops her. I remember why she left town for that extended stay.
Now, Elena has to get out of that date, now. IDR how she does it?
kimminnee chapter 21 . 9/20
They need to think harder. About who would want it to come out in the most embarrassing way. Who has suffered humiliation. Who wants payback. And the wording..."Sweet Innocent Elena"? Think.
It's not Mason. This is a waste of time. I don't really remember, Stefan or Katherine?
Klaus spoke truth Damon didn't want to hear. They can't stay a secret forever. This is true. But, as it happens, we already know how it comes out. (Prologue)
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