Reviews for Cannonball
Guest chapter 35 . 4/2
This story is so amazing ! It’s so well written, the plots are so good! I love everything about the relationship of Damon and Elena, their love, fights, smut.. I love it so much !
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 35 . 4/1
Incredible story! I'm so glad someone mentioned it to me I'm excited to read your sequel!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 34 . 4/1
Wow what a powerful ending. I was freaking out when he dropped the gun knowing they would frame him. His past is coming to bite him and all he wants is to be better for her. My heart hurts for them and how they could possibly get out of this mess.
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 33 . 4/1
I'm so tense. That was a whirlwind of feelings from his beating to the hospital and Stefan actually defending and helping him and acknowledging Elena and now Zach and Vaughns stalking her. I'm so freaked!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 31 . 4/1
Happy to review for you. I'm an author here myself and know how much reviews mean to people!
Such a mess. It was fun seeing them at school and Damon all cocky in front of Mason. He walked her to class and Ric seemed to somewhat understand too and even Bonnie. But that ending yikes they just don't get a break
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 30 . 4/1
Yikes I forgot that the whole town will now know too. More bad reactions. I feel so bad for them. That was a shitstorm of emotion. You are incredible at painting such a vivid picture of everything.
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 29 . 4/1
I could feel Damon's pain at everything he was feeling . Elena was so amazing and supportive but she must have been terrified. He was so vulnerable and just him saying he needed her was heart breaking. So glad Will was okay so that means he isn't the murder. Crap you still have me so nervous!
Loved all the DE in this chapter and Klaus is such an awesome bestie.
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 28 . 4/1
Shoot. Why did he even need to bring him along if Zach could do that himself ? After you mentioned Will owing so much them I knew it had to be him that the prologue was about. Now I thigh they were going in there to threaten or try to kill him and Damon or Will would have killed Zach instead crap I'm on pins and needles here!
Couldn't imagine how bad Damon felt at Jennas visit but he was so amazing pouring out his heart like that. I love the scenes with Delena and missed them so much.
So much tension and I'm still scared of them getting found out!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 27 . 4/1
Massive relief! Thank you I was pretty sure you wouldn't have done that but as much as I loved it to pieces now I'm remembering the prologue and the murder and them running and now I'm scared somehow Kat is killed before she hands over the pictures! I have no idea what you will do next but I'm totally addicted to this incredible story!
Tied up Damon and that sex scene was so fricking hot!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 26 . 4/1
Omg! Him having a child with her was my first thought when it said. That was my first mistake . Oh no. They don't need more problems!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 25 . 3/31
Oh thank goodness! He needs some good news. I just wanted to crawl through the screen and hug him. Everything does feel like his apartment looks . And I was surprised Kat wasn't actually asking for sexual favors for real or having Damon date her or kiss her in front of Elena . I can't think how much worse that would be.
He couldn't even get up the trellis to see her and hold her and look in her eyes . You are an amazing writer! I am so captivated!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 24 . 3/31
That's terrible what happened to you. I'm sure now it was years ago. Wow this is getting so crazy. I can't imagine how much pain everyone is in. Elena really needed to tell someone and yet it still didn't seem like it helped .
I felt so bad that Jer got Damon's anger when he was already so wound up. And he was just begging her to not attack him at school and possibly give anything away. Oh my heart was aching for him.
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 23 . 3/31
No words. I'm so emotional right now my heart in my throat and I feel so sad just like they do. So fricking powerful !
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 22 . 3/31
Yes! So scary and I have no idea what she has in mind for them. She is the worst person to know their secret!
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 21 . 3/31
Wow so much has happened. You can just feel Damon's stress level skyrocketing. I am more sure than ever it's Katherine but now Rebekah knows too and Elena sounds too like she's about to lose it. Damon wants her to go on a date with Mason? Ugh I can just imagine how hard that must have been for him to ask.
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