Reviews for Savior of Demons
KiySky chapter 23 . 8h
Gosh, I just super love how you write this. I feel like I am completely immersed into your writing as I read it. You've written the characters so well and they don't feel out of character at all. Freeza still holds that personality of his even though he's becoming a better being. I have been reading this any chance that I get and because the chapters are so long, I am spending all day on just one chapter despite myself being a very fast reader. I love long chapters and you most certainly deliver.
KiySky chapter 9 . 6/19
Oh my gosh, Bulma. You. Are. Crazy. Gurl.
KiySky chapter 3 . 6/17
I swear the only thing I can see while reading this is a lizard hanging down from Goku's hand like an angry and terrified puppy.
laioszafeiriou chapter 34 . 6/14
"sigh" Should've done this earlier ( or maybe I've but can't remember) but which movies for this? Also, GT/Super? Supplementary content (as if I'm not mistaken you didn't fail to include 21 or somesuch)?
Anonymous chapter 35 . 6/7
Please keep Buy as is. If you do anything to change my favorite bundle of cuteness i swear...
darkfang79 chapter 35 . 6/5
are you alive author
Flen99 chapter 9 . 5/20
That is sooooo weird. Different people are capable of being in to different things. But I just want to say, that Bulma finding a human look alike attractive (Zarbon) , doesn’t automatically mean she’d find frieza’s appearance attractive. Not even remotely impossible for said attraction to exist, as I said earlier, different people different taste, but still there is no real connection.
Flen99 chapter 9 . 5/20
Krillin disgusted me this chapter. Frieza IS a monster. But if you cant comprehend that different alien races have a different way of honoring the dead. That different cultures! Have different mourning methods. Then you are an idiot. You can be disgusted, that’s fine. But Krillin Pissed me off. I don’t think any adult who is supposed to be a monk would react like this. It seems a tad bit unrealistic.
Random Rockets chapter 35 . 5/19
Holy shit I'm glad I found this story. I've always been a Frieza fanboy and getting info about his past, homeworld, and even his relationship with Kooler is super satisfying. I suppose I can wait until June 30th, I'll just be taking my frustration out on DBZ Fighters ranked mode:P. Krillin, Buu, and Frieza are climbing the ranks one hard won battle at an time! Good luck on your graduate work, I know how hard that stuff is(Helping Wife through her graduate program).
DrLevoda chapter 33 . 5/10
The fact that Gohan struggled to hold up some rubble is incredibly annoying, just a reason make him a SS
DrLevoda chapter 32 . 5/9
Wait, why are some swear words censored?
DrLevoda chapter 32 . 5/9
blueexorist chapter 35 . 5/3
Hope you update on the date you promised
MSN-04 Sazabi chapter 35 . 5/2
You do what you have to, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Tserleg chapter 35 . 5/2
Finally i have read the rest of your story, and it is not inferior to the previous part. In fact, there are memorable moments.

- Haabu arc. I regreted his horrible death. Yes, he was a bastard and had to die. His behavior towards his underlings was a clear signal of his evilness. Anyway, he was evil mostly because his idiocy (still had responsability, evidently) so I wished a less painful death for him. Of course I know that ugly endings can be better suited for the story (Game of Thrones is a good example), and it was useful to show Freezer's problems about controlling his new form.
Quite paradoxical that if Haabu hadn't been so silly to kill his tripulation, the revenge that he dreamed would have been possible. At least the dream helped him to make his death less horrible. XD

- Pui Pui. Nice way to introduze Babidi's complot, Vegeta USSJ, and Cooler's troops adventures.
Don't worry about possible power levels incoherences, Pui Pui DBZ "seems" weaker than Freezer 100%, but no enough info provided in canon to confirm if he is weaker than Ginyu Forces, nor stronger than C16. True that I like Pui Pui, so I'll hardly complaint about turning him a true badass.
Anyway, the best in the arc were the interactions among Vegeta and Sauza&Cia.

- Cooler Resurrection! WAU! I accepted his death because it fitted well with the plot. I am glad plot allows his return. After Bills, he is one of my most favourite villains (others are Blue and Murasaki).
Nice his interactions with Freezer, Yamcha guessing their aspect were not real, training with Ten, and the encounter with Sauza. It had been great an apologize towards his men to endanger their lives in his first arriving, perhaps Cooler has got too much proud.

- Cyborgs Salade. Super A13, Tao Pai Pai, Ten Shin... I don't know C21 because I haven't played her game, but I'm sure you'll make interesting things with her.

Anyway, the most important thing in my review is to advice you NOT to hurry your next update. Every adult person has responsabilities that can delay a work made just for hobby, and any non-adult person who don't understand it, well, it's their problem.

I have to recognize that my advice is quite selfish: my priority is not fast production, instead I prefer you keep your quality. :)

Congratulations for your writting!
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