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Smithback chapter 29 . 4/21
on the movie I always thought Slug, had potencial, but it was wasted. but your awesome fic made it... made it great! I liked a lot all its saga.

-I loved that the warriors at earth were capable of facing the evil ones.
Master Roshi was pretty cool too!

but Bulma was the best with her gun.

-We need to get out there and help Goku," Frieza said decisively, "The three of us together may be able to do something against him- wow! that phrase killed me... awesome.

Broly calling Weakling at Frieza. I laught at that.

ou, Mr. Satan can be so cool!

Slug says he has surpassed all sentiments, but he looks for revenge... silly Slug

ouch... so just before die, Gohan turned into super.. right? damn!

Earthlings plan was super special fantastic awesome!

"I don't believe it! He spends his entire life being a genocidal dictator and now, now, he develops a concern for others! I also laughed so much with that one..

Cooler's will was lovely...

Awesome chapter.

insect ... was it Gero?
the evil dust attaqued everyone when they broght back Gohan.. dust is the evilest and stongest enemoy...
Strange Toast chapter 29 . 4/9
Chapter 29: Jagannath
Baby is going to be in SoD?! Pray to Kami that he does not suck in this!
jcogginsa chapter 29 . 3/30
Awesome chapter for Mr. Satan

Glad to see Kooler back
ShadowSaiyan316 chapter 29 . 3/29
Kinda curious what made you think Db Super has jumped the shark? also good chapter didn't expect Gohan to bite that bullet or for Goku to prepare to crack open that can of potential whoop ass on Vegeta. Freeza has developed quite well I look foreword to seeing his golden brilliance continue to shine through :) Next can you explain your acquired distaste for the Golden form. And do you think he could get the 100 percent inside the Golden form hypothetically speaking.
alfielaukh chapter 29 . 3/27
Wow..what a chapter this was. It was my favourite so far, with goku turning super sayian 2 and frieza reviving cooler(I almost cried while reading this moment)
Also, I have a question. Will you consider adapting the Dragonball super manga instead,as to me it seems more well written than the anime .
blackflame209 chapter 29 . 3/13
*breathes in deeply* what the fuck...THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE CHAPTER! the way paragus handled broly's death was touching in a way, it seemed like paragus was happy to broly die, because broly didn't have to suffer the flaws that come with legendary super saiyan transformation, and when i read that broly smiled in happiness...a tear went down my face as broly doesnt have to suffer anymore, and everyone's reaction to gohan's death especially chi-chi's. and kooler coming back to life was a giant surprise to me, with his return to the world of the living, would that make him the 3rd(?) strongest on earth, with freiza 2nd, and of course goku as the 1st, poor vegeta he's now the 4th strongest. keep up the amazing work!
SPARTAN-0052 chapter 29 . 3/7
That's curious... I thought Slug was going to retreat to New Namek while the earthbound heroes were busy cleaning up the atmosphere machines and abuse the Porunga-dragonballs for wishy-powerups before confronting the earth-heroes (even going full-Zamasu on them and getting immortality and other hacks so that he could pose enough of a threat to drive all the heroes' backs to the wall before they can pull off a win). Well, at least he gave them a run for their money while he lasted. But like pretty much every villain ever, he overestimated his power and underestimated his opponents :(

And then there's Goku jumping to SS2 because rage and beating Broly in ONE PUUUUNCH! Kamehameha. Seemed a bit cheap as Goku hadn't mastered SS1 yet, but whatever you write into the script goes, I guess. At least that ending made a little more sense than Goku saying "Hey guys, if you give me the tiny amount of energy you have left after having the crap beaten out of you, I can use Saitama's Serious Punch on Broly and win." I've also gotten the impression that your characterization of Goku is more like the Funimation "righteous hero" than the Toriyama "guy that likes food and fighting", but you do take elements of both to make a reasonably-likable character.

The ending also seemed a bit too "wish-fulfillment" for my tastes (although it's admittedly plausible as there are dragon-genies that grant wishes): Gohan was only dead for a few days, Cooler's back, all the bad stuff that happened gets ctrl-z'd, etc. At the end of the day, Slug and Broly were just obstacles that were a pain to clear but won't really leave any real consequences. The status-quo is restored and the main characters level-up at the end of the encounters. Well, that's dragonball for you.

All in all not bad, but I liked the Turles story better than either Slug or Broly.
mikasil chapter 29 . 3/6
For the first time in many years, I felt that same thrill I felt when I first saw Goku transform against Frieza or Gohan against Cell. You really bottled some essence of genuine, prime Dragonball Z with Goku's transformation scene.
BCTheEntity chapter 29 . 3/4
Hey, look, Baby's going to show up. And, I dunno, maybe he and Cell fuse with one another, or something odd like that. Speaking of weird transformations, what's so bad about Golden Frieza and DBS in general? The form seems like a logical way of transitioning Frieza into divine tiers of power, given that it's essentially an extension of transformation in the same vein as Cooler's fifth form, and from what I've seen, DBS isn't any more asspull-ey than DBZ ever was. And, well, concise explanation is generally better than blind "no it's bad for always" statements.
No One Special chapter 29 . 3/1
Honestly the fact that (Majin) Slug was capable of orchestrating all of the earth's strongest warriors off the planet and into the loving arms of Broly is a rather capable feat. Also how in the blue hells did Slug ever manage to become a Majin?

Which I admit was a clever way of turning him into a threat for the heroes on earth. And I'm still surprised to see the human fighters actually being useful, competent and treated respectfully, especially Yamcha, who has been a joke since day one.

Anyway, I will admit when I heard Broly utter the word Kakkarot I broke into a cold sweat at the idea that, that would be the only thing he ever said in the chapter. I was thankfully proven wrong when he started mocking Vegeta.

Especially love the part where Freeza ascends to the sixth form against Broly:p. Nah who am I kidding you don't let crap into your story. The golden form on the other hand.

Anyway, I'm actually speechless that Krillin managed to kill Slug with the spirit bomb, I was expecting Piccolo to do the deed.

Goku ascending to Super Saiyan 2 over Gohan's death is stunning in my opinion as it seems that all fan fiction writers are only capable of writing Vegeta, Gohan and Future Trunk's ascending to Super Saiyan 2. It also helps that the scene was impactful and well done.

And was Guru a peaceful dictator? Was Slug right here? Huh, and has Piccolo gained the seeds of rebellion.

I'll have to admit however I did find Paragus's death scene to be a more emotional moment than Gohan's death scene and Goku's anguish over that. Something about a monstrous child expressing genuine happiness, as the last thought of a father just tears me up for some reason.

And Coola's back. I could never have predicted that happening. Anyway, capable of mastering the form in the afterlife? Are the Arcosian's stealing the Saiyan's style? Anyway who was the man who made Coola make that message, he seems important.

Also, that new threat is Bebi. I can smell it.

A great chapter as usual.
AC chapter 29 . 3/1
(Addendum, because this site won't let you edit or delete your own reviews, whoops, and I apologize if this ends up causing multiple guest reviews)

AC 97 here:

I noticed that there was a backronym for BABY at the end of this chapter, I dunno whether you're giving us a red herring or not on that one, but I'm sure it'll be handled in a very interesting manner regardless, and give us some more precious character development. Knowing their luck, if they're going against a possessing villain, they're going to have to fight Goku.

As for Dr. Gero, they probably should've killed him earlier, because it's looking like he'll make Cell more dangerous than his Super Perfect Form... well, at least we have some good pizza deliverers, if he's in a beam struggle.

- I do hope that Vegeta and Frieza are forced to work together more, because as much as they hate each other, they can complement each other quite well. (Vegeta, seriously, if you think you're done fighting alongside them, you're kinda delusional, lol) Speaking of Vegeta, I can't help but think get a foreboding feeling from his POV at the end of the chapter, because it feels rather like he's tempting fate...

- Yamcha and Chiaotzu do work together effectively, and it was nice to see Yamcha actually not getting his ass kicked for once. As for Master Roshi, I thought it was awesome how he was fully willing to sacrifice his life against Slug.

Finally, I will say that Gohan's death did in fact shock me. I'd say it was more surprising than Dende's death, because with that, you had the possibility of that happening in the back of your head the entire time, not the case here.
JJ lessnau chapter 29 . 3/1
Who will marry frieza and you can ask a Frieza fan about romance if that helps then you can do a romance story about frieza and bulma in savior of demons if you need help ask frieza fangirl for help about frieza and bulma being a couple. Think about it if vegeta doesn't marry bulma who will and if vegeta married bulma who will be with frieza Rin, Zangya, or videl.
Frieza should marry someone or he will have no love from a hot, sexy, pretty girl
BVQ chapter 29 . 3/1
Well, a better ending than that stupid One Punch Saiyan stunt Goku pulled in the movie. Too bad Frieza's 5th form wasn't all that and a bag of chips in the end, but that's just DBZ for ya, the transformation of one week becomes the joke of the following week.

Good to see the Earthlings doing well for themselves. Saiyan supremacy is pretty prominent in most fics, and there is justifiable cases to be made for that, though it far from means the weaker cast are useless.

Phew, so, 4 months, quite the wait, but I have to say worthwhile, even if I was a little disappointed in Frieza's power. Then again the form is pretty unknown to him so it's excusable. Besides, Goku is Toriyama's golden boy who usually seizes the ultimate victory, so it never really surprises me when that trend holds true in fics.
AC 97 chapter 29 . 2/28
Addendum: I did NOT expect Gohan to die in this chapter at all, and I like how they're not nonchalant about people dying, even considering the Dragonballs.

Oh, and quick question: It's not standard practice to reply to your replies, is it?

And I noticed that it spelled out BABY at the end... oh well, whatever it is you have planned is better than GT by a long shot, whether this is a red herring or not.
Strawberry Cat chapter 29 . 2/28
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