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Smithback chapter 26 . 8/28
I am really sorry to leave the review so lateā€¦

Ahhhh! I love Dende... well. I love peace and he is that...

This was a very emotional chapter...
The explanation of each one of Frieza's transformations, his reasons... wow! Very sad and interesting...

-all of them together talking.. Loved it.

It was very very interesting the little we knew of Zarbon.

And then ... Rin .. I was so nervous reading of her.. Because we already knew what was it about.. So, it was cruel and stressful... so.. Excellent.

I loved this thoughts about his own seat... there it comes from...
It was very interesting and new... how did he knew the Super Saiyan legend

I love mad scientist... or just scientist.. Yes, even Gero... and yes, Ratsura too. I do not like Ratsura , but their mindset is so interesting.. Their curiosity blind them.

So... there is no confirmation of Rin death...
I almost cried almost all the chapter.. Uff...
Verimol chapter 26 . 8/22
I confess it took me a long time to finish this chapter, partly because of external reasons and partly because of how emotionally loaded it was (and whenever the content is too emotional, I need to pause, metabolise, restart, pause etc.). So, I would just like to say that I really liked Rin. She's an enjoyable character, very spontaneous but not over the top and her background was really fascinating, especially since it shed some more light onto Arcosian religions and cultures. I found particularly poetic her parents' reasoning to send her away (her destiny not being decided yet) and I loved her relationship with Freeza, it was simply delightful for the way she got him to open up (the friendly gesture Freeza made with his tail when he saw her outside the lab had me squee!) and all the enrichment she obviously brought to his life. That being said... She should have run. And so should have the Storyweaver and King Vegeta when confronted with Freeza. And so should have Freeza himself before his father. It is interesting how this chapter shows, scene after scene, the lesson that was branded onto the future Emperor's brain: not only the strongest (or the the biggest bastard) survives, but also makes all the rules. The Saiyans are a strong race, but lost a war and are now subjected to the whim of those they sought to enslave; hence, they starve. Freeza is one of the most powerful creatures in the universe, but has one weakness that can be exploited, thus the terrorists become "powerful" enough to make him fall. Ratsura has friends in high places, which means that he can get away with basically anything that would get anyone else killed. Power, and being able to control that power, is everything. It is obvious, then, that any price to acquire power is to be considered acceptable. All fine by me, and I can understand that in politics "personal" should not be the same as "important", but I cannot help to despise King Cold from the bottom of my heart. From the religious sects rebelling against his orders to leave the planet and even murdering their own children in the process, to the terrorists trying to destroy the government, to the Council being hostile to the current monarchy, it is quite clear he was ruling in an impossible situation, so he must have looked upon Freeza as a lifeboat. Still, I like to believe there are things that someone simply does not do, and I would say that murdering your son's best friend and possible love interest to have him become stronger is one of them. A toast to King Cold then. Great politician, but lousy father. All bitterness aside, I loved this chapter, especially for its telling of the events that marked a milestone in Freeza's character development. With this, the portrait becomes more defined. Can't wait too see what details will appear in the frame next!
Dr. Wheelo chapter 4 . 8/16
Finally got around to looking into this from the recommendations left on the DBM site. It's been an enjoyable story so far.

For a Dragon Ball fanfic, I feel one of the initial things of note was the tone change from the source material, it feels substantially grittier and more serious take. That said it doesn't feel untrue to the actual universe, Dragonball had many brutal moments it just usually chose to keep its focus on the high paced action and testosterone. By simply choosing to linger on some of the more unsavory aspects of combat like the extent of the pain and torment the characters experience on a physical and mental level, it provides a great way to tone-shift without actually feeling like a jarring change to the source material. The characters staying true to themselves and keeping in line with their canon-personalities helps sell this more as the same universe.

I've seen quite a few of these "What if _ became a Z-fighter" fanfics before, so I had a few preconceived notions of what I was in for coming into this, but so far you've managed to defy a lot of expectations. Most of these types of stories I've seen will just have events fold out exactly as normal while inserting the "X" character where they can, though with this one I started noticing the deviancies from the main plot straight away, giving the Earthlings an opportunity to show their teamwork against Frieza before Goku showed up and of course the notable lack of Trunks which leaves the plot wide open to take whatever turns it wants. I was also enjoyed the repurposing of concepts and characters here, I was quite surprised to see the Sabo, an obscure boss from the mediocre Sagas, get reworked into a prominent character in Chapter 4 who vouches for Goku to be taught.

The length of events took me a bit off-guard, I often see these brand of stories go at a much more breakneck pace, but this story likes to stay and linger on events until your sure its been done good justice. Does it work well, or is the pacing too slow? Too early for me to tell merely at chapter 4, but as someone who finds tactical and psychological combat fascinating, I did find this chapter in particular a quite enjoyable read. It's still not a story I would recommend binge-reading in any case with the amount of info provided, per-chapter, like the story I feel best enjoyed taking a step at a time without rushing.

Main critique with this one, was it left something to be desired in character description. The minor characters like the Kold henchmen aren't so important, but I think it could have been better conveyed what Soba and Ramein looked like. Soba I actually had a good visual on since I know his character from the game, but he's obscure enough that the average fan probably doesn't have a good basis. For Ramein all I got was that he's smaller than Soba but still intimidating, I feel more details would have been helpful to translate the character considering he's a main focus of the chapter (unless he was described somewhere else and I simply missed it, then ignore this). It did capture my interest to read more though.
Nena Camadera chapter 26 . 8/12
This is an amazing story. I'm normally not one for DBZ fics, given how vastly overpowered the main cast can be, yet depths you go through to keep everyone relevant through their own unique martial arts styles and past experiences is extraordinary. That Frieza, a character most fans love to hate, would find a chance at redemption and then go through a slow and steady character development towards 'good' is a wonderful concept, and you portray it in this story very well. I love the comradery that has built up around Frieza, Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu, and (regardless of if it continues or not) the relationship between Bulma and Frieza is something I gleefully look forward to. Now that Frieza's achieved his fifth form and Vegeta is on his way back home, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next regarding everyone involved. Damn good fic. Keep up the good work!
Scarecrow chapter 26 . 8/10
I've finally been able to read this chapter. Great job. You portrayed the relationship between Frieza and Rin in a really effecient way (the main character telling the story to his companions is a common trick in fiction but always works). I felt emphaty for this cute couple, and you showed very well how Frieza goes from total loneliness to some kind of friendship, to platonic love, and back to loneliness. I liked it much more than the Arcos specials, even if I don't know why. Also, Ratsura is everytime more sinister and horrible.
I also tought that, given the realization Frieza had about his father, a "Resurrection K" could work. I mean, some soldier could do the same thing as Sorbet in the movie and bring back Kold, giving Frieza an opportunity to settle things once and for all with him. Or, considering how cheap is death in Dragon Ball world, Frieza could just die and meet his father again in Hell (I higly doubt he'd go in Heaven). I'm sure you have already planned something, probably much different from what I just said, and that Frieza and Kold will confront each other in some way in the future.
It is really off-topic, but I know that you dislike Frost's feet. Well, I tought they could just be prosthetics and that he lost his organic, three-fingered feet (we know that he has artificial augmentations as his poisonous stings). I don't really know why he woud choose that kind of prosthesis instead of a replica of his original limbs ... but, I mean, better than no explanation, right? What do you think about this, o master of Arcosian biology and culture?
As always, thank you for your great story and all the effort you put in to it.
Mr. Nemesis X chapter 25 . 8/5
As i said before, i don't regret my choice in reading this story even though i was having a serious mental debate about whether i really wanted to read it.

You made SoD Freeza one of my favorite characters, i might not be able to view his canon counterpart the same way ever again.

I wonder what would happen if SoD Freeza met BoD Vegeta, be an interesting conversation between the two.
Lord Kratos The Almighty chapter 25 . 8/5
Oh man it has been FOREVER since I have last reviewed (I have been incredibly busy with work and new responsibilities). But man I am glad to be back, and even created a real profile on this website (thus my absurd name has became even more pretentious lol).

Before I start on the actual review, I can clearly see you were waiting long time to write this baby out of the woodworks. Being a massive transitional period for Frieza, this chapter shall shift the story into high gear as the Z-Fighters will begin to confront troubles that remains unprecedented to the canon universe. Plus I like the way how this chapter plays homage to the first three chapters in general, especially with Goku saying that he isn't a savior for demons during the end of this chapter.

As for the genetic abnormality among Frieza's bloodline, I actually have a theory for! I think that a ancestor of Frieza was part of the earlier sun cults when their technology and culture wasn't as advanced at it was today. Mesmerized by the beauty of the sun, said ancestor decided to fly into outer space in the hopes of touching it. After getting dangerously close to it (powerful gamma radiation destroyed some of his epidermis while "damaging / mutating" his DNA), he manages to fly back into Arcos to recover before mating his with future wife. So yeah, the gamma radiation created a future mutation down the line that allows certain individuals to transform when placed under stress. Please tell me what you think about this?

Now onto the actual review!

I enjoyed reading about the conversation Frieza had with Mrs. Briefs about him being rude to Bulma. The way how you have subtly characterized Pansy as this secretly-smart-that-plays-dimwit role is impressive. Keep up the work since she has proven to be passively ruthless, if such a thing truly exists lol.

The miniature argument between Haabu and Goku in the kitchen was cute to read. Despite my wishes for Goku to strangle Haabu didn't come into fruition, I was glad when Frieza slapped some sense into him. I lost most of my respect for him ever since he had injured Miritiro, the bastard.

Another vision of Frieza having a horrific premonition of seeing Arcos on fire! I feel like these visions are some sort of foreshadowing to some unseen event in the near future on Arcos. Looking forward to it!

Loved the drunk conversation between Goku and Frieza, especially about the joke of Frieza becoming "Golden" lol. Plus the in-depth seriousness and parallels made were also cool to read, most importantly being Goku's slip up on the Black Box.

I am SO glad that Vegeta had managed to kill Pui-Pui upon discovering the Ultra Super Saiyan form, since this was his true first victory by himself. My only problem with this fight was that it was heavily overshadowed by the crisis of Haabu back on Earth (to make it clear, I forgot about this fight every time it left in favor of the awesomeness of Frieza's dilemma). But at least it is finally over, and got to see Sauza dual-wield!

Is Simsara a Makyan, since he can create weapons from his body?

Loved how Phantom Cooler manages to make his appearance yet again to torture Frieza before morphing into the image of Goku himself. Plus I liked how you used this nightmare as a wake up call for Frieza realizing his distrust towards Goku.

Frieza's inner monologue following his nightmare about him wondering about Goku and his Black Box was eye candy for us fans who love reading Frieza in pain lol. Kudos for that scene since it was deep and filled with paranoia.

I enjoyed reading the scene with Frieza choking the hell out of Haabu, which made Haabu go down the path of treason to become king himself.

Loved Frieza's reaction upon having his conversation with Tien and Chiaotzu. Our favorite, demented Arcosian prince just cannot seem to escape from pain and heartache lol.

Frieza desire to kill Haabu when he insulted his mother was chilling since I could "feel" Frieza's barely contained wrath towards Haabu. If Goku wasn't there (and if Haabu couldn't activate his true strength in time), Haabu would have became Frieza's total bitch lol. End of the story!

Now I have completely lost all respect for Haabu when he slaughtered his entire crew over his own hysteria and bloodlust. Dude can die alone in a cave now for all I care. Hell, I wish Ratsura (and you know I cant stand that guy) would put him in hellish induced traumas by constantly getting assaulted by Cooler. That will make my day!

Now I know Haabu is insane if he wishes to enslave all of humanity just because he hates Goku and Frieza (and to attain Bulma). Dude has serious issues with his perception on anger management, doesn't he?

I now wonder what is the true limit of Haabu's second from? When using some of his true strength, he manages to parry some of Frieza's initial attacks before proceeding to his Third form (which I was right in guessing he may have). Despite how powerful he may be, at least he doesn't have a Fourth form, since he would be incredibly powerful beyond all reasoning.

Haabu managing to defeat Frieza, Tien, and Chiaotzu in his Third Form is no small feat, with the match itself being nice to read (despite me now hating Haabu, his perception on perfection is a nice nod to Perfect Cell in a way). Too bad his next match against Goku wasn't as polished as this bout, but I cant blame you for the epic transformation Frieza undergoes shortly.

Still cannot believe that Frieza achieved his fifth form so soon, and that it will be achieved upon hearing Haabu's words and realizing the secrets Goku has held from him. I thought it will happen on Arcos in the distant future. So much for my prediction skills lol.

The way how Frieza brutally tortured Haabu was a disturbingly satisfaction for me. Don't get me wrong, I did started feeling sorry for the poor bastard when he began to cry while begging for his life, but the fresh memory of him doing the exact thing to his subordinates prevented true sympathy from me. At the very least, I hope the bastard finds hell.

Haabu's final illusion of grandeur before finally dying was insightful on the last moments Haabu perceived before being vanquished. It was very powerful since in reality, all he was doing was slowly opening his mouth before all bodily functions truly ceased to work. Well done!

Loved how Goku utilized some of his Ascended Super Saiyan strength to beat Frieza into submission, though it was because of Frieza's lack of control in his new form and missing arm. If those factors were not in play, Goku would have certainly died, and the entire Earth.

I wonder what is this last of "Cooler's will" that Sauza speaks of? Hopefully an explanation will come out eventually.

I truly did enjoyed that Frieza has not only forgiven Goku, but has even decided to become friends with him. If you remember my earlier posts, I thought this scenario will be next to impossible since Frieza was always finding ways to distance himself from Goku. A turn of events that I wasn't expecting just yet!

Overall this chapter contain many twists and turns that I was simply not expecting. Haabu dying and using his third form, Frieza getting the fifth form, Goku and Fieza becoming friends, etc. Initially I thought that everyone was going to go with Haabu to Planet Arcos to confront the "original villain" there, but my personal prediction was far off the marker lol. How the story will play out now, I will be greatly looking forward to it. :)

P.S. -I actually like the idea that Haabu's three strongest lackeys are aout to go into space to join Cooler's Armored Squadron. That matchup will be interesting to see.

P.S.S. - I actually have a revelation to share with you. You see, on the DBM site I am also the occasional commentator named "Xeno Gotenks" that comes up time from time (if you remember, I once asked a question to you about King Cold's new form incognito style). I've also have became a pretty decent editor on the DBM wiki site (I am now a administrator, yeah) not too long ago, in preparation for the wiki I want to create for Savior of Demons. I can't say it will happen any time soon, but know that I am brushing up my skills to make this dream into a reality. Wish me luck in this endeavor. :)
Mr. Nemesis X chapter 20 . 8/4
I've only reached chapter 20 but there's already a fight i'd like to read, Freeza and Vegeta vs Broly.

Like to know what i call the Golden form?

False SSJ because it allows Arcosians to pretend that they're SSJs.

What do you have against FUNimation?

To be honest, i wasn't sure whether i wanted to read it as Freeza didn't really appeal to me as a character though i do love the concept of Arcosians(they're just as mysterious and epic as Namekians) so i really enjoyed this story even though I'm a Vegeta fanatic to the core(Kakkarot will bow before the magnificent power of his prince, it's only a matter of time!)

Sorry if this isn't so excruciatingly long but I'm a simple minded low class clown.
notsae chapter 11 . 7/27
Will frieza's golden form be making an appearance?
JLBB chapter 26 . 7/17
This chapter seemed to really hammer home how far Kold has fallen into his madness. I agree with Frieza this all seems to convenient and it was probably Kold's plot to get Frieza to unlock another form. From a caring parent who would have been happy for his son to make friends to a monster who sets up his son for psychological torture and torment. I guess he probably talked Frieza into agreeing to those sessions with that ###### mad scientist.

While the scenes with Frieza and Rin were nice I also liked the politics at work. I guess King Vegeta will die a different death than in the anime?

And Piccolo is letting off steam. Let's see what's going to disturb the peace next (Turles?).
Xeos chapter 26 . 7/16
Reference to Bardock. Pretty intense chapter, I liked Rin, stupidly brave. Kold is manipulative as hell. Was it from the start or was it after he first saw her approach Frieza ? I wonder if Rin was Kold's goon, thus neber really liked Frieza and did it for their race or something, doesn't seem likely though.
I would prefer if the paragraphs were a little smaller, I keep missing lines. I still can't believe Frieza completed the story, hopefully no more traumatizing events for our little Acrosian. I wonder what happens when Z-Warriors die ? Does Frieza die before them or lives on...
Will there be another meeting between Kold and Frieza ? The potential for character development there is large, regardless of its well-used nature.
Anyways, great work as ever.
smashman42 chapter 26 . 7/16
Wow, talk about making the audience sympathetic to the former 'bad guy'. Frieza's back story is just so horrible, one messed up thing after another. You really made Rin likable too. It sucked knowing she was going to die though, I just hope she was dead before berserk Frieza got there.
Not Guest chapter 26 . 7/12
I'm calling it right now, the leader of the group of Saiyans that Frieza said he never saw die is Turles.
VegetaPrinceofDarkness chapter 26 . 7/13
So Ratsura was "helping" Frieza's training with his higher forms as he attained them eh? At this point, I'm betting that he's also got something to do with Haabu getting his hands on royal blood, and that he isn't entirely unconnected to the troubles that Frieza's people are currently facing.

So, this chapter gives us even more reason to be glad Kold is dead, as though we didn't have enough of those already. Rin seemed like she was mostly pretty sweet, though her support of Frieza as galactic emperor is kind of a black mark against that, though it's probably mostly typical Arcosian arrogance more than anything. I suspected Kold was going to use Rin against Frieza for a while, but while there's no hard evidence he was involved, that whole setup was far too convenient for the terrorists. I had the same idea that Frieza had at the end there; that it's entirely possible that he's the one that blew up Rin's ship, but I think you're probably the only one that will ever know that for sure XD.

It's good to see Piccolo finally letting go of his grudge against Frieza. He's been getting lectured about that topic quite a bit, but it seems it took the wisdom of a guardian to finally get through to him. Dende truly is wise beyond his years to be able to get through to someone like Piccolo where others could not.
Shoga chapter 26 . 7/6
Noooo! That was so sad, poor Rin and Frieza! But good lord Arcos seems to be facing all kinds of political turmoil and civil unrest but most people seems to be too scared of Frieza to do anything about it or make any progress in rebellion. What happened to you Kold? You used to be a decent dad and king now you are routinely abusing and torturing your own son and oppressing not just other race but your own people too. Of course we get to see that creepy a** scientist who pretty much caused all that. Is Ratsura ever going to get the hint that he is invading personal everything? Seriously every time there is a Ratsura scene, I feel like Gohan "Um, I need an adult?"
Random question is Rin a zikajidu or is she whatever ethnicity King Kold is?
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