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GBTtown chapter 24 . 3/4
Very good ending. A story that while tragic with the loss of so many core characters, still left room for life to move on.
rross1 chapter 24 . 2/28
Loved the stor. Sequel. Sequel. Sequel!
riogetsuki chapter 24 . 2/27
Is this another open-ending story?
Eight7Seven chapter 24 . 2/17
I'd like to apologize in advance for how poorly written this review will be. Your amazing work deserves more than I'll be able to deliver on my phone.

I started reading this story in the summer of 2013. I was apprehensive towards beginning it due to its subject matter. I tend to avoid entertainment that is sad/angsty in nature. I've not yet started the Dark in Peace for this very reason.

As I've said in the past you're my favorite writer on this site. Everything of yours I've ever read has been spectacular. The connection I feel to your work is unparalleled in my life. While I've had favorite bands/directors/authors in the past, I've never been this consistently awed before.

While reading this story I found myself feeling distress while approaching the end of a chapter. I found myself constaly checking where the cursor was. I dreaded reaching the end.
I had never read a story of yours that wasn't already finished before. I decided to wait until it was finished before continuing.

On Sunday night I started this story over again. Similar to Letters (which I've now read three times) I found myself devouring it, not simply scanning to refresh what I had read. When I reached the point that I'd stopped previously (chapter 18) I was distressed in a different way, I was upset that there were only six chapters left!

I want to thank you for allowing me to experience another wonderful journey through your imagination. I've now had the pleasure of reading five of your stories, I hope you never grow tired of sharing your writing with us all.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29
I hate to say this because it seems like a great fic but my first thought while reading this chapter was if there are so many OC's and magicals then were all of them when Voldemort was around and why wasn't his ass easily kicked? Not your fault because that's basically a conflict in canon but it really stands out with the characters you used or didn't use in this chapter.
NamikazeZoro chapter 24 . 1/17
This is one of the best stories I ever read in this site... I hope to read more HP/GD stories from you... keep it up and all the best!
Guest chapter 24 . 1/15
Here's the 4th review I have ever left on a fan fiction story in 8 years. One of the best I have ever read, one of the most personal and realistic as well. Great job and I look forward to reading some of your back log and hopefully anything new you may have.
KC chapter 24 . 1/14
I've been working my way through your stuff over the last few weeks, and while I've gotten lazy about reviewing in my old age, I couldn't finish this without passing along my thanks for all your hard work. I've enjoyed all your stories, but this one is my favorite, I think, because it feels so right. Two characters who care deeply for each other - who appear perfect for each other in the long run, but aren't in an emotional position to do more than help each other heal in the short term. I think you nailed it.

I'm also a former sportswriter, so really enjoyed all the action on the quidditch front. It almost takes over the story at times, but I can appreciate that because you do it better than anyone I've read. I love how clear your vision of the game and the tactics involved is. There has to be more to it than what we see in canon. I must admit I found the talk of drafts and playoffs and the like a bit odd because I've always seen quidditch as following the European sports model. But that brought a sense of hope to the story so I can see why you went there.

Anyway thanks again for your efforts. It takes a lot of courage to write such a real-feeling, dark-themed story without the glaring happy ending. But I think you pulled it off really well.
vicchavez007 chapter 24 . 1/6
Well, I loved the story. Your portrayal of the characters is amazing and elegant. I love how Harry took on a sort of Friend/Mentor role and how it slowly evolved into having feelings for Gabrielle. The story did have a very somber mood but that was to be expected when I was reading the summary. I am saddened that the story had to end here and that Harry has yet to reveal his true self to Gabrielle, but maybe that will be later. I loved this story it is now Number 1 on my top 10 fanfictions. I hope it is continued because my brain keeps going SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL! So I do hope there is one it would be just as amazing as this one.
GreenAlien123 chapter 6 . 1/3
Well, this story wasnt what I was expecting. Should have read the genre & description. Dialogue and characterisation are great as far is I can tell, but the whole thing is kinda depressing, mostly because it's so bleak, like real life. I'm reading fiction to get away from that. So, even though i want to find out what happened with the portkey (if we do find out) and the characters, I doubt i will read any further.
Nkari127 chapter 24 . 12/18/2014
I almost doubt that you read reviews for the story any longer, now that it is completed, but I have to say how conflicted I am about the story. I appreciate the way the story kept me engaged throughout the length, despite the fact that it is so incredibly slow moving. I could not say that you had taken any character and caused them to act in a way which was inconsistent with the universe you have created. I read the story essentially in one sitting, which obviously speaks to my thoughts of your ability to craft a compelling story.

All of that said, this was probably the most depressing fanfic which I have ever read. You capture the sense of loss and the way different people deal with loss all too well. Also, I am incredibly sad that even in the presence of a girl who Harry obviously comes to love, 95% of the time he hides his true self.

It is only when Gabrielle asks him direct questions or catches him a moment of intense weakness that we ever get to see the real Harry Potter; the one who is conflicted over his essential murder of Dolohov, regretful of his perceived betrayal of Ron, missing the one other girl he has probably ever truly loved in Hermione. At every other point of the book, Harry puts on a farce, and while he does seem to honestly enjoy caring for and spending time with Gabrielle, he wears his public face. Even around her.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/15/2014
I've been reading fanfiction through various websites and fandoms for over 10 years now. Before this I have never left a review. I really enjoyed your previous stories, but I wanted to post and say that this is the best fan created story I've ever read. Just amazing pace, detail, subtlety and actual realistic sports and realistic romance. You are a master.
pratik.mohanta chapter 24 . 12/9/2014
i know its a completed story, but i just couldn't resist to ask for glimpage of future. and if i am not being prudent , i am asking for a harry daphne story of similar setting.
The Blind Dragon chapter 24 . 12/8/2014
Excellent story.
Too bad its over though.
Hopefully, there's a sequel in the making that takes place a year or two year later where the two can express the feelings that they developed for each other.
Guest chapter 24 . 12/7/2014
The case for a Sequel

Voices in this supposed authors head, I have one thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, think about Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense!

Why would a Wookiee, an 8-foot-tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall Ewoks? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself: What does this have to do with a sequel? Nothing. Voices, it has nothing to do with a sequel! It does not make sense! Look at me. I’m an idiot copy pasting stuff on the internets, and I’m talkin’ about Chewbacca! Does that make sense? Voices, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you’re in your head deliberatin’ and conjugatin’ the Emancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Voices in this supposed authors head, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must write a sequel!

I rest my case.
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