Reviews for Vitam Paramus
stevem1 chapter 26 . 7/9/2020
This is a sad story at first and eventually becomes a happy story, but it is a slow burn. Recommended if you like slow relationship stories.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/22/2020
So happy I found this. Such a great read.
I think I’ve read one of your stories before based on some character names and the general plot. Great stuff.
ellie chapter 2 . 5/4/2020
i think you should rewrite the part about romani girls ("gypsy", in case you didn't know, is a derogatory term) because it helps perpetuate stereotypes concerning a minority group.
Zconroy85 chapter 11 . 3/24/2020
Man this is a really great story. Keep it going
Mornan chapter 9 . 2/17/2020
Youve really nailed down how to write a Grade A bitch of a woman. Throw in lowkey magically roiding out her young student and youve got the full package of 'psycho parent lives vicariously through by forcing their child to excel in competition'. I sincerely hope theres more 'I specialize in killing Dark Lords' Harry in her future.
Mornan chapter 6 . 2/17/2020
I was going to say Lunfrey was giving me Cowboys vibes but it looks like toward the last bit his ego isnt big enough to match Jerry lmao.
AlernateReality chapter 24 . 11/29/2019
ehhh you really dragged out the relationship between Gabrielle and Mathieu. I honestly don't see how that would have worked in the real world...

Also, your story didn't address Daphne at all in the ending.

Felt a little underwhelmed.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/4/2019
How can you type that long and not have a brain malfunction.
hh chapter 1 . 10/10/2019
You need to use more words than "commented. Such as replied, remarked, inquired, noted, etc
random-adam chapter 13 . 10/10/2019
I just happened to be re-reading this and now I really would like a hamburger. If only my small city had a Moo-Squick.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/4/2019
Good story.
Ashes Ascending chapter 26 . 9/24/2019
Nice story!
Guest chapter 26 . 9/5/2019
Great story. Ended a bit suddenly for my tastes, but to each his own I guess. One pet peeve, you always used ‘either’ instead of ‘neither’. Pissed me off every time I read it. But other than that and a few grammar mistakes and typos, it’s great.
J. El Lions Lohn Caesar chapter 16 . 8/10/2019
This story is absolutely amazing so far, I don't usually read stories like this but I am glad I did. You give the characters a realism that is often missing in most stories and it makes for a believable story.
ArxSerpens chapter 26 . 8/4/2019
Thank you for the great read, a slow burn for sure, that finished faster than I expected once the final two chapters came, but a very enjoyable read to be sure.
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