Reviews for Fixing the Broken
AnimeFreakLover54 chapter 9 . 7/20/2013
I love this story! It's so GOOD! If you need any ideas, please contact me. I would LOVE to help! I love it so much that I just had to put it in my favorite stories.
AnimeFreakLover54 chapter 7 . 7/20/2013
That's what I call a cliffhanger! Please update soon!
AnimeFreakLover54 chapter 6 . 7/20/2013
Thank you for posting this story! Although I know it's just a story,I feel conected to it. I really hope you update soon. :)
AnimeFreakLover54 chapter 4 . 7/20/2013
I should have heded your warning. Oh well, now I'm crying for some reason. Hope you update soon.
Runie Sempai chapter 9 . 7/20/2013
I love you never seem to disappoint me ThatOneAnimeNut! Can't wait for more!
searching4somewhere chapter 8 . 7/10/2013
I'm glad you made the chapters longer. At the beginning they were way too short. This was a pretty good story.
I actually found myself reading through it rather quickly and before I knew it I ended up at this chapter. Keep up the good work.
Runie Sempai chapter 7 . 7/10/2013
Runie Sempai chapter 5 . 7/10/2013
I love it though I have had the talk before the mental hosiptial isn't so bad it was fun just make sure the right people are placed
Guest chapter 3 . 7/2/2013
I really like your story. Please update soon.
Marik of Yami chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
I love it already! I hope Stein is her doctor at the mental institution. My life will be made!
anymious chapter 2 . 7/1/2013
Dude I went to a mental hospital and I don't remember cuz I was too drugged
Rafanan chapter 2 . 6/30/2013
I love it
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