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GoHaNViDeLSoN chapter 1 . 6/18/2017
Lol, the internet dating idea somewhat gives me a deja vu with the Plus One Fic for Gohan X Videl fic, that I've read. Nice to see that you've incorporated that fact in a Trunks X Pan story.
21 chapters, huh? I think it would take me 4 days to read through them at most.

Haha, Boxerboy - I like that penname. Matches his name.
So, what does Pan give herself a penname of - Pandora(got the idea from your other fic) , is it ?

I, sincerely, don't like Marron much. I hope, that girl, is put in her right place.
Wandering Sprites chapter 11 . 4/5/2016
Jesus Christ, it just isn't Pans day...
KatasaurusRex chapter 19 . 10/1/2015
...The time line for these kids to be his doesn't add up with the dates you've given in the story. Just saying.
KatasaurusRex chapter 14 . 10/1/2015
Alarm bells here. (Yep. I'm still reading, because like I said - wonderful premise)

If Uub woke up and was able to talk (because you said yourself he was able to match his story to Pan's) then he isn't brain dead. I gather you felt you needed some soap-opera drama thing there but that such a huge mistake.
KatasaurusRex chapter 5 . 10/1/2015
...Can I point out a few things? We're five chapters in and you have a few glaring issues you may want to re-vamp. First, in this chapter you have Goten back to being her uncle instead of her brother. Which one is it?
Second, the POV changes. You need to figure out if you're doing an inside POV for a third party.
Third, your spelling and grammar. It's like you tried to copy and paste while in editing and things got messed up.

This is a fine story with decent premise, just a wonky execution.
Lady Deviance chapter 21 . 9/29/2015
Ha, great epilogue! 8/10.
NikkiS71 chapter 21 . 9/23/2015
It was an awesome tale. Thanks for posting the story!

Until the next time...

B reading U!
LVR4Trunks-n-Vegeta chapter 21 . 9/22/2015
That was a perfect ending. I would've said do a sequel but I thought about it and I'm assuming that a sequel would probably have Marron coming back to try to get the girls from Trunks and Pan. I'd just leave it just like it is since it ended on such a sweet and happy note. It was a great story.
DriftingClover chapter 20 . 9/3/2015
Hurray, it finally ended! Now to review

I liked it. Had a good plot and some interesting twists along the way. Nice work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next
Lady Deviance chapter 20 . 9/2/2015
6/10. You have great potential as a writer. Good luck!
MRMenaMRM chapter 20 . 8/24/2015
Really cute result in plot line. I've read this story for an extremely long time and am happy with this ending. Still, I feel kinda bad for what went down with Marron but there was not much she could do to fix herself or things with Trunks. I still wonder if she ever even cared about him because for the most part that she had been with him, she thought only of herself. What a toxic relationship they had.

I will be looking forward to the epilogue. I'm so happy Trunks decided to take in the twins. Despite them being a piece of what was a nightmare of a relationship, the babies aren't to blame. Pan will continue to grow into a wonderful woman because she will learn from her own mistakes and will finally stop running away. Our lovely Trupan has overcome the odds and are finally together. Thank you so much for writing this story and including me in on some chapters. You're writing style has kept me hooked for so long and hope to read more from you soon. :)
LegendOfTomorrow chapter 20 . 8/22/2015
Thankfully this is not the end. There's still an epilogue, which should be a fitting finale to a wonderful story. There's a nostalgic feeling about this chapter, as if something is missing. There's just so much that I want to know.
What will happen to the twins, Marron, and even our favorite couple Trunks and Pan. I'm eagerly waiting for the epilogue, to see if it clears some answers up for me or possibly lead to a sequel.
Also, where were Krillin and 18 during the teen's pregnancy? She couldn't have hidden from them and they were bound to know at some point. I hope to see them at the epilogue.
All in all, great story, loved every minute of it, can't wait to see what you'll throw out for us next.
NikkiS71 chapter 20 . 8/21/2015
Marron finally did one unselfish thing. She walked away, leaving the babies to Trunks' decision. I'm glad. I hope he and Pan will make it. Great chapter.

B reading U!
LVR4Trunks-n-Vegeta chapter 20 . 8/21/2015
Well atleast the two baby girls will have one biological parent. I'm happy that Pan is gonna be there by Trunks' side. Great story.:)
Otaku-ka-ren chapter 19 . 8/15/2015
Please tell me she has been killed off
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