Reviews for Crochet and Family
Guest chapter 24 . 2/15/2016
sexycazzy chapter 28 . 9/10/2015
Hi I've really enjoyed this & wondered if you've managed to write a sequel yet? With thanks
animal lover13 chapter 41 . 1/10/2015
Question- what is the name of the sequel?

Keep writing
animal lover13 chapter 42 . 1/10/2015
I love this! I will now go and see if the sequel is up.

Keep writing
Guest chapter 32 . 11/9/2014
U repeated this paragraph twice.
"Did you say something dear son of mine?" Lady Tigre asked with a glare causing Epemetheus to gulp and shake his head madly, "I thought so, now be a dear and go and get the little gift I have brought for my precious grandkitten Epemetheus
Geistervogel chapter 42 . 10/3/2014
loved the story even if it's a little bit on the sad side.
BlazeVein chapter 17 . 7/25/2014
i think the demons should be concentrating in getting medical attention for harry. a swollen disk or a fracture in one is amendable and could be the cause of the paralisis.
Bloody-Rozez chapter 42 . 7/7/2014
Wow! I can't believe that I've already read 42 chapters! I only started last night. O.O
Now for me to look up the sequel as I continue my crochet project. It seriously tickled me pink to find a Harry-crochet fic!
Nemaya chapter 28 . 3/31/2014
Uhm, sorry to point this out, but Voldemort is supposed to be a bodiless spirit at this point in the timeline.
Yuki Kira Phantomhive chapter 42 . 3/21/2014
Is there a sequel?
Nemo Poison chapter 19 . 2/24/2014
This story is interesting, especially the idea of Harry crocheing. Sadly, this type of storyline is not what my taste in fanfiction. However, I do really enjoy tthe thought of Harry crocheing may I use the idea in a story that I may or may not write? This would be depending on me getting a computer to redo and finish my current story, I will not use anything that is in this story of the chapters that I've read in the story that I may or may not write, other than Harry crocheing and the nastiness of the Dursley's. So may I be able to use your idea at a later date please?
yachiru-chan92 chapter 2 . 2/19/2014
I like it!
Assassin of the Shadows chapter 42 . 1/21/2014
Excellent, this story was too cute towards the end! Now I need to find the sequel...
ict-welpje chapter 42 . 12/12/2013
Loved it
Just want to read the sequel right now
Just can't work out if you've posted the sequel
Just can't wait to read the rest
K1P1 chapter 42 . 12/9/2013
I am interested in reading the sequel - would you be able to advise of the name?
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