Reviews for Shadow Adventure 2: Dark Story
Guest chapter 12 . 9/15/2002
Well, yeah, Snively is completey evil and insane in this story, but I still feel sorry for him, given his role in the series. Why was he never included in the games? I can't help but feel sorry for him. Guess the sudden transition to power snapped his mind...
Maverick 1812 chapter 13 . 9/10/2002


Scream with me!


Okay I'm done! Yeah you took my idea for the Rouge angel devil! YEAH! I wonder if the other characters have angel devils?


Hey what's goin on? I didn't order no fadeout! NO!


Amy: (Is about to kill Snively with her hammer) YAHH!

Devil: Come on. You gotta kill Snively!

Angel: Yes. You must kill Snively!


Scales: (Is about to press the button on the eclipse cannon)

Devil: Come on Scales. You know you want to.

Angel: Oh! I'm gonna tell!

Devil: The Hell you will! (Stabs angel with pitchfork) There, now were in it together!

Devil&Scales: Hehehe!

-Snively (Before he died)

Angel: (Grave stone)

Devil: I am evil Snively! I am evil Snively! I am (Sees Amy's hammer) Uh oh! (You know what happens now)

-Shadow (No jokes here)

And that's about it! Okay that was pointless. But the fic wasn't! It rocked! Cool! Now we get to see what happens next! Hey why is Maria the scientist? Don't make no freakin...

-Signal Lost-

(Uh we are experiencing technical difficulties and uh ?)

-Write More-


Lingwo: Error!

Maverick: Lingwo! Dead?

Lingwo: Lingwo... is... dead.

Maverick: NOOOOOOOOOOOthis gets kind of repetativeOOOOOOOOO!
Beebi Castillo chapter 12 . 9/10/2002
Goodbye, Snively. I'll miss you-NOT! Good riddence.
UltrafanX to lazy to sign in. Meh chapter 12 . 9/8/2002
hey, I'll miss Snivley. I remember the time we destroyed Antartica. Oh, those were the days. Those penguins weren't happy about it.

Wait, THAT never happened...

Oh well in that (Dances on Snively's grave) I am evil homer! I am evil homer! I am evil homer!

Good fic, keep going!

oh yeah, Lasers!

Random Guy: What is it with you and lasers. I'm telling you...

(Zaps random guy in the eye)


See, Lasers.
Maverick 1812 chapter 12 . 9/8/2002
The Dragonballs don't exist? NOOOOOOOO! Oh well! So much for world domination? Oh right the fic reviewing! Finally! Thank you alknowning all seeing being! THANK YOU! Oh yeah about cosmic wall, that was all our favorite parts. That level wasn't even challenging. I feel it was more like a reward for all the people who had to play as Eggman. Well speaking of evil dudes I better check on Snively! (Walks in torture room) Yo! Doctor S! He's buggered off! I wonder where he went?

Snively: (Off stage) AHHHHHHHH! (Dies)

Amy: (Walks in with dress full of blood) Yo Maverick! What sup?

Amy, did you kill Snively?

Amy: Yes.

Excellent! Now let's begin the bashing of that squirel/chipmunk Sally!

Amy: Sorry. One bashing per fic.

Damn! And now who'm I gonna torture for you to hurry up with the next chapter? Oh well! Please hurry! My sanity relies on it!
Maverick 1812 chapter 11 . 9/6/2002
Hey you took Zim 101 too! After I kill Snively, I'll begin my war on... the Sally! (I'm a not Sally fan)Also is Rouge gonna do one of the Angel/Devil things! Cause that was Hell a funny!

Snively: AHHHHHH!

Well it looks like Snivelys done! (In walkie Talkie)Amy! Tails! Come in! do you have the Chaos Chao's?

Tails: Uh we're right behind.

I knew that I was just testing you!

Amy: We got Amgel and Devil and they're as mad as Hell!

Excellent send them in!

(Devil and Angel go in as they grab surgical 2x4's)

Snively: (Sees Chao's) Good Chao's! Nice Chao's! Now untie uncle Snively!

Amgel & Devil: :)

(Noises are heard from inside)

Snively: Ow Damn! Ow! Shit! My Hernia!

Hahaha! Hey what am I hurting Snively for again!

Amy: I think you wanted Pi2 to hurry up with future chapters.

Right what you said! Oh one more thing! If Rouge all the greatest gems does she have:

-The worlds largest cuic zeconium

-the Kryptonite Dragon

-Klotman Diomond

-Baseball Diomond

-Grandma Diomind

-All the gems in tomb Raiders

-Moneybags gem collection, need I say more!

-Make up your own joke here

-The Kansas Diomond, A diomond as large as Kansas!

-Do you favor a holiday in Sweeden?

-The Ruin Stones

-See the lovily lakes!

-The Dragon Balls

-And the many intristing fuzzy creatures!

-The Diomond of Chaopilis!

-Including the Majestic moose!

-My sister was bitten by a moose once!

-Mind you Moose bites can be dangerous!

One last note! If you don't believe in nothing anymore go to law school! KEEP WRITING! Next Chapter others learn why I'm made as heck at Snively!
Maverick 1812 chapter 10 . 9/6/2002
Oh right sorry! I'll start breeding some right away! Amy, Tails! You here that!

Tails: Rightyo Maverick!

Amy: (Jamacan accent) Ya Man!

I've Got to stop with the different accents! Actually I thought this was one of the best villian chapters yet.

Hot Shot: I Said it before and I'll say it again! We did put up more of a fight!

Who's piloting those things?

Everyone: (Shrugs)

Man that Golem is so easy to take out it ain't funny! Oh who am I kidding it is! HAHAHA!

Okay, seeing as my lackeys are busy, I'll torture you the only way I know how Snively!

Snively: Bring it on Fox Boy!

Alright! Time for Barney DOOM! (Plays Barney tape for Snively and leaves room) He'll be in there a while!


I'm gonna read the next chapter now! Bye!
Maverick 1812 chapter 9 . 9/6/2002
Yeah! Another great chapter! Wait why is Snively Evilerer than even Eggman was. Man I'm gonna hurt him lots!

Snively: Mercy.

Not yet!

Keep going PLEASE!
Maverick 1812 chapter 8 . 9/5/2002
Hey! Who put that chaos emerald there? I specifically asked for RED! Oh well can't complain! So that's why Snively didn't kill them... yet! Oh yeah, since that chapter was still a little short so I'm keeping Snively chained up, but I won't have him beat up by baby chaos anymore!

Snively: Thank you.

Amy let um in!

Amy: Right! (Lets in large guys in Chao suits)

Now, he'll get beat up by these bury eight grade chaos!

Snively: Those aren't chaos!

Chao guy1: Bash his eyes in!

Snively: AHHHHHH!

Duffman says that's gotta hurt!

Duff Man: Oh Yeah!

Fic review: Jerken!
Maverick 1812 chapter 7 . 9/4/2002
What am I doing? (Looks at gun) I forgot to charge my gun! (Throws it away) Hunk a junk. Oh and without the president

there's no more correct story. (Is about to release Chao-lin) Wait a minute! If I were to put my Chao in the fic in place of Chao-lin, then when the he would be in the fic instead!


Rover: Yes my master Oy!

Go into Pi2's fic and replace Chaolin as the president!

Rover: Yes my master! (Dances)

Oy! Fine I'll release the Chao. At least I won't screw up the plot. This fic is great! Thanks for finally getting back to the other characters like Amy! Can't wait till the final story!

Okay if we still have Security Hall/Flying Dog, and White Jungel/Shadow. That'll do it for the prison island levels.

Then we still have highway 202, which you'll probably skip (I don't like um anyway), then Sky Rail/Egg... er a SNIVELY Golem (That guy is soo damn annoying)


Amy: MUST KILL! (SMASHES er a Smashes with hammer)

Snively: (Chocking) CHa, cha! Choke with me! (Dies)

Everyone: (SHrug) Chah cha!

Thank you Amy! And finally the last three from Ark! That's only six more chapters!

It's going to be a rough couple of lifetimes! This fic is Jerken! (Cool for you who have not watched every movie every)

Sorry about trying to kill the president and all! Don't worry I got a new hostage!

Snively: (Over acid) Help me.

Amy: Okay baby chaos, whcak the piniata!

Chao's: (Do just that) WEE!

AMy: Beautiful! All clear over here Maverick!

Excellent! It's just like the deer hunter!

Amy: The DEER HUNTER! That reminds me! (Goes into storage room where some guys are releasing pandas into the wild) Get the Pandas out of here boys!

Ooooookaay. Now we keep releasing baby Chao on Snively every five seconds until you write the next chapter!

Snively: Ow! My spleen!

Take your time! Oh he ain't pretty. I meant ever!
Maverick 1812 No time to sign in chapter 6 . 9/4/2002
Ah evil, the only true path to um... what was it again? Oh yeah! World Domination!

Snively: World Domination! Tell them we want world domination!

Scales: Oh and make one of them eat dirt!

This chapter was very good! FIC CONTINUALLY ROCKS! Continue or I drop the President! (Chaolin is susspended over vat of boiling Chocolate)

Tails: He'll do it! This fic has a vice over him!

That's right! You have twenty four hours! And to show you I'm not bluffing you have twelve hours.
Maverick 1812 chapter 5 . 9/3/2002
Hmm it was pretty short but it was good. Especially with the monkey part. Oh, E-100 Alpha! I believe that Tails would be more of the in tune with nature type fisherman. He might egagurate but I don't think Pi2 would downgrade MTP that much. And if you do (Imiates laser noises) Haha! You can run but you can't glide! Please get to the meeting of evil scene! EVIL! Oh yeah support EBAY! (read chapter chapter four of my Sonic fic. It shall be up soon. You'll understand)
Dragon's Tongue chapter 4 . 9/2/2002
I read all the Hero Story and this so far, and I have to say you rock! While it is certainly strange to see the roles so wrongly done, it's also humorous and addictive to read. The only problem I truly see is the fact that Tails, my fave character and the guy who saved my life[don't ask.] is given the role that belongs to Big. I may not like Big that much, more than Eggman at least, but I hope that Tails at least doesn't talk the same way, if Tails EVER gets an appearence in this fic. Good luck and keep writing!
Maverick 1812 chapter 4 . 9/2/2002
Yes, yes your lonely I'm sorry. Damn school! Thinks it's the boss of me! Okay I'm channeling some aggression because tommorrow I have to go back. (Whimpers in fear)

Wait Shadow and Scales are Brother and Sister. That's wierd. But it works. Also was their mother who I thought it was? Cause If I'm right that was...

Okay don't wanna spoil it for the others. Wait how can she wait them to be happy and them to be dead. How do ya do both?

Shadow: Sometimes the dead are happy.

You don't look very happy.

Shadow: Oh I'm happy! I'm exstatic! Lalala! Now kill the world!

Yes sir mister Hedgehog!

Oh sorry about the late reviews! Again Holocaust thing. You know. Now Knuckles and Metal Sonic argueing.

Shadow: Uh they're both at the emergincy ward.

Okay then Amy, Scales, and Tails (Hey that rymed!) at Planet Hollywood.

Scales: Hey look there's the Magic hat from Mario!

Tails: And there's the chain from link! Wait there was no chain in link!

Scales: And there's that awful script from Sonic X-treme!

Amy: Wait lemme see that! Stupid script! Nearly ruined Shadow's career! (Destryos script)

(If you can quote that scene from the simpson perfectly you are me)

Okay that was useless! Now PLEASE WRITE MORE! But don't be suprised if I can't review it till later. Dang report!

This was indeed a disturbing review! Fic Rocks!
Maverick 1812 chapter 3 . 9/2/2002
Sup Dog! Sorry I haven't reviewed the chapters yet. I have a dang Holocaust report to due (Looks at calender) Tommorow apparently. Wait I don't get it. Why was Shadow arrested? Oh I would also like to congragulate Tails on his latest fishing trip!

Tails: BooYah! (Holds up giant whale) Caught this baby on Magrathia. Was falling out of the sky it was.

I though that was a sperm whale. Oh well! I ginna read chapter four now!
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