Reviews for the guide to being a dark queen
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 7/16/2013
I BET YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS DIDN'T YOU but nooo i'd never forget your brilliant writing i'm just supremely lazy and awful at this whole timeliness thing i'm sorryyyyy THE POINT IS I AM HERE AND I AM GOING TO REVIEW AND JUST FOR THE RECORD I (OBVIOUSLY) LOVED THIS STORY

fiiiirst of all THE TITLE i love it so much omg i don't know how you always find such beautiful titles i can never pick mine up until the moment ffn asks me to name the fic and then i'm just like ? but yours are always so pretty and perfect and like KATHERINE THE DARK QUEEN except now she's mortal and just gosh i love it okayy and on a similar note i also adore the lyrics you chose to put at the beginning because they just seem to capture the entire feel of the story, namely, katherine's mortality and how /old/ she is and just EVERYTHING god how do you do it?

secondly (or thirdly i guess) KATHERINE PIERCE ahhh i love her so much and i know you love her too and i just love love love what you've done with her and her character now that she's human like you captured all the subtle nuances of everything that katherine is and with an extra layer of her mortality like ok i don't even think i'm making sense MY POINT IS i love how you've written katherine, how she's so in-character even though we have yet to see her character as a human, i love how she's still trying to manipulate everybody for her own gain but now that she doesn't have any power behind her words she's floundering BUT she's still insanely intelligent and perceptive (i love how she noticed stefan was acting off - and i also love how you didn't just have caroline or damon be typically oblivious like "nah stefan's fine you're crazy" because obviously they must have noticed something is up to because they love stefan) she's just not as good at using her skills because she's not used to the lack of power she has as a human (which i think is a brilliant contrast with elena that you used well, because elena was used to being a human and after 3 years of being used as a pawn in supernatural games she EXCELLED at using her human powers and gifts like her compassion and possession of her human doppelganger blood to her own gain but obviously katherine is too used to being a vampire to understand how to use her human powers) BASICALLY i loved how you wrote human!katherine and if plec can write anywhere near as well as you can (which she can't lmao) we'll get this kind of characterization in the show too

and ALSO i just wanna talk about elena my precious little princess i just adored that bit you included with her talking to katherine, how even though she still hates katherine, she pities her too because she knows exactly what katherine's going through and that line of hers, "you see it now, don't you? the unfairness of it all" made me want to cry it's just so perfect and totally something elena would say because i think elena more than most of the characters on the show really /gets/ it she gets the inherent tragedy in everything vampires are and especially in everything she and katherine are and i don't think katherine (yet) sees that but she's getting there and i think a part of elena is probably sad for her (elijah's line to katherine about "don't you feel anything for this girl, a girl fated to live the same life as you?" is infinitely better suited to elena in the wake of s4 i think)

AND FINALLY talking about elena and katherine those last couple of lines made my heart melt from the sheer gorgeousness i mEAN: "Elena had always been and would always be more alive than Katherine ever was. Katherine slowly realized that she'd been dead for a long time." it's literally so beautifully written and also so true like the bit about elena i feel sums up her entire character, she's just a girl who wants to be alive even though she's dead now, and then the part about katherine is equally amazing because she puts up a good front but she's 500 years old and she's been running her entire undead life and she doesn't know how to live anymore.

(((also i just wanna say that i loved the scene of caroline slapping katherine it was lovely)))

basically this was brilliant beyond brilliant i love you and keep writing!
TallDarkAndHandsome chapter 1 . 7/6/2013
Nice Katoline? Caretherine? Whatever their ship name is... I liked this fic.
TwinkleStaar chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
loved it so much!
EchoDeltaNine chapter 1 . 7/2/2013
I haven't read any VD fics before this one, but I followed one of your other stories (probably a Harry Potter one, I don't remember), and this came up in my e-mail and I was very intrigued. I like that you wrote about how Katherine was suffering from being human. I think she took for granted her vampire powers, and this is exactly how she would behave in the show. She is entirely selfish and even when she is weak, she uses the people around her as chess pieces in her little games. But you also got how she is entirely indebted to these people who are protecting her; and I love how she ran back to Klaus. Great touch there, and with the whole mentioning that Stefan was acting differently. Ironic that the human one would be the only one to notice. Anyway, great fic!
KitKat9653 chapter 1 . 7/2/2013
This is an amazing oneshot you've written here :)
Keep up the great work!
LisaLevine chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
Oh, this was so good! I am so nervous for how they'll handle Katherine's humanity. She is my favorite character and way more complex than some storylines allude to.

Well done!