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Guest chapter 15 . 6/26/2017
Please continue
Sam chapter 15 . 12/9/2015
please continue!
Specs2000 chapter 15 . 10/15/2014
I am really enjoying this story. Cant wait for the next chapters!
whatnosheep chapter 15 . 6/1/2014
This is a great story, really would love to see it finished!
LilyBolt chapter 15 . 2/4/2014
Ok, so I was totally sad when I realized chapter fifteen wasn't a chapter. I guess it doesn't make the biggest difference, since I knew 15 would be the last chapter before I ran out of this, but somehow it still hurt to have to stop. lol I am BEGGING you, on hands and knees, to PLEASE try and write another chapter soon! I know you said you haven't been feeling the inspiration lately. (And I get that, trust me, hence my most recent author's note in my letter series...) But that doesn't stop me from shamelessly groveling at your feet in the hopes of encouraging you to write more anyway. lol And if ever you want someone to test-read a chapter or something, I will selfishly...Oops! I mean...self-LESS-ly volunteer my services. ;) (Oh, who am I kidding. You know it's a selfish request. lol) Anyway, whether you write more soon or not, I think you deserve to know that I've been REALLY enjoying this story. I think it's my favorite I've read from you so far. :D So thanks for the entertainment. And the extreme feels. lol ;) You've definitely got skill in the writing department. :D
LilyBolt chapter 14 . 2/4/2014
"He would put up with any type of pain, any at all, if it meant his little brother would remain safe and that was exactly what he had done that evening." SO true of Dean. I immediately thought of Dean's crossroads deal when I read that. I was like, "Yup. He really would go through 'any type of pain', and EVERY type of pain, in Hell, for Sammy." lol Anyway, let me just say, this chapter was AWESOME! Of course, the whole time I was reading it I was trying SO hard to hold back from kicking John. Because that would mean kicking my computer, and that might damage it. Which would mean me not being able to read more of your stories. Which would make me /cry/. lol So I refrained from kicking him and settled instead for glaring daggers at his name every time I read it. ;) The part where Dean comforted Sam after his shoulder got patched up was incredibly sweet. Also, I'm very glad that Dean hasn't just jumped up and started fully trusting John (*glares daggers at the word*) again. It is more in character for Dean to not trust a potential threat to Sam, even if it IS his own father, and especially if that threat had hurt Sam emotionally before. So great job there. Honestly, great job with this whole chapter (and story). You impress me with your ability to write such intense multichapter fictions! :D
LilyBolt chapter 13 . 2/4/2014
NO! Not Dean! I am going to SHRED John Winchester! Just let me at him! Come on! PLEASE! I want to hurt him. So. Freaking. MUCH! Thank goodness Gordon is dead at least, but John is still alive and I want to see him the opposite of alive... So this is a problem. lol Seriously, this chapter was amazing! I loved the intensity of it so so so much! That being said, I am unbelievably in need of chapter 14 right now. I'm not joking, I feel like I might explode if I don't get to read more, like, immediately... So That's what I'm going to do. Sorry that it means my review gets cut off early, but I swear I loved this chapter, and the fact that the review is shorter only serves to prove that, because I MUST. HAVE. MORE! :D
LilyBolt chapter 12 . 2/4/2014
Oh shit! I can't...Gordon can't...WHY?! Why do you give me such awesome cliffhangers?! I'm so so SO sorry, but I simply NEED to read chapter 13. Right now!

P.S. That was evil and clever of Gordon to distract Bobby to separate him from Sam, and get him to put Sam right where he wanted him. Also, I HATE John right now so freaking much I want to go back and read about Bobby punching him all over again, just for the satisfaction of it... But I won't do that because CHAPTER 13 NEEDS TO HAPPEN! lol
LilyBolt chapter 10 . 2/3/2014
Why why why WHY?! Why were those assholes at the diner being so freaking MEAN?! I thought I couldn't want to hurt anymore people. John and Gordon were my maximum for desiring to see someone in pain this story...Then those jerks at the restaurant started calling Sammy a stupid cripple, and I was like "That's it. *picks up desk chair* You want a piece of this you punks? Huh? Do ya?!" lol I'm glad Toni was nice at least. But poor, POOR Sammy! *sigh* I wish he could see himself the way Dean and Bobby do...As still a great person, but with a few disabilities they will all work with him to overcome. But now to discuss other things going on here, in the overall plot... Sam's vision was intense! To think that Gordon had him alone, in a wheelchair, with the Colt to his head, and Sammy just wanted Dean but couldn't get to him...Then when the gun went off... I was like NO! It took me a second to remember it was a vision, not reality. I was SO relieved... lol John is doing such a great job of acting like he cares...It's ripping my heart up to see Sammy not only /happy/ to be with his father again, but also /apologetic/ towards the slimy SOB... Seriously, I really hope Dean gets to John before John or Gordon gets to Sam. Then again, there was a vision about Dean (and Bobby) dying earlier too, so maybe he's not safe either, even while protecting Sam... Ahh! My heart can't take the stress! But geez this is good stuff... lol :D
LilyBolt chapter 9 . 2/3/2014
*sounds of a Superbowl stadium sized crowd cheering* YES! I literally stopped reading and clapped when Bobby punched John. Then I was grinning, read a little more, and he punched him AGAIN! I literally whooped and hollered with joy. Go Bobby! I know it wasn't in the context of John getting it for the incredibly nasty evil plan he's implementing right now...It was just a couple (awesome) punches over the way he behaved right after the accident...Still. They were punches. They were solid. They seemed like they hurt John. And I was immeasurably happy with them. :D lol Now, to talk about other developments in this story... I'm totally on edge right now because Sammy had a vision about Dean and Bobby dying too! My heart just can't take this kind of intense emotion! Dean and Bobby and Sammy MUST be safe! I MUST SEE THE BAD GUYS PAY! lol Another excellent chapter my friend. Truly wonderful stuff. :D
LilyBolt chapter 8 . 2/3/2014
AHH! Sam had a vision of himself DYING?! I was thinking those visions might have been about Dean before...He kept saying he wasn't sure who was there, and that he couldn't find Dean...I thought maybe he was going to realize that the person dying /was/ Dean. But this? Holy crap! I am SO scared for Sammy right now! I like that Bobby could guess it might be Gordon just by the fact that he was smiling in the vision...Gordon is such a sick and twisted guy. He takes pleasure in killing, and thank goodness Bobby knows it so they have a little warning. I just feel awful because now they're thinking they actually NEED John's help, when he's the one orchestrating the whole shebang! *sigh* I might die of a feels overload here. I'm having a really hard time containing myself and not exploding. lol I must see John and Gordon DIE! :0 And so, I move onto chapter 9, and hope against hope this works out ok for Sam, Dean and Bobby... lol :D
LilyBolt chapter 7 . 2/3/2014
I...I...*shakes with barely contained rage* John Winchester you are a DEAD MAN! If anyone's going to die "one way or another" it's going to be you. Seriously, I want so so SOOOO badly to bash his teeth in with my foot. I even like Gordon more than him at this point, and I've always HATED that bastard. lol (I also want Gordon dead, don't worry.) ;) And now John is playing the "caring, sympathetic father" card? Oh, Dean is NOT going to be ok with this when he figures it out. I love that you have John be fully aware of what a threat Dean poses to him. John knows that, if Dean were to figure out his intentions, then he would be dead as a doornail in record time. Which is as it should be. NOBODY tries to hurt Sammy, and especially not some asshole "father" who officially sees his own son as a monster... Well, just the one son. The fact that he was so excited to be "speaking to his oldest once again" made me sick. I wanted to hit him so much. How can this guy be alright with Dean, but despise Sam to the point of wanting him dead? What a screwed up father...Basically, you have elicited a REALLY strong emotional response from me with this chapter, so great work! :D
LilyBolt chapter 6 . 2/3/2014
Iim going to FILET this John. He is sending Gordon Walker to freaking KILL his paralyzed, innocent, and wonderful youngest SON?! Ooooh...John and Gordon had both better watch their backs. If Dean and Bobby don't manage to get them, then I sure as hell will find a way! One way or another, Sammy is going to be SAFE. (Right? /Please/ tell me he'll be safe... lol) Now, all of my intense anger at John and Gordon aside, I must tell you that I really do LOVE that you've written Gordon into this. Not just that, but you've got him doing what he does best... Being an asshole who hunts Sam. It's terrifying to think of Sam being at risk like that, especially when he's as vulnerable as he is now, but I admit I think this is a really excellent twist in the story! It's creative and DEFINITELY interesting. :D I remember you told me Gordon would be in this, and my excitement then couldn't match how excited I am now. I thought he'd pop up at some point. But this? This is pure story gold, my friend. :D I am very much looking forward to reading chapter 7 as soon as I can! :)

P.S. I forgot to mention earlier, but of course, you don't need to reply to any of my reviews. I'm not trying to overwhelm you here. Just trying to give you the feedback you deserve. ;)
LilyBolt chapter 5 . 2/2/2014
I fist pumped the air when Bobby cornered Ms. Snippy Insensitive Doctor Pants. I was like "Yes! Go Bobby!" Leave it to Bobby to take charge and tell that nasty doctor what's what. I liked that he basically said he could ruin her himself, but that she REALLY didn't want to see what Dean was capable of. So true! lol I am still ready to use our computer-fixing bat to "fix" John...But at least Dean and Bobby have Sam right now. They're caring for him, and even though it breaks my heart to see how hurt Sam is by his father's actions, I know he's in good hands. He's with those who care about him. Unlike John, who I get the feeling is judging Sam not just for the "not killing Yellow Eyes" thing, but also for the big secret that Azazel had infected Sam with demon blood and he was (during this time-frame in the show) supposed to become some kind of evil psychic monster guy... John just can't see it, can he? He can't see how good his youngest really is. It's a shame., but at least Dean and Bobby can appreciate the great brother/friend/son they've got in Sam. (And it's funny how "brother/friend/son" could pretty much apply to the relationship Sam had with both those men, except for Dean's being a stronger connection, of course.) Anyway, great chapter! I totally look forward to reading more later, but I've got to be heading out soon, so I'll have to take a break for now. :P Anyway, see you later for chapter 6! :D
LilyBolt chapter 4 . 2/2/2014
Wanna hear something funny? The minute I read that Bobby had called in this chapter, I literally said out loud "Oh thank God. Bobby!" and then like two lines later Dean said the exact same thing. Lol! But seriously. Thank God for Bobby! I had almost forgotten about him since this takes place early in the show, when we had just met him...But I trust him completely and I know that, other than Dean, he's Sam's best bet for the care and compassion he deserves. :) He is a true saving grace, being so willing to fix his house up specifically for Sam's new needs, and coming as soon as he could to Dean and Sam at the hospital. Not to mention that he took the time to consider Dean's car. He will save Baby for Dean, and that is just more proof how awesome Bobby is. Honestly, you got Bobby's gruff yet nurturing attitude perfectly in this chapter! Fantastic work! :D Also, I really wish Dean had punched John when he had the chance. I get why he didn't, but there's no denying it would have been satisfying... lol Ok, well I think I have the time to read another chapter today, so hooray for chapter 5 coming my way! :D
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